Is Mikel Arteta set for his first big clash with the Arsenal board?

The Arsenal board is reluctant to give Mikel Arteta the funds to strengthen the team this month.

There have already been a significant number of Arsenal rumours since the winter transfer window opened and there will be a whole lot more before the month is out, that you can be certain of.

We have almost no idea which particular rumour is grounded in reality or fantasy but what we do know, is that the Arsenal squad needs overhauling.

It is also reasonable to assume that Mikel Arteta would want to bring his own players in and jettison those that either does not buy into his ideas or are simply not good enough.

However, it is being reported that Arteta is facing resistance from the board in terms of the sort of player he wants to acquire. In fact, Teamtalk has run just that sort of headline using a variety of links to back up their assertion.

Now, no one knows what the Spaniard was told or promised when he agreed to manage Arsenal. He may well have been told that there is no money available this month. He may also have been told that only loan players are acceptable at this time. Again, no one knows for sure.

There is no proof that the board is resistant, there is no proof that Arteta wants a particular player, we know he does not want the likes of Granit Xhaka and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to leave and that is about it.

Is there a clash coming between Arteta and the Arsenal board? I have no idea and that is the whole point, no one does and any reports to the contrary without evidence is nothing more than sensationalist reporting for the sake of it.


  1. They should please help Arteta with some signings, We can still catch Chelsea if the team is strengthen, Maybe they should try offload the rotten tomatoes to give room for the new recuitments.

  2. I doubt it. The board wants the team to do well too. But a new CB probably means we have to get rid of Mustafi first.

    I’m certain Arteta had some kind of guarantees before he agreed the job.

  3. In actual fact then, these are just questionable rumours, with no factual evidence, designed to get the fan base up in arms yet again.

    Arteta has said that the club is looking at signing players in this window, so that is good enough for me – all these rumours are nothing more than that – in fact the management has been very quite, so I’m just going to sit back and wait for The Arsenal to officially announce any transfers in or out…that way I will keep relatively sane!!!

  4. Romours.
    But can we see very good players to buy this window? Not just a little upgrade that will occupy space.

  5. The post says “no one knows…..”, “there is no proof…..” Absolutely useless rubbish. Surely buy now there should be confidence that Mikel new exactly what he was getting when he accepted the appointment.

    Rumours.of transfers are started by
    1. Agents because they want a nice fee if it happens
    2. Newspaper columnists because they get paid to sell papers
    3. Pundits who in any event have nothing better to do and also get paid for talking rubbish
    4. Wishful thinking fans
    5. Websites like ours, mostly just to elicit comment

    Did I omit anybody? Bottom line is NEVER TAKE THIS SH.T SERIOUSLY. Just be patient and let loose when whatever happens, happens.

  6. Can we do away with all the ridiculous transfer rumours and only have ones submitted by Kev!

  7. The only person I wanted in the transfer window was Arteta and we got him as an early Xmas present, best Xmas present ever, certainly beats the pair of mole grips my mother in law once got me!…………still trying to work out if there was a subliminal message being sent there!

  8. I think they hired Arteta instead of someone like Allegri because they wanted a YES man. They know he will do what they want and not cause a fuss to keep his job because he’s so inexperienced

    1. You could be right but I am tempted to think that on the basis of what Iโ€™ve seen and heard so far that Arteta is very much his own man

      1. Agree SueP……………………Innit is blaspheming against The Holy Church of St Mikel ๐Ÿ˜†

    2. What utter utter rubbish. Iโ€™m telling you that Arteta will prove to be anything but a yes man and most likely informed the Board how privileged they should be for him agreeing to be the new manager.We are talking about a Coach that this club will be fighting to keep hold off in a few seasons time.

      1. Agree 100%, Phil, Mikel is nobody’s yes man, and it is ludicrous to think so just because he MAYBE cost less to appoint than Allegri might have done. Just because he is young does not mean he will roll over at the first sign of resistance. The signs that he is his owm man were there a long time ago.

