Is Luis Enrique the right man for Arsenal?

Is Luis Enrique the man for Arsenal? by Konstantin Mitov

A lot of names have been hovering around the press as a potential replacement for departing Wenger, but the bookies have their money set on former Barcelona manager Luis Enrique.

He is probably not the first choice you’d pick, but realistically we are nowhere near Simeone, who’d be my first pick. Ancelotti is likely to get the Italy Job and then there’s Allegri. Will we be able to get him? With no champions league it would be extremely difficult as he could land any job he wants with his recent heroics at Juventus.

So that leaves Brendan Rodgers who speaks like a man who will stay at Celtic and won’t be a too popular choice anyway. And after him, Vieira suggested that he might take the job one day, so for former players, Arteta would be the favorite.

It’s not that I don’t like Mikel, but he has zero managerial experience and although he is under Guardiola’s wing, he didn’t step in the dugout when Pep got sent off against Liverpool and that’s not the kind of responsibility I want our next manager to have.

So all and all, the only big name left is Luis Enrique as Tomas Tuchel is likely heading for PSG. The spaniard has won 2 league titles, 3 cups in a row and the Champions League with Barcelona. A pretty good record, although he hasn’t achieved much with Roma and Celta where he was also manager.

People say that Barca won the CL under Enrique due to the famous MSN trio, but I don’t buy it that anyone can just win it with those players as numerous managers have failed to win the CL with great teams, like Mourinho at Madrid and Ancelotti and pretty much every other manager at PSG for example.

But the targets at Arsenal will be much lower, starting with first getting back to the top 4 and also doing it on a small budget, when there is massive surgery needed in a few key ateas.

The job at will have to start with first fixing the basics of the game like defending. Then pressing and playing without the ball and after that we can start building back a style of football. Something which Wenger became synonymous with but is missing at the moment.

Is Enrique capable of the rebuilding job? It’s difficult to say, but I firmly believe a well known big name needs to take the job and Luis will have the success behind him to take the respect of the players.

He has a hot blooded personality and he is known for having a difficult relationship with the media. After a failed game with Roma in the Coppa Italia against Juventus he asked a reporter if he had a “mental or psychological problem”.

He’s also had a few media bust ups in Spain, but I feel like all top managers have this and it shows that you care. I think we need a personality manager that will shake up a pretty much dead atmosphere and it would be great if he is younger.

Enrique is also on Chelsea’s shortlist as everybody knows Conte will most likely leave, despite not yet officially announcing it and if we can get one over them with the manager that’d be great. Besides, we can still win the Europa League as difficult as it may be, but if we do it it changes the entire landscape of our summer business.

Hopefully we can do it tomorrow! Let’s fill the stadium and be the 12th man! Onwards and upwards!



  1. Kenny Rolfe says:

    I’ve got to say my first choice was Allegri followed by Simeone but I’d settle for Luis Enrique especially, if has been rumoured, he brings the great Andres Iniesta with him. Even at thirty three, with a two year contract, he’s still one the best players in world football

    1. Ernie says:

      Yes, Enrique will be awesome atleast he bring Barcelona philophosy with him and if he can bring Iniesta will be great that’s the area we will need that calibre since Carzola has been injured we dont really look good, also leipsgz fella (Forsberg or Naby keita) we really need either one of em but the only issue with Enrique i am afraid!!! might be his wage demand (double) compare to wenger he used to make might be too high for arsenal and 2nd option should be Jardim from Monaco.

  2. Phil says:

    From what I have read about Enrique and his time at Barcelona he has an abrasive character who is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers.He apparently left Messi and others on the bench although that would not have happened in the big games and he might just have been giving players a rest.But we need someone who will get hold of the players and start getting more consistent performances from them.We do have talented players at this Club.We need a fresh approach and he might be the man to do it.He is obviously Rauls man so the pressure would be on him if it didn’t work.Whoever is Chosen must be the right man

  3. Vanpayslip, Esq - Making Arsenal great again says:

    Nope- don’t like the way he looks

    1. Mduh says:

      lol lol what that has to do with managing lol lol

    2. tony says:

      Enrique iglesias plz

    3. Ray says:

      How does he look?

