Is January too soon to think about adding new players to Arsenal?

Arsenal strengthened their team in the summer transfer window in their bid to return to the Premier League top four this season.

The Gunners had ended the last campaign in fine form, winning the FA Cup and the Community Shield.

Those were signs that good things can happen under Mikel Arteta, even though this was his first senior managerial job.

The Spaniard had made Arsenal one of the toughest teams to play against and there was hope that we could mount a serious top-four challenge this season.

One of the narratives that were thrown around during the summer transfer window is that all that we’re missing is one of Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar.

Thankfully, we signed Partey and the Ghanaian is a top-quality addition to our team.

His first few games have been good ones on an individual level, but now some fans think we didn’t need one of them, but both of them.

There is talk of Arsenal going back for Aouar in the next transfer window (The Athletic).

I reckon it will be too soon for us to delve into the transfer market again.

I think that we should give the current players the time to get acquainted with what Arteta is trying to achieve with them before we think about signing new players.

Next summer will be a better time to know which position needs to be strengthened, and what player we should bring in.

For now, the likes of Partey and Gabriel Magalhaes need to bed in before they have new teammates to work with.

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  1. Nonsense. Any time you can add a quality player, not an injured Swede, you should. Arteta needs help, many of the players are sub standard, lazy and hiding. Buy now !!!

  2. We can identify the target we need today at a cost of say 60 million and then:
    Talk about the need for the player,
    Talk about maybe making an offer,
    Talk about probably making an offer,
    Talk to an agent about potential wages,
    Make an offer of 20 million to be turned down,
    Offer 20 million plus 3 million add ons,
    Find out PSG are interested,
    Buy Olivier Giroud from Chelsea for 10 million !!!

  3. The truth is that we can’t even get a new player unless
    1. We are able to dispose of one of our non homegrown players; or
    2. The new player is home-grown.
    Both of these are not easy prospects.
    Even if we are able to dispose of any player, we should give the space to Ozil to at least earn part of his huge salary.
    They have mismanaged our dear club down to its knees with wrong recruitment and management of players’ contracts

  4. The question should be how we can get out of this shit-hole we in….

    I’ve always been Arteta’s biggest critique since day 1, but now it’s no longer funny,,,,,,

    But if he’s still in charge (I know he’s willing to learn), these are basic things he should do IMMEDIATELY:

    1. Bench Bellerin and Xhaka for goodness sake!!!! I most honestly don’t get any reasoning as to why people even still make a case for these two. Cedric is miles better than Bellerin—- I’ve always said it time and again. Don’t even get me started on M-Niles who is average at BEST.

    2. Tackling/pressing by all team members need to be kindly done. These are some of the easiest things that define character!
    I don’t know if they just need to be taught!!!!!!

    3. Nelson for Saka any time of the day.
    I am Saka’s No.1 fan but he’s so slow and is one of the players that MASSIVELY unbalances the team;;; we now need someone more direct, like Walcott-esque.

    Cedric… Luiz… Magalhaes… Tierney
    Partey…. Ceballos/Elneny
    Pepe…. Willian… R. Nelson

    I have seen people who just don’t know what they’re saying criticizing WILLIAN but he should be the first name on the starting 11 every game for me.

    Then if Arteta is gone, then the only viable option is MAURIZIO SARRI or just payout BRENDAN RODGERS contract;;;; whichever is easier!!!!

  5. If reports are to be believed, Arteta prioritised Aouar over Partey in the summer. It was a combination of circumstances and Edu that led to only Partey being bought, as Edu apparently favoured defensive strength and ball winning ability over creativity. I think that Arteta knew that we needed more creativity and, given time to embed his message or not, he doesn’t have the personnel he needs.

    One thing is totally sure. Arsenal currently lack creativity and are utterly one-dimensional going forward. We can create some from the flanks, but we have very little inspiration down the middle. Attack one way and you make it easy for the opposition to defend. Also, our striking options are either woefully off form or, in the case of Laca, have never really been on form.

    We have a possible way of fixing this in the squad, in the shape of one Mesut Ozil, but Ozil’s blown so hot and cold so much over the years that I wouldn’t want to bet my life on him. It’s probably not unfair to say that he can be possibly a bit lazy, very inconsistent and a bit of a flat-track bully. He might be the answer, he might yet just add more disappointment to a disappointing situation. The only other senior option for that central creative outlet is Willian and nothing that he’s done at the club so far suggests that he’d help.

    Another option would be youth – Smith Rowe looks good. But, talented though he is, there’s going to be a lot of bad games before he reaches that consistency that comes with maturity and that ability to find another gear when things aren’t going your way. This will pretty well be the same for all of our youth options, so it depends how immediate a solution we want. It’ll be more immediate if we’re looking for a striker out of our youth set up – Martinelli, Balogun, Moller and others look possible, as well as Nketiah (who’s maybe had his chance?). We won’t find the next KDB like this any way soon, though.

    So, if we want an answer to our current lack of creativity in the middle, buying Aouar – or similar, say Szoboszlai – might be the answer. Even here, though, we have to be realistic. New club, new league, new country – it’ll be hard for him to hit the ground running. It’s more than possible that we don’t get an appreciable improvement before the end of the season.

    Final option might be a loan. Maybe an older player to let our younger players develop a bit – Eriksen for example, whilst off form for Inter, has masses of experience in the Premiership. This wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve rescued a number 10 who’s disappointed at Inter. As I remember, worked out quite nicely last time. Isco would be a shout, assuming someone could buy him a membership at Slimming World. Coutinho’s ability is undoubted – neither is his inconsistency, though, and I’m not sure that he could do it down the middle anyway.

    Overall, I’d try and develop some of our young striker options, plus I’d bring in Eriksen on loan until the summer (with an option – not an obligation – to buy, if poss). If he doesn’t work out then buy Aouar or give the likes of Smith Rowe a spin. Additionally, I’d buy a new right back -Cedric is defensively poor and not all that good going forward. Bellerin has lost a yard of pace due to his ACL injury and the man’s whole game was based around his pace – pace running down the wing with or for the ball and recovery pace in defence. With little competition from Cedric, he’s been very poor. We seem to concede most of our goals from attacks down our right flank – Grealish had a field day. Either buy decent competition for the spot to make him work for his minutes or straight up replace him with someone good.

  6. Arsenal: a plan went awry:
    Management had 2 choices:
    1- Plan for the the future by developing/signing younger players. A path to 3 to 4 years of average football till a strong team is put in place.

    2- Sign older proven players and compete for the title immediately.

    Obviously plan 2 was chosen and it failed miserably because the decision makers had too much faith in a rookie manager whose tactical mistakes and players selections are flawless at best.

    Arsenal is now left with demoralized players, disappointed supporters, the Ozil saga, the Guendouzi exile and the benching of Maitland Nile all of which were created my a manager that looks out of his league with no hope insight.

    MA has still one more trick up his sleeve. Reactivate Ozil and hope the combination with Partey works. It might not work but that’s the only trump card he is left with.

    So for those who think the owner should/will buy new players think again. Rich people do not become rich by throwing good money after bad.

  7. we always talk about buying players for me is not about buying players that is the problem of our club is the system and the people making awful decision at the tope. we have better players now than what wenger used to have still we were among the tope teams and playing better football.

    if you like go and buy messi in as much as those making all this awful decision are still at the club nothing will change.

    look at the Ozil situation you can’t tell me that is because of footballing reasons half fit Ozil is better than what we currently have in that midfield.

    MA is the cus of his own fall as a coach his allowing the board to detect to him. he lied to us the fans and that lie has affected the team because the players see Ozil in training they knw what he like.

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