Is Man City manager trying to distract Arsenal’s Alexis?

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has admitted interest in Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez, but is there more to it than that?

It is of no coincidence that the Spanish boss was asked about the Chilean’s signature prior to the crunch semi-final clash at Wembley later on today, and most manager’s would usually respectfully decline to comment, but not today.

Alexis Sanchez is one of the most talked about players in the rumour mill this term, with only 12 months left on his contract come the end of the season, and he looks increasingly likely to be leaving the Emirates this summer.

There is still much football to play before the transfer window opens however, starting with the FA Cup semi-final, where he will be key in Wenger’s plans to overcome his former manager Guardiola, in order to seal a cup final place against potential suitors Chelsea, who eliminated Spurs yesterday.

Pep has claimed that all the big sides will be keeping tabs on Alexis Sanchez’s situation

‘Put Kevin De Bruyne with one year left on his contract and see how many teams [are interested],’ said the City manager.

‘How do big clubs improve their teams? With better players.

‘So of course big clubs around the world are going to know his situation.

‘When the big, big players go to Barcelona they understand that Lionel Messi is unique.

‘But Alexis is just one step below. Alexis is a fantastic player and I’m so happy how he’s playing at Arsenal, especially this year scoring goals.’

It remains to be be seen whether Alexis will move clubs, or whether he will sign a new deal in North-London, but Pep’s words will most definitely prove a distraction to the Chilean with his future undecided currently.

Is Pep out of order for discussing our player’s during the season? Is this sort of mind-games disgraceful?

Pat J

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  1. John Ibrahim says:

    City win will ensure Wenger Departure

    1. Frank says:

      I don’t want Arsenal to lose but if we do, I really hope Wenger is kicked to the curb before the next game.

    2. Dee@Ease says:

      Wenger is as stubborn as a donkey,he won’t leave Arsenal even though he’s failing

  2. Guneal (English Arsenal fans let me down) says:

    It’s called mind game. Top managers around the world know that games are first won and lost in the mind expect Mr. Wenger.

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    Arsenal win or lose against Man city in the semi final, Wenger will still be in charge. Sad but true.

    Our players should hit the ball hard sometimes. Matic goal says it all.

    If you ask Chelsea fans who they will be supporting today, am sure they will scream Arsenal.

    I want Arsenal to win the Fa cup but can it Happen?

  4. khangunners says:

    We got most of the deluded fans. We win one game and they are back supporting Wenger. Then we loss and we say wenger out then we win against Sunderland then they will be back full house with one arsene wenger. Imagine they asking questions like who will replace wenger lol. This game is gonna be interesting lets see how we perform.

  5. Red Dawn says:

    I wonder if it is even worth the effort of watching when frustration and anger seem to go hand in hand with watching Arsenal play.
    I can predict it now that is the sad thing.
    Arsenal dominate the possession and have few shots off and on goal.
    Man City have lots of shots from little possession.
    Man City win 3-0.
    Talk of mental strength and winning the remaining games.
    Arsenal fail.
    Wenger signs another thoroughly undeserved new deal.
    Few meaningful movements in the transfer market right at the end of the window and not in the areas where we need strengthening.
    Poor form continues into the 2017/18 season.
    Fan protests continue.
    Attendances drop.
    AST publish survey results that show the percentage of Arsenal fans who want Wenger out has risen from 78% to 100%
    Gazidis does not listen.
    Wenger remains.
    Arsenal fall further behind…
    Sorry for the doom and gloom on Sunday morning but I can see nothing positive about Wenger and Arsenal at the moment – 67 year old leopards never change their spots..

  6. ODUR MAXWELL says:

    Yea, an #Arsenal win today would come as abongo big suprise to even Mr. Wenga who uses his lesson scheme book of 2003/4 to teach abongo lesson in 2017. The best will be a penalty shoot out which Arsenal has 30% of Winning Wenger leading Arsenal to hell. No win for Arsenal, call me personaly on +256776456386 to ABUSE me if Arsenal win this game

    1. stubill says:

      Abongo! WTF, this is an English forum, speak English.

      As for calling to abuse you, no thanks, it’s probably some scam to grab my number and use it to call people all over the world. and leave me with the bill. If I want to abuse you, I’ll do it on here.

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