Is Lacazette truly in top form or has he just been lucky?

Alexandre Lacazette has started this season in fine goalscoring form, it seems.

The Frenchman has scored 3 Premier League goals in as many games so far and he should be on course for a good goalscoring season this time around.

Having netted just 10 times last season, it is great to see him scoring goals regularly again.

However, having a look at the goals he has been scoring one has to ask, can we really say that he is in top form or has he simply been lucky?

Part of being a striker is being in the right place at the right time to score goals.

His goal against Liverpool last week and the one he scored against Fulham in the first Premier League game of the season proves that.

He was simply in the right place at the right time and he got his goals. But has he been a better player overall?

I know that you might be asking what else I want from him after all he is scoring the goals.

But my concern is that if he is just being lucky to be in the right place at the right time, then soon his luck might run out, then what happens?

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  1. Is Laca being in the right place at the right time luck or skill?
    @Ime, you really don’t understand football do you? Movement without the ball is as skilful as with it. He finds the space and gets himself into scoring positions, it’s possibly the best part of his game, a bit like Giroud but unfortunately like Giroud he misses more than he scores.

    1. Drogba practically built a career off of it before he become a more rounded striker, remember his early Chelsea years?

  2. Lucky indeed he was, is good to see that is actually people who can analyse a soccer game. Two of his goals were miss strikes, he actual half miss his strikes. And to add against Liverpool was actually in an offside position (just lucky a Liverpool played the ball to him). If someone calls this skill that person half blind or totally brain dead. The rest of his game in the first 3 games except from his goals was very poor and if you couldn’t see that, I don’t know if there is any pill that will help you.

    1. It’s the number of goals that count.

      Each year I witness so many top strikers with more than 20 goals out of which 6-7 are penalties which most likely even a goalkeeper would have scored.

      1. Hi Loki
        Let me help you, it is not about the goals, it’s all about the team, are your goals and game help us winning the next game, the league, make top 4, wining Champion league, other cups and beating Liverpool, that is more important that goals my friend. Hope this will help you in the right direction

    2. What a funny little troll you are Martin, lol.
      Oh and you wouldn’t dare call me brain dead or half blind to my face , but hiding behind your keyboard you’re a brave little person.

      1. Hi Declan

        I am thinking how intelligent is someone who is describing someone he has never seen. Mr Declan am not little not in age and also not in structure. Why don’t you just stick to soccer, please in light me with your intelligent vision of Lacazette after you seen him at Arsenal for almost 4 years, maybe I will have some respect for you.

        1. I was replying to what you said about me, about whom you know nothing about either, in your comment so zip it Mr Martin.

              1. Hi Declan
                Apology accepts. I did use too harsh words with my first post. I am also very sorry if I offending you or anyone else. Good lucky to Arsenal and our fans for tonight, hope we can beat Liverpool.
                I would love to see Saliba play tonight.

                1. Hi Martin, we are part of the same Arsenal family and I appreciate your response. Good luck to you and Arsenal. I also hope Saliba plays.

  3. If either Lacazette, Bellerin, Gouendouzi, or Maitland-Niles makes 1 mistake, people will judge and abuse them. But players like Xhaka, Ozil, and Mustafi will always be protected. Its unfair treatment that we are used to

  4. Lacazette needs to improve. He’s just lucky to have gotten some goals and if care is not taken, the luck might fade.

  5. Even if his goals are mere luck,why can’t his other teammates be that lucky and score too.Nothing wins a match but goals,nothing and nothing more.Auba has no goal after Fulham,yet no one trolls him,Willian has no go for Arsenal yet ,no one talks.Pepe,has none yet but that is ok. Laca has 3 in 3 and u call that luck ? Well, let him keep getting lucky cos we need those goals since no one else seems to be lucky. We are so ungrateful ffs

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