Is Lemar finally going to come to Arsenal for £45million?

Arsenal got their first two pieces of transfer business out of the way quickly, but ever since then it would appear that Arsene Wenger is prepared to wait a bit longer to secure his third signing in the shape of Thomas Lemar, but seems determined to get the 21 year-old from Monaco.

There was much made of Arsene Wenger’s ‘£100 million war chest’ at the beginning of the summer, and having already spent £53m of it on Alexandre Lacazette, it would appear that there is only enough left in the kitty for either Lemar or Mahrez, unless the Gunners offload one of the higher-priced stars to increase their buying power.

It is now being reported this morning that Wenger has returned to Monaco with a third bid of £45million for Lemar, and with the player himself desperate to come to the Emirates the French international is hopeful that the deal could be finalised before the weekend..

Arsenal fans must be getting sick to death of hearing about the negotiations with Monaco for Lemar, and I think we all just want to be taken out of suspense with a final decision one way or the other. Can we please just get this over with so we can have Lemar with the squad for the final preseason warm ups in the Emirates Cup?



  1. nassir says:

    am tired of this Lemar rumour

    1. kev says:

      Why are you guys still doubting?The Lemar deal is basically a done deal.I know Lemar and Sancho are in the bag.
      If there’s any news of a CM I’ll let u guys know.

      1. Osman says:

        @Kev.where is your source. Can you provide more informations.

        1. Abel says:

          Kev is resource. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

      2. Remember Resource? says:

        I told you guys all of this ageesss ago. Even the whole sequence of news such as bids rejected etc: Its time that you guys start believing me. And Kev is basically trying to steal my thunder. But its alright I’m the OG. Good news kev! Looks like you have some inside sources too

        1. Remember Resource? says:

          BVB did come in for negotiations with Sancho after Arsenal had verbally agreed with the player. Player has rejected BVB as he wishes to stay in england. Lemar is due back in france after his friendlies

        2. Remember Resource? says:

          Wow. Everything I have said has happened why so much hate? admin look at the hate i get for doing nothing wrong. No one posted about sancho or lemar or even how things would pan out with lacazette and lemar. Ive done nothing wrong. Im leaving the blog.

        3. The cassete says:

          Yoh, what ever happened to that Golovin kid, kinda liked what i saw from him, reminded of Hleb. Where we ever in for him?

        4. Nofx says:

          Please stop it now you don’t know anymore than the next normal person

      3. Jay Dee says:

        @Kev, i actually would like to agree with you. Been hearing that. I also understand the hiccup is something to do with the Neymar deal, which seem to also be influencing a series of deals. I just hope he can come in early to gell with the team and start getting ready for the season together.

        Any news from the Elneny front. Seems to be in most reports attached to some CM coming in, parrticular mention of Calvarho is some papers

    2. Kostafi says:

      Why? I see it as positive. I didn’t expect a lot to get done while AW was in Australia and China despite signing a new ‘Contracts’ Director. The best Dick Law did in that time was wind up Perez enough to go on a rant. “They took my shirt number, sob sob, they still pay me £50k a week tho, sob” wiping a tear with a couple of £50 notes…

      It’d be good to unveil Lemar before the Emirates Cup so I say get it done.

      Off topic, will we get better than £10m for Gibbs? I think we need El Neny because injuries in midfield over the course of the season are inevitable, but why did he turn down regular game time from Leicester? another £10m passed? We need to clear more deadwood- Jenko, Debuchy, Campbell, and Wilshere (buy-back clause)? Chambers also talking regular game time “at his age” another loan move? or sale + buy back clause?

      Funds can be raised for Lemar whose arrival might spur Sanchez to have a rethink… I hope.

  2. Destined4success says:

    This will definitely delight me if this is true.

  3. ArsenalMan says:

    Let wait and see. Monaco proofing stubborn like Lyon President. Hopefully this deal will be completed before the season begins.

