Is Lacazette signing just a cover before announcing Arsenal’s contract rebels are leaving?

Arsenal must make decisions over players in final year of their contracts. by Konstantin Mitov

I have a sneaky feeling that despite the probable signing of Alexandre Lacazzete, we might be doing it to replace departing figures rather than building on top of what we’ve got. And it will be the wrong people leaving.

But before we spill out the elephants in the room, there are 2 major problems with this. One is that those players will be very hard to replace, but the bigger concern is that we allowed this to happen… Again!

It happened with Van Persie and now Alexis, Ozil and the Ox are all entering their final year and we might keep them against their will, but if they don’t sign now, I don’t think they’ll sign in a years time. The major question is do we cash in on them, or can we do something to keep them?

I think we missed the chance to keep them. Negotiations are going far too long and I think with our lack of CL football, all 3 have made up their mind to leave. Worst is, they’ll probably go to strengthen our rivals. Alexis is bound for City, because of Pep and the money, and the Ox looks like he’s interested in the Klopp project at Liverpool.

The potential signing of Mahrez could also be a sign as to what happens to Chamberlain or Ozil, and this means we might have another year where we believe that Theo will fulfil his potential and this won’t work again.

Moving on though, Ozil’s form last season and his wage demands are the only reason I believe he might stay still, but I have growing concerns. We might sign Lacazzete, but if that means selling Sanchez to cover for the transfer fee, we’re at best standing still, rather than moving forward.

Why aren’t those players staying despite major salary improvements offered in their new deals? It’s because they probably don’t believe we’ll compete and that could be backed by the fact that we let their deals run down, before we remembered we need them.

For me, Wenger is the main reason they are willing to leave. He won’t take us to a league title and we’re obviously not in the champions league so if they sign new deals it could mean that for the rest of their careers, they’ll be stuck fighting the battle for 4th.

I don’t want to be negative, but we’re about 10 days away from our first preseason game and we’re still yet to announce anything on the future of 3 first team players, two of which were amongst the few bright lights in our dark season.

Hopefully new signings will be enough to convince them to stay, but I’m fearful, because we might end up with 3 players uninterested in next season, waiting for their deals to expire, which might be near 100 million if we decide to sell.

I don’t want us to do that, because I don’t care about the money, because we’re rich, but, and this is a major but, I want people who’d want to play for this football club. And if those three have set their heart elsewhere, than knowing Arsene, we’ll be getting rid of them. Do you think they’ll stay for one more season, sign new deals, or leave this summer?

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  1. If Sanchez and Ozil want to leave. Fine. With Lacazette secured, we must just get Mahrez, tie down Ox to a new contract and get another defensive midfielder.

      1. I don’t think Ozil is going anywhere- he has already reported for pre-season. I think his social life might influence his future. If the former Ms Turkey likes it in London as much as he does- signing will take minutes.
        Sanchez on the other hand can move but has really limited options- Bayern can’t afford him. Man Shitty are the only viable destination but AW wouldn’t want to sell to a direct rival (although history says different). I would love Aguero plus cash tho…

        1. totally agree, they can both leave, many assists from one and many goals from the other, but we have Ramsey that can play No.10 and Perez to play on the left, and get goals, i might be the only one that saw this, but when Perez plays he gives is all, im really a fan of that guys… hell even Lacazette can play on the left with Giroud or Welbeck up front.. Should Sanchez go to City, i wont mind Aguero, Sane or even if they want Sanchez that bad, they can give us De Bruyne LOL

        2. Ozil is going nowhere cos noone wants a lazy liability and a pussy as a player, have you heard any rumor about him or him complaining anymore. Sanchez on the other hand………… hmmm, I hope he stays though lacazette is better and doesn’t have the ‘i’m the best here attitude’ (check the stats and videos of his shots compared to sanchez), we need him cos he knows the team already and he’s gonna be hard to replace, if he wants to leave, force him to sit out the remaining of his contract on the bench as oxlade replaces him. I want Perez to stay as an understudy to ozil and Wilshere though I wish ozil leaves but he knows wenger is d only one that loves him

      2. Yes we have been through it before.. An u know what….Let’s keep doing it!
        That’s a big club mentality right there.
        Buy decent players if they become too good let them leave fpr a better club so they can win trophies we don’t

        That’s how we can progress

    1. I’ve never seen this dude been supportive/optimistic about the club before. You keep looking for any opportunity to slack the club even when in a positive environment. I don’t even want to read your shiite article.