      1. Vanpayslip, Esq - Making Arsenal great again says:

        Trust me – you don’t want to know. There are just some things you can’t unsee

  4. Kinaro says:

    My first choice would be Leonardo Jardim or Allegri but if they pick Enrique, I will welcome him with open arms. Surely, he can’t be bad like Arsene…Can he?

    1. Ted-Esi Samson says:

      Leonardo Jardim is the best man for the job imo. Not so sure about Luis Enrique but Barca could hire him then he should be good.

  5. enda says:

    Why is this constant talk that we will have a small budget, we are the 6th richest club in world football. If the money is not there WTF is it.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      The usual negative media rubbish enda.

    2. RSH says:

      cause these websites want CLICKS. That is the only thing that matters not the truth. why would they know anything about budgets, which most likely has not even been set yet? Negative news like that spreads quickly though and gets them views.

    3. tony says:

      we became rich by not spending lol

    4. Yossarian says:

      Exactly. People keep saying we have a “Small budget” but there are very few clubs that are richer than Arsenal. We might not go for the occasional crazy-price transfers like what Neymar or Pogba cost recently, but we can compete for pretty-much anything else. Enrique sounds good to me. It would definitely be interesting!

  6. jon fox says:

    The new manager must be as different from Wenger in every way; in philosophy, methods and outlook. Where Wenger constantly makes absurd and insulting excuses, the new man must be ruthlessly honest with himself, his team and with us fans. We who loathe what the regime has allowed to happen over many years now, have won the battle to force Wenger out. Whatever anyone thinks, be in no doubt he was actually sacked but given the option to resign , to save face. It was , finally, the constant empty stadium that did for him and thank God for those brave season ticket holders who forced him out by staying away. The new man must never accept, not for one moment, the spineless cowards , led by the appalling Walcott, who sponged off our club under false pretences by hiding and shirking their responsibilities to work hard , at all times. People who are regulars on here know how much I detest cowards and folk who will not face up to the truth. These people include both players and fans. For Gods’ sake, we are Arsenal FC, not the Spuds, who for decades have accepted being also rans and now that they finally have a good squad – which will once again win nothing this season – start crowing about being just a slightly better also ran. We must have real ambition and so must the new manager. We all know the rebuild will take several transfer windows and will accept this, PROVIDED we see the club going in the right direction, not drifting in the wrong way. Wenger was once a truly great manager and we are all grateful for what he was. He will rightly get a fine send off on our last home game. But nothing stays the same for ever. We all lose our powers with age and though we usually gain more wisdom , it is physical and emotional energy that drives teams on. Witness the thrilling and energising way Klopp treats his players just after the game, on the field or touchline. Guardiola even coached an oppponent , Redmond, just after the game finished. Some thought that weird; I thought it showed his overwhelming passion, warmth and love of football. Where Wenger and Bould sit on the bench looking like two people who can’t abide each other, the other top teams managers are actively involved on the touchline for much of the game. This helps transmit the necessary energy to their players and shows how they will not tolerate less than 100%. Energy is for winners, excuses for losers. I know which I prefer!

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Excellent post Jon, and 100% correct

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        I agree; even considering Arteta shows a complete lack of ambition.

        1. Naija Jollof says:

          Even Pep Guadiola was once an Arteta Barca put faith in. How do you know he’s not the next best manager in waiting?

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Mikel Arteta has only experience as assistant manager. Before joining Arsenal Arsene Wenger had managed:
            Nancy 1984-87
            AS Monaco 1987-94 won League in 1988; won Coupe de France 1991;
            Nagoya Grampass Eight 1995-96 won Emporer’s Cup and Japanese Super Cup.
            Therefore Arteta does not have the CV of Wenger when he joined Arsenal.

    2. RSH says:

      well said Mr Fox!