    1. Janssen says:

      Is Monaco stubborn or do clubs just not fall for our endless low ball offers? Perhaps it’s time we just pay what the asking price is and give the player a chance to integrate a bit in the team before the season starts?

      1. Krish says:

        well that would be pointless… roma offered 20 mio! for mahrez but leicester asked 50 mio, now if (not for us but i mean generally) there is a chance to get mahrez for 35 mio, WHY should anybody just pay the asking price? real madrid waited till the end of the window to buy bale, everton are asking 50 mio for barkley, of course one should just pay the asking price from you point of view but that would be only a very bad business…
        and to finish my point you do know that the asking price of monaco was 80 mio 😉 but of course arsenal should just pay it…

        1. Janssen says:

          You are short on information my friend. I know insiders of Monaco. After a prolonged pre-negotiation where Monaco made their stance very clear and was, at the time asking less than half the 80 million asking price, Arsenal came with a first offer that was considered insulting and out of left field based on the conversations they had been having with us. This pissed of Monaco who subsequently managed to sell other players for much higher than expected prices and increased their asking price for Lemar partially because they were insulted and wanted to show they control the process since they don’t have to sell.

          Then the negotiations were restarted and the parties verbally came to within less than 5 million pounds.

          For me to let a transfer like this go on less than 10% of asking price is a mistake given Arsenal’s fragile position as a result of not knowing whether Sanchez will stay and if he stays not knowing if he will give his best or act like he has an injury most of the season.

      2. Mobella says:

        Is any team just paying the asking price for our players. We bought Perez for 17.1m last season and be happy to get 15m back for him. Do you know how much is deportivo is willing to pay.. 9m. So Arsenal should just pay the asking price when buying player and sell her unwanted players for peanut to please the fans.

        1. Janssen says:

          If you really want a player and your offer is less than 8% away from the asking price and that gap is less than 5 million then I think in some cases you pay the asking price.

          If we lose Sanchez or if Sanchez sulks and acts injured all season Lemar is a must and at 50 million not far from what we should get for Sanchez so pay the 50 million they are asking and get Lemar integrated into the team.

  4. McLovin says:

    We have actually spent about £45 mils since the rest are add ons which might or might not ever be fulfilled.

  5. Lev says:

    Hope it is true, because I dreaded this scenario:
    Lemar: plan A
    Mahrez: plan B
    We waited and waited for the plan A, while mahrez going to roma/liverpool/spuds
    On deadline day we somehow messed up and turning to plan C…. which is non-existent.
    Then the usual BS the team is good enough, wilshire is back, etc

  6. TongaBull says:

    Can anyone please put me to sleep and work me up on deadline day. Can handle this suspense

  7. boriz says:

    can’t wait to see him in arsenal team…. is a very gud prayer.

    1. Janssen says:

      At his age and never haing played in the PL he definitly is a bit of a prayer 🙂

  8. TongaBull says:

    Sorry…..” Cant” handle i meant

  9. BenardoM says:

    We need three more new signings to be able to compete with the rest of the teams.Koeman will suprise many of Epl fans by forcing his way to top five times at the end of the season.

    1. neil says:

      not sure why so many thumbs down.. I rate Koeman and hope he replaces Wenger…. would not be surprised if thry have a very good season !

  10. Valentine says:

    I read from ESPN that the Lemar deal is coming through, I hope it does, and I hope all the rumours regarding the exit of Sanchez are somehow media Brouhaha. Losing Sanchez and getting Lemar isn’t improvement IMHO.

    We certainly need a midfield maestro! That’s the biggest need for this Arsenal team now. Looking at the defence, I see numbers rather than quality. But a midfield General can help to protect the defence from incessant exposure that we have almost been used to seeing.

    My point: Get Lemar, keep Sanchez, get a midfield General…we’ll fly.

    1. McLovin says:

      That general is Goretzka alright! Can’t think of a better B2B midfielder who’s:
      A) young but experienced
      B) relatively cheap and available
      C) good in offence and in defence

      Why aren’t we bidding for him!

