Is just a new keeper good enough for Arsenal fans?

It could all have been so different by KM

Hi guys, a quick one from the US. So what’s up with Arsenal?

Another shaky start with zero goals scored at the Emirates and already trailing 5 points to Manchester City, the alarm bells must be ringing.

The problems are obvious but sadly we fail to react again. We seriously need a new striker. Right now I’d take Charlie Austin. Cavani will take a miracle. We’re not close to anybody and Wenger doesn’t have a surprise like he did with Ozil.

We have money, but we fail to grasp the opportunity of the other top teams demise to make a real challenge. We could’ve had Martinez and Pedro. We can buy Wanyama but I just don’t see it happening.

If all we needed was a keeper we wouldn’t have been 12 points behind last year. We’ve scored only one goal and two own goals help us to an unconvincing start. I am not impressed, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

With Arsene of late it’s about what could’ve been, rather than what is.


ADMIN COMMENT – I would just like to remind all Gooners that last year Wenger flew off to the Vatican, and whoever was left behind signed Danny Welbeck. Hopefully with Arsene away in Paris today, Dick Law could buy someone (better than Welbeck!) off his own back…..

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      1. The thing with this whole “Arsene Wenger in
        Paris” scenario is that it seems incredibly
        unlikely a Premier League manager would
        actually travel to another country to do
        business when there are several employees at
        the club whose specific job that is.
        I know Wenger’s the manager but I’m not
        entirely sure that means he has an Arsenal
        credit card with which he can expense a
        sudden trip to Paris and the multi-million
        pound acquisition of a human while drinking
        wine in da club. But if he does then
        daaaaaaaaaamn that’s cool.
        if anyone I think it will be a midfielder Rabiot

        1. ARSENAL WILL BE SIGNING NO ONE TODAY, SO GET USED TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Wenger is in Paris to fool Arsenal fan

    1. The point is we as fans and Wenger as well are craving for big and proven players (me included) but the point is big stars do not move so easily. We have to think about it logically, we would not have had Henry, Viera, Pires if we had bought stars. I am not saying Charlie Austin is Henry but we can not just ignore him because of that. The point is we need goal scorers and if we can not get the big name targets then Austin is not a bad deal.

    2. ooh no..poor arsenal fans.I love you all.we going through a lot but God knows..but one thing for sure,if Wenger comes for a vacation in Kenya I will revenge for you all..will snatch his air ticket plus passport and take shots of him stranded at the airport n post them to you all….
      jokes so desperate for a striker such that have degraded from WC to just anyone reasonable..just anyone and I will be OK please Wenger.since insulting and shouting at you don’t work am now on my knees least a positive is that Wenger is out of country to France.for transfer?(maybe to see his G.f -a certain French singer or to ref a volleyball vz hockey match) but just rem that big transfers always happen when he is out of england I.e Sanchez Cech and Welbeck(really?sorry for this)..
      elsewhere Manutd have taught Real Madrid a lesson of the

      1. there’s only a few strikers out there that are “world class” and they are all in big clubs…I dont see city selling aguero to us, or bayern selling Lewa to us, or suarez leaving barca…etc. My point is; we are not the only ones who want world class strikers, clubs who have wc strikers are always going to hold on to them!

        What we can do is identify average players with high potential to become world class players, there is a lot of examples of such players…if u look at the PL top goal scorers right now, there is not a single “world class” striker on it. my point is, its not only “world class” strikers that can deliver…and not all world class strikers can deliver (eg; falcao, torres, balotelli.)

        Apart from that, we’ve got our own promising strikers in welbeck and walcott. We all know that welbeck has all the attributes (pace, power, agility, can dribble past 1 or 2 defenders) all he needs to improve on is finishing and he will come good. with walcott, I am not convinced he is a total waste…the guy finished the season on a high last term and many ppl even wanted him to be deployed as CF permanently, then he has one bad day against newcastle and suddenly we need a new striker?

        all we need is Wenger to inspire our front men into form more than we need a new striker!…and some world class fans as well…

    3. If only it was that simple Konstantin but how do all the players feel when someone untried in the PL comes in on twice their hard earned pay? How do the board feel when a whole years’ hard earned profit is risked on some egotistical man who may not perform well against Stoke or Newcastle when the kicks come in? If we had a shaky start what about Tottenham, Chelsea, United, Liverpool? Or is it just any excuse for a Wenger out chant these days, even after overwhelming and beating Newcastle? If so it says it all.

