Is Khedira to Arsenal still possible?

You can certainly understand why Arsene Wenger could be interested in bring Sami Khedira to Arsenal next season, if only for the fact that the 27 year-old German international will be available for nothing (well…except for some massive wages of course!)

There have been various reports of the midfielder wishing a return to the Bundesliga, but Marca are reporting today that Khedira is leaving his options open and one of those options is Arsenal.

Khedira himself has also made statement that seems to make it clear that he is definitely leaving Rea Madrid when his contract runs out this summer, which is only to be expected as he has only made seven appearances for the Spanish giants this season. Khedira told reporters while training with the German national team. “I love Real Madrid, it will be hard to leave this club”. he said.

“I will give everything for this shirt until the last day of my contract, there should be no doubt about that.”

There has already been countless discussions on this forum about Khedira moving to Arsenal this summer, but it would seem that the rumours simply will not go away. It now seems likely that he is going to leave his decision right until the last minute (his contract runs out on June 30th) but with Tomas Rosicky talking about leaving Arsenal and Abou Diaby certain to be taken off the wage bill, there will definitely be room for another midfielder in Wenger’s squad….

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  1. It would be more of a Luxury buy (Free). If we get rid of Flamini & Diaby, Then sell Arteta and Rosicky as he wants to leave (hope he doesn’t!). Then i would say take him but still get a proper CDM to give competition to Le Coq. Also depends on how crazy his wages would be.

  2. +1 for Morgan or the Kongo Kid.

    An already injury prone player is not needed at Arsenal.

    Think his chance has gone now.

    1. AOT: You have got me down as a saddo anyway but I have to confess I thought of you immediately after hearing this news.

      1. I couldnt really see Simone becoming Arsenal manager anyhows. Arsene has set a president and we know that the word class has always been associated with our club and board, Simone does mourinho type connivings and has truly looked two steps away from knocking out officials. Then there is his brand of football, i know many will say if it means winning well then its the right brand… but football is best when beautiful.

    2. Any one of:

      Shneiderlin, Wanyama, Kondogbia , Sissoko, Khedira

      In that order after taking into consideration their age, EPL experience, buying cost/wages etc

    3. Any one of:

      Shneiderlin, Wanyama, Kondogbia , Sissoko, Khedira

      In that order after taking into consideration their age, EPL experience, buying cost/wages etc.

  3. Just sign Kongdobia and be done with it. All defensive issues sorted before the opposition even reach our box.

  4. Khedira? No thank you! He will move to Schalke04… With his injury record we’ve seen more from our own Diaby

  5. Off topic:

    Schneiderlin tells #lequipe he wants move to a Champs Lge club in summer. “I have no desire to be in front of a TV on Tue or Wed nights.”

  6. IMO both are amazing physically and defensively.
    But schneiderlin has a far better passing range and intelligence when dictating the play. I’d take either, but we play a lot more with an anchor than a traditional defensive midfielder. for that reason i’d prefer schneiderlin

    1. Galen, what about Schneiderlins performance v che.
      Wanyamas strength always stands out but Schneiderlin reads better and is similar to Coquelin with his athleticism and stamina… also Schneiderlin is shrewd passing of the three.

    2. further food for thought. i too like me some wanyama. i also rate schneiderlin as a type of player we need. on wanyama, we had a chance to sign him straight from celtic, but for some reason chose not to pursue that. not sure exactly why. but i wonder if the boss would reconsider now. what do you think considering we once passed on him a couple of seasons ago, but now he’s proven he’s epl quality?

  7. I would rather we got Sissoko for cheap, he has EPL experience and is not a bad player too..

  8. Khedira is a World Cup winner, champions league winner and all… But I’m still sold on Krychowiak.

  9. anyone else bothered that Schneiderlin is waiting to see which teams make the UCL before he decides where he’s going?

    1. not really. that might all be him just dodging questions and sounding vague to throw the scent off for the press. he can’t really say he wants to leave s’hampton. and he can’t say he wants a particular club. so him saying that he wants to play cl is about his only way to save face to his current fans, while also not upsetting the balance of the transfer market tactics and the media frenzy that always surrounds it.

  10. It all depends on what position we are looking to strengthen. I find it difficult to imagine MS doing the precise role that FC is presently doing for us – VW looks better equipped for that imo. I would see MS in a slightly more advanced role where SC and AR have been operating recently. Whilst I really admire MS as a player and do believe he would strengthen us defensively if played in this position I can’t help feeling we would lose something offensively.

    I also wonder how effective they would be individually if taken out of the Soton setting. They compliment and work off each other so effectively as a unit at Soton I can’t help feeling they may be making each other look slightly better than they may be as individuals – good as they are individually. Both would be very decent squad additions to replace Flamini and Diaby but they are probably looking for guaranteed 1st x1 action.