      1. Finally people are starting to see through this clown, and I was always getting slated for pointing it out. He’s nothing but a hater. And a miserable one at that. Support the club, not the manager, as I always like to say. But for Konstantin it’s all doom and gloom no matter what.

    2. If Sanchez and Ozil want to leave. Fine. ??? Are you sure ? would be 5th place this season

        1. Yeah cos replacing 30 goals and 16 assists from one player should be a breeze.

          Let’s get mahrez. Less goals less assists. Doesn’t defend and has.nowhere.near the hunger of sanchez

          1. You sound as if Sanchez is going to play until death. 30 goals can easily be replaced , we have been doing that in the past

            1. When is the last time we replaced 30 goals? RVP didn’t replace Henry, he was already in the squad.

  2. If you read why past players left it’s because of arsenals lack of ambition in the transfer window this year I think sanchez and Ozil have forced the clubs hand and I actually believe we may keep hold of them then I may. Be wrong but instead of being negative all the time let’s wait and see also can’t believe some on here is slating the lacezzete deal if u look at the videos this blokes finishing is fantastic a proper striker what we need ⚽️⚽️⚽️

    1. Sanchez and Ozil didn’t force the club’s hand. The club could allow them to go if their agitation does not blend with the goal of the club. What is forcing the club’s hand currently is the failure of the last season and fans protests. They know quite well that if they don’t act on time, fans will mess them up this coming season.

  3. Ozil will not leave, 100%.
    Sanchez is probably staying because of his high wages and Wenger dont want to sell to PL clubs.

  4. …. i still believe Ozil and Ox will stay, but Sanchez is leaving ( the bitter truth), coz i dont see how Wenger and co will allow him to enter the final yr of his contract and leave for free (they like making money, don’t they?!), and all this pressure of signing new players is because they know our loved one (Sanchez) is leaving, otherwise they could not bother signing new players like the past seasons.

    Arsenal will never change our Wenger!

  5. “I don’t want to be negative..” – Konstantin
    Hahahahahahaha the biggest lie of the year ?
    you are just a pessimistic ……

  6. That is the plan.Announce lacazette so that fans will talk about him and forget about the playes that are leaving.We all fans wanted was 1 good forward to replace either Giroud/Welbeck/Perez , 1 CM to replace Santi. Instead what we are getting is Lacazette as replacement for Alexis.So where does that leave us in same position as before.
    Did we replace deadwood for better player? No, we replaced our better player for a new player.
    Does that make us stronger than last season?
    All AKBs before pressing thumbs down, open your eyes to the deceit that Wenger is planning on us fans.

  7. Why you always going in negative ways, your write up sounds good but think shows you are anti- Arsenal team. Pls, before you do anything anytime why can have at least 90% of fact before post nonsense to poison good lover fans mind. Good days.

  8. A good friend of mine, that knows about football a bit suggested that bringing of Lacazette might mean that Wenger will revert to a 4 4 2 system.
    What do you guys think about that? Who could fit the bill? Who’d lose their place in the first team because of that?

    1. Will probably mean dropping ozil and yeahh nahh that ain’t gonna happen. Could’ve changed with Sanchez and giroud or perez last season and he ddnt

  9. RvP saw fabregas and nasri leave and not be replaced, he then had a fabulous season scoring something like 30 goals in the PL which should have powered us to first place but instead we just about made fourth (from memory). No wonder he left, he could see that he would not get a PL winners medal at arsenal.

    Season before last, all our competitors were in transition, we should have won PL but came nowhere near, kept bottling our chances. Last season was a real disappointment, we did not play the best, most attractive football, we did not challenge for top spot, got hammered by bayern, missed CL places. Only bright spot was fa cup amg the home game against chelsea.

    If top players do not believe we can win the PL then there is a good chance they will want to leave. We know that, hence our concern about Sanchez leaving.

    1. If winning the leauge is all about having a free scoring striker or highest goal scorer then Chelsea would have finished outside the top 4 this season.

  10. Let’s all stick to the fact that so far no approach or bid has been made for Sanchez. Instead Lacazette is probably coming and hopefully Wenger might complete the signing of Mahrez or Lemar.

  11. If they want to go then go. Life and the team will go on and other players will
    Come and go. If they don’t want to play for Arsenal then leave.