    3. Nothing changed says:

      I am a fan of Jardim of Monaco. He is used to managing on a small budget and develop young players. He also brings discipline and a bit of style. He further has good CL experience and managed to win the French league and despite losing a number of his most talented young players still manages to sit 2nd in France.

      Enrique has had the luxury of managing a team full of world-class players we don’t have a single world class player.

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    I just think that Simeone ticks all the boxes.

    1) Our defending has cost every season for as long as I can remember, so why not get in the best defensive manager around.
    2) He won’t accept players not giving 100%. Wenger is so soft on them, that the players are usually only giving 50%, if that! No more sick days for Ozil! The players will be scared of Simeone.
    3) We need to be aggressive, and intimidating again. Simeone will instil this into the squad.
    4) Simeone is about winning at all costs, it’s all about the result, and not HOW you got the result.
    5) Arguably the best reason to employ Simeone, is that he is used to working with a tight budget, and with a squad lacking in WC players. Our next manager probably won’t get a lot to spend, but he’s used to a an even smaller budget at Atletico.
    6) He’s used to going toe-to-toe with Barcelona, and Real, and has an outstanding record in Europe. So we know he can deliver when needed, and we’d have a great chance of winning our first ever European Cup.

    1) Only one for me, and that’s the style. We all want to see attractive, entertaining football, and Simeone’s style isn’t really either of those, but I have reached a point as an Arsenal fan, where I’d easily take substance over style.

    1. enda says:

      the one negitive is a huge one for me, attacking football is now what arsenal should always be known for. Could not go back to the George Graham type football altough in fairness Simone isnt that extreame. I do see how he would be mentioned though.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Enda for your information and others on comparison of Arsenal’s best seasons under George Graham and Arsene Wenger:
        1990-92 Season Manager G Graham
        P38; W24; D13; L1; GF 74; GA 18; GD +56
        Points 85
        2003-04 Season Manager A Wenger
        P38; W26; D12; L0; GF 73; GA 26; GD +47
        Points 90
        So George Graham’s 1990-92 side lost only 1 match; scored 1 more goal and conceded 8 less goals than “The Invincibles”, yet George Graham managed sides did not score goals!
        Hopefully people will check their facts in the future!

        1. Yossarian says:

          Well said mate.

          1. Phil says:

            Yeah that 90-91 team had everything and if Bould wasn’t injured for Chelsea away they would have been the first team unbeaten without a doubt.Ang that side scored goals for fun.Even the following season they performed brilliantly at times but only finished fourth( I seem to recall).Then for reasons unknown Graham changed the whole make up of the side selling Rocky and using lesser gifted players in midfield like Jensen McGoldrick Selly Morrow.We became a good cup side but seemed to fall dramatically in the League.
            Shades of recent seasons under Wenger?

        2. Enda says:

          Hold on a Phil lynott, are you going to tell me the arsenal played exciting expansive football under graham because they scored more goals than the invincible in 92. Don’t spert out your internet facts and then tell me to check mine. The world and his dog knows that for the most part for the 9 or so years George was manager we played a boring if not successful brand of football.

    2. Midkemma says:

      I do not rate Simone as a potential AFC manager, he has NOTHING which AFC stands for other than not spending as much as the other 2 big clubs.

      Simone is a cheap Jose.

      I don’t want anyone like Jose to manage us, I want to keep watching attacking and entertaining football, I want a manager who can provide that as well as compete.

      Simone is not that guy.

      1. ThirdManJW says:


        You’ve hit the nail on head! I agree with you that Simeone doesn’t have the same values that maybe we associate with Arsenal, or want to see in a potential manager, but surely that’s a good thing? What we’ve been doing for years, and the values instilled within the club, have not been working. We need to head in a different direction if anything.

        We haven’t seen entertaining football for the majority of the last six years anyway, so we’re a bit used to boring football now, which would help with the transition of Wenger’s style to Simeone’s style.

        1. Midkemma says:

          So one man grew old and failed at trying to do the ‘right thing’ so we should just drop our values and copy Jose style?

