Is Martin Odegaard an “irreplaceable” member of Arsenal’s squad?

Who do you believe is irreplaceable in the current Arsenal squad?

That could be a difficult question, and we could spend hours debating why this or that player is irreplaceable, so I’d ask you another simple question: Do you believe Martin Odegaard is an irreplaceable member of Arteta’s squad?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to force you to say yes. What I’ll do is tell you that following the Brighton game, Premier League legend Danny Murphy told BBC Match of the Day that Martin Odegaard is irreplaceable in Arteta’s squad.

“I do think Odegaard is the one player they would struggle to replace,” Murphy admitted. “They’ve got other talented players, but, for me, they would struggle to replace him.”

Odegaard is undeniably important to Arteta’s project. His selection as captain demonstrates Arteta’s view of him as the leader of his squad.

Good leaders lead by example, and Odegaard has done just that. In two games since the league’s resumption, he has a goal and four assists. In 15 league games this season, he has 7 goals and 5 assists.

If all of this doesn’t make Odegaard irreplaceable, I don’t know what will.

 Daniel O


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  1. The way he’s playing right now, we’d definitely see a difference if he was missing, but I’d have faith that Vieira or ESR could do a good enough job in his stead. I think we have other leaders in this side (particularly xhaka, but not just him).
    I think partey would be the biggest miss. We’ve only got elneny, who can defend but is relatively limited going forwards, or lokonga, who doesn’t have the aggression or positional awareness to cover Partey’s role well. Martinelli would also be a big miss because his running stretches teams and we don’t have anyone else like that.

  2. For me, Thomas Partey is the one we would miss most. Smith-Rowe (when he’s back) and Fabio Viera can play the 10 position.

  3. He’s been unbelievably good this season, but I believe Vieira, Saka, Marquinhos, Patino, Nwaneri and Cozier-Duberry can play decently in his position

    His vision has been amazing this season, but he is still awful in physical duels. The lack of strength and balls to do 50/50 challenges was also the aspects I didn’t like from Ozil

    However, Odegaard’s efforts and stamina to keep pressing the opposition high up the pitch make him a better choice as compared to other highly-technical attacking midfielders. We’re lucky to have the supposedly prime version of him

  4. Odegaard have been excellent all season. He is growing stronger every match and I just hope he doesn’t get burnt out as the season approaches it’s most demanding part. The team need another playmaker in case he is injured as well, because a whole lot of arsenal play goes through him at present.

  5. I agree Martin Odegaard would be hard to even simulate. Same for Thomas Partey. He is the most disciplined central midfield ‘Boss’ I have seen. Both are irreplaceable.

    1. 👍 Sean, I would like to see how ESR shapes up on his return; however I believe he lacks the physicality of Odegaard. To lose Odegaard and Partey would really stretch Arsenal to the limit.

      1. Ozziegunner

        I’m a great fan of ESR. Great player. It would take time to ‘train’ him to have Odegaard’s vision. I do hope we can get a special midfield signing done in this window. The potential for injuries or overplaying worries me. As you say, to lose Odegaard and Partey would stop us in our tracks.

        1. ESR doesn’t need to have Odegaard’s vision. His current technical ability is OK for his future. He only needs strength and physicality to play that Xhaka’s role. That’s where his future lies.

  6. Martin Odegaard is definitely a very important member of the team. And same can be said to at least all the first 11 this season. All players have been fantastic. We can’t afford to miss any of the starting 11 for too long.

    However, Arteta’s system will always help any technical and hardworking player to fit in easily.

    I repeat, there is no one who will be out of that First 11 for too long a time that won’t be missed. A match, two or three miss due to injuries can still be covered adequately with the slim squad.

    Upward and Onward.

    In between, Brentford is a not a team for every Jack and Jill😊😊😊

    1. I see odegaard as almost irreplaceable, I believe that ESR can almost replace him, but I don’t see anyone on the team who can replace Partey….I see ESR or scallop closer to odegaard than elneny and lokonga to partey. nelson can cover both saka and martinelli, tomyasu can cover almost any defense….

