Is Joe Willock ready to become a regular in Arsenal’s first team?

Unai Emery has revealed that he was hoping that Willock was ready to step up and fill the gap left by Aaron Ramsey, which is a tall order for someone so young, but the Spaniard obviously believes in him. ‘Willock is improving a lot and if he keeps progressing like he is, I don’t know how far he can go,’ said Emery to the Metro.

‘He started training with us from my first weeks at the club and in the last couple of months of last season I took him to one side to speak with him.

“I told him, “Jack Wilshere has left us, Aaron Ramsey is leaving and there is a really big opportunity for you to take that space in the team.

“It was a big challenge for him to step up and now he is playing in the first XI because he deserves it. ‘His progress is a very positive example for all the other young players of what can be achieved.

‘The first thing I learned when I came to Arsenal was how important the young academy players are to this club,’

‘It is my responsibility to carry on that work because these players more often learn quicker than those who are signed into the club’

Emery’s use of youngsters definitely seems to be working well so far, and it must be a benefit to have Freddie as his assistant, the man who helped nurture them in the reserves.

But do you think Willock is now ready to become the new Aaron Ramsey?



    He brings something to the team no one else does, his driving runs and goal scoring ability.
    He should definately be starting regularly in my opinion

  2. Yes!
    I’d play him over Xhaka any day

    For me our best central midfield is Torreira/Guendouzi, Ceballos and Wilock/Guendouzi

    Wilock, Saka and Martinelli have been very impressive so far. Maybe they work hard and want to fight so hard for first team

  3. Trust someone to make a negative reply. But I supppose it takes all sorts to make this world go around. Joe has the potential to become a great midfielder he’s well on the way and the more opportunity he gets the better he will become. He already has shown that he should be a permanent 1st team choice.

  4. Ramsey chases goals. Whereas Willock is more like a playmaker, similar to Cazorla

    Willock, Guendouzi and Ceballos like to dilly-dally on the ball, hence we might successfully dictate the tempo if all of them start in one game

    I reckon Willock wouldn’t be able to be a regular starter as long as Xhaka is at Arsenal

  5. Is Willock ready to become the new Ramsey? I hope not! The old Ramsey was rubbish for 75%-80% of his time at Arsenal. In fact, he was the Xhaka equivalent of the Wenger era..a puzzling and irritating inclusion in every game to the detriment of the team. He eventually came good (thankfully!) the last 3 seasons, scored a bunch of goals and allegedly “agreed” to sign a contract extension which he conveniently just never got around to signing. Van Persie “sitting down and having tea with Wenger” in his last comtract year ring a bell? He also gave the impression that he was discussing something with the management about a new deal but the reality is the little boy inside had his mind already made up about leaving a long time ago.

      1. @Viju Jacob
        No 😂 I just don’t understand how or why the Emery Out boys who also happen to be a significant portion of the Ozil In boys can blame Emery for Ramsey’s departure. Emery was even insisting on using Rambo as a CAM, talking about his success in that position for the Wales national team. So, Rambo leaving was a good thing for them coz had he stayed, Ozil would have found himself proper on the bench, reserves, or wherever he normally hangs out during game time these days.

  6. I think Joe is an Aaron Ramsey type, he’s always in a goal scoring position, but rarely does he provide for others. I think it’s a nice judgement call from Unai, but I don’t think he’s ready to start every week in the league.

  7. He is an excellent young player with the all round ability to be a successful box to box midfielder.Forget about any negative comments ,he is going to make the grade with Arsenal which is something seven or eight of the present first team squad will fail to do.

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