    4. He scored 18goals in a pitiful qpr side so yeah id say hes better then welbeck and being that we cant seem to hit the back of the net at the moment….hes no cavani but hes better then nothing and he knows the premier league well

    5. First of all, I really hope magic will happen before 6pm this evevning. A world class ST and a back-up or recognized DM are required.

      If nothing happens, it is not end of the day. we still can challenge the title.

      1. Giroud isn’t on fire at the moment, but be will be able to bring 15-20 goals and bring other players into the game. Giroud is slow, but his hold-up is above average and he can bring others into the game and has aerial threat. These attributes fits into our system well.
      2. To get the best out of Giroud, Boss really need to establish OX as first choice RW. Ox has strength, pace, technique. He can cut in or provide cross Giroud desperately need. Certainly Ox sometimes is bit risky when going forward. He still needs to improve his combination and understanding with Bellerin.
      3. Welbeck can be a good back-up or even challenge Giroud. Welbeck has strength and pace. He is still young and can improve. It was his first season last year. More importantly he has good experience play as LW which means he can swap position with Alexis during the game.
      4. Arteta seems OK in his two EPL appearance. my concern is can he handle well when we play big team or he plays 90 mins.
      5. I believe a title winning team must have a balanced team. Aguero has Yaya, Messi used to have Busquets. We need a tall and physical DM to balance ours especially if boss still sometimes wants to play Theo upfront. (with Giroud or Welbeck upfront, i wont’ worry too much)

  1. 200 Mil or 500 Mil, Does not matter. Wenger getting his fat paycheck to keep stan happy. remember all of Stan’s sports clubs are unsuccessful.

    1. A lie being constantly told becomes truth. I did this exercise before, why not doing it now. Kroenke owns Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rapids and Colorado Mammoths. In 2010 he took St. Louis Rams. So, how unsuccesful are these clubs under Kroenke? Well Nuggets as you all know took three NBA division titles, Avalanche took one Stanley cup and four NHL titles. Colorado Rapids was founded only in 1996 so the fact that they already play in MLS is a huge achievement. Colorado Mammoth won one championship and three division championships.
      Not like I care about these because sport is different in US. It is just the lie which bothers me. I bet this guy xamansu have no clue that Morinho gets almost double Wengers salary. Ditto for Pellegrini and LvG is having the same salary as Wenger.

      1. Just like the big fat lie
        that 11 years with out
        the EPL can be blamed
        on the lack of money.
        But people believe lies because it gives them comfort.
        medicating them through complexity, shame, fear ,
        envy and justifying prejudice and preference.
        Every one does it no one is immune its just life.

        1. I also believe the same about the title in these 11 years but I tend to blame it on our proverbial luck / bad luck. We were so close in 2008 and to a certain extent in 2013. Quality was there , maybe even the numbers but there was always something standing between us and the title. That’s why I believe Wenger never had as objective the title. That was a more than welcome bonus for the club.

        2. Not sure how it can be a lie when it’s blatantly OBVIOUS we didn’t have the finances back then than we do now. Back then we were signing players like Santos, Denilson, Squillaci etc – cheap deals. Now we are signing well known quality players – Ozil, Sanchez, Welbeck, Cech which means there definitely is more money to spend on these types of players. It is not just the money, it’s also the fact that prior the turn of the century, every season we had two of our best players leave. This would make it difficult for ANY club to win the EPL.

          But it seems many of you have tunnel vision and only believe what you want to believe and blame who you want to blame without looking at the bigger picture and all the facts.

      2. Budd you and fans like you are the reason Wenger is allowed to take our club to mediocrity , your like that crap on your shoe that’s hard to scrape off

        1. I doubt very much that Wenger or the board cares about what fans have to say in regard with the transfers or how the club is being run. Fans duty is to cheer up for the team. That’s it. And even this one is a privilege a fan has to earn.

          1. They care only when it begins to significantly affect ticket and merchandise sales.
            Arsenal is run by businessmen so it should not be surprising they operate the club like a business – which is based on maximum profit. To expect anything else is nonsensical.

