Is Jack really back on board for Arsenal?

Maybe, just maybe, people will start to realise that they should get a new target. Unlikely though, because Arsenal are so easy and we do seem to be the target of choice for the media muppets. And I know that plenty of Arsenal fans have been on the back of Jack Wilshere as well, just as they were with Aaron Ramsey, but we are allowed because we are also the first to stick up for our players when other people give them grief.

How good was it to see Paul Scholes lost for words yesterday? He had started the media backlash against our young midfielder last season but to be fair to him, he might just have given Wilshere the kick up the Arsenal that he needed.

Maybe it is just as Jack has said and he just needed to get a good run of games and to stay fit. That is certainly part of it, but I think a lot of it has been mental and that the 22-year old needed to get his attitude right, but he has done that alright, at least he seems to have so far this season.

For Arsenal and England this season, Wilshere has been one of the best players on the pitch, if not the best. Now we are starting to remember why everyone was raving about him as the future of club and country. Just watch that goal again and try to think who else could have done it. And then watch the one last season. I am thinking Messi, maybe Suarez and then I am struggling.

Maybe I am getting carried away but after all the slating he has taken in recent years, I think a bit of Wilshere love is long overdue. Let’s just hope he keeps it up and, please God, no more injuries.

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    1. Jack had a great game yesterday, he was well involved in the game, he scored a wonderful goal and assisted the other. He is starting to get back to his best. well done Jack

  1. Jack can become one of the worlds best! if not the best!
    but he still makes silly mistakes and keeps the balll way too long…

  2. It might be,lets see if he keeps the consistency!!
    OT:Looking at City 1st goal,badly we missed a quality DM…..Flamin was poor

  3. OT but i watched the video above and then found two great videos when it was done: Rosicky 10 best goals and Podolski all 16 goals 2012/13.
    Absolutely amazing that Wenger doesn’t utilise these players more often.
    Jesus, Fergie was using Giggs as an impact sub until he was what 38? And he made a difference almost every time he came onto the pitch.
    Wenger needs to start using the team to rotate in matches, fresh legs and it can throw a defender off.
    when a team has played 60 minutes of football Podolski and Rosicky are the perfect subs, direct and can both score from outside the box.

  4. At the standard he played yesterday,im scared Barca may call but pliz Wenger remind them HE HAS ARSENAL DNA…. COYG

    1. Barca can’t buy anyone until January 2015, and Wilshere needs no reminding about where he belongs.. It’s Ramsey I’m more worried about leaving, but it was nice to see the midfield duo of Ramsey and Wilshere actually work well yesterday. Wilshere’s goal assisted by Ramsey and that lovely lob over City’s defence by Wilshere that Ramsey should have scored were two highlights for me. At 22 and 23, they could be an awesome partnership for years – so what if our homegrown boys keep the superstar Özil on the bench? That just shows how great they’re becoming, plus it’ll give Özil a little kick to get going again.

      1. “Price tag”?
        “Never” given 100% ?
        Muffdiver has “never” made
        a decent comment on JA blogg 🙂
        Muff has “never” been an Arsenal fan “)

  5. So far so good for Jack.
    Arsenal has made a safe start
    to the season. The team has
    more quality and depth
    lots of pace and more goal prospects.
    Can we win the EPL?
    Yes but it will take 34 more
    totally focused performances.

  6. If Ozil keeps playing like this then he needs to go. I know he’s out of position but he just doesn’t try enough. Look at the stats:

    Fabregas: 4 games 6 assists
    Ozil: 3 games 0 assists

    Its clear that he is not a premier league player and needs to be sold. As he just hasn’t lived up to expectations here at Arsenal. Maybe we could offer him for Reus in a swap deal.

    1. forget stats man, look at his body language, look at what he does when he loses the ball.

      an you can forget swapping him for reus- klopp is not that dumb- no one is

    2. You fail to relaise the main diffrence is cesc has had costa infront of him while pzil has had sonogo up intil yesturday and i dont see cesc playing on wings

      1. Lol, lets now blame Sanogo, and everyone else for OZIL’s deficiencies.. It was GIROUD all last season. Now Welbeck, Sanogo, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, Sanchez etc are next to be blames for PRINCE WRAPPED IN COTTON OZIL…

        It is never his fault in some gooners eyes, it’s always and will always be some other players fault for Ozil being found wanting in a physical and challenging EPL…

        If you are lazy and weak physically or mentally in the PL, you ain’t got a prayer.. Ozil has got to show some fight in order to be trusted in Midfield. As moving him in midfield with his lack of fight will leave us even more exposed. Every half decent team would over run us in midfield due to Ozil’s lack of fight, endurance, defensive awareness etc..

