Is latest Arsenal transfer bid for Lemar also the LAST?

If the Arsenal transfer rumours are true then Arsene Wenger has this week made another transfer bid to his former club AS Monaco who won the French Ligue 1 title over the huge favourites PSG last season. If the reports are correct then that makes it the third offer the Gunners have put in for the French winger Thomas Lemar so far this summer and hopefully this latest one, said to be around the £45 million mark, will do the trick.

If Monaco turn Arsenal down again as some sources like Metro are saying they will or already have, however, and after selling the likes of Mendy and Silva to Man City for massive money they are well set financially to do so, then it may force Wenger to accept the deal will not be done.

Other sources are more positive about our chances though, with The Sun even reporting that Lemar has agreed personal terms with the Gunners and is hopeful that his current club will not stand in the way of his dream transfer. I have also heard that Lemar is going to be in north London this weekend for the Emirates Cup as he pushes for Monaco to accept Arsenal’s third offer.

But if not, do you think Wenger will try again or will this be his final bid?


  1. Sign someone Orsin Venker says:

    Lemar or mahrez would do the trick….
    And if Sanchez wants to leave, sell him to psg in return for matuidi and cash….

    1. Joey Mack says:

      Offer 60 million for Lemar – even at that price, he’s still better value than Mahrez. And it’s not like there is no TV money in the PL.

      The selfish attitude of Alexis is becoming destructive – get rid of him for as much money as you can – it doesn’t matter if its Man City or PSG – and then pay whatever it takes to get Ousmane Dembele. With our other two signings that would make four foreign players in. Get rid of Perez, Debuchy, Alexis and Paulista – who has disappointed, and has too many injury problems.

      Same for Ox – get rid of him. He is showing no loyalty to a club that has stood by him through massive injuries and wildly inconsistent performances. Swap him for Barkley, who won’t spend so much time in the sickroom.

      1. crispen says:

        All good suggestions except for Paulista.. We need to keep him.

        1. Joey Mack says:

          I used to think so too, but now I am no longer sure. I think Elneny could be a good backup plus there are several promising youngsters who could break through. And we need Chambers for the homegrown quota.

          1. Quantic Dream says:

            El neny and Gabriel Paulista are passengers in that team…they really do not challenge for a starting position neither do they offer anything special.

      2. frank says:

        Wenger too is selfish…get rid of him

  2. John0711 says:

    Same ol same old, takes Arsenal months to sign players yet other clubs do it far quicker. Monaco have sold a number of players to a number of clubs without any issues. Arsenal struggle to tie up anything. Something is wrong at the club when we continue this way then panic buy and pay a fortune for players e.g Mustafi. we always seem ill prepared i cannot believe what has happened to our club, the heart and soul of the club has gone. we may as well forget the January transfer window well unless we start the transfer now and then we may make it

  3. Gooner Craig says:

    I’m just hoping that Wenger isn’t spending all his time on the Lemar deal because if it fails we’re going to have limited time to get someone else in! I’m also sick of Alexis! This saga has been dragging on for ages and it’s not good for the team or their preparations!! Obviously I’d prefer Alexis to stay but I’ve accepted that he’s going! If he doesn’t then I’ll be happy but all these stories is annoying!

    1. Gooner Craig says:


  4. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    I can’t wait to see what jokes Wenger has for us on the final day of the transfer window. He always says that he won’t be panic buying and then goes out & does exactly that.
    From what I gathered. The normally ‘lucky third bid’ has been rejected for Lemar, Monaco will definitely NOT sell him IF Mbappe stays.
    As for Seri, we are supposedly waiting to for the outcome of Nice’s champions league qualifications game.
    And the sale of Mahrez will expire when the new season kicks off.

    1. Rkw says:

      No worries … Yoghurt man still active

    2. neil says:

      what evidence do you have that its Wenger and not Gazidis… my understanding a few years ago was he wanted Welbeck on loan and club bought him… same issue with Perez last year maybe ?

      1. John0711 says:

        Neil wake up Jesus Wenger is at the core of everyat the club

  5. Pat says:

    Utterly stupid arsene wenger again leaving things to the last minute every bloody year, it’s time for arsenal fc have a sporting director who in conjunction with the manager agrees before end of season where the team need to be strengthend and go for it instead of waiting on the whim of arsene and his stupid mind games, if lamar signing goes through I’ll take my hat off to him but I doubt it.

    1. neil says:

      Look forward to some doffing !

  6. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    The last shall be first

    1. Gooner Craig says:

      Your name wins just arsenal loool ??

  7. Janssen says:

    As ever we were too passive and took too long in our efforts to buy Lemar.