            1. So that basically will never happen given the huge queue on season tickets at the Emirates (I believe they will have to extend it pretty soon in order to accomodate demand) and the global fan base.

      3. Obviously you’re not in the States. The St Louis rams have been dreadful for the last several years, won super bowl before Stan and haven’t been competitive for years. Think Sunderland and that’s the rams. Bottom feeders in division.

        Avalanche in MLS? So what, Beckham part owner in team that’s coming into MLS, and NYC FC owned by Man City and NY Yankees. Not so impressive about Colorado in MLS now is it? For enough money anyone can buy into MLS.

        Nice try, but I live in States and his teams are terrible.

        1. Rams were called “Greatest show on turf” years ago; now they’re called s@#t. Best players traded or left, young talent couldn’t run away fast enough because lack of ambition. Good news is Rams are trying to move to LA and you guessed it build a new stadium. Sound familiar Budd?

          Nuggets division titles? When? You should check out San Antonio spurs, Dallas Mavericks, Lakers, and more. Lastly, how many champion trophies Colorado Avalanche have in 20 years? Thought so. Damn dude, your grip on reality is slipping.

      4. Please get your fact correctly, Stan never care about his sport club success he cared about making money. All his sport teams are unsuccessful and below average apart from Arsenal.

    2. @xamanus What did Wenger do exactly? I still haven’t seen any world class forward move to a big club. And Wenger not going for a DM makes more sense if you really think about it. From the start of last season, We’ve got two defenders, a defensive midfielder and a reliable goalkeeper. Tell me people, would we sell ozil, sanchez if an offer came? No. so don’t expect PSG, Dortmund, or Madrid to sell their best players.

    1. Like I suggested in one of the posts- Arsenal should officially opt out of transfer window; at least the fans sleep peacefully at night without having unrealistic expectations !

  2. If you need a striker and you left to the deadline day, then it is a PANIC BUY, be it Maradona, Messi, it is a PANIC BUY ….
    Why it is always us?

      1. Ozil deal does not apply to what I have said … we weren’t desperate for AMF …
        For me still Ozil is a PANIC BUY to please the fans … cazorla was phenomenal the season before we signed Ozil, so for me the 42M should have been used to bring striker …

  3. This would be the sad testament for the colnel’s fsiled regime … Indicative of a manager who has put his own ego and the boards profits above those of the football club and fans … Will be hounded out on a low note which is the fate of a all mad dictators

  4. To think Man City with Zero goals conceded and Maximum points still think they need to Buy…
    and with Zero goals at Emirates and 5 points dropped, AW doesn’t think there is a need to buy…

      1. Wenger always uses the word ‘IF’ in all his statements.
        We will make necessary WC additions IF we find it and IF they are at a good price.

        So, if we don’t get the additions, it’s either because the WC player was not available, or not at a good price.

        Get the logic? 🙂

  5. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is reportedly in Paris judging by the number of images circulating on social media and the latest image shows the manager in a meeting at a bar.

    Upon closer reflection, the figure next to the boss looks awfully like Paris Saint-Germain striker Edinson Cavani, although this is yet to be confirmed.

    It seems that Wenger is always away from these shores while we’re conducting business for high-profile transfers in recent windows. Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck, and Petr Cech have all joined at a time Wenger was in another country, which shows the adaptability within the club’s hierarchy.

    We certainly hope that the tradition will continue today given that we’re yet to sign an outfield player this summer which is unprecedented.

    That’s the latest bull?
    as for the blurry Image. .. it could be wenger’s mistress

    1. I don’t know what deals are in the works if any and Cavani could be coming but…….

      If that was REALLY Cavani sitting next to Wenger, it would have been confirmed by now – that is for certain. And I saw the image. Did not look like Cavani to me.

      1. Forget about cavani he isnt coming , the owner of psg nasser el khelefi is the owner of bein sports , and bein sports have stated last night that cavani wont be sold to arsenal , so forget it …… Higuain is there with £60m release clause , wenger should just pay the money and get the lad

  6. Giroud walks into the room

    Wenger: Bow chica bow bow

    In conclusion – we are not signing a striker for the fourth season running

  7. Wenger the worlds greatest Poker player ?

    – City , Royal Flush
    – Chelsea, Full House
    – Utd, a straight
    – Arsenal, a pair of Queens

    And he’s saying “I can win this”

    A brilliant bluff or deluded ?
    One thing is for sure – he won’t go home broke!


