Is Kroenke finally showing his NFL passion for Arsenal?

Stan Kroenke was an owner that a large number of Arsenal fans did not like, he stood accused of being remote and not interested in the club and appeared far more invested in his NFL team the LA Rams than the Gunners.

However, the billionaire has been splashing the cash at Arsenal, there is no denying that, and now the club sits top of the Premier League a cool eight points clear of second-placed Man City.

At the same time, Kroenke’s LA Rams did not make the NFL playoffs winning just five times in 17 games, a very poor return.

For those that did any NFL bets on the Rams this season they would now be out of pocket, but not if they had been backing Arsenal in all their games, and that alone shows the differing journeys the two teams have embarked on this season.

The question is though, has Kroenke also gone on a different journey? Is he now just as invested in Arsenal as he is in the Rams?

Probably not, simply because he is an American and the NFL is his culture, and just because his Rams have had a nightmare campaign it does not mean his love for the Californian-based team is any less.

But that does not mean that he has not grown fonder of Arsenal and dare I say, more passionate.

Obviously, he is a businessman and money will always play a part, winning the Premier League must surely add a few hundred million to the value of Arsenal and therefore Kroenke’s bottom line but that is probably a little bit disingenuous.

The fact is that Kroenke has backed Mikel Arteta to the hilt, he stood by the Spaniard when almost everyone was calling for him to be sacked, backed him against Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and backed him in the transfer window.

Kroenke will always be NFL first, but he has shown that he really is invested in Arsenal and while he may not have the same NFL passion for Arsenal as he does for the LA Rams, the evidence is there that he is invested in the Gunners and not just financially but passionately as well.

The 75-year-old has come in for a hell of a lot of stick over the last few years and taken it on the chin, it is only right that we now recognise the positives he has done.

It is simply the fair thing to do, criticise when it is deserved and to applaud when that is deserved as well.

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  1. Another betting link woven artificially into the text of an article. Sad to see.

    Betting, particularly via the betting industry, is for mugs.

  2. What I would be thinking with the success, and relative failure of the Rams to follow up on that success. Is that he wants the badge of “title winners” to boost the value of his clubs.

    But when they achieve success, because he already has that badge, his motivation for continued success plummets.

    I hope this is wrong, as we are a club that deserves to inhabit the upper echelons of the football world, and not just be “here today, gone tomorrow”

  3. The article misses a key point.

    The money provided to Arsenal, last time I checked, has been via loans (at interest) provided by his holding company KSE.

    The Rams have been given substantial funds via equity injections (i.e. gifts) as well as loans. For example, for their stadium rebuild the Rams were given (iirc) £1.03 billion (may have been dollars not pounds) towards the cost (which was more than twice that amount).

    Arsenal’s stadium rebuild finished in 2006 and was financed elsewhere. Kroenke made Arsenal transfer the loan to KSE at interest rates which costs the club a lot of money per annum (£11m from memory?) and the club also had to pay early repayment penalties to the previous lender in order to do that.

    Then you could look at how Kroenke financed the takeover. I understand that he lent the club money via KSE to pay off the remaining shareholders in 2018 – with interest of course. I’m surprised that’s even legal in view of the regulation changes when White took over Rangers using their own money (future revenues – ticket sales rights sold to a ticket reselling company to get the cash to buy the club).

    As an aside… on that basis, it seems to me that there’s a legal question as to whether Kroenke really does own Arsenal. If the money to buy was lent to Arsenal, then… Arsenal owns Arsenal?

    How the recent transfer funds were provided isn’t known at this point, we’ll only know when accounts are published. But I’d be surprised if it’s anything other than the loans we’ve always had in the past.

    And also consider why he’s investing now. He sees the sale of Chelsea for billions and thinks the same as the Glaizers – time to cash in, but need to make the club attractive first (CL qualification, perhaps a trophy).

    Anyone who thinks all this is being done because he’s suddenly become interested in “soccer”, probably also believes in Santa.

    1. IDKWIC, An excellent and wise post!

      For what it is worth, I have thought for sometime now that Kroenke is preparing Arsenal to be in a top state for him to SELL.

      All more recent evidence- increased transfer spend, the acquisition and staying loyal to a top level manager, who many( though not Kroenke) foolishly failed to recognise as such – compared with the many years before, when Kroenke had effective overall control but spent very little, leads me to that conclusion.

      Add in the important factor of certain clubs( Newcastle City, PSG, probably others too quite soon,) NOW being owned by sportswashing states and their consequent ability to financially blow privately owned clubs out of the water, then Kroenke, who is far from being a financial fool, is IMO preparing the Arsenal ground for a sale, whilst of course protesting otherwise, as realists among us would expect him to do.

      I will be surprised if KSE still owns us three years from now!

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