Is Jakub Kiwior becoming a vital part of Arsenal’s title challenge?

Art de Roche, the Arsenal writer from the Athletic, is now sure that Jakub Kiwior will be crucial to Arsenal’s title bid. By January, a year after coming from Spezia, the Poland international had yet to cement his spot in this Arsenal team.

With Gabriel and William Saliba’s superb pairing at central defence, the Pole has struggled to break into this Arsenal team. The only way for him to break into the Arsenal lineup appeared to be at left back. After Kieran Tierney left, Arsenal’s two remaining left-back alternatives were Oleksander Zinchenko and Takehiro Tomiyasu. Unfortunately, an unanticipated circumstance occurred in which both were unavailable owing to injuries and other factors. Mikel Arteta had to think quickly, and his first option was to deploy Kiwior at left back.

Since Zinchenko’s arrival, Arsenal’s left-back position has proven difficult for anyone to play. The inverted left back position has proven difficult for certain players, and Kiwior originally struggled to fill in at left back. Some saw him struggle and believed he would never make it to Arsenal, given that he couldn’t even get a chance at central defense. The fact that Serie A clubs looked to him in January for defensive reinforcements did not help this. Some gooners would have been fine with him leaving during the winter. However, they may by now have changed their thoughts on the defender.

The 24-year-old has consistently delivered great performances in the last few games. About why that is so: Mikel Arteta must have realised he couldn’t play the inverted role; therefore, he’s used him as a typical fullback. That tactical strategy was wise, since Kiwior added new dynamism to Arsenal’s left wing. His fine runs down the wings and passing have benefited this Arsenal team.

White, who normally plays as a traditional fullback, is now tasked with playing as an inverted right back, allowing Arsenal to maintain their game plan.

If Arsenal wins the league, Kiwior’s resurgence will undoubtedly play a significant role. Art de Roche praises this Kiwior that we are seeing and believes that players like him are what teams need to win the league.

About Kiwior, the journalist said, “Kiwior, with that size and also with that pace, is able to recover well but also just put his body in front of the ball… What’s really starting to impress is his passing range. When you’re look at the squad going for a title, those sort of players who you can depend on to have at least a 6 or 7 out on 10 are worth their weight in gold.”

Depite early reservations, it seems that Arsenal fans are now warming to the Poland international. Do you agree that he could be vital to Arsenal’s title run-in?

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  1. Even when he was thrown in at right cb last season, aside from a very bad moment against Newcastle, he looked confident, aggressive and assured on the ball. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he’s doing well now.

    1. Let’s wait an see. Only a few games in and he looks solid without being outstanding

      But all players need game time so good for him to up his game and stake a claim

      That’s the key…competition for places will make the team get better

  2. There’s going to be plenty of competition for that left back spot next season, with Timber, Tomiyasu, Zinchenko and now Kiwior all in contention.

  3. In the absence of Zinchenko, Tomi and Tierney, Arteta has been obliged to field Kwior at LB ,and as he has gained in confidence, he has done well in a conventional role just like Nathan Ake of Man City.Let’s not get carried away and treat his inclusion as a masterstroke by our Manager as the decision to use him at LB has been foisted upon him.In my opinion we still need a natural left back and hopefully every effort will be made to recruit Jorrel Hato from Ajax next season.Neither Timber and Tomi, who are both centre backs first and foremost are effective on the left in an attacking sense whereas the talented Hato is.Interestingly, since Zinchenko was injured we have tightened up at the back which is understandable as he is a talented midfielder who is weak defensively.

    1. Hato is a central defender, go do your research well and how did you come with the conclusion that he better than timber and Tom, how many games has he played, ajax keep loosing because of a weak team, hato is scoring own goals….

  4. He’s 3rd or 4th choice backup. Nothing more. He’s nowhere good enough to be an automatic 1st team starter.

  5. Kiwior reminds me of a certain Belgian by the name Thomas Vermaelen

    He impressed against Chelsea at the end of last season, where he was deployed as a right CB after Bob Holding messed alot

    I know he can give Gabby a run of his money at the left CB role

    I love Arteta. His tactics. His signings. Apart from the goalkeepers, everyone else that he signs plays more than 1 position

  6. I think he will grow and mature into this new role, MA should start thinking of playing Zinchenko upfront IMO

  7. Kiwior is of course a different type of full back to both Zinchenko and Tierney.
    Zinchenko covers more ground and prefers taking the ball forward, but lack that one on one agility when defending and can often get dribbled pass from a forward winger cutting in with the ball.
    Tierney has energy in abundance and is a great early crosser of the ball and often can run beyond our winger and link up, but he lacks a skill to take on a defender and is often caught out of position when running back defending, he is more of a wingback than a fullback.
    Kiwior is more of a defensive full back than the other two mentioned and more aggressive in the challenge. What is not mentioned is that he is one of our fastest players and definitely our quickest defender. So speed is is greatest attribute, but he lacks the attacking flair, but he has shown inprovement with each game and understands his positional play and reads the game well. So technically he is just a small tag behind, but he is a much better and safer defender.

    1. You’ve got to be kidding about Kiwior being slow. When Kiwior arrived at Arsenal,he broke the 40m sprint record in training,previously held by Hector Bellerin. That was remarkable considering the pace of players like Bellerin and Walcott. That man is anything but slow-no doubt the fastest defender at Arsenal currently and possibly only second to Martinelli overall.

      1. Did you watch him against Porto? Their entire offensive strategy was to counter his side and take him 1 v 1, which they did pretty easily. He is a decent player who I am sure will be better at CB but at LB against dangerous players he gets skinned. While Zinchenko also gets skinned, he is an at least and excellent passer and tactician. Kiwior can’t pass nearly as well, but he is tall in the air.

        1. Sarsfield I was responding to the claim that Kiwior is slow. You have gone ahead and introduced other issues like 1v1 defending which I’ve not touched on at all.

  8. Most arsenal players can tremendously increase their value and contribution to the team, only if given the chance. Unfortunately, Arteta is still learning the skill of keeping the whole squad engaged. Think, how much would we have gotten if we were to sell Kiwior in Jan? What about now? Most of our players value and skills keep plummeting due to lack of game time. I’m strongly convinced Nelson is such a case.

  9. @ss, i think the decision makers at AFC are not firm when selling players, They just give them away while they pay other clubs “truckloads” for average players. Arteta wants to win something big hence he uses his best players. I think all fringe players must work hard in other competitions so that they get more minutes if they progress to the finals. See what Klopp did with the young players.

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