Is Martinelli the answer to Arsenal’s problems?

Is Martinelli the answer? by ThirdManJW

As all Arsenal fans are aware, we’re currently going through our usual process of letting a star player enter the final year of his contract, which is depressing! Will the club ever learn? If Aubameyang does go though, what do we do? Sign a replacement or look for an internal solution?

Although this has barely been mentioned in the media, we only need to start looking at a new striker should Lacazette go as well. Otherwise we’ll just have the same problem as we have had the last two years, with a striker out of position to accommodate Lacazette.

Even if both our star strikers are sold, I would argue that we shouldn’t sign another striker, because Martinelli is the answer. Any concerns about an adjustment period, ability, attitude, etc, have already been dispelled. At only 18 years old, he has already proven to be a vital member of our squad. Despite his excellent performances, some may argue he’s too young, and inexperienced at leading the line, but look at Fabregas as an excellent example for why that isn’t an issue.

Cesc was bossing games at just 17 years old, so why can’t Martinelli? Ability wise, Martinelli has proven himself as a starter, but what I love most about him is his infectious attitude. His workrate, and pressing reminds me of Alexis, and all without the moaning (although I loved Alexis).

The other two reasons we shouldn’t sign another striker is because we cannot afford one, whilst simultaneously sorting out other positions. Defence, and midfield are the priorities at the moment, even in the event of Laca, and Auba leaving at the same time, and Nketiah can be used as backup/rotation for Martinelli. Lastly, signing another big name striker that expects to play every game, will only block the progress of Martinelli. He has too much potential to continue as a super sub.

Martinelli isn’t just one for the future, he has proven to be one for the present. Do you think he is ready to lead the line for Arsenal?



  1. I don’t think he is quite ready
    but he should get regular games along side somebody with more experience

  2. Yes TMJW, Auba is good to have in the team, however we won no honors with him on board for the last 3 seasons. Missed a sitter that would have got us in the UCL, and many more, but if he goes, the club mill move on. Once Xhaka and Ozil are gone, then only will the winning mentality with passion and drive come back to the team.Both are not team players, slow and error prone hot heads, detrimental to any winning formation. As a result Auba became the victim of not winning anything (save his golden boot) with us. We have Gabriel, we may need a decent 15 goal a season back up (I have a feeling that Laca will move too, which is a good move for both parties) and Eddie for Cup games.Next season Ozil moves and hopefully Xhaka, so we focus on the EPL in 2021-22.By that time Mikel will be rid of all headaches and will have his own team.

  3. This is not a good suggestion, Martineli is not yet there, he is still the one for the future. Aubameyang should be offered a new contract that will make him stay but not Ozil’s type. No need for trial by error

  4. Is Gabi Martinelli the answer? It depends on the question. I haven’t red the article. My stomach wont let me. If I read it, there’s a risk I have to occupy the lav for the rest of the day. The truth is, this 18 year old kid is our only hope – if Auba goes. It’s as simple as that. He become 19 in June, I think. And of course, if he is that great talent so many of us hope he is, it’s about time to show it. When a forward player becomes nineteen he should be ready. And I want to believe he is. I think Gabi Martinelli will score 25 EPL goals next season. But I don’t think the next season is 2020-21 – but 2021-22. If not the soccer authorities decide to play 20-21 in closed doors. As long as we have no vaccin, no 59 000 at Ashburton. No way. It’s many “if:s” nowadays.

    1. Yeah, of course it’s a risk that the corona devil even kills the talent of Gabriel Martinelli. The Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021 seems more and more unrealistic, so, as you say, Jon, 2020 is a lost year, for football anyway. And the first half of 2021, at least. With no vaccine and no antiviral medicine for the already sick. No matches at Ashburton. 2021 is the year when Aliko Dangote should become our savior. Do you think he still want us?

  5. In that he cannot play at CB,RB or DM , Martinelli is not the “answer to our problems”..He is however one of a number of talented youngsters who are the future of our Club and one way or another our intelligent young Manager will give them an opportunity to perform on a regular basis.Exciting young attacking players, we have.Highly quality defenders and midfielders, we do not.

  6. WIth Martinelli and Saka we have generational talents. Martinelli while still young should be starting every game, i wouldnt expect him to be the difference just yet but definately needs to be playing

  7. Yes, what he lack is experience and the only way to get it – is to play as much as possible. And it’s important that Mikel Arteta take GM aside and tell him “you are my man, I believe you can do it”… That will make this young man grove high in front of the bosses eyes. Not like Mourinho treated Rushford. José almost ruined MR:s career. It was a sad sight.

  8. Whilst no one really knows for sure about Auba and Laca, I think If Laca goes then Arsenal need to replace him with a younger hungrier up and coming striker to go with Martinelli, the player that we could have a look at is Brentford’s Ollie Watkins, he’s still young, quick, deadly in front of goal, given a bit of time he could be a force in the top league, this guys a goal scorer wherever he has played, and he’s a massive Arsenal fan, said recently that it was his dream to play for Arsenal.Also would also help our English quota and would not cost a sheer ransom unlike some of the foreign players that are being linked with us, could be worth a punt, also his teammate Benrahma looks useful and tricky, with money tight everywhere this could be sensible options for us.

  9. Martinelli’s abilities are not the issues but like with every young players consistency and experience will be,he ‘ll go through difficult periods of like not scoring, playing well against some European teams and more importantly the pressure of being our number one striker/goalscorer;!will he be ready for all that at the start of next season??

  10. one player cannot be the answer. YOu need a full competitve squad. Something arsenal has not had in over a decade.

  11. He is good, but we can not just do with one good striker. For the writer to assume a full season without the risk of injury, exhaustion, sickness to a player is irresponsible. Every position should have at least two good player in it. So if Laca and Auba both depart, we must sign another proven striker.

  12. Don’t push too hard! He is still young, a good action is to build around on him and I can promise you that one day will enjoy the result.

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