Is Kostas Manolas already an Arsenal player?

There have been numerous Arsenal transfer rumours lately linking the Gunner with a move for the Olympiakos defender Kostas Manolas, especially after Arsene Wenger told reporters: “Vermaelen behaved outstandingly last year – I am grateful for him and I wish him very well,” Wenger said.

“If I can find another centre-back I will do it.”

Now, according to Goal, the Greek international has undergone a medical at Arsenal ahead of an £8 million move, and we are awaiting official confirmation of the deal from the Gunners.

There are quite a few other reports saying the same thing but I cannot find any yet that come from any more reliable sources so I am still a little bit skeptical.

The saying goes “There is no smoke without fire”, but I am still a little skeptical about this report.

Yesterday I personally thought that if Kostas is available for the reported £8m fee then it would make sense to bring him in, if only just to help make up the numbers. Everyone is saying that Manolas was impressive at the World Cup, so surely Wenger will know whether he has talent or not?

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  1. now this is gonna cause controversy but do we need a proper all out cb? chambers has been nothing short of brilliant down back and believe he should be 3rd choice. 8 mil for a 4th choice who will not feature a lot is a lot of money. would prefer a dm who can play cb as we kill 2 birds with one stone as we have a starting cdm who can play cb when required and arteta or flamini can fill in.

    1. Yes, we do need a proper all out CB, we should have 4 top notch CB’s otherwise we will face the situation again that we have to play Monreal as a CB and that obviously doesn’t work out if we want to win the PL!

      1. ADMIN Please make and article on how Chambers can be deployed as a cdm. The guy has absolutely everything to be a perfect fit for such place. Good ball control, Cool head, Tackling, Winning headers, Exquisite passing, Clearance, Blocking the shots, Man marking and stamina and determination. He also is not rusty in his distribution, rarely passes badly. I think he can dominate the midfield for a decade for arsenal. He can be Viera rather than Tony adams. Just Try it out wenger…

      2. Monreal has actually played very well when covering for Kos.
        Despite that YES we do need a CB, and again I,ll say why I believe so.
        Chambers is back-up for BFG, or, may even replace him in games if he carries on as he has started. But, he is a naturally Right sided player, so, is NOT a back-up for Kos.
        IF you believe Monreal/ Miquel ARE capable to do that job then, we do not need another CB and, buying a DM that can drop back IS the answer, but, if you think that is too much of a risk, then we need both.

    2. Completely agree. I want Chambers as third choice. The problem is finding a player that fits the role of DM and CB.

      I’ve really gone cold on us getting Khedira, but at the moment he seems the most likely DM to join – there hasn’t been anyone else that has been linked heavily enough that Wenger has actually said anything about them. He can play both roles but gets injured far too much. I really have no idea who we’ll sign, but whoever it is could be the difference between winning the league or not, so we must get someone good enough.

      I’ve only seen us linked to Carvalho and Khedira as DM choices, is there anyone else in the picture?

        1. To be quite honest, I find this as a perfect signing. Chamber, while he has done a stellar job as a CB, he was originally a DM, and can also fill in as a RB behind Debuchy. I feel like Wenger is going to play Chambers in that DM or RB role whenever necessary, and Monalos will be a 3rd choice CB (as he is a pure CB). I don’t think the Monalos signing will effect Chamber’s playing time one bit, it will simply free up Wenger’s ability to play him in the DM role a bit more.

    3. I know most of you think Chambers at CDM would be a risk but if you think about it it makes a lot of sense. Wenger made Arteta the captain which means he will be an important part of the first team. If we would buy an exppansive CDM it would mean that that player would demand being clear first choice which would leave Arteta out of the team for most of the season. But with him being the new captain I can’t imagin Wenger wanting the same situation ad with Verm. With Chambers also playing in midfield (provided we buy a new CB) they could alternate depending on the opposition. The last few games show that Chambers is solid defensively but also very comfortable on the ball and can drive forward if needed which is perferct for a DM. If he can play as a CB I dont see why it is more of a risk playing him in defensive midfield. I believe Chambers will only improve further and be an undisputed first team player where ever he plays.

