Is Jack Wilshere not so keen to stay at Arsenal now?

Jack was insisting that he intended to stay

“I want to stay at this club, I’ve said that many times.

“I left last year to get some football, I’ve done that and I’m back now and I’m fit and ready to play.

“The future will take care of itself. All I have got to do is stay fit and play my football.”

Wenger continually said that Wilshere’s contract would be sorted out before Christmas, but Jack was still waiting for talks to begin when the New year arrived and he was firmly back as a regular for Arsenal, then the bombshell arrived and Wilshere was offered a wage reduction as maybe Wenger was hoping that Jack’s loyalty and love for the club would see him sign without even looking at the small print, but now we are at the end of February with still no resolution in sight.

Today Wenger explained that the contract was on the table, but Wilshere has still not decided to accept his terms. Le Prof was asked if he was still hopeful. “Yes,” he replied. “But the decision belongs to him. At the end of the day you have to respect the decision of the player. Our desire is clear, is expressed, is numbered and after that, the player has to find satisfaction as well.”

That is certainly not a positive update, and with rumours that Jurgen Klopp wants Wilshere to join the Ox at Liverpool and there are bound to be many other interested parties that would love to give Jack a big signing on bonus as a free agent, I am getting the feeling that Jack will be beginning a new adventure next season….

What do you think?



    1. Keeping the distance is Sanchez all over again….Jack who does feel ARSENAL but hew might be realizing that the future under Wenger and his cronies is gloom and doom and that ARSENAL has become the graveyard of great players and promising ones too…….Wish you luck mate

  1. Wenger can say what he likes regarding Contracts but these are now no longer his responsibility.We have a new Structure in place and it is ultimately they who will decide who signs and who goes.
    I’m not sure Jack has done enough yet to convince our new Manager that we will keep him.There are better players out there better than Jack and while I appreciate he is Arsenal through and through that does not give him an automatic right to expect his contract to be renewed

  2. It would be nice if AFC offered Jack a deal equal to his own with bonuses added on, he is a very good player and he has drive, he tries to make things happen which we lack at times from CM.

    I agree with @Phil about the contract, Huss Fumey(spelling?) is the contract guy hired by Gazidis to deal with player contracts, we got enough talk about Wenger that it would be nice to read future article writers to recognise the changes that have been made.

    David Dein caused us to lose Cashley after offering him a low wage on a new deal and I hope we don’t lose another graduate that we want to keep because we insulted them with a wage offer.

    I do not want this to be an example of how AFC will treat our youths that step up into the 1st team. Offer them too much to start with then offer them reduced wages when their contract is running low and they are making a good impact in the 1st team.

    Actions speak louder than words and what are AFC actions going to be? How are future prospects going to react to it?

  3. Jack Wilshere is the only REAL MAN currently at Arsenal and it is quite consistent that Wenger should not try to keep him, as Wenger collects wimps, gutless half tryers and coasting long term time servers like Walcott. Wenger hates and fears men , real men . That is why Bould has been sidelined. Of course Bould has sold his soul for money by staying while having no say and shame on him for that. But he was a beast when he played, as were most in his era and that type are now unwelcomed by Wenger. This is why we are a bunch of easily bullied weaklings in mind and body. Wenger is himself weak to his core, afraid to call out shirkers and to drop his fovourites. (Whoever could I be referring to, Granit!? Weak people are often arrogant, self centered and delusional, AND TERRIFIED OF FACING UP TO THE TRUTH. Think Hitler, Mussolini, Trump and WENGER!

    1. I wouldn’t call Sead a wimp or gutless.
      You carry on bashing like a demented old fool, we all know Wengers power is being removed and we do not need to try and slander the whole squad to belittle Wenger.

      Just highlighting how such talents like Sead and Laca have failed to reproduce their form for us under Wenger is enough…
      Or talking about Wenger tactics… lack of them I meant.

      Wenger is so bad at tactics and he doesn’t like confuntation so…. Hitler.

      Wow… What a leap dude, what a leap!

      Wenger is past it but in no way is he Hitler.

      One is a war crime monster while the other is a bumbling tactical fool, massive difference, if you can not tell the difference then please seek medical advice, you age is getting to you! Hate for you to kill someone on the street and claim that a bumbling old idiot is like hitler…

  4. Sell him ASAP.Nothing to ,he brings nothing to Arsenal game,just a break for free flow football.I say it again-“the British core”politics promoted in the last 10 years brought us were we are today-in our knees.British players are expensive ,mediocre and hyper-promoted in media.Overpaid-did I said that?Get rid of him,Ramsey and Iwobi (even Nigerian,he was raised in England ).Oh,don’t forget to take Chambers and Holding with you on your way out-another examples of overpaid mediocrity.English quota?Do like MU or CITY-put some English youngsters on the bench just to justify that requirement.Easy.There are thousands of better players around the world who can’t wait to come ,give all and make a future to Emirates.Get rid of ALL British players.Yesterday!

    1. Sorry,I forgot to add Welbeck in that “beautiful”British core-list that we have….OMG-almost an entire team of British mediocrity!

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