Is Martinelli signing a clue to Arsenal’s summer transfer strategy (plus video)

Despite the Gunners being linked with every available bargain player and his dog, the only likely confirmed Arsenal transfer we have so far is that the youngster Gabriel Martinelli will be joining us next month when he turns 18. The journalist Nicolo Shira from Gazzetto Del Sport announced on Twitter…..

He seems convinced that this is a done deal and talks have been going on for months (surprise!). The young Brazilian is playing for Ituano in Brazil and is said to be recommended by Edu, who is also said to be joining Arsenal later this summer. The fact of tañks with Arsenal was first revealed at the end of March when his agent agent, Marcos Casseb, told reporters: “We expect this move to happen. The plan is for Gabriel to go straight to Europe and he will play for his dream club.”

So it all looks pretty straightforward and on the 18th June Martinelli turns 18 and will be eligible for an Italian passport thanks to his family heritage, so a work permit for Arsenal will not be a problem.

I have found this video where you can see his quality….

He has been rumoured to be costing us 7 million, which may not sound a lot in this day and age, but is a lump off our reportedly very low transfer budget. So can we expect to see a lot more “promising youngsters” and “ones for the future” at very low cost to the club this summer?



  1. Remember guys as I brought you news of the Martinelli deal being done before it came out from media.I try to improve my record every transfer window by getting more rights than wrongs and this season I will be bringing you more reliable news from reliable ITK’s on Twitter.
    So far I haven’t seen any concrete info and please take the news you’ve been hearing the past few weeks and this week with a pinch of salt as the window has just opened.I know some do care and want to know about transfers so from this week I expectcthibgs to pick up and get ready cos I’m back

      1. Didn’t know you liked Zaha that much Sue?…Well we’ve been interested in him even before the window opened.The problem is that Crystal Palace may price us out of the move.Our number one winger target has always been Nicolas Pepe but once again we might be priced out of that move.Another player we like is Ryan Fraser

        1. Take Zaha and Pepe out of Arsenal reach and that will be a good thing too, ManU paid over 70 million for Lukaku and he ends up on the bench. We should just go after players like Youssef En-Nesyri, Praet, and Andersen and that’s how you build a good winning team with unknown players eventually they will make names for themselves eg. Saidio Mane, Mahzrez and Salah and Madrid just bought Jovic I really think he will be a superstar pretty soon.

      2. Forget it sue why could he leave his team for arsenal!? A team with no ambition, identity nor challenging for titles!!

    1. So now I begin…..

      Arsenals budget is in fact near £70m before sales and discussions have begun within the hierarchy to increase it.

      Arsenal are interested in Andersen of Sampdoria and mat make a bid of 22mil for him as Koscielny wants to leave this summer and head back to France.

      CD Leganes have rejected our first bid of £6.3m for striker Youssef En-Nesyri. We are still interested and in search of a Welbeck replacement needed.

      Aubameyang is attracting interest from China.Thus,we have put a huge price-tag on the Gabonese striker.No club has of yet contacted us #AFC regarding PEA.The Arsenal board will a make decision about his future soon; sell or renew contract.

      Elneny, Koscielny and Monreal all expected to leave if the right suitors come in.Chambers could also leave if an offer of £20 million + comes in.The plan is also to let Kolasinac go too but it is said that Emery likes the player so he might stay another year.However, we want another LB.

      Lastly,Xavier Amaechi will be leaving Arsenal.He will either go to Spain or Germany.

      1. “Remember guys as I brought you news of the Martinelli deal being done before it came out from media” Even a broken clock is right twice a day. You also brought us news of MULTIPLE totally inaccurate stories which you stated as absolute fact.

        “get ready cos I’m back” People, please do not listen to this guy. He literally just copy and pastes stuff from Twitter from the most insanely unreliable sources and states it as fact. Do not give this person the attention/importance he is so desperate for.

        If anyone wants to be as “informed” as Kev is, just read the Metro, the Daily Star, The Mirror and subscribe to any of those dodgy transfer rumour Twitter accounts. You’ll be wrong/misinformed 90% of the time, but what does that matter!

        1. “He literally just copy and pastes stuff from Twitter from the most insanely unreliable sources and states it as fact.”

          Evidence or lies.

          As he ‘literally’ did it then you should be able to show the world which ones he literally copied and paste as his own post… Or he didn’t literally do that and you are misleading everyone on purpose.

  2. too many first team players are leaving in a season

    Lechistanth, Monreal, Koschieny joining Cech, Welbeck and Ramsay

    Aubameyang and Laca may follow suit

    one cant win the title with too many new and inexperience first team players ….

    1. Hold your horses, this team wont win title anyway. A major surgery and rebuild is required, and we have to suffer a year or 2 for good days ahead. Better now than never

  3. Is Edu to Arsenal official then?? I must have missed it ?
    I won’t lie.. he looks good in that clip.. but can’t help but think what’ll happen to him.. shipped off out on loan, never to be seen again??

    1. Good improvement on site overall outlook. Good job by the admin.

      I like the idea of buying youngsters on the rise. Better than buying old players looking for pension.

      The Martinelli clip has no “wow” factor.
      I hope he turns out fine in the end.

      1. A 17 year old lad beating defenders both with his pace and dribbling ability and then delivering pin point passing or intelligent, composed finishing doesn’t provide a wow factor for you? You must be a blast at parties.

  4. With our comparatively low budget, our transfer guys should be looking out for undiscovered talents, and loads of them are in South America and France.

    I would be excited if we can clear out:
    Ramsey, Cech, Welbeck, Lischteiner, Ozil, Mikhi, Mustafi, Kolcieny, Monreal, Jenks, Ospina.

