Is League Cup exit now a blessing for Arsenal?

It is becoming ever more unlikely that Arsenal will be able to mount a serious title challenge in the Premier League this season, failing to capitalise on a first defeat of the season for Chelsea being the latest low point in an already disappointing season.

And with it looking likely that the Gunners will draw another one of Europe’s top clubs like Bayern Munich or Real Madrid in the first knockout phase of the Champions League, our hopes of another trophy seem to rest on the defence of the FA cup. So to say that our early exit from the Capital One cup is a blessing seems strange, I know.

But the truth is that the way the Arsenal squad is suffering with the ever growing and changing injury list, having next week off could be absolutely vital for the season as a whole. Yes Man United have had about the same amount of injuries as us, but they have a bigger squad and have not had the eight Champions League games in midweek to deal with, while Chelsea and Man City have not suffered the injury problems that we have.

This is now a key part of the season for Wenger and his players, with a period of Premier League games and the first rounds of the FA cup to deal with and it could be the most important part of our campaign. So the chance to rest and regroup next week and prepare for a big push is just what the doctor ordered.

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  1. Not sure if being out of the Cup would really make a difference. Wenger would play most our bench/youth the first few rounds who rarely see 1st team action anyway. So the only people missing out are them. But I wouldn’t want them to get injured either

  2. It will be very nice if we can retain our fa cup! At least it will be a consolation and moral boost for sadden “gooners”!

  3. “It is becoming ever more unlikely that Arsenal will be able to mount a serious title challenge in the Premier League this season”

    Seriously? At what point did you think this team was good enough to challenge for the title?

    Arsenal were never a threat based on what they accomplished over the summer compared to theier top rivals. The were 4th place last year and the top two teams improved a great deal more. We know Wenger considers 4th place like a trophy, but even he will be lucky to finish 4th this season. There is too much dead weight in the squad. Without Sanchez, this team looks like mid-table quality.

  4. Can’t see arsenal wining particularly anything this season.

    Man we can’t even beat underdogs like stoke city… It is sad because the last season we were tearing small teams apart … the injury that ozil picked two months ago is ruining us, most of our current starters are plain donkeys managed by another donkey , Arsenal now fully depend on sanchez to make something happen and can’t barely make anything better than shity tiki taka (PASS,PASS,PASS, DISPOSESSION, GOAL)

  5. I almost agree with your final statement “. . . the chance to rest and regroup next week and prepare for a big push is just what the doctor ordered.” However I don’t think it’s rest they need. Instead they need to be out there practising hard all week – the defence on tackling and heading and the attack on shooting and heading. Consider these questions:
    1) How many tackles did our entire back four win? One – amazingly it was Gibbs who usually tackles like a piccadilly tart.
    2) How many headers did Merts win in our defensive half? One – and he’s 6′ 4″!
    3) Best Arsenal defender? Carl Jenkinson
    4) Best Arsenal Defensive Midfielder? Alex Song – ok just kidding there but apart from not re-signing him we shouldn’t have let him go in the first freaking place! God knows what’s gone on behind closed doors between him and Wenger. . . or Poldi. . . Campbell. . . Rosicky. . .

  6. Wenger exit would be a blessing. Zonal marking exit would be a blessing. New owner would also be a blessing.

  7. Getting beaten and knocked out of a cup is a blessing?
    FFS this is exactly what is wrong with the club, 60%+ (probably 85% after the Stoke humiliation) want Wenger out.
    AKB’s are living in the past and afraid of change so troll on with ‘one more season…’
    When AKB’s admit the issue with the club fans can apply pressure and be heard and force change, until that day AKB’s must shoulder responsibility for our current predicament and senile manager.

    I know the OP is trying to say something bright in a dark time but resolving yourself and your principals to accept failure is not what is needed at this club.

  8. Wenger should just get out of our club; we don’t need him; b4 he will spoil his own name in d arsenal history that’s if he hasnt

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