Is Koscielny the first victim of Arsenal’s new transfer policy?

Koscielny could be the first victim of our more strict policy regarding players over the age of 30. Tired of seeing assets run down their contract, our new recruitment team have promised to be more aggressive with those left with two years left on the deal.

It seems Arsenal are no longer willing to have prolonged negotiations and are going to be more direct in terms of giving take it or leave it offers.

Reports vary, with some suggesting our board don’t want to pay such a salary for a man who can not play 3 games a week while our captain is obviously not open to the idea of a pay drop.

This could be the latest example of Stan Kroenke trying to save money, but there have been some gooners who have expressed that their skipper is past his best.

With Ramsey and Cech leaving, we don’t have many leaders left in the dressing room, so can we afford to lose such an experienced defender?

While not consistent since his return in January, he’s still performed well in the big games and certainly is our best centreback.

If Arsenal are willing to let him leave, it increases the pressure on them to bring in a top level defender. It remains to be seen if this is to better the squad – or to reduce the wage bill?

Dan Smith


  1. Perhaps it would be wiser to wait and see what the player and club announce before any speculation begins?

  2. If he leaves, maybe Manolas would come. Which could be better for Arsenal because they would have a younger/ taller CB and Manolas could form a better CB partnership with Sokratis/ Mavropanos

    Koscielny and Monreal are always Arsenal’s unsung heroes, always dependable when required, but they obviously have declined a lot. Koscielny must be replaced by a younger, healthier and quicker CB, if Arsenal want to move further up in EPL table

    We would have problem with the captaincy, but Koscielny cannot always lead due to his injury history. Unfortunately there are only two candidates left to replace the captain, which are Xhaka and Ozil

    1. Saying that Ozil is one of the candidates for the captaincy does not appear to go along with your previous statement about Ozil: “sell him no matter Arsenal win EL or not. Thanks for 3 FA Cups and 1 EL trophy, but it’s time for you to move on like Wenger . . .Arsenal might never win EPL again if he still slows down our attacks”

      So, sell Ozil because he will slow down our attacks . . . or make him captain!
      Nice to see consistency in yet another of your many pathetic blatherings 🙂

  3. Look at the decision man city made with kompany! Let’s see what direction we will be taking with Kos decision? Then we will see what type of club we will be supporting next season

  4. the clubs policy should be based around not signing players like mustafi xhaka and iwobi

    1. I suspect Asenal were mesmerized by Mustafi’s and Xhaka’s stats before the purchases happened. I bet the club have learned to check the error commited by the targeted players before offering them contracts

      Iwobi is an academy graduate that costs very little. I believe Arsenal would give the other graduates more opportunities next season, since they have seen Tottenham’s success with the youngsters

    2. Big chances created
      Rank Player Stat
      1. Ryan Fraser 28
      2. Eden Hazard 18
      3. Mohamed Salah 16
      3. David Silva 16
      5. Andrew Robertson 15
      6. Lucas Digne 13
      6. Raúl Jiménez 13
      6. James Maddison 13
      6. Callum Wilson 13
      10. Raheem Sterling 12
      11. Trent Alexander-Arnold 11
      11. Kevin De Bruyne 11
      11. David Luiz 11
      11. Leroy Sané 11
      11. Gylfi Sigurdsson 11
      16. Ricardo Pereira 10
      16. Willian 10
      16. Christian Eriksen 10
      16. Alex Iwobi 10
      16. Joshua King 10

      I guess the only odd player there is Iwobi

      1. How is that odd? The boy has managed to come up with such impressive numbers despite playing out of position the whole season. Just goes to show truly he’s the most creative player we have in the team and all the Ozil noise makers should keep it down from now on.

        1. He is the only one among them that is hardly praise by his club fans and the only headless chicken among there0?.

    3. Are you even an Arsenal fan? When you don’t know Iwobi is an academy graduate who broke into the first team without needing to go out on loan. What a joke ??‍♂️

      1. That’s the problem some persons don’t even know he started playing first team football two seasons ago and this season is his first major season or they just choose to make him a victim of another player’s situation. That’s why you will hear statements like “he has been declining in the last two years.”

      2. Over been not arsenal fan probably longer than your age. And if you read it properly I said we shouldn’t sing any more players like

        Also if you think iwobi is decent I can’t change genetics

    1. Bro maybe if you wanna bash ozil join the rest of them in the article that was written yesterday about him .
      Let’s not turn this article into another bashing session for him ,getting really boring now

      1. Oh bashing lazy ass ozil is boring to you now mate?? But when its Iwobi you’re up for it right!!

  5. OT.. Bielik picked up MOTM earlier ? he looks good… now what, I wonder… Will we sell him? Or loan him out, again! Or will he make it into the 1st team?

    1. I have always felt that given the opportunity, Krystian Bielik can make it at arsenal. The boy wad simply brilliant again in the play off final game vs Sunderland earlier today.

  6. I would rather unload Mustafi and Socratis than Kocielney who will see out his contract before he returns to France at the end of next season by which time he will have little asset value.He has been a good servant to Arsenal.I suspect Monreal, not Kocielney will be the first “victim” of our new regime.

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