    1. Totally agree
      Martin is an integral part of this monster marching machine that is gathering pace by the week but he is a vital cog but not irreplaceable.
      We as a team can not be reliant on just one player. The spine of the team is key to our success and he like others need to be replaced at the right time
      Yes we are better him being in the team rather then out

      1. Alan
        It’s been exciting watching Odegaard develop this season. What a visionary pass he made at the weekend! The same can be said of all the team from last season – they have gelled and matured together as a team.
        I’m excited about the match tonight and gutted for Liverpool 😂😂

  7. Odegaard has been simply magnificent this season and hope it may long continue. His vision, creativity, drive and technique have been eye catching and he is a true leader. That said, he shouldnt be overworked and stressed because we will need him performing consistently throughout the season. I am sure Arteta knows best and will use him wisely. Also Partey shouldnt be overworked and hope Arsenal sign Savic to give Partey some well needed rest or bring on Savic in the second half to reduce the load on Partey.

  8. Guys we will see this season through,

    Yes, Arteta doesn’t rotate for EPL & prefers to stick with same 11 (in the EPL) if they’re available,

    But I don’t really think the boys will be overworked (per se),
    If we scale through January without any strange/unwanted happenstances – our other EPL fixtures are very balanced,
    I actually think we have the best spread of fixtures

    The issue then comes to Europa & FA Cup, where we have seen that Arteta doesn’t mind rotating the team

    Moreover we won’t be involved in the next round of Europa, meaning Jesus could be back when Europa resumes for us

    I really think things will even out for us
    We’ll be fine, I ain’t that scared – all lucks seem to be on our side this season

  9. So far this season he has probably been the best creative midfielder in the PL, and he is also doing great work, when we don’t have the ball. We don’t have any player, who can play at the same level.

  10. At the moment Ødegaard is among the best midfielder’s in the league. He’s crucial in all aspects of our game and we have no player to fully replace him.

    I have seen him play since he was a child in Norway and I have never doubted his potential. I believe he will even get better and probably establish himself top three in the World in his position. That being said I believe it will be more complicated to replace Partey, because our options are too limited.

    We are not alone worrying about this issue and I feel convinced that Arteta and Edu soon will have a very good solution, these guys know how to build a great football team. COYG

    1. Great reply Didrik.
      Nobody is irreplaceable, but some would be hard to replace.

      Who would have thought that Xhaka would be one of those players?

      But here’s a question for debate – who in this current incredible squad, would replace any of the Invincibles?

      That’s always my measuring stick and (get ready for the stick Ken!!!) I don’t believe Odegaard would replace anyone like for like…. and that goes for EVERY position.

      1. Thank you ken1945.
        Very difficult to compare it’s almost 19 years ago. From my point of view football is constantly developing and getting better. We almost became invincible in the 1990/91 season as well, only lost one game 😉 Now we have a relatively young team with huge potential to get better. Perhaps you will change your mind if they win the CL during the next four years 🫶

        Ødegaard is still relatively

          1. We could still emulate GG’s one loss season, you never know…. at the moment we should fear no one.
            Roll on the Newcastle game.

  11. Maybe Ødegaard is playing better after the World Cup because Jesus is absent. He has Nketiah ahead of him who doesn’t drop and stay long as deep as Jesus. Jesus usually would drop deep into midfield thereby limiting space for Øde to operate but also helping to reduce the work load of creativity needed from Øde. But in the absence of Jesus he has had to be take up the space Jesus otherwise would have covered and also to step up in creativity.
    He is very important but not irreplaceable

  12. Hello Gooners around the world. Once again its team work that matters. Martin is absolutely incredible this season but he can not alone……and we pray the team continues to this way untill the end. Fans should always be behind the whole team and not individual players.

  13. No one is irreplaceable, however the loss of three particular players for an extended period would likely significantly affect Arsenal at least in the short run: Thomas Partey, Aaron Ramsdale, and Martin Odegaard in that order.

    Odegaard and Ramsdale have backups/competitors who could step in like Nketiah has done for Jesus, but there is no like-for-like scenario for Partey, and his role in the team is so understated and so important.

    I totally trust that the gaffer is aware of the needs of his team, so I am a happy fan and continue to trust the process all the way.

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