Is Arsenal selling Kieran Tierney to Newcastle as good as a done deal?

The rumours of Newcastle’s keen interest in signing Kieran Tierney have been very persistent since the January transfer window, and with Arteta also ignoring the defender in the closing games of the season perhaps shows that Arteta himself is aware that Tierney is unlikely to figure in his tactics again in the next campaign.

It is no secret that Arteta and Edu will have to raise some extra money during the summer to help to pay for their top targets which are needed to take the Gunners to the next level, and Tierney is one player that could add a significant sum to the kitty.

There are a few reports lately saying that not only are Arsenal willing to sell, but they have told Newcastle they will have to pay over 30million if they are serious buyers.

Now today, the Newcastle Chronicle, who have close contacts at St James Park, have insisted that the club remail “quietly confident” that Tierney will be making his way up North before next season begins.

They wrote: Tierney is another who is surplus to requirements in the capital, but the Gunners are hoping a bidding war will drive up his price this summer. Chronicle Live understands Newcastle remain confident of reaching an agreement a deal for the Scottish international, who Eddie Howe rates highly.

To be honest, I believe that Tierney is an excellent player and a fighter, and is his problems playing for Arsenal are simply for tactical reasons, then I fully confident that he has the credentials to flourish at another top team, so as far I am concerned, he can go to Newcastle with my blessing….

Now the season is over, it’s time for the summer Arsenal quiz from our friends at Dublin Arsenal – It’s always a laugh and helps while away the time while we wait for Arsenal’s first signings to come in!

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  1. Tierney isn’t worth £30m so we better hope there is a bidding war, as he is injury prone and therefore unreliable. I’d be happy to get our £25m back, as would the other Arsenal lads I speak to.

  2. I doubt any Gooner is in a position to answer the headlines question , DEFINITIVELY, one way or the other.

    I have no idea what will happen, though I think it a great shame IF we let go such a top class player, UNLESS we bring in a top class replacement LB who can also defend far better than Zinchenko( who cannot defend properly at all, IMO).

  3. If he wants Newcastle fair play to be closer to home.
    Gave his all for us.
    36 million minimum

  4. Been saying it for 2 seasons ,good solid player but nothing special ,all of a sudden zinchenko comes in and the boss changes tact and we finish 2nd but for some strange reason fans want Tierney to stay ,I’m lost TBH confused,even when He’s not injured he’s still an average defender and isn’t much better than zinchenko who isn’t even a defender by trade ,zinchenko seems to have got a lot of stick for some odd reason from fans that seem to have forgotten where we have been for the last 3-4 seasons with players like Tierney as first team players ,no thanks .
    Get rid ,get what we can and move forward nothing special .

    1. Absolutely, i completely agree with you and I also dont understand the notion that fullbacks have to be the best in defending.. that’s one tactic, most of the top-clubs dont play like that anymore, football has evolved and zinchenko has been superb for us, but I do agree that in the end Tierney should have started some matches, but overall Zinchenko is more important to us for the football arteta wants to play

      And generally injury-prone players are a pain, we had our share of them, if we can sell tierney for a profit we should do it.. what use is a good player who is always injured for half of the season

      1. krish So “you dont understand the notion that full backs have to be thr best in defending”!

        What dont you understand in it? An incredible opinion without a shred of reality!

        Full backs are DEFENDERS.
        The clue is in that very name but it passes you by!! Sigh!

        1. Okay genius, tell that to arteta (whom you love) guardiola, klopp dani alves etc. they will tell you that defending is not solely the most important part of fullbacks but you are as outdated as your age i know, i wont reply to you anymore as any discussion with you is pointless and useless as you will never agree to something which is not 100% your opinion which is just silly, so please dont even text back, I dont care about your further replies

        2. jon fox, and people wonder why Arsenal were leaking goals at the end of the season. If you fail to score more than the opposition, because of a leaking defense, you lose games.

          1. Very true, thinking FB’s should not be defenders first, and then complaining when 2 CB are the “defense” and we leak goals.

            Can’t win trophies depending on 2 CB’s to be your defense, the fullback have to solidify the back line.

            Wonder if they complained when we dropped points against Liverpool, West Ham, and Southampton. Zinchenko is a great example of why fullback need to defend. He was culpable for several of those goals.

  5. £35-40m for Tierney would be excellent business for Arsenal. His injury record is poor. Can’t see him featuring much for the team. Seems Arteta is already preparing Kiwior as deputy to Zinchenko
    For me, any player outside the core 11 starters who can fetch some good money that can help to upgrade the starting team should be sold. And Tierney is one such player.

  6. Tierney got the captain mentality we were lacking for seasons. He plays with his heart and always gives his best. There is no way we should consider selling him while we have Zenchinko; we must keep both if we want to play in CL and PL next season!

    Use them as a left CDM, and things will be sorted!
    It’s a matter of player’s rotation ..

    1. When has Tierney ever shown captain mentality or material in Arsenal shirt? It keeps thrown around as if it’s a fact or strong opinion.

      Is he captain material or is it the case of a thing one said and kept picked up by endless others without a shred of evidence?

  7. If we really need to sell Tierney, I hope we can sell him to Barcelona. Xavi plays with an attacking LB, which is akin to Wenger’s old tactic, and Tierney’s skillset would likely be perfect for that setup

    That tactic would most likely be popular again in the future, but currently the best team in the world don’t use conventional fullback to defend and attack

    1. True, but the team you are referring to has the best midfield in the world with KDB and best DM, and the best striker in the world as well.

      This allows them to get away with that tactic when no one else can.

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