Is Kieran Tierney about to become another Matthieu Debuchy?

Kieran Tierney injury problems could cut his Arsenal career short.

Kieran Tierney built a solid reputation when he played for Celtic and he looked like a steal when Arsenal beat others to his signature last summer.

The defender has, however, struggled with injuries in his first season and he is beginning to look like a bad gamble.

I know that it is too early to consider him a flop, but the recent report that Arsenal is considering selling him to Leicester City for the same fee as the one they bought him in the summer shows that the Gunners may be giving up on him.

His situation reminds me of Mathieu Debuchy whom Arsene Wenger had signed from Newcastle in hopes of becoming Arsenal’s right-back for years.

The Frenchman struggled with injuries from his early days and he never really got up to full match fitness, thankfully, Hector Bellerin broke through and the rest is history.

Tierney has shown glimpses of his talent as a full back but he seems to lack the physicality demanded by the Premier League, hence his constant injuries.

I hope that when he gets back to the team this time he will stay fit for a long time, but another injury layoff in this same season may force Arsenal to begin to think about life without him in their side.

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  1. Well, the fact is our former manager bought him and managers vary, as we all know, in who they rate and who they do not rate. I have no idea if this article has legs. But it could hardly be a surprise, if it DOES has legs. Long term injured players just harm our club and I DO NOT BELIEVE MA WILL MAKE THE MISTAKE THAT WENGER MADE FOR SO MANY YEARS, by indulging and paying “sicknotes” to virtually “live” on the treatment table.
    A different animal is in charge now and a more hungry, switched on and dynamic one too.

    1. @jonfox
      You crack me up dude. UE didn’t buy any players. They were brought in and he was told to use them as best he could… The players he did want they ignored him on… 😂😂😂😂😂
      And btw, AW left awhile ago. Get the taste of him out of your mouth and stop giving him free rent in your skull… 😂😂😂😂

      1. Agree with you NY, Wenger has long gone but some Arsenal fans still blame him for everything that’s happens in this club everyday.

        1. he’s not long gone. His deadwood is literally still here plaguing our squad, and we are struggling to get rid of them.

      2. NW_Gunner, What on earth are you talking about “DUDE”? Of course Emery as coach /manager(same thing, just different title) had a real say in who came in. If you think differently you are fooling yourself.

        And ALL managers always WANT players the club will never attract and will not or cannot pay for , so that comment is irrelevant. You clearly think emojis are funny. Not as “funny peculiar” as your words though!

        1. To be honest jon, the Board didn’t even bring in similar players in the same positions, Emery wanted filled, so it is hard to see where Emery had any say.

  2. You are so wrong on this one.Tierney is a class act who has been dreadfully unlucky with injuries in his first season in the EPL.As for him lacking physicality, he has pace,power and high energy as confirmed earlier this year by his former Manager , Brendon Rogers.Tierney will go on to prove he is at least the equal of Chilwell or Andrew Robertson.

      1. I’m also with you on this one, Grandad. Giving up on Tierney after his unlucky run with injury would be a mistake Arsenal will live to regret.
        As for Debuchy, the injury which shortened his career with Arsenal resulted from a low act from a player pushing him into an advertising hoarding outside the field of play!

    1. On a par with Andrew Robertson. If they were to sell him to Leicester, you’ll see the”why did we sell him ? What were we thinking!” articles in a year.
      Give him time and that 25 million will seem like a bargain.

  3. We bought him injured after a hip operation… he came into the side showed glimpses of what he can do and then injured his shoulder which is dead unlucky for the kid.

    Hes a good player and Arteta will know what’s best when it comes to getting the best out of him when he is fit. Look at Saka and hes a winger. If Tierney can get properly fit then our Left side in Him LB and Saka LW, could cause problems and could be a solid partnership down that flank for years to come.

    Can Hector and Pepe do the same? Nice to have options to think about. Its our midfield that needs looked at along with the CB situation 1st before anything else.

