Is Jack Wilshere really the future of England?

When Jack Wilshere burst into the Arsenal first team at the tender age of 16, he followed Theo Walcott by being hailed as the “Future of England” with his bulldog attitude and limitless confidence but, like Walcott, his development has been severely hampered by injuries.

Sometimes it seems ike he has been at Arsenal for years and years, but the fact is that he is still only 23 and could still have a long career in front of him IF he can shake off these constant injury problems.

The Spanish midfielder Xavi was extremely impressed with the young Jack, and really believes that he can still become a world-class player for Arsenal and England, with a few of those IFs thrown in. “If he had a career that had been injury-free we would already be talking about him as one of the top central midfield players in Europe,” Xavi said.

“I have played against him, I have watched him carefully, and if he can overcome injuries, then he can still go on an be one of the best midfield players in the world.

“With all respect, he doesn’t play the English way.

“He has an excellent passing range, an ability not to lose the ball, it is clear that he has had his education at Arsenal.

“For many years now the one position England have not struggled with is world-class midfield players. Scholes, and then more recently Lampard and Gerrard.

“Now I see Wilshere as the future of English football, that is why it is so important they keep him fit.”

Xavi was talking ahead of England’s friendly against Spain, but it sounds like he doesn’t know that both Wilshere and Walcott are out injured again. He said: “England have so much pace with Walcott and Sterling, that with the vision of Wilshere’s passing they can cause all teams a lot of problems, that’s how I see them setting up most effectively.

“Yes, the game is a friendly, but with it being so close to the European Championship every game is so important now.

“The coaches need to decide on their best team and formation, and the players don’t have many chances left now to fight for a place in the team.”

We all know that Wilshere would probably be an automatic starter for England when fit, more so then Arsenal even, but he really does have to somehow get over these injuries. I sometimes wonder if, like Walcott, he will ever play a full season without being crocked. But there are just too many IFs in there for me at the moment….

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    1. If Wenger listened to you he would have sold Giroud for Michu and Walcott for Pedro, thank gosh he doesn’t.

    1. Wiltshire will never be a world class player, good player for England but average for Arsenal ,bench warmer yes, but not automatic starter.

  1. we have to find a way to help wilshire…………we are in an advanced medical, Technological and scientific age…..there’s gotta be a way!……..oh C’mon!!!

  2. Ones on here saying Wilshere cant be World Class.. How would they know? Think Xavi would know better than us fans being a World Class professional footballer himself, oh and hes won everything in the club game twice over… not a bad international record either! What is it, 2European Championships and a World cup! He would knowbetter than fans what Wilshere is capable of injury free, Imo he can be we have all said it at one point! its the injuries killing him but still only 23 years of age and Arsenal through n through!

    1. Many of the fans that slate Wilshere aren’t Arsenal fans or have very minimal knowledge on football. Coquelin started blooming last year, when he was 24. Likewise, Ramsey flourished at the age of 23. Wilshere is currently 23 but people are expecting him to play like Cazorla in his prime. The fact that they have such high expectations for him just goes to prove how talented he is and selling him could be as dumb as Fergie selling Pogba.

      1. @Goonerlad
        Then the same can be said for fans who slate any AFC player or personnel(manager)…Yourself included.

        1. Criticism of a player or manager is ok but I don’t agree with fans saying a player should be sold because of a bad game. He’s proven many times he’s good enough for Arsenal but his luck with injuries is what’s stopping him from finding his best form. He won 4 MOTM in a row for England and wasn’t even fully fit at the time.

  3. Fans are stupid. He is very talented and you wont find many players who are better then him. Well in england there are none.

  4. Arsenal might have unknowingly ruined Jack Wilshere’s strong career by starting him as a senior Gunner at the tender youth age of 16 years. God Has created us differently. Some are created with stronger bones and muscles while other are built with less stronger bones & muscles. We are not naturally created of the same strength and power. One commentor mentioned that Ross Barkley doesn’t get injured as Wilshere frequently does. Yes, Barkley has stronger bones and muscles than Wilshere might has. And that stronger bones & muscles enabled Barkley to cope and withstand the rigour and hardness that is the English Leagues football. Had it been Arsenal first test the strength level of Jack’s bones and muscles and not only to be carried away by his strong potentials, maybe they would have managed him better as they will know his bones & muscles are not yet strong enough. And they’ll wait when till he’s 19-20 years to develop a stronger bones and muscles(more matured) before starting him regularly in the senior team. Not every player can become a Pele at 16 years of age,

    1. Barkley is almost 1.90 tall. The tackles in the epl destory players, that why i think that Messi would not do good in this leauge.

      But, but, it was not my fault i snapet ramseys leg in two, he simple was to fast. Faceplalm

  5. I think Jack should take the time he needs to heal properly, instead of rushing back. Seems he’s gotten those metal studs removed from his ankle, which were giving him problems. Smart call…
    Jack should wait till next season to stage his comeback. In the meantime, work on his dribbling and utilizing his low center of gravity better. He already has a brilliant footballing brain. Just needs to heal his ankle and tweek his game some.

  6. If he can get past his injury woes, perform consistently for club and country then perhaps. At 20 something he has to be England’s present.

  7. I’d sell him, great player he may be, but injury prone is pointless at this level. Not only injury prone, but serious injuries. That ain’t good.

    We need a few more key players that actually stay out of the treatment room for a season. That would be highly valuable.

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