          Sorry for the wording of ‘right thing’, I know that is perspective but I hope it got the point across 🙂

          Why should we adopt a Jose approach when we could get a manager who bettered Pep at Barca? Enrique got more points per game and Enrique Barca on average scored more goals per game…

          Why should we go after Jose style of football over attacking, entertaining football?
          Jose style is 2nd to an attacking and entertaining Peps team.

          Oh and Simeone did win La Liga, the manager who stopped him from winning it back to back?
          2013-14 season was when AM won La Liga.
          2014-15 and 2015-16 was Enrique with Barca.

          Before you say it was easy for Enrique because it was Barca… Barca didn’t win it the year before Enrique joined. Enrique at Barca wins La Liga(x2), he leaves and RM win it.

          Enrique should be praised for forming MSN, he was the manager who Suarez was bought for (Sanllehi aiding in doing the deal as well), this attack formed the deadliest that La Liga has seen with 122 goals in all comps.

          Enrique was the manager who got them to score and to score freely with good tactics.

          The other manager I would really like is L.Jardim from Monaco and he has developed some very good players from little funds, he has developed not only def good players but exciting attacking players, players who can get people standing in excitement…

          Would Simeone do well for our kids, players like Nelson, Willock, Nketiah… and the ones who could step up next season? AMN might very well excel with Simeone and become a def beast but IMO we need a manager who is also exciting in going forward to make the most out of our kids.

          1. ThirdManJW says:

            Why do you keep going on about Jose? I am talking about him haha!

            I would be happy be more than happy with Enrique, but Simeone has proved himself much more than Enrique has, and in more difficult circumstances. Enrique had MSN upfront, amongst other WC players, and loads of money to spend. I would argue that it would be much harder to NOT win trophies, when you have such a massive advantage over pretty much every other team in the world.

            Not sure on the link with Simeone, and youngsters, because from what I can see, he mostly goes for more experienced players.

            Jardim is a great shout as well, and is probably well aware of our weaknesses, after knocking us out of Europe.

      2. Kedar91 says:

        At time of 1st spell in Chelsea 2 consecutive seasons Chelsea was highest scoring team and lowest conceding team… And you say Jose doesn’t play attacking football…

        1. RSH says:

          Have you seen his United games this season? Can’t tell me that stuff is exciting. You’re asleep most of the time, wake up when they put in a cross and score, then you are right back to sleep. The general play of his teams are not exciting. no doubt it’s effective though.

        2. Midkemma says:

          He doesn’t.
          Jose enjoys a good counter, let the opposition have the ball, come onto his team and then win it back and perform a fast counter.

          His teams was efficient in attack and that is different to playing attacking football.

      3. RSH says:

        somewhat agree. I want his personality, but not his tactics. He really could just be another Mourinho with one gameplan. I don’t think Arsenal fans would tolerate it for long, especially if he didn’t get results right away. Same thing happening with Mou and United fans at the moment. Best to not go there. Don’t think he’s a proper fit.

    3. Vanpayslip, Esq - Making Arsenal great again says:

      Some very interesting points. Perhaps something further to note is that we already have a team that needs rebuilding but can survive in the short term under a manager that plays attacking football and organised well enough. Then bit by bit he could add better quality.

      For Simeone, would he not be destined to fail from the word go given that he would literally have nothing to work with in terms of his style of play?

  8. Pablo Picasso says:

    Ralf Rangnick

    When asked about his playing style Rangnick said: “It’s aggressive forward defending and pressing. Playing in private possession and directly to the front. Lateral and back passes are rather not so much in demand. The aim is to develop teams, no soloists.”

    Rangnick’s arrival would not necessarily be good news for Arsenal’s older generation of players, with the German known for developing young talent.

    He was quoted in the German media saying: “It’s gotten so that youthfulness is a sign of quality. Even in international football. Look at Bundesliga or the Champions League final. The younger, the better. As long as I’m here (at Red Bull Leipzig), this will be the way. We are committed for next season no player who is 28 or 30 years old. ”

    From all the managers been listed, he comes across to be the closest to what Wenger was trying to build at Arsenal and he has had success with the 3 RB teams.