    1. neil says:

      Spurs not bought anyone and all top managers are saying prices are inflated and that the big deals are still to happen…. will be a merry go round last week of window.
      Not sure why fans expect Arsenal to act any different to other clubs (Man City and Chelski dont count and theyre huge part of the problem for paying eg £50m for Walker!) PSG offer us a derisory amount for Sanchez and some ‘fans’ say just sell him and dont mention about them bidding low and not paying top dollar. I can imagine as a result of Monaco getting so much already and potentially another 200 from RM for Mbappe that they will also go big on transfers .. or maybe theyre clever and will buy more youngsters that they build to big value …

      1. Janssen says:

        Sure this transfer market is rediculous. The PL teams have more and more money and only a few European teams do have serious money. This means getting big money for PL players from European teams is not very likely. Look at Roma’s bid for Mahrez.

        Having said that, because we maneuvered ourselves in a weak position with Sanchez it is not fair towards Wenger and the club (at the stage) to expect them to convince teams to pay 70 million for a player who will be free in January.

        I think if we get 45 million for Sanchez we will be lucky. He is 29 and is in his last year of his contract. You can not compare him to a Lemar at 21 who is locked into a contract or to a 25-year-old proven world class player.

        If we force Sanchez to hand in a transfer request the price we can fetch for him will be cut dramatically IMO.

      2. Lev says:

        Yeah, expect Spuds to do a sissoko again on deadline day (Panic buy 2). Then they will go unprepared (slow start like last season) and that will cost them a title. Finally, the english core will leave for greener pastures and they will be mediocre again :p

  8. arsenal-steve says:

    Having watched Ligue un I am not convinced that Lemar is the man to take us to Premier League champions. It’s said we are looking at Jean Michael Seri. He is a very mobile player genuinely Santi Cazorlaish. He sprays the ball around from deep and is remarkably accurate. He is full of tricks but impacts games dominantly. I will be shocked if Wenger doesn’t sign him. Of course we need more than him and for me Riyad Mahrez is the man. He as dangerous a winger as can be seen and would really potentise our attack. Two players could turn us from has beens to contenders. I hope Wenger is not faffing around and then other clubs buy them. In total truth we are just not good enough at the moment.

    1. Janssen says:

      Seri is not bad, I like him, the big question is his rather small frame and how it would fare in the PL. I would not mind an imposing presence in midfield like we used to have Partick.

      1. sanmi.marvellous says:

        Cazorla is short and diminutive player YET he’s our best midfielder by nautical miles. Ngolo Kante is one of the shortest in EPL, yet super player.

        As for his success in EPL because he’s from Ligue Un, Hazard was from there too. Form is temporary; Class is permanent.

  9. GB says:

    spuds (small s, small team) have not bought anyone because unfortunately they don’t need anyone. It hurts me to say but we The Arsenal do need to buy because what we have is not good enough.
    Anyway I’m off to the Emirates now to see us play Benfica.
    Up The Arse!

    1. Tony says:

      People like you going to the Emirate to watch Arsenal play should stop for now. I wonder why you keep wasting your money. As we continue to beg the board to buy proven players, they should beg us to come to the Emirate to watch the matches.

  10. amb98 says:

    This Lemar deal has been so poorly conducted by the club. Dick Law, Wenger and Gazidis should have realised that everyone was gonna come in for Monaco players therefore you have to act fast to get the right player at the right price. If we went for Lemar in May/June and agreed the deal before the window opened he would have cost £30m. If City tried to sign Bernardo Silva now he’d probably cost like £70m, they got him for £43m and add ons. Lack of common sense from the people at Arsenal.

    1. Abel says:

      Hindsight is always 20/20.
      Good point though.

  11. wilshegz says:

    can Lemar play in CM?

  12. Zesire says:

    we have too many dead woods at the club, and this is robbing our youth players their chance to break through. Just in defence we have Saed, Jekinson, Debuchy, Monreal, Per, Gibbs, Mustafi, Holding, Bellerin, Chambers, Gab and others from the youth team, the mid field and attack has it’s own share of dead woods. I stand to be corrected but I think we should sell
    Sanchez(if he wants to go)=50mil
    Oxlade=30-35mil(if he doesn’t sign
    Giroud=20mil, total sold 204-230mil
    buy Lemar=50mil
    Van Dirk=40mil
    Mahrez=40mil, total spent 230mil
    I’m very sure the fans will be happy with this.

    1. Tony says:

      Sell who?? To who?? How many of those players you mentioned have attracted bids from other clubs for as many as two or three seasons running? ? Arsenal is a team of deadwoods

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