    And sign:
    RW – Martinelli (Fast & Skillful)
    LW – Zayech (Skillful)
    CAM – Exeqiel Palacios (Skillful)
    CM – Nandez or Praet (Skillful)
    LB – Munier
    CB – Saliba (Tall & Fast)
    CB – Konate (Tall & Fast)

    1. Excitement is a forgotten word for us AFC supporters… Long are gone the days when you couldn’t wait for arsenal games, interttainment at it’s best. Those days when even loosing a game we could still be watching ‘ sexy’ football.The boys giving a fight and not ozil_sulking..damn Soo stressing watching arsenal this days

  5. Last time i saw a strong defensive mildfielder at arsenal when we,ve got gilberto silva and viera,sell xhaka and bring docoure,

  6. The new look arsenal by nxt season:
    Ben chiwell,holding,saball,bellerin,
    New left winger docoure torreira,fraiser
    Laca and auba

    1. It depends on whether we can find a buyer.But if you were to ask me I’m 100% sure he won’t be here next season

    2. Mustafi is our own VVD according to statistics, so he’ll be here for a very long time. Brace yourself up for more of mustafi shows

  7. Good look of the site. I hope we sign good players who have the potential to take us beyond the thrash we saw this past season.
    Kev’s back. If I may ask, are u Kev a Ghanaian?
    How true is our interest in Praet?

    1. Yes Kay,
      Kev is based in Ghana but obviously gets more inside information than us plebs that live in London.
      But lots of people seem to believe in him and wait avidly for his reports.
      Personally I prefer to believe real facts rather than extensively made up “facts” by self-promoted transfer gurus with inflated egos.

  8. Reading about the ridiculous budget we have AGAIN i was wondering, Does anyone know what our current debt is?

  9. Firstly, a huge thanks for this new set up to the Admin and his team. It seems clear and inevitable that we will now prioritise bringing in young players on the rise but not yet widely known. That is all to the good. Also that we will urgently do our utmost to get high earning but little productive players off our wage bill, which MAY also and sadly include Auba, who IS productive. This is the price we pay for years of mismanagement and a CEO who badly harmed our future and then present too. Thi sis a summer of hope , wait and see and then evaluate accordingly at the end of next season. I AM ONE OF MANY WHO BELIEVE IN GIVING OUR NEW REGIME EVERY POSSIBLE CHANCE TO PROVE THEIR WORTH, AS I BELIEVE THEY ARE DOING AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO. THOSE WHO CALL FOR EMERYS HEAD, EVE WITH MOSTLY WENGER/ GAZIDIS PLAYERS AND KROENKLE’S PITTANCE BINDING THEIR HANDS SO FAR, ARE GROSSLY IMMATURE AND UNFAIR. I WILL WAIT WITH MUCH HOPE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

    1. Jon Fox,
      when you saw Venkatesh and Raul being interview a week before our final vs Chelsea they pretty much hinted, what happened to Sanchez and Ramsey will be history to Arsenal football club and they spoken strongly about players who had two years before their contracts are over and that being said Auba and Ozil fall in that category which really make sense in terms football as a business. so I won’t be surprised if Auba is gone to collect his last big weekly pay as he will not have many years left but they don’t wanna seem like they are pushing him out and I really think something has been engineered expertly.

  10. I welcome the apparent change in strategy which has been brought about by necessity to live within one’s means which in the long run tends to pay dividends.Based on the film clip the young lad seems to have pace and skill but of course you cannot make a proper assessment until you have watched the player on a number of occasions.The fans of stats will tell you different, but our own eyes are far more important than computer producer figures which can give a completely misleading picture .Mustafi and Socratis are examples of players with decent state which fails to tell the truth in that they both have to work hard and resort to foul play to do even simple tasks.

  11. Good that we are going back to basics.

  12. Seems a player to replace Welbeck, nothing really to get anyone out of their seats. If he can mirror the workrate that Welbeck brought than that will be a plus for the young man.

    The only way for us to get a kitty we need is to sell some players, and maybe Auba among them. We don’t have the players to play 2 up top, and we need someone better on the wings than what Auba offers.

    If we could sell Auba and bring in Pepe then maybe that would be better for the team overall. Hard to say because Auba was joint Golden Boot winner, and can Laca step up and deliver 25-30 PL goals a season?

    With cheap budget hopefully losing Sven won’t come back to bite us.

  13. He has a good sprint on him, I think this is a good punt. At least he can play so we won’t have to wait four years and then never see him again. He’ll be arriving to beef up our squad depth, so I like the buy. This will be good competition for our younger guns.

  14. “Despite the Gunners being linked with every available bargain player and his dog, the only likely confirmed Arsenal transfer we have so far is that the youngster Gabriel Martinelli will be joining us next month when he turns 18.”……………….mmmm confirmed !…………….is it on ?…..nope !……on Ornstein ?…….nope !

  15. I join the rest in congratulating Admin on this new look. Let me hope that the new look will also bring new and constructive ideas.
    I am very curious to know how the issue of the 40 million transfer package came about. Is it from an official statement or is it just hearsay? If it is the latter we should just ignore it and wait for more credible sources. I remember last year similar rumours were circulating during the transfer period only to realise they were all fake news. I will be glad if Edu’s appointment is confirmed because he is a Gunner.
    I am in total concurrence with a clear out of below par players. I believe it can’t get worse than it has been this season. Let us swallow a bitter pill now and heal the sickness than continue limping on pretending and hoping things will be better. One African elder said, ‘Growl now, smile later.

  16. Hello kev,

    Any word on this Kabak kid from Stuttgart?

    Honestly any rumour of defensive reinforcement is exciting to me. We can score all day long but we wont win without defence. Thanks for the insight. UTA cheers guys. And I do believe reports of our budget are a bit lower than what we really have. Weve done this for many many seasons guys.


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