    Still trying to figure out what Enrique’s style of play is, is it give the ball to Messi and the rest is history?

    1. Midkemma says:

      “Still trying to figure out what Enrique’s style of play is, is it give the ball to Messi and the rest is history?”

      Pep told Alexis to feed Messi, everyone, feed Messi. Pep only won stuff because of Messi right?

      Enrique had a run in with Roma higher ups for subbing Totti and well, Enrique seems to look past the name and look at current form, if Enrique had more support at Barca instead of Messi then maybe Messi would have been subbed a bit more. Messi refused to come off when Enrique has planned to sub him forcing the manager to change their plans. We have wanted a manager that would drop a big name and now we are linked to one and people mock him for Messi…. Ignorance is bliss right?

    2. RSH says:

      Stopped reading when I heard he hates back passes. sign him up! lmao.

  9. Chukwuma says:

    Smh for all of you who think that Allegri will succeed at Arsenal. He is successful at Juve because of the league has less competition both financially and in terms of clubs with world class players. Look at his performance in CL especially against the bigger clubs, he always bottles it up. He once said he doesn’t rely on tactics but instincts and we all know that instincts don’t win you the epl or even the CL. Not even Van Gaal will blow up two CL finals in 3 years. So I don’t want Allegri at Arsenal. Trust me I’ve been following him since his days at Ac Milan and he’s not what we need at Arsenal

    1. Lupe says:

      Good points, but he is still better than a lot out there. Who would you want?

  10. RSH says:

    He’s not coming. Notice all the Spanish media keeps throwing his name around only. They are clearly trying to get the club to consider him, but he wants high wages, and I don’t think Arsenal board are considering him. No accomplishments outside of a Barcelona team that had MSN. Arsenal has rebuilding to do, why would we choose Enrique?

    Allegri has been my first choice for a while but I’m starting to reconsider. He’s done a good job at Juve, but looking at the other clubs makes me worry. His time at Milan was not very good (that may have to do with the hierarchy there. It seems 9/10 managers fail there nowadays). His tactics can be spot on, or just wrong sometimes. He really screwed up that Napoli game. But He’s made it to UCL finals and has been bang on with his approach to games several times. Juve fans are split on him this season though and I’ve heard they don’t like his style of play sometimes. No manager is perfect though so Allegri is still high up on my list, but I’m open to other options as well.

    1. ks-gunner says:

      No mate, as someone who has watched milan a lot while being an arsenal fan, i can tell you that he did very good at milan, besides the lack of backing he had. He was even able to give a barcelona a go in the cl, but the refs like always did him wrong.

      1. RSH says:

        i believe you. I know Milan’s problems extend far beyond who they get as manager.

  11. Counsel says:

    Seemes like the AOBs will not stop their moaning lifestyle, the writer is singing dirges after Wenger is gone telling us how we can’t attract a good manager.Anyone with half a brain cell knows that every manager would love to manage Arsenal including legends like ancelotti.Dein spoke some days back saying people have already starting asking him how they can reach Wenger, he said that Wenger is receiving flooding offers.Today Wenger has said he was forced out,then guzidis is pretending now how Wenger is irreplaceable kreonke talks about Wenger resignation as a difficult to take.The PR stunt at AFC is incredible.Let’s wait for that miracle man who will satisfy the majority of arsenal fans who have low IQ to comprehend things.we have lesson to learn from Liverpool fans who are going to cl finals

    1. ks-gunner says:

      They are going to the Cl bec not like us, they have experimented and tried their best to progress. Where the likes of Wenger have stagnated and fans like you ( the smart sort, lol ) have tolerated incompetence and therefore allowed valuable time to be wasted. Without Wenger being so deluded and arrogant, today Arsenal manager might have been someone of the sort of Guardiola or Klopp. So you left overs Wengerits should get along with normal fans who don’t create identity labels to describe them self, and support the club. That or you can move along just like Wenger did. Alles klaar? Auf wiedersehen!