        He can get away with it on the wing, but in the middle you need runners, fighters, players that will keep running up and down till they are out of breathe..

        Right now Ozil is a million miles off being one of those players.. He needs to crack on and be more of a team player…

  7. Give Özil a period on the bench and play Wilshere as CAM. He’s proven he can step up his game, it should be rewarded. Özil needs a reality check and Wenger should try to shield him from all the criticism. He will get back to his best. But i’m sure he’s guaranteed a certain number of games in his contract. Which isn’t helping anyone.

  8. Ozil is not a winger. He lacks the attributes, discipline and physical qualities to succeed there. What he has in spades is vision and complete ease on the ball and that is why he MUST be played in his natural position.

    I just do not understand why Wenger puts him on the left while we have ideal players on the bench in Ox, Campbell, Rosicky, Podolski and Gnabry.

    Rather than bashing him from the start I want to see Ozil fight for his place in the centre. The real failure yesterday and this season has been to concede to many easy goals, another aberration from Wenger…where is the backup for our center backs? Where is the DM we and the pundits have been screaming for?

    I can see a big clearout next summer potentially with Flamini, Coquelin, Arteta, Diaby, Sanogo all going and two CBs in, one CM plus Chambers and one CF. Until then the team is capable but not balanced.

    Kos was not at his greatest yesterday, we were absolutely carved open on counters. Check MOTD and the mistakes we keep on making…we leave acres of space on the flanks and get punished by fast wingers because of the numbers we commit in attack. Do we need both fullbacks and wingers up? Bould needs to work much harder to pummel some disciple in our full backs and our wingers need to be more aware.

    We have potential but we are not the finished article yet.

    1. @No10.. “Ozil is not a winger. He lacks the attributes, discipline and physical qualities to succeed there.”?

      So move that type of player into the belly of the beast (EPL MIDFIELD)? If he is struggling on the wing against fullbacks, how the hell we his lack of attributes, discipline and physical qualities work out against Kompany, Yaya, Fernandino, Fernando, Mikel, Ramirez, Barry McCarthy, Schniederlin, Wanyama, Stoke City etc…

      He was played in his so called best position 90% of last season and he was terrible too.. I just think the EPL is not the right league for him. Or he has to work hard on his mentality and physicality.. If he can’t do that then we will have an expensive flop on our hands..

      1. It took 18 months for Henry to click, Ozil should be given the same time. Let’s forget for a minute where he plays for Germany and look at where he would fit best for us in the EPL.

        1. if his attributes are great vision and first touch, why not let him replace Arteta, and let Cazorla play?

          I kno Ozil sucks at defending, but perhaps the player playing beside him should be that DM we’ve been crying,scream,begging,(insert synonym) for?

  9. Random thoughts from yesterday’s game

    > The last time Wilshere had a game this good was in the CL versus Xavi and co
    > Sanchez played well as usual…. but you can’t do it all alone – please pass the DAMN ball mate 🙁
    > Ramsey and Ozil (in particular) need to be dropped
    > Obviously, Cazorla isn’t good enough to even make an 85th minute sub appearance.
    > Why doesn’t any journalist ask Wenger why he doesn’t do substitutions more often? It was the same when Chelsea came to the Emirates last year… *Bangs head on the wall*
    > Campbell isn’t going to get any game time at Arsenal is he? He has more end product to his game than OX in my opinion.
    > Where’s Rosicky?
    > Someone give Welbeck a Vela collection to see how a chip is done properly…

    1. Add to this the following:

      – why do we play a CAM on the wing
      – where is the real Nacho Monreal?
      – has Campbell been abducted by Aliens?

      1. @No10… Ozil played winger for Germany in the whole on the World Cup.. He is not trusted in midfield by most managers these days.. Midfield has become so important and a boiling point.. You need players that can take that heat.. Can Ozil take that heat?

  10. The reason is Aaron and Jack. Neither should be minus minutes at this stage. The position I would forego is DM. Jack or Aaron must adapt to a slightly deeper role and the Ozil can be in his #10 role. In order to do that though we need 2 CB’ a with speed and physicality.

    1. This is what I have been hoping for for some time now. Ramsey can play the DM role and Jack can be the b2b with Ozil as the CAM. If Arteta can do a job at DM Ramsey being stronger, taller and am engine can do much much better.

  11. The goal was sweet. I’m still not sold on Jack’s overall game being there yet. He ran the break well at times but he still has too much of a tendency to attack like a man with his head cut, which leads to a lot of dangerous give-aways. He needs to play with more control.

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