    1. Second paragraph you have a point but i disagree with first. If we buy Schneiderlin i think he will be competing with Coq for start unless its a case we need two tough in the tackle players away etc. We know that Wenger likes defenders who know how to attack and maybe vice versa… i dont think we will be losing an attacking option as you say because i believe it could be the opposite… Schneiderlin starting and playing Arteta role.

    2. Schneiderlin is a DM, he only contributes further up the pitch at Southampton because he has better on-the-ball ability than arguably their whole midfield. For France he sits while more talented players go forward, the same scenario he would face at Arsenal.

      He’s the quintessential Arteta replacement, brilliant football mind to suss danger and great ability in possession. He’d be a massive upgrade for us at DM. Your idea the Southampton system suits him is lacking in any real sense, that can be true of strikers; you don’t setup a team to tailor to a DM.

      1. @ champagne
        I agree once again but I don’t think he’d be a ‘massive’ upgrade coquelin has been f* ckin brilliant. But he would make our team a lot stronger that’s for sure.

        What I find interesting is that this @Galen guy claims to watch Southampton a lot but then goes on to say that wanyama is the anchor when that is NOT TRUE. Wanyama has been venturing forward a lot and playing a b2b role while schneiderlin just screens the back 4 a la Le coq. That’s why I think Morgan would be a much better fit for us

        1. I think they (schneiderlin & big vic) simply dove-tail quite well and have an understanding that either one can join the attack at times, with it more often being Schneiderlin.

          Back to his potential impact at Arsenal, I completely disagree….he would be a massive upgrade on Coquelin who despite having the attributes that fans love to see (tenacity, aggression, determination) he hasn’t proven to be a brilliant DM. An upgrade on Flamini, yes, but remember we were thumped by spurs and by Monaco in our two biggest games since he’s made the team.

          He’s a good DM, with room to get better, but he’s not elite and is actually pretty average in a possession/ball playing sense. Schneiderlin has the greater defensive acumen, and miles more in the locker from a playing perspective. He’s a massive upgrade, and it will be only too clear when/if he joins and we see what both offer.

          1. When you watch Southampton again watch wanyama and you’ll see he is the 1 who goes forward 9 times out of 10. I specifically remember cause I would mention to my friend that wanyama looks lost in the final 3rd and he’d continually push up.

            And I don’t think your giving coquelin enough credit he has been nothing short of brilliant. Besides schneiderlin whose been as good as him in the PL? And watch Le coq’s technique in the middle and you will see its quality since he was educated by the arsenal system.
            Also you need to put it into context, schneiderlin has played virtually every minute of every game for the past 3 years while Le coq has played about 15 for us and he has showed his quality in that small of a sample. Give him another year with the 1st team and I think he can grow exponentially. Plus Le coq is only 23 while schneiderlin is 25. And I thought coquelin was the best player for us against Monaco. He was literally playing 5 positions

            1. Every time I see Southampton they’re both taking turns to join the attack.

              And I am giving coquelin credit, what I’m not doing is overstating his influence like you seem to be doing. How can you say our DM was our best player on the pitch vs Monaco when we got destroyed in transition? i.e. THE point a DM earns his money. That just makes no sense, and validates my point that you’re suggesting he’s been far better than he has. Please don’t tell me to watch him in the middle and marvel at his technique, I’m an Arsenal fan I’ve seen the guy play, and his technique is decent – not great.

              Look, he’s been good, I’ve said as much – but i’ll say again, vs spurs and monaco (our 2 biggest games) he was nowhere to be seen. He couldn’t get us a foothold vs spurs when they had 95% of the ball and you need your dominant DM to step in, and against Monaco we got destroyed on transition which I mentioned is the time a DM should be at his peak. THAT tells me he’s not at the top level, and that a player like Schneiderlin will be a massive upgrade.

              I’m not going to play the game many fans like to peddle about linear improvement. “He’s 23 so when he’s 25 he’ll be amazing”, yep, or he could just as easily be riding the bench because playing well for 3months is not the same as doing it for 3 years. I said he COULD get better, and I hope he does. But right now, going into next season he’s just a good DM. He’s not elite and Schneiderlin or whoever is very much welcome.

  11. People who say Khedira is “injury prone” are complete Idiots

    Look at his record on Wikipedia before using that expression. He has only had a few injuries the last couple of years but still managed to play the whole world cup. Before that he played full seasons and didn’t have any injuries

    1. He’s missed 70+ games through injury in 4 years at Real. Try reading a little outside of wikipedia genius

  12. Not Sami please. He’s not a solution. We need a psychologist, then 2 good players that are hungry for success like Thomas and Alexis.

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