Is Khedira all Arsenal need to win the title?

The Arsenal transfer rumours relating to Sami Khedira have been simmering since the beginning of the summer, and it looks like they are still going full pelt and will be until the end of January. According to many pundits Khedira has a host of top teams to choose from, but the Real Madrid midfielder always seem to have Arsenal as favourites to sign him.

According to the Arsenal old-boy Perry Groves, Khedira is the missing link that could fire the Gunners back up the Premiership table and into contention for the title. Groves told the London Standard: “They need to strengthen that defensive midfield area and the one that stands out in my mind is Khedira, he would be perfect for them.

“Khedira knows that role. He has the physicality and a great passing range. His attitude is good with a great winning mentality and it wouldn’t take him too long to settle because he would have his three German team-mates with him [Mesut Ozil, Per Mertesacker and Lukas Podolski].

“He would give Arsenal something different. A lot of their midfield players are very similar, very technically gifted players but Khedira will win the ball back to allow others to go and play. He’s proved he can handle life at a massive club and he could fit straight in.

“If Arsenal can get their injured players back while making sure the gap to the top doesn’t get too big with Chelsea and City then they have a chance to challenge for the title. If they can get to within six or seven points by the time the January transfer window opens and then sign Khedira, they could win it.”

He is certainly talking sense that all our midfielders are a bit too similar, but does that mean Khedira would be the perfect answer? I’m not too sure about that, but when he says that we also need to get all our injured players back then I know he is in cloud cuckoo land!

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  1. Lol, of course not. Even if we buy Ronaldo we will still not have a chance to win the title. Shneiderlin, Draxler, Hummels, new manager, and we might have then a good chance.

    1. Of course yes!
      Your assumptions that we will go all out with almost 80M to get those three players is unrealistic, when you consider that Khedira could be gotten on a free transfer!

      And yes, Khedira alongside a CB with decent pace should be enough to win us the EPL title.

  2. Seriously? Are you kidding?

    Adding another broken down midfielder will not convert Arsenal into a title contender. Even if Khedira is healthy, the Gunners would need an additional 2 or 3 world class players to compete for the title.

    Arsenal are too small and fragile overall. They are not aggressive enough on defense or in midfield. They don’t try hard enough to win the ball back like the top teams. They will continue to fight for 4th place until Wenger changes his philosophy on player signings and tactics.

    1. Our squad is too weak once the top players are injured or need a rest!!! Been saying this for years. We need 3 top signings to compete with the ‘s Man Shittys.

  3. With all the pain of last season gone, I found myself silently chuckling while watching the Liverpool-Arsenal replay. It’s gone from the nightmare it was a year ago into a source of comic relief :-). I wonder what lessons we’ve learned from that game, if any.

    Was surprised to see Arteta dispatch his penalty with his left. Never knew he was left-footed.

  4. Higuain + Khedira would be more like it. I’m a little bit doubtful if Welbeck can get us the necessary amount of goals to win the league. Khedira would be a good buy, but if it’s really a DM we’re after, then we should be looking at Diame, Wanyama, Schneirdelin and Bender instead. Khedira is just an older Ramsey, that’s all :-).

    1. @twig we should offer soton the money they cant turn down,which is something i doubt we would do when wenger is in control of our fransfers

  5. Not even close unless he can play cb, mf, lw and striker at the same time. Agree with twig completely wirh his 4 other options. Kondogbia, hummels please. Also if he’s any money left over another young cb to trade in for Per. If wenger considers hayden good enough the back ups not needed, if he’s not in wenger s plans then sell / loan him and let the lad play. In my eyes per and poldi must go, (only when weve bought firstthis time Arsene!).

  6. One player does not change a team. First we must have a complete squad. That means addressing the issues in defence and lack of width. Only then can be dream of luxury players.

    1. But is the lack of width caused by a lack of wingers or Wenger’s selections? I might be overly optimistic but I really think Theo’s return can solve a lot of issues — as long as he reaches top form quickly. Welbeck/Giroud up front, Sanchez and Walcott on the wings. That only leaves one place for Ozil/Carloza to play.

      1. Mr Andrew, pls don’t raise my hopes. Our Board Members are cowards, they will not even try to speak to Pep.

          1. Good evening Andrew

            I mentioned the pep talk (no pun intended) in the summer as Arsene and pep both have 2 years left on their current contracts..
            Pep mentioned he liked the way arsenal were run (erm.. Really!?) and at the time I looked on sky bet and it was. 33/1 for pep to be next arsenal manager..
            Might have a punt now..?