    4. “Would prefer a dm who can play cb as well, two birds with one stone” Ladies and gents, I present to you CALLUM CHAMBERS

    5. I would much rather the men to take over from Mert and Kos in the near future to be players from the squad than be buying in someone to appear and play. This way we have partnerships already built…which is key in defence.

      Also looks like Arsene is very keen on Rabiot who could be the lad to take over from Arteta.

  2. On this day in 1977, a legend was born. His name is

  3. Agree though I think Arsene may plan to play Chambers further up the park. We saw him yesterday getting forward more and he appears to be very comfortable in the middle of the park. I can see CC becoming our DM player. If so it’s a big ask for a youngster lets hope he’s up to it. Must say he seems to be one of the most physical players we have and again yesterday we are seeing a lack of physicality in our squad. Would still love to see someone with Carvalho’s stature as our DM player. I believe he’s 6.2 and around 14 stone, we need this type of mid field enforcer.

  4. Maybe, maybe not. We will know with time. I dont mind him coming actually.
    If we manage to bring in a solid, technical and injury reliable DM, who can play 47-50 games and play very very well in 40 of them, I am fine.

  5. Notes after the opening game:
    1)We weren’t at the races and yet we still got the 3 pts

    2)Without naming names we all know tht we are 2/3 players short of a serious challenge for the title

    3)There’s still a couple of weeks left of the transfer market remaining

    Let’s stay calm until the window is shut and see if we’ve bought some much needed players to challenge..

  6. I mis my frend Adam Kemp.. Cos he and many like me helped to put pressure on AW and the board to turnaround their handling of Arsenal. now read my next comment pliz and truthfull see if u agree

  7. We need Carvalho.It would be the best player for us, he’s’strong, big guy, who can play DM and CB. I know the French player Rabbiot, he’s’a good B2B player, but not CB, so let’s’go for Carvalho and it will be enough players.

  8. If you need a defensive midfielder that can play center back and left back and also understand arsenals ways then wenger should bring back song

      1. it’s funny how u think u know more than argentina’s coach and barca’s former coach who played song as cb and cdm repeatedly

  9. Our English players nid to wake up and start playing football with their feet and not in their Big heads. Firstly let me start with that Paul Gasgoine wannabee spoiled little drunkard ciggersmoking joke named Jack Wishere. The chap is supertalented but wants too b treated like a virgin princess on her wedding in Paris/Monaco. The EPL is a mans game and u nid to behave like u are born in Harlem to excell. Now Gibbs is slow like he has diarrhea,passing the ball like a woman(no offence ladies). Ox… Mayb he goes for Rugby. C Chambers.. Now thats a true Englishman. Tenaciou, focus, Mobile, Brave and Hard work. In Wenger im begining to believe again

        1. Because he is 19. He can play for us and not be included in the squad number of 25. He most likely is gonna replace Diaby

        2. And that’s’the problem.You see with PSG, when Rabiot plays, he’s’not a DM but an Attacker midfield, B2B so. He would be useless for Arsenal, we have many b2b players already. What. We need right now it’s’a DM and CB, so I prefer to pay £22m for Carvalho who can play in these 2 positions than £5m for Rabiot who is not at all a DM and who never played as CB.

  10. Yes I believe so, he is already an arsenal player, we really need him at the amirate stadium to avoid pressure this season. And again the formation is not favourable 1 man attack is not helping. Please sir change the formation to suite 2 men attack

  11. well its a yes we had a bad performance last night but to conclude that a striker is the priority then u didnt watch the game closely ..sure palace were organised defensively but also there players are much stronger and they kept the game physical when we were about to create somethin ..there was massive height difference in almost every position ..what i think we lacked ? some shots from outside the box from the midfield but they kept looking for the short passes which eventually led to loosing the ball…. also for these games we need a diaby in the midfield …a fit one which means a dm signing just to do the dirty work in the midfield.but thats just how i saw the game

  12. Carvalho – AW please just do it if he’s available! Chambers is an exceptional talent but a work-in-progress. Very good cover for RB/CB. Yet to be seen how he can shield the back 4 as a DM but indications would suggest that he could do a good job against the mid/lower table sides (physical strength, read of the game, tackles, interceptions, distribution, composure…all seem pretty good)

    DM’s get exposed/earn their reputations when they’re up against top class No. 10’s. The boy won’t be ready to take them on yet.