  12. Shambles of an article, shockingly bad!

    Making assumptions that players have already left and stating it as if it is a matter of fact is just sad.

    I will happily eat my words if it does happen but until that time, stay positive, we are just about to sign an extremely good player, try smiling about it!

  13. I think Sanchez will sign another contract.But he will put a clause in it saying that if we do not compete for the title next season he will be able to leave

  14. I think too much fuss is centred on players whose contract expires next year..wah shld b a priority now shld b who comes in?…ar dey quality enof to bolster our chances of genuinely competing 4 d league?…remember non of the players av bn sold…no official bid submitted yet for d supposed players rumoured and believed to b leaving…let’s b optimistic enof to believe in d players we’ve got for the coming season..NOBODY GAVE Leicester a chance buh dey won d league..eFficiency of the players u av matters a lot..not d calibre of players!

  15. The article is unwarranted at this time the club and manager are trying hard to bring in world class players and not paying over the odds.Athletico agreed £57m before being banned,but we got Alexandre for an initial £46m rising to £52m with add ons and some haters still think the manager is foolish.Just stop this hate now,is becoming childish shameful???.As for the 3 major contract rebels,I don’t think any of them will be allowed to leave.The tide is changing @Arsenal you haters better change with it or go support SPURD #COYG

  16. This article and some of the comments here are amazing in their negativity. Can we not just for once embrace the moment. Its been said before you cant force a player to sign a contract and running your contract down if your a good player makes gettng a big wage increase more likely.
    How many times have we seen our star players leave stating a lack of ambition loosely translated into I want more cash and how did their career develop after that…many failed to produce 2 good seasons after that and became forgotten men.
    I understand the need to win trophies and titles but I also understand that when you start approaching 30 your perspective on life changes for most people and maximising your salary before you retire becomes very important not the idolisation of fans… its sad but true especially for us fans.
    If we have to replace Sanchez then signing Lacazett is a step in the right direction.. hopefully we won’t have to.

  17. we only can hope. We seem to be more ambituous this time, as Ozil seem to have given Wenger his words (to stay if wenger stays) and if arsene improves the squad significantly (which he has started doing already). Oxlade will likely leave as he does not really have a cemented place anywhere in the first 11 plus new signings coming in in the advanced roles, except wenger promises a place in the middle to rival ramsey, knowing that jack and santi will probably not at all in the coming season while mo and francis rival xhaka, which i doubt will be enough to persuade Oxlade, and knowing how fragile the England team is, talking about making the squad for world cup, he may as well be looking at first 11 assurances with Klopp. Sanchez is 50-50, we ll never let him join city (and wenger seems to be dead serious about that), bayern has chicken out, plus vidal leaving (what’s the point?), except PSG comes last minute (and i doubt he ll be interested); but the money arsenal is offering is super cool (250k dis season, may rise to over 300k next season, plus a mouth-watering loyalty bonus) with him being adored by the fans, loving life in london, mesut staying, and big improvement in the Squad; looking like he would sign and stay though. But we can only hope. And am surprised no one is talking of a back-up for bellerin if Ox eventually leaves, or are we gonna make do with debuchy, jenkinson, gabriel or chambers again? we dare not!!

  18. Am also one of the type that don’t want to hold people where they don’t want to be. If indeed Sanchez and Ozil want to leave, let them go. They are not the only talented footballers out there. Also that said, the club needs to build structures that will live long after Wenger and everyone is long gone. These structures should be built on a culture of success and not things like a healthy balance sheet.

    Its been proved that with success on the football pitch, you attract talent and the rest falls in line.

  19. I sincerely do not think a fan who cares about arsenal enough would just choose to be negative about the club, as some have accused the writer of this article.
    If you have supported this club from the era of the invincibles at least, and have experienced the apparent dispassionate approach of the club hierarchy, it would be difficult to believe that, all of a sudden, everything is just gonna change with the same people in power.
    It’s like having a spouse who has always cheated on you, you would hardly believe him/her, no matter how convincingly he/she would sound…you’ll hope he/she changes, but until you can see those changes practically, you’ll still be very much askance towards him/her. Arsenal is like that spouse who has cheated her partner (fans) for many years, and it will be very unfair of anyone to castigate the fans (who have had to endure many years of unfaithfulness in the hand of their so called spouse) for not being very optimistic.
    Madrid, Barça, Bayern, ManU, and a number of elite clubs have respect for their fans. They compete for the fans…buy players to make the fans happy…even change managers for the sake of the fans…and, little wonder they get so successful on and off the pitch. They are concerned about the money, but not at the expense or displeasure of the fans…and you know, when you please the fans, you get the money, because their support is your profit.
    I hope Lacazette is going to be coming in to strengthen the team…because, in my honest opinion, bringing lacazette and losing Sanchez does not entail strengthening.