        1. @NY_Gunner
          How are you? Or it could always be a double bluff. I think Pep would pep up the team and make us great again 🙂

  7. If Arsene Wenger or any of the players quotes JustArsenal during a press briefing, what would be your reaction? 😀

  8. Wenger’s plan is
    1. 4th place
    (despite what he says publically)
    2. Make money for the owner.
    To be fair the club is on track
    to achieve those goals again.

  9. @davidnz
    Didn’t Wenger sat he would rather have 4th place over winning the FA Cup or the League Cup. Winning trophies is what players play for.

  10. Trick or treat Wenger.
    Treat you win us the league this season.
    Trick if you don’t your sacked.
    🙂 🙂

  11. consider this! ……. How oLd is Khedira? And How inJury prone is he? … Should ur answers be 100% positive, then he’s our Man for the taking……..otherwise, bury the idea!

    1. He’s 27? He would be perfect, he can play the ball as well as win it. People don’t seem to realise that a player like Khedira or someone similar like Busquets don’t need to the Scott Parker job because they have much better positioning. Better spatial awareness facilitates interceptions, therefore no need to bust a gut to catch up with the opposition because they were in the wrong position.

  12. A good CB, DM and top strikeris enough
    1. Van Dijk
    2. Khedira, Carvalho, Scneiderlin or Bender
    3. Cavani, Benzema, Huntelaar or Martinez

    Reus or Draxler would be a nice bonus.

  13. Knowing our luck we will sign Khedira in January, he will play one game and be out for the rest of the season.

  14. People who are saying he is injury prone are making him out to look like Diaby.

    Look at his stats:
    He has had major injuries since 2013
    Before that he played his first 3 seasons 2010-2013 at approximately 45 games per season with no problems.
    he played 4 seasons at Stuttgart without any major problems averaging approx 35 games per season
    He played the whole World Cup save the Final

    He has had injuries this year and last year and all of a sudden he is made of glass. Why you discounting the 7+ years previous when he had no imajor injuries?

    Some players have some bad luck. Some injuries this year and last year does NOT make him injury prone like Diaby

  15. We needed more than khedira to win the title.. Let’s face it the title ain’t coming to the Emirates this season because WENGER won’t strengthen in the right places.. We needed khedira in the summer along with hummels and or another centre half..
    The truth is and always will be under wenger.. ‘Nearly there..’ A couple of players short of ‘actually’ winning the premiership..
    So until WENGER goes we can all ‘wish’ for this player or ‘that’ as WENGER refuses to be seen as intelligent.. He refuses to be seen as someone who can be flexible and adapt to how the game is evolving.. He refuses to understand how the game is player based meaning (unfortunately)!the players now rule..
    Gone are the days of Brian cough where he was the boss and EVERYONE knew it.. Everyone respected him and everyone did as they were told.. The last of that breed was fergie.. He’s gone and thankfully it’s not manure this or manure that.. We are all equal.. But WENGER is the last of what I’d call the grandad manager.. A Bob Paisley or Bobby robson..
    Everyone feels sorry for them because they’re old and coming to the end of their time so they look on them as a father figure..
    When people talk,of this player or that player.. Forget it please..
    We need a new manager.. As no matter who Wenger buys – it will be too little too late..the wrong position or a freakin flop waste of money or whatever..he’s lost it and so have our title aspirations..
    Burnley will be put to the sword ( only team in all 4 divisions without a win..!!!!) and all WENGER AKB’s will be out in force ..
    Crazy Fools… & Weak losers …

  16. phil-thompsons-nose
    Talking about Brian Clough he should have been England’s manager. The only reason why he wasn’t, is he wasn’t a yes man.

    1. PS Managers should give players a kick up the arse, if they under preform and say you play for the club and the fans, not your pay packet.

  17. Absolutely andrew
    Cloughy was how a manager should be.. No nonsense.. There’s a few managers trying to emulate him at the moment.. No chance!

    I believe redknapp never got it because of his dodgy dealings and hodgsons only got it because he’s a total ‘yes’ man ..
    Another of the weak manager brigade..!

  18. @Ks-gunner.
    Of course yes!
    Your assumptions that we will go all out with almost 80M to get those three players is unrealistic, when you consider that Khedira could be gotten on a free transfer!

    And yes, Khedira alongside a CB with decent pace should be enough to win us the EPL title.

  19. Van Dijk, Rutiger & Khedira that should solidify the defense and midfield. Lets get some length.

    Sell Podolski (his wage can pay Khedira’s) and Loan out Campbell & Sanogoals

    Big summer clearance should see Flamini, Rosicky & Arteta go.

  20. all we need are players who want to play football and do there jobs well.. i don’t care whether there world class or not because at arsenal we make world class players..

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