    Manolas – absolutely bring him in. It’s not just about cover…but adding flexibility – pace and acceleration – when we need it in the backline (Per will get a little slower again) and being able to select a quicker backline (with experience) when we need to. if we lose Debuchy through injury and CC has to deputise there…without Manolas there is no cover.

    Absolutely we need him.

    1. TJ – I hear you but getting a bit tired hearing about Carvalho like he is the finished article and someone like Chambers is for the future etc. He has played 30 games in the Portuguese top flight and just broken in to the Portuguese senior squad. He is 22 years old. Chambers is 20 in 4 months. Chambers will soon hit 30 premier league appearances and I suggest that it is better experience and a more reliable yardstick re reliability and response to pressure. Don’t get me wrong, Carvalho is a player but quite a risk at the reported £37M. Imagine splashing the cash then finding out later that Chambers was better! Anyway the only “top class No 10” in this league plays for us so no sweat on that front.

      1. @jonestown1. fair point re: Carvalho. Only really seen him a few times and he bossed against what, thinking in hindsight now, were quite mediocre attacks. I guess if AW can get them down to the 24M all cash up front….that would be a good deal. Sporting need the cash.

        Agree with you, there’s something to be said about Chambers….an old head on young shoulders. Plays beyond his experience level. I think we’ve got someone special there. Let’s see how he does perform as a DM…i would love it if he can own Oscar, Mata & Silva, and bully Yaya Toure this season. Training against Ozil would surely accelerate his development.

        You make good points!

  13. There are two options with us in the back regarding the transfer window :
    1. Sign a CB and promote Chambers to CDM.
    2. Sign a CDM and use Chambers in the CD/RB.

    I have a gut feeling going by the recent Wenger’s comments that he is going for the 1st option. Though the second option is what i would like.

  14. I dont get it why the boss isnt going for Song/ Illaramendi? Song is a proven player, Barca is wasting him playing as a CB, I know we are not in good terms with him, but its all for business

    Illaramendi is not as proven a player as Song but he has great potential, he played in Spain under 21 world cup team i think, both are made available by Barca and Real

  15. We will find it hard to win the league without a top striker and we need either a CDM or CB depending where Chambers will play.

    Given we only have one space Wenger should consider sending Sanogo on loan.

    It is also time to stop using Santi on the wing, we have two young players hungry to be on the pitch in Ox and Campbell. Santi should have been our CAM yesterday. Always the same mistake…

    Hats off to Palace for their fighting spirit.

  16. Ospina replaces Fabianski
    Manolas- Vermaelen
    6 replacements so far.
    Wenger said he would buy 2 or 3 ADDITIONS
    So Arsenal has NOT yet made ANY additions.
    If Wenger is telling the truth there are
    (excluding) Verms replacement
    STILL at least TWO mega additions to be bought.
    But then what people say is not always what people do.

    1. Working with squad limitations every player is always going to be a replacement if you look at it like that. Plus every player is a massive improvement

    2. Chambers isn’t a replacement for Jenkinson, Jenkinson is only on loan you forget, Chambers future position is certainly not at Right-Back and Debuchy is 29 so it does look like Jenkinson will be our future first choice Right-Back in a few years.

    3. I think when we will be qualified for CL, so in few days, after a victory against the Turkish team, don’t remember the name of team sorry Besitkas if I remember well, so you can be sure 1 or 2 new signings will come.And let’s’pray it will be Carvalho and Khedira or Manolas.

  17. Yesterday’s match was another reminder how vulnerable we can be against Counter attacks and set pieces. I know it was not that bad and Arteta was decent too but we have to realize we were playing against a mid table team too. Both these problems and (counter and set pieces) can be tackled with one signing a big strong CDM. Wenger is again gambling with this position which hurt us so badly against the big teams last season. Arteta/Flamini are sufficient to boss the midfield against the lower teams but against top teams we need someone like Carvalho (my personal choice)/Khedira.

  18. I think if we got Carvalho, not only would we have an ace DM, but he could act as an emergency CD

    Just saying.

