Is it wrong to consider Alexandre Lacazette staying beyond the summer? (Opinion)

I think most of us have come to the conclusion that Alexandre Lacazette will be leaving Arsenal in the summer, while a January exit for him appears the next most likely scenario, but maybe neither will prove to be true.

The Frenchman has been key in our return to form after a rocky start to the season, and while it is always his goals which are making the difference, his importance shouldn’t be underestimated.

I understand that fans believe his exit will mean that the club will splash the cash on a replacement, a new superstar who can challenge for top goalscorer in the division, and with that in mind, maybe it should be Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who should make way to leave room for a new addition.

The Gabon international has been better this season, but we mustn’t forget that he isn’t getting any younger, nor are we likely to be able to cash-in on him once his age starts to show more.

The fact also remains that Auba’s contract is on the extortionate side, a wage we could potentially pay a top star who could give the kind of output that we used to come to expect from the 32 year-old.

With Arsenal playing with two strikers at present, Laca is proving that he can play as the ideal partner for an out-and-out goalscorer, and his presence in the team could potentially be an attractive prospect for a goal-poacher.

Do you believe that Auba is still irreplaceable at Arsenal? Would you be disappointed to see Laca sign a new deal?


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  1. Yes,Keep him until Balogun is ready.Balogun wont be ready by next summer,Even with a new striker those cant be enough with ageing Auba and a likelihood of Europa League

  2. Arsenal should do the following

    1. Give Lacazette a 2 year contract extension
    2. Loan out Nketiah and Balogun in January
    3. Sign Raheem Sterling in January
    4. Play Martinelli as a CF.

    1. 1. Lacazette will not sign for two years. He would want four years

      2. Nketiah’s contract is expiring at the end of the season. No need for a loan. Only a sale in January for a small fee will do. Balogun will go on loan

      3. Sterling will not come to Arsenal. Forget it

      4. Martinelli might be okay as a CF, but he’s better as a left winger

  3. No
    Don’t score
    Poor passing ability
    Hard work is not enough
    Already being paid 182k
    How much will that contract cost?
    Too much money and we’ll be in Ozil, Auba and Kolasinac territory

    Let him go with Nketiah and buy Isak

    1. @Havyn
      You were starting to almost make sense, up until you said”and buy Isak”.
      Isak is too lightweight to lead the line for us. Defenders would eat him for lunch. We need a Lukaku type strong, powerful and quick…

    2. Havyn Without Lacca in the team they don’t spark when he comes on we see a different Arsenal They come alive

  4. We don’t have a better CF and there’s no guarantee that the new one can play as good as him, so keep him if he wants a one year extension

    If he’d like a longer contract, we’d better gamble on a new CF

  5. Call me a misery goat but on Saturday Lacazette will demonstrate why he shouldn’t be considered long term. He will either have an ineffectual game against a top team and perhaps even miss a sitter. Sticking my neck out I know, but we’ve seen it before.

  6. Laccazette is under 6 weeks away from being able to negotiate a FREE transfer for himself with a big signing-on fee plus a sizable wage and contract. Why would he sign a short contract extension? However, if he were to complete his contract I’m confident he would still give 100% effort, he is that type of player.

    1. Andrew Elder West Ham are in talks with Lacca already they have a lot of French speaking players already

  7. Let him go.
    He’s never scored more than 16 goals and still a striker? Better make Pepe a striker then. Pepe delivered 16 goals last season.

    He destroys moves because his passing is so poor and he throws away sitters.

    He’s working hard for a contract, once he gets it we’re in Ozil, Auba and Kolasinac zone.

    Let him go. No club will pay him more than 182k as we do.

    1. Agree, Laca is a nice fella, we had too amny nice fellas and some are still there. Need to be hard and boot them out. Let continue to get real footballers. Aaron, Tomiyasu, Gabs, Nuno were relatively on no one’s wishlist, they are a marvel to watch. Trust Mikel, trust the process. We are getting there.

        1. Nuno Tavares my friend, never would I dare have a stray thought of Mikel getting binned for Nuno the sacked fella.

  8. Keep Laca and understand that the presence of Auba or any CF automatically changes his role. His strength is not in scoring hence Wenger signed Auba in the same season. He is a Firmino type on the ball with a bit of a Lukaku physicality. His hold up play is indisputable. He even shows up better in bigger games, especially the north London derbies. So as long as you are playing this current team and 442, he is the best combination of a 10 and center forward. So yes he is still needed but for the sake of making the team work better and more effective, which makes people like saka, auba, ESR to score. Every forward is also responsible for scoring not only the CF.

  9. I agree totally with Dino. Laca brings so much more to the game including scoring goals. Agreed that his scoring rate is not that high compared to other strikers but what we must not forget is that his physical presence, consistent pressing, hold up play, leadership ability and general play helps other forwards to get more goal scoring opportunities. Laca is an integral presence in the dressing room and many young Arsenal players have spoken highly of his motivation and inspiration. He is a real team player, so I feel he deserves a contract extension. Also,I believe Arteta has hinted of an extension and details have to be worked out to satisfy both parties.

  10. Some of ya say stuff and I wonder if we watch the same games. I’d let Auba go and keep Laca.
    Most of you only got to know Laca from Lyon and Arsenal. I watched Laca from his under 17 days with France. He was always a handful, a total player. A tricky and deceptively strong player. He is still the same kind of player today. The frit, tenacity and football intelligence is still there.
    The truth is Laca should have been our Captain not Auba. Laca brings energy and drive, gives his all, battles on the pitch, connects with every player… perfect team player whether offensively or defensively. People would follow a leader who has and does these things. I’m not sure you would put in less effort if you see your Captain battling out there.
    Auba is mentally and physically weak. Period. He just scores and that’s it. Which is ok. But what happens when he doesn’t.

    Loose Canon…I dare say Laca is not a nice guy on the pitch.

    I say Laca stays 3yrs contract.

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