  4. We have a long history of Left Full Backs at this Club in McNab, Samson, Cole, who were excellent.Tierney has the ability to be as good as Cole.He is that good. He arrived recuperating from a summer hernia operation which took him time to recover from, and then was very unlucky to damage his shoulder at West Ham just as he was getting back to full match fitness. Believe me when I say we have a very very good player in Tierney who will prove better than anyone Arteta had at LB at Citeh, and the manager will make this lad an excellent buy for this club as he will only get better.

  5. Give the kid a shot to perform at least, sheesh. Kola call injury prone if you wish, or Bellerin, but Tierney came injured, and hasn’t gotten a run of games yet, let him play a year.

  6. Debuchy wasn’t a spring chicken when we bought him and Bellerin was waiting for his chance, Tierney is still very young and is our best LB,the fact Saka has been covering for him shows that Kola is behind him in the manager’s mind,MA has said he was really impressed by Tierney so I don’t see him being sold and Leicester have a very good one themselves who’s being linked to big clubs and with CL football next season practically assured why would he leave the foxes??

  7. Arsenal ARE not considering selling him imho and his “injuries” have been a hernia that he had when we bought him and a dislocated shoulder which hardly labels a player as injury prone. Bloody hell you’ve only got to sneeze these days and it’s hmmm, well it could be 🤔

  8. A further pointer as to how good Tierney is, would be the fact that Brenda wants him at Leicester, if the rumours are true.

    He knows better than anyone, whether Tierney would be a fit for the premier league and it seems he feels he would be.

    As for bringing in Wenger to the debate Jon, over the twenty two years of his reign, who are the players you refer to and how does that,as a player %, reflect in the “FOR SO MANY YEARS” you allude to?

    1. Ken, not sure I understand your convoluted question. Assuming you are asking which were the SICKNOTE PLAYERS, I referred to then here goes, in no special order. Diaby, Walcott, Wilshere, Rosicky, RvP,Ramsey. Those few alone cover most of his tenure here. Lots of players he regarded as key to the team were injured for far too long and should have been let go sooner. Esp Diaby and the appalling Walcott, and probably Wilshere, though with hindsight for Wilshere, to be fair to Wewnger. Glad to see the Weed still coasting, but mercifully now in an Everton shirt(when picked, which isn’t that much) whilst now stealing wages from THEM, not us any more.
      Wenger was too nice a peron to have the ruthlessness that ALL TOP MANAGERS NEED and which the like of Fergie, Klopp, Mourinho, Pep, and ARTETA, even so far, HAVE SHOWN US IN SPADES , SO SUCCESSFULLY.

      1. Jon, I’m not going to go into what you class as “sicknotes to virtually “live” on the treatment table” means and how long you give a player before you feel he should be shown the door, but your list of six players (let’s go with them for the moment) equates to 2.7% of the players who appeared during Wenger’s time.
        I assume you would have sold rosicky in 2008/9 as he missed the whole season recovering from a hamstring tendon injury?
        What use was he on living on the treatment table? Let;s be ruthless!!!

        The same would go for Ramsey when his leg was snapped by a Shawcross assault in 2010 when he was out for over a year I assume? Another sicknote giving nothing to the club eh Jon?
        Let’s be ruthless!!!

        As for Diaby, the “assassins tackle” by Daniel Smith in 2016, we should have just told him to pack his bags, why waste time on him? just money down the drain, let’s be ruthless!!!

        Of course we should have let RVP go in order to stop him becoming a golden boot winner with us and that leaves your weed Walcott…the player who wouldn’t have opened the scoring against villa in our fa cup win, because we were ruthless!!!
        After suffering a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament against the spuds, he missed the rest of the season…so what? He should have been dumped like a piece of garbage the little weed!!!
        In actual fact Jon, last season he played 37 games in the premier league, more than any season at The Arsenal and to date, in the 2019/20 season, 21 appearances, which lays completely bare your claim that he isn’t picked much!!!!!

        So, your shrewd instincts overall Jon, would have seen us miss eight years of Rosicky and Ramsey, lose a golden boot winner, completely let down a player who was seen as the next Vieria and let a weed go eighteen years earlier, so that he could play premier league football up to the present day?