    I’m still holding out for a last minute Wenger surprise of Carvalho and Reus.

  19. we need 4 world class cb….

    we should spend the money and get a proven world class quality….rather than another unproven player

  20. It’s sounding like Manolas and Rabiot are pretty much Arsenal players at the moment. Vargas and Khedira still possibilities too. I think a lot will happen transfer-wise this week.

  21. If we somehow manage to sign top class striker Cavani, if not then reus, use him as LW WALCOTT RW AND SANCHEZ ST THEN ADD KHEDIRA TO THE MIX FOR 8 million£ its a bargain and we are a complete team no doubt and 100 percent title cotenders and favourites to win the league no doubt about that every one will agree with me…

  22. Chesny debuchy chambers koscienly gibbs khedira ramsey walcott ozil reus/cavani sanchez… Absolutely awsome team capabale of winning premier league and champions league.. I m hoping wenger surprise us and signs reus/cavani and khedira in last days of transfer window

      1. the same with OX and Campbell there are no space for them….they be better off at a smaller club playing regular football and improve

      2. what will happen when Kostas manolas comes in think we will see them in fa cup & carling cup games , wenger did say that chambers can play in cdm role as well

  23. Right now I’d say we have a superb back four in Debuchy Chambers Koscielny Gibbs. The midfield is overflowing with talent all bar that DM that everyone on Earth is begging for. Up front we have many options to switch players. Will Wenger go for Alexis as main striker? Who knows.

    1. Sanchez is not going to rise up against Hagerland and win a header to a wide open team mate for a winning goal.

  24. adriend rabiot is a very good player there is a reason why juve/roma & many clubs want him yet many here sees him like any other 19 yr old kid at 19 rabiot plays like a 23-24 yr old in 2 years time he will be better

    you should actually complain about ryo myachi/le coq & miquel still being in our team than rabiot

  25. True.. He is quite effective pushing forward but defensively he’s naive and although monreal isn’t the answer he’s actually slightly better at defending than Gibbs..
    Gibbs might always be made of glass so a top LB could be a necessity this window- along with a defensive enforcer and top striker as Sanogo or giroud won’t win the golden boot..!

  26. give us cavani and manolas arsenal board and in exchange we’ll give you the title and a deep CL run equating to MEGA BUCKS in prize money

  27. sczensy
    debuchy mert kos gibbs
    chambers ramsey
    walcott cavani sanchez

    That would make mourinho stay up at night wondering what mind games and bus parking formulas he can use to give him a chance vs us

  28. As a French, I can confirm that Debuchy is better than Sagna, everybody knows that in France.
    Ok last comment for me today, we need Carvalho AND Khedira or Manolas.

  29. We need a 4th choice CB. Each position should have cover. While Nacho is cover for left back for a fragile Gibbs, we need 2 CBs to support our main pair. Especially when our young academies are not coming up in numbers for CB position, not this year. We have good cover all over the back line now. Now we can go for a CDM, but as I commented before, I think we need a striker more now, especially last performance we delivered

  30. When discussing signings we also need to discuss who to release. Arsenal have currently 28 players in our first team squad; 3 GK, 6 Defenders, 10 Midfielders and 9 Forwards. Of these 28, 2 (AOC and Sanoga) remain U21 (born 1/1-93 or later) this season (14/15) while Chambers, Gnabry and Zelalem a further 2, 2 and 4 seasons respectively. These 5 do not count within the PL/CL limit of 25. Another issue is home grown players and a club can register a maximum of 17 “non-home grown”. We currently have 23 “overage players” and of these, as far as I understand, 17 are not home grown. I do agree we need another CB and Manolas was voted among the very best CBs during the WC but who do we loan out, release or sell? What about a new DM or world class central striker?

  31. I have a feeling that Manolas and Rabiot will be it for transfers.

    I think Wenger will announce the transfers are closed after these 2 signings are announced

  32. Off topic;is anyone watching d soton game?Is anyone noticing the class of Wanyama,well no one does I do,great tackles and world class passes,remind me why we were going for schneiderlin.

  33. Manolas a Cheap Option not good enough for Arsenal. We need a player who can fill in as a DM
    as well.

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