    Potentially big news for Arsenal
    Sky sources understand Galatasaray
    are trying to sign England midfielder
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.
    We understand a French agent has
    been sent to London to try and
    complete a deal, but we have spoken
    to him and he has said he is not
    very hopeful.

  9. PSG have said that no player will be leaving them today so there goes another 2 potential signings down the drain any signing made today will definitely be a panic buy with no top class players available we will have to settle for 2nd rate ones i rather not sign anyone!!

    1. I don’t believe any rumors and ….

      I don’t believe clubs when they say they are or are not selling any players. They could be telling the truth or they could be just jockeying for position in the market. No way to know.

      I also don’t believe what players or agents say either – they are often just playing the transfer finesse game.

  10. We have alot of quality centre and attacking midfielders but just one awesome defensive midfielder and it would be hard to sign a defensive midfielder unless Mr wenger offloads 3midfielders (flamini,Arteta and my favourite-TR7). But i want a Striker atleast. Please wenger can you hear me? Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee just a striker atleast!

  11. Fellow gooners, how frustrating is it to be an Arsenal fan?! Yet we love this club and will take what we get year after year. I am bitterly disappointed with this window as usual scrambling to get something done, surely this is not a strategy but indecision in management? Bottom line is this isn’t a democracy, on the bright side 2 weeks from now transfers will be forgotten (hopefully)

  12. Simply NO!
    We all know what we need and Wenger should too.
    If at 6 pm we see that Wenger is putting all his faith in Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck and Coquelin in the keys areas that need strengthening I’ll be distraught 🙁
    Also Wenger in France? why? and why on the final day?
    Has a deal been in place for a while and Wenger is turning up in person to make sure it goes through?
    all this deadline day stuff Wenger likes to pull baffles me?!

    1. Saying some football source is ‘very reliable’ is like a Chelsea fan saying “I was a supporter before 2004”, it just isn’t very trusthworthy!

  13. Jean-Kévin Augustin of PSG?!
    Another 18 year old striker bought for a bag of sweets!
    Put your hand in your pocket Wenger, tight arse!

  14. So @Budd says the fans has no say other than just support.

    Haha,,,,,,well for your notice Arsenalfc fans were best described by Arshavin .they are calm n silent always.

    You just cant do dis in Madrid, man u, chealshit , Barcelona , Munich n all clubs who are competing to win.

    Hey @ Budd,,,,,,u r not the only one with brains. no hard feelings. hmmmm

  15. The truth is that for the past 10,years Wenger has been more of a financial manager than a football manager. He cares more about the figures than the trophies and thats why i cant wait for his contract to run out. He needs to leave for us to stand any chance to win the ever elusive EPL and UCL trophies.


  17. I wouldn’t take Austin. He’d just be a bench warmer, no point in that. He might finish better than Welbeck or Giroud but he brings nothing else to the team whatsoever. Against a tight defense he’ll have less time to shoot and those scoring figures will drop vastly. Not worth the punt.

    Are fans okay with just a goalkeeper? Well the fans who are obsessed with signings wouldn’t be happy with less than a WC player every season. The fans who are slightly less enamored with signings will be disappointed we chose not to strengthen any position. The fans enamored with Wenger will say he knows best and not worry.

    I personally sit somewhere between the latter 2. If we were to get to January at 1st or 2nd in the league, looking like we could push for the title and without major injuries littering our team I’d say Wenger probably was right, we didn’t need much strengthening and we are good to go! Right now, I’d say Wenger is walking down a dark and dangerous path to some very angry fans.

    I’m still hoping he signs a player to strengthen the team today. I doubt we will. BUT no signing means ultimately Wenger is happy with the team as is and believes it can win the PL. This is only problematic when it doesn’t. We are not up to the standards of City and the fact we’re not trying to close the gap despite having money is wholely worrying. I can understand not finding a striker that really improves us, I can’t understand not finding a single player who’d improve us. That’s just flat out wrong when we have NO LEFT WINGERS IN OUR ENTIRE SQUAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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