      1. Valentine says:

        Never really seen him in action, but many say he is great, and if really he is, then get the German General! Germans are not usually known for some razzmatazz kind of play, but they’re usually very efficient and technically sound. Age on his side, he can still learn and improve more.
        My choice for midfield: Matuidi, Goretzka (based on hear-say), or even someone we don’t know but who has bags of strength, skills, good size (like a bully: we’ve been bullied alot in midfield), good going forward and in tackles. Seems too much to ask from a single player, but I hope we can find someone like that. We had such in Viera.

        1. Emmanuel Ogundeji says:

          Any body heard of one boy that plays for Nice they call Jean Michael Seri yet? That boy must come to arsenal, please. He should be our one-footed Cazorla and i hear Wenger is interested. I hope we can do a deal this window.

          1. beaveraldinho says:

            Hes not that one footed.

        2. DarkPope says:

          Gotretzkas headed to bayern munich. Seri is better bet

  11. BenardoM says:

    Man City will do good due to them buying new players who have the potential to drive the club for the next five seasons.

    1. David Rusa says:

      Very reasonable argument. The problem with many of our fans is being irrational. Even in everyday life do we pay whatever is asked without bargaining.. If you were buying a house, would you just pay or bargain? What makes sense to you as an individual should equally apply to a Club.

  12. BenardoM says:

    I would have appreciated if we sign Lemar as a replacement for Cazorla and not Alexis.Our team should be built around Alexis

  13. DarlingbudsofArse says:

    Same old Arsene Wenger! He waits and haggles until some other team comes from the sides and pips him to the finishing line. What a manager? He has overloaded our team with mediocrity and now finding it difficult to shift them. He wants to sound big and beef up Arsenal by pretending we can compete with the likes of Madrid for top, top players. However when the chips are down he freezes and wants to beat the price down. He must think he is in on one of these bazaars where haggling is the order of the day. This is an insult to Arsenal. With the team we currently have, I’m not sure if top 5 will be achievable. O dear, here we go again!

  14. sunny says:

    Need Lemar and cravalio

    1. sam-afc says:

      Lemar yes. Carvalho no.
      we’ve got enough CDM’s now. we need someone who can drive the team forward. I.E Goretzka, Brozovic, Seri

      1. Krish says:

        exactly i dont know people are askin for matic, carvalho etc. the only midfielder we need is somebody who can dribble out of close spaces (out of the defense) and pass short and long passes to the attacking MF, a cazorla or wilshere-type anything else wont bring anything remarkable to the team

        1. Mobella says:

          Have people not see Matic and Carvalho playing. These guys are slow and static and that is not what arsenal needs. We need player like Xavi Hernandez of barce. The problem is i don’t know if there is player like him.

      2. ASituation says:

        Mateo Kovacic

  15. Otengo says:

    Get Mahrez, EPL proven before will loose him to Roma.

  16. Shortboygooner says:

    @resource any chance of a article on deals we have or will be making. Alot if arsenal fans follow this page and would love it if we had and idea or solid I formation on Wenger deals.

  17. Simon Says says:

    Either of these will happen, he will sign and Sanchez will go, don’t care what Wenger says about him staying, he’s said it before about cesc,nasri and van persie.
    Or he won’t sign and Wenger will comment at some point in the future that we were never in for him. Then to claim we could have signed him 3 years later when he signs his next contract extension.

  18. Adajim says:

    Until he wears arsenal Jersey can’t believe in rumour especially that which wenger is involved. On b2b, we have capable players in that position, d coach only need to twick Formation and play to the strength of our players. Playing 3-4-3 isn’t the solution, right attitude is.

  19. chidi says:

    guys please help me talk to mr wenger he should get us a strong attacking midfieder

    1. stubill says:

      Do you want his mobile number, or landline?

  20. gooner paul says:

    i have never witness arsenal winning an epl trophy…but i have supported arsenal for a decade…2006+…i want an epl trophy soooooo badly…

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