        I believe it was your shrewd instincts that told all of us that Unai Emery was the man to take us to the next level as well, you were right on that one Jon…the basement level.
        So for the twenty two years and two hundred and twenty two players that AW oversaw, we have come up with six players, by your reckoning that defines AW as “indulging and paying “sick notes” to virtually “live” on the treatment table” and being weak.!!!

        So, back to the article and your views, with Tierney having been out since December, Chambers out the same amount of time, Torrerira out for at least ten weeks and kolasinac having the audacity to miss so many games, we need to get rid of all these weedy players and using your shrewd analysis, dump MA as well for accepting such trivial injuries by issuing sicknotes!!!!

        That’s four players in three months, compared to your six players in twenty two years Jon – not a good start for our hungry, dynamic and switched on new animal…next thing you know, he’ll be in the top four and CL with these patients still on the treatment table!!!!!

        1. Ken@1845- THAT IS SOME RESPONSE.
          Over to Jon to reply but don’t hold your breath.
          For what it’s worth, The Arsenal, have always looked after their injured players, and so they should. The players ate under contract and we expect loyalty to work both ways do we not?

  9. I don’t think Tierney has been at club for that long for him to be labelled injury prone. Plus his injuries are not mascular injuries which have a tendency to repeat it self, they have been more of accidental ones. He is young, talented, not categorised as forigen player and we have spent fair amount of money on him. So he is going no where.

  10. OT but relevant to Jon Fox:

    During AW’s twenty two years, a total of two hundred and twenty two players have played for him:

    I have listed below, those players who, in my opinion, were injury plagued and who would come under the description of “long term injured players” that you saw AW “indulging and paying sick notes to virtually “live” on the treatment table”.

    1. Abou Diaby – 2. Eduardo da Silva – 3. Jack Wilshere – 4. Santi Cazorla.

    If you could think of any other players that come under your “long term” description, please add them.

    So Jon, of 222 players, four were given “long term” rehabilitation treatment…OR…1.8% being “indulged” on the treatment table.
    You obviously think that trying to get these players back to full fitness was a total waste of time and harmed the club, while I would like to point out that,, due to the dilligence of our club, these players were able to carry on with their professional footballing careers and enhanced the reputation of The Arsenal as a caring club, doing it The Arsenal Way. I am proud to support a club that thinks and acts in this way.

    When trying to belittle AW, Jon, I really do wish you would do your homework before making such accusations that bear no resemblance to the actual facts.
    For “SO MANY YEARS” is a ridiculous accusation, especially as those have mentioned left in (1)2008, (2) 2015, (3)2018, (4)2018

    1. You missed the others I list, I see, Ken. I did not even regard Eduardo as a key player AND HE WAS NOT HERE FOR AGES LIKE THE OTHERS I LIST, so I did not mention him, though he is in the list. Santi was unlucky and ONE long injury which got infected and thus worse, did for his time here. He was not constantly injured for long periods, in the way Wilshere and Diaby were.

      I WILL NOT REOPEN OUR LONG WENGR FEUD AND LEAVE THAT TO YOU. BUT I will, when it is relevant to my posts, mention him. I have moved on from WENGER . SHAME YOU HAVE NOT.

  11. Lacking physicality to play in the EPL (wonder how you came about that fact) is not the reason he is injured. He is been unkucky with injury, same with bellerin who has been in the EPL for year. Tierney may come good and shake off his injury woes, no one can tell. All we know is we have a very good player in our squad.

  12. As everyone is saying, it depends entirely on his body and if he will remain an injury prone player. We bought him injured and knew he would have a late start to the season, so he’s actually only picked up one injury at Arsenal. A bit of a rough start to his EPL career but far too soon to rule anything out. I think it is good that he will come and have to fight for his spot. We will see what happens to Saka. As it stands I really like him in the LB role even if he prefers being a winger. His defensive skills are improving greatly too.

  13. This player once fully fit, will be one of our best players, if we want to have aspirations of being a top table club again, this the one player we need, everybody will see, once on a consistent run of games,he will be put all other left backs to shame.

    1. Absolutely and with Saka and (hopefully) Pepe down the left hand side, with kolasinac as another left footed back up, we will give any team nightmares on that flank.

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