Is Ljungberg’s promotion all part of Arsenal’s long-term plan?

It’s offensive to gooner’s intelligence to have a 45-million-pound budget yet suggest we have ambitions to be title challengers. Even if we sell players to raise funds, it’s disrespectful to Man City to say that would be enough to close such a gap.

So, if we are not going to spend money, the only other solution is to promote from our academy and hope we stumble upon a gem. That’s why the rumoured promotion of Freddie Ljungberg to our first team set up is a positive. It shows at least there is a long-term plan, who knows if it is a plan that works, it is a plan nontheless.

Perhaps the only plus of the last couple of campaigns has been the development of our youngsters. Some have used the Cup competitions to get a taste of first team football, a couple have been loaned out to help their development. Ljungberg has worked with the majority of them and the hope is he will be able to support Unai Emery in terms of who he can trust from the underage groups. The Swede’s chances of being a future Arsenal manager will also have increased by this promotion. With Ramsey and Welbeck becoming the latest British talent to leave, the squad are lacking any DNA.

Who do you look at when you want someone who you sense understands the values and ethos of the crest?

It can only help our weak mentality by having the likes of Freddie and Pires (two Invincibles) around the training ground every day.

Our current boss has divided opinion in his first 12 months but ultimately failed in his objective of getting us into the Champions League. If the job became available, many candidates would be put off by the lack of funds. So, bringing in an Arsenal man might be the solution. Having won 2 Leagues and 3 FA Cups Freddie could be that man.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting we have kids who can replicate Ajax but at least it’s a plan…

Dan Smith


  1. About Freddie it’s a good move, but the kind of players we are being linked currently is not inspiring at all.

  2. I like the idea and the proposed plan… Provided it yields a better result… Having Freddie up there with the lads will boost morale of the youngsters we have and also the 1st team having a invincible player to work with everyday…

    Another good thing coming out of this is to bring Freddie closer to the 1st team to learn also gain experience to the once he already had… And to have the feel to be in a dugout not as a substitute player but as a coach… Jeering up for future season probably 20/21 we never know if Emery fails to deliver this time out he can easily be replaced by Freddie… And that would be a smart move, having one of our own as a manager.

  3. Arsenal’s golden generation is coming soon with players like Nketiah, Saka, E. Smith Rowe, Nelsen, Willock, Guendouzi, Torreira, Holding, Mavropanos etc.

    These are all young talented players and with the right coaching they can turn into world class players.

    Ljungberg seems to be a great coach for the future. Arsenal is moving in the right direction slowly but surely

    1. I am not convinced by Mavrapanos, looks frightened to me . Medley is promising though .
      Hopefully Matteo will progress and add a few goals to his game

  4. I’m hoping we sell several of our players this season to raise funds so that we will have more than £45 million because £45 million won’t get us in the Top 4

  5. Let’s all hope that Freddie gets a real hands on influence assisting Emery and helps persuade him to give some chances to the excellent young players in the U23s. Things being said like £45 million won’t bring us success and similar arguments are missing the point that good coaching, pace and quick decisive football (Leicester as an example) are of paramount importance to gaining success. Yes Man City have spent lots of money (for which they will likely be punished) but also have an excellent coach promoting quick pacy football. Liverpool have mainly spent what they have earned having invested the £110 million from the sale of Coutinho on a top defender and keeper but their success is down to Klopp. Hopefully Freddie will improve the coaching and bring some style back to the way we play and eventually take over from Emery.

    1. I hope so…. It so boring watching Arsenal this days… The feeling of satisfaction even when you lose is gone… Where you play best and lose… The situation now is we play awful and still lose

  6. I think it’s all look good if it works out well as the writer said I hope Ljunberg’s bring his experience to the first Team this time around if given all the necessary freedom to operate and I hope Arsenal can bring in Denis Berkamp to the Arsenal Family this will help a lot now that we are trying to transform the team. Time Will Tell.

  7. Arsenal’s rate of arsenal’s decline has been gradual but consistent over the years and starting last year, its getting accelerated.

    We shall continue to see Arsenal lose places on the table from the first half and slowly like that until we get relegated. This I can assure you will happen unless drastic changes happen. When you go up and can not go any further, you have only one way to go and its down.

  8. I know how you feel Michael but the promotion of Ljumberg is to me the first meaningful step in what will be a long journey.As we are not in the same financial bracket as Man City , Chelsea etc we have to be seen to become the number one Club in the Premiership for giving talented youngsters regular game time to aid their development.There is no point in paying lip service to our Academy by confining our youngsters to occasional games in the League Cup and Europa Cup when we have got to test them against top sides in the PL.Only then will we learn quickly what they are made of.Two weeks ago I wrote concerning the fine job being done by FL and low and behold he is promoted?How can I encourage our Owner to realise his investment in our Club?Not so easy I’m afraid.

  9. I like the move, and getting someone in who knows the history and traditions of the club to instill in the current players. I would love for FL to get a chance if Emery can’t right the ship in a couple years.

    If he can’t achieve CL this year through top 4 or Europa title, then Emery must be put on notice. Wenger had two misses and got the boot, and the same standard should apply to Emery. If he can’t reach the target after 3 years then he should go and let FL get his chance.

    1. Are you seriously saying Ljungberg should become our MANAGER if Emery is sacked? Merely being a well loved ex-player with some coaching experience does not REMOTELY quality anyone for manager of a world famous CLUB LIKE OURS. Slightly surprised at this comment , coming from you of all people.

      1. And after Emery, then Ljungberg, Arsenal keeps churning through coaches without providing the quality “cattle” to coach, yet people expect this to bring success! Living in dreamland.

  10. I think it is a good wise move and it’s also placating the fans a wee bit. It’s a popular decision for a number of reasons. Biggest of all will be having another top guy speaking one on one when trying to prepare a player, help him adjust his mind to the task at hand. Emery, Pires, he no2, and now Freddie will mean more face time for players. I’d like if they brought Parlour in too, Parlour is a really top guy and he knows how to encourage players, he also knows how to lighten the mood, I think it’d be great for these younger players if hearing all the old war stories and them taking swings at each other, the old war horses v the new kids on block, I think it’d be great for moral.

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