      1. RSH says:

        Just gotta let them grieve. Daddy Wenger is finally gone and they are going through a crisis. The second this new manager loses his first game expect a lot of these type of comments, even though any logical fan knows that time will be needed for whoever takes over. And that would apply even if AW left on his own accord.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Don’t worry according to Counsel, it is only people who support Arsene Wenger without question, who have high IQ’s. The rest according to one poster on here are “morons”.

  12. Sue says:

    OT watched that programme ‘ The feud Wenger v Ferguson’….. Very interesting. I loved that Van Nistelrooy penalty miss!! Good old Keown!!
    Can’t stand United, always have, always will!

  13. ks-gunner says:

    We are not that interesting to have the luxury to choose. Whoever likes to come should be welcomed. I am tllk about known managers here. Not no names.

    We need a manager who can build is back into a strong team, coz with Arsenal there are no short cuts to do so.

    I dont like Enrique. I tend to dislike all Catalans for some reason. Heck i even dislike Guardiola for always being such a prima dona.

    I am all in for a potato manager like Klopp but i will support whoever manager is going to arrive as we fans deserve the change we have all been waiting for. So lets see what happens.

  14. #MAGA says:

    No Konstantin, it’s Jardim for me and then Nagelsmann.

    1. ks-gunner says:

      Where can i thumb up this comment. XD

  15. Midkemma says:

    I think he could be, I will not say he is the only one who could be but I think Enrique could be one of the managers who could do well after Wenger.

    If the board want to make a positive bold choice then they need to hire someone who will give players confidence as well as the fans.

    Hiring an unknown can be a bold choice but is it what we need right now? We depend on Wenger winning the UEL to get UCL which can attract players but another factor is the manager. If we need to rebuild then would we want a Moyes to lead it and have players look at the manager and question our ambition?

    I think Enrique could do a good job for 2-3 years, a high intensity job to not only rebuild but do well while we rebuild in signings. Enrique isn’t afraid to drop a big name and will do so with support of the board, he tried to sub Messi but Messi has too much power at Barca and got away with refusing to come off. Enrique had difficulties at Roma and one of them was due to him looking to replace Totti, their legend.

    We would want a manager who is willing to drop Ozil if he doesn’t perform, not only Ozil but any of our big names(Think how Wenger doesn’t like dropping Xhaka), as long as we do not put a player above the manager then Enrique appears to be willing to drop big names if performance isn’t good enough.

    Enrique also has experience at managing a team where the set up was largely the club doing stuff like signings, he may have a say and some influence but Barca got the signings done. That is how we are going towards by the looks of things, a manager who can operate in that environment would aid in a faster transition.

    For people who say he had MSN and that was the reason, MSN didn’t exist prior to Enrique time at Barca, MN was their but no S.
    We have Auba and Laca! Do you all not know how deadly those two are???? Auba has done very well on the wings and they have shown to be able to rip defs apart when playing together, it is a shame the other side is let down by Iwobi or Welbroke… 1 signing? Like how MSN needed 1 signing?

    Hypothetically, if Enrique decided Martial was what he would spend the money on, the rumored £50 million (plus sale from players)… The attacking 3 of Auba, Laca and Martial could be the deadliest the EPL has seen, more so when you think of the assist kingS behind them (Ozil and Mkhi).

    I do hope that the club has only limited the next manager to £50 million because Sven and Raul have planned to spend around £200 million on a GK, CB and DM XD

    1. ks-gunner says:

      Drop players for who? Not that we did not do good, but we lack also quality players. 50mil must be untrue, bec if it is, then no manager in the world can work with this team.

      Our defense is bad, and i think that we will invest there, and in the attacking part we will try to compensate with the youngsters who are coming at age. Enrique wont be able to build a team for the upcoming 3 years, he is a manager who is up there to get results not build. We need someone who can emulate Liverpools work or be as smart as Spurs. Good teams build by not much money but with patience and right decisions. Sigh.

  16. musty says:

    what we need is a German… tuchel, low or klinsmann

  17. Mikejohn says:

    Style of play don’t really matter to me, we need a manager that can build a team that can defend well and use the opportunities in front of goal simple

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