Is Lukaku transfer to Man Utd good or bad for Arsenal?

In some ways I think it is quite good, from an Arsenal point of view, that the papers are reporting that the transfer of the Belgium international star Romelu Lukaku from Everton FC this summer is going to go ahead as most people thought, but instead of a return to his former club the powerful and prolific front man looks like signing for Manchester United instead.

Sky Sports are reporting that The Toffees have accepted a bid of around £75 million for their star striker who will now be playing for Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford next season.

I think we would all rather have seen him stay where he was or go abroad but I would rather he joined United than Chelsea. After all they are the reigning Premier League champions and the team to beat this time around, while despite our own disappointing EPL campaign we did finish above Maureen’s mob.

I also think that losing out on this transfer will drive a further wedge between Antonio Conte and the top brass at Stamford Bridge. I certainly hope so, but there could be another facet to this deal which affects Arsenal and that is the possible transfer raid for our French forward Olivier Giroud.

He has already been linked with Everton this summer and Ronalfd Koeman may well see our big powerful striker as the man to replace Lukaku, so we may be in line for a serious attempt by them to sign Olly and I really do not want that to happen.

If they offer something like £30 million or more though, can you see Wenger and Arsenal saying no?

Sam P.


  1. Is signing Lacazette good or bad for Man United? Let’s just focus on ourselves because we have no power over who our competitors buy once we’re not directly interested in them.

  2. Good for us means everton is out of 4th place race already.
    Manu will buy a top class stricker no doubt either it is lukaku or griz or Aubamiang doesnt matter.
    we have to stay happy with our Lacazatte the penalty scorer

    1. ” stay happy with our Lacazatte the penalty scorer” I genuinely cannot believe that out record-breaking signing, has not even played one match yet, yet people like you are already trying to put him down. And you call yourself an Arsenal supporter? Seems to me that you do the exact opposite.

  3. As long as we. Got laca who cares about manu or Chelsea c u in the coming season things are going to be different ,in anyway Chelsea got beat twice by the gunners last season so did Man U ,draw we got to get the better of Liverpool and tots this year.

    Beware Koop and co u as well potcha

    1. what do u think?
      manu have tons of money they could get lacazatte if they wanted infact arsenal is the only club who actually wanted to buy lacazatte

  4. If I am to be objective here, man utd signing Lukaku will be bad for us. He is a beast and the battle for top 4 will be a lot harder now. If Sanchez leaves then boom, we might finish 5th again.

  5. L’equipe is saying we have made improved bid of 40 million pounds for Monaco winger
    Thomas Lemar. Hopefully Lemar, Pjanic and one young player and we are done. Sell Debuchy, Gibbs, Jenko, Ospina, Wilshere, Theo, Perez, Campbell. Lukaku will fail at Man Utd because of specialist in failure Jose Mourinho.

  6. Why will lukaku to United affect Arsenal?I never liked lukaku way of play,we have laca who to me is far better than lukaku.I’m hoping we get Lemar in addition to Sanchez and ozil and our squad for next season will be complete.
    We must not sell Giroud bcos he will benefit from the crosses of Sead kolasinac.

  7. Ask for 35 million pounds if they want Olivier Giroud. Isn’t he worth more than half of the price of Lukaku. Getting some serious money indirectly from Mourinho would be very sweet

  8. Just out of curiosity what does everyone think about this formation

    Alexis. Lacazette
    Xhaka Ozil
    Kolasinac. OX
    Holding. Kos. Mustafi
    I know people will complain that Ozil can’t play defense so why have him in the middle? Honestly if Lacazette is as hard working as everyone says then with him and Alexis chasing down every ball and our new formation solidifying the back line and xhaka sure to improve in his second run in I think this formation with Alexis and Lacazette using speed to run off the link up play of giroud and the balls being played to all three of them by xhaka and Ozil we would score enough goals to win any match next season. Thoughts?

    1. The problem is you have included in your line up Alexis, Ozil and Ox…all of whom have refused to extend their contracts.

      1. Having not yet signed a contract extension, is in no way that same thing as outright refusing to sign them.

      2. What if Wenger and Silent Stan are going to gamble on keeping Alexis to his contract as the rewards will be worth it if the gamble pays off?

        AFC was picking up around £50 million for getting to the last 16 of the UCL in prize money.

        Alexis going on a free could lose AFC around £50 million…

        Ozil looks like he is willing to stay, saying he is looking forward to linking up with #LacaNewSigning, I wouldn’t be surprised he does sign before season starts.

    2. Put Bellerin as RWB, I know the Ox done very well but I do believe Bellerin can be better once he regains his top form, Ox is also too injury prone to rely on to be a starter week in and week out.

      If we can manage Ox fitness well for the next couple years (assume we keep) then we could benefit when he matures a bit more and ready for the middle, backup as RWB will give him the def experience he has been lacking… while not hurting AFC when he eventually gets injured.

      Ozil is not a CM, he does not have the attitude for it and we would be setting the guy up to fail, we need to play to his strengths and not expose his flaws.
      ACM would be best for him with Alexis alongside him, Alexis moves a lot and with a mobile CF, the ACM alongside Alexis could see a lot more open space and that is where Ozil plays his best.

      Ozil is a pure ACM, he does not perform as well in other roles, his style of play gets exposed in other roles. The ACM needs to find those pockets of space. Ozil is one of the best at this if the team can pull players away from the area Ozil operates in. Giroud isn’t mobile enough and Ramsey/Coquelin/ElNeny are not intelligent enough to exploit Ozils strengths.

      Wingbacks though get towards that area and due to them being wide, they have been stretching the team well and that has created space for Ozil and as such we did see a better Ozil at the end of the season didn’t we? Welbeck was used and his movement helped but he is not the goalscorer to get the best out of Ozil.

      CM to sit alongside Xhaka could be Coquelin or Ramsey, depending on stage of game and/or opposition. For example, against Pullis type teams we may want Ramsey who will make the penetrating late runs into the box against a team that sits back and defends, we may want to start with Ramsey against a team like Chelsea to get the 1st goal but then Coquelin coming on to sit and defend while relying on long passes from Xhaka and the threat from our tank Seo and Bellerin/Ox… More counter attacking.

  9. It could help us if true. ManU would no longer want Morata and he would stay at Madrid. That would make Madrid less attractive to Mbappe, leaving just us to grab him. Fantasy, but crazier things have happened.

  10. 75M Lukaku move to Utd are good news for Arsenal, as:
    . 44M for Lacazette was a bargain. He is quicker, more versatile and a far better finisher than Lukaku. Despite Europa league, Arsenal still attracts top players.
    . far better strikers exist in other teams: either Utd simply don’t attract them or there is now a shortage of available ones. I would opt for the 1st option: why on earth would they pay 75M for such a poor finisher?
    . it shows Mourinho has lost it: he rejected Lukaku when at Chelsea, as he was not good enough and now he would be the right man to fit in Ibra’s shoes??

  11. Well I like Lucaku as a person but he’s not a good player to be very sincere so I ll be very if Man u push harder for his signing becausing I av 4saw him doing nothing or very little @ united.

  12. I see it as a good thing, Lukaku is no upgrade on Ibra, who dragged United through last season. I would have been more sad if they’d signed Morata. Although it now means he could end up at Chelsea instead..(!)

  13. So UTD will not be giving RM a bucket load of cash for Morata after this deal?
    Wasn’t RM going to use those funds to fund MBappe transfer?

    Will his have a knock on effect?

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