  20. There is a simple solution for these rebels. Tell them to sign a new deal or run down there contracts while on the bench. With the World Cup coming up every player is desparete to play. Force there hand and if they really want to leave, sell them next summer..

  21. If you changed the names of the players in the article this could have been written 4 years ago, 7 years ago, or 10 years ago. We keep missing the point. No it’s not ok to keep getting upset with the players saying oh then if they don’t want to be here just let then go or rot on the bench. These are professional players who want to win not end up hoping for a last minute gasp at 4th place year after year. If you are honest and look at the situation the constant over the past 12 plus years is the willingness of the Board to accept 4th place as the goal and objective each year because it meant CL football ( and more money in their pockets for quarter finals without having to really buy new players) and the ability to constantly offer meaningless public interviews stating that they want to win the league each year. The problem is that you can talk and talk but when there is no action taken then the result will always be the same. Let’s be honest, if we didn’t have some of the year end collapses of Spurs and others in recent times we would have been in the Europa League much sooner than this. We have gotten lucky plain and simple. Now before you start bashing me for being a hater, I am not. I just see such a sad repetitive discussion within the supporters of the club that if you don’t like what you see then either shut up or leave. Really, that is the response? I always thought that if you don’t like what you see then speak up and hope for change. I have the upmost respect for the past accomplishments of Wenger on the field but his control has been too broad and tactics have become old and tired. Every club at some point needs a new direction and input of new managerial viewpoints. Players also respond to fresh ideas and there is no lack of exciting young managers who have overtaken our club in the league. 5th place should be a wake up call to the club and fans. If the ambition and goal is 5th place then say so but stop the double talk and raising the level of anticipation amounts the supporters each year because it creates even more internal fighting between the fans and that is just not fair. Long and father Wenger and the Board are gone the fans will still be here supporting the club. That should be the focus because if you do what is needed to keep the fans happy then success will be attained on the pitch.

  22. When we were 2 major signings away from champions we ignored it na a royal manner. Now struggling to convince and attract the right player. It’s gonna be a huge challenge to do and I really doubt Wenger can do the job. Even a one season wonder Vardy decided not to join us. Alexis is a ambitious and hungry boy so he’ll definitely leave us by now or end of his contract. Ozil is no longer an attractive prospect for bigger clubs so he’ll stay and pocket a huge wages package. Oxalade can be convinced if Wenger can find and finalize his position.

  23. Ahhhh, Konstantin and his conspiracy theories on the display once again. Forgot to take your meds today again, pal? At this point it’s just downright sad, if you ask me. Not a single word of support for the club. Not a single word of hope, belief, trust. Did we secure Lacazette? Sounds like we did. Major signing, no doubt, and should be viewed as intent. Are Ozil and Sanchez still Arsenal players? I believe they are. When…. or I should say IF they leave, you can come back here and start whining again. But until then… do us all a huge favor, and STFU. Pathetic.

  24. I hope you’re reading the comments, Konstantin. People are starting to see for who you really are – a miserable, pathetic liar and hater. It’s Judgement Day, Mitov!

  25. Here we go again with Alexis is ambitious, Alexis is winner, Alexis wants to win things, Alexis this and Alexis that. Sorry to break it to Alexis disciples, Alexis has being winning things. he won fa cups with arsenal in his first year and last season. He won several trophies in Barcelona not to mention Chile. I think he is the most decorated foreign player playing in the EPL. The guy has won a lot trophies so don’t be fooled with all this ambition of a thing. It is all about money. So i say again, since it is all about money, it will be stupid for arsenal not to sell him if he is not re-newing. We need the money to get new player that will be on wages not too much compare to what Alexis on presently. Selling him and get a replacement now is more logical than allow him to go for free next and be then get a replacement..

  26. Transfer window officially opened 1st July.. today is 5th July and we have signed Lacazette and Kolasinac.. .. if you cant say anything positive then say nothing at all..!
    Are you aware of whats happening inside Arsenal as it appears you know whats happening to Sanchez and Ozil.. !

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