  9. The truth is we dont have any money to spend, whatever Arteta was told when he came was obviously a secret. Everyone will know that we have situations where we need to get rid of players and top players contracts coming to a head this summer. Arteta himself will know any money spent this January will come off his summers budget, we have payments for Saliba and Pepe to come out of next summer’s budget before we start and we still dont know what or if we are in European competition next season. Too much up in the air before we can go spending money. We are trying to get out players to release some funds but that is proving difficult. Dont expect any big movement, we cant shift our players.

  10. I dont understand this we dont have money issues all the time… Are you telling me Leicester is richer. Everton is richer. West ham is richer. Even Spurs..

    Tell me why we cant spend. The board need to back him. We should spend at least 30mil this window if we really mean business.

    1. Olaitan Kayode, the reason we can’t spend is because the owner of the club, it is rumoured, doesn’t want too.
      Now, if you can suggest a way to persuade him to see things the way we, the fans do, then please enlighten us all.

      The board have nothing to do with what the kronkies decide they want to do with their privately owned lock stock and barrel football club – some of us actually wonder exactly what the board actually contribute, but that is another subject in my opinion.

      1. Exactly, Ken, “…it is rumoured….”. That says it all, doesn’t it? We don’t KNOW but we just looove speculating. Problem is that in the process we often give people unwarranted reputations. The board is this, the board is that. The Kronkies are this, or they don’t want that. What do we KNOW? The fact that the club management does not recklessly throw money after players means they don’t want the club to do well? Some realism is needed here.

    2. Olaitan, because we are maxed out on our spending limit we have very little room for maneuver, just the same as all the teams you have mentioned and i believe we spent more in the summer than all of them. If our owner were to lend us 30 40 or 45 mil, we would have to pay it back to him in three years, that is the rule, so that would impact our future spending. Its hard for fans to realise no club can just keep chasing money as if it grows on trees. We spent big in the summer in a way that we dont normally and that needed a nod from the kronk but we will pay for that for the next 5 years. We can only spend what keeps us in the FFP limits. We have a player that is impacting our ability to sign players because of his wages and all of this is blunting our ability to spend. The thing about football finance is it is very complicated and fans are not financial wizards, it is not that we don’t want to spend it is because we really cant. We are not a bottomless pit. And by the way before some idiot comes on and says otherwise, i dont want kronk owning our club but thats another story.

  11. Ok Jon.You asked me to read your article and I have.Do I agree with what you are saying? To a degree I do, but it seems not to the point that you do.I have no problem with the rumour issues, which are obviously more likely during the transfer windows, and Iโ€™m not sure I agree the two Admins are inventing them just to provide another article.For me, I read every article that is printed, but only reply when I feel I can either add something of value or to a post I disagree with.
    Some of Admin Martins posts have been far too critical in the past s a certain player, and his personal thoughts do not reflect EVERY thought, and certainly have not all been correct. But it takes a statement to kickstart any response and without the article there is no site.
    In regards the commercial side Jon, i can only congratulate all concerned for a successful business venture. The quality has not been lessened and the posters seem to be increasing so for me, I just cannot see the issue.

  12. SAGooner, the answer is not to comment then.
    I agree it is bordering on insanity, but last time I looked, there was an average of four replies to each of your 1,2,3 examples.

    If that continues, the site itself will, surely, see the total lack of interest in such personal guesswork.
    As a perfect example, Admin Pat started a collection of AW successes in Europe with our 2-1 defeat of Barcelona in the CL – very poor response and I haven’t seen any since ( not even the -1 drubbing of Inter Milan as promised Pat!!!).

  13. Show me one single article that does not attribute the rumour to a third party. Just one.

    If you cannot then you should withdraw your statement that we make any of these rumours up.

    As for the rest of your comments, I ignore them the second you make false allegations.

    1. Well adminMartin, what about your player ratings or SAGooners 1,2,3, examples for starters?

      None of them are rumours are they?

      What about your use of the word “humiliating” when summing up of those with different views to you regarding Ozil?
      Not a rumour, just a biased opinion that came as no surprise to anyone I would suggest.

      I’m not sure if your reply was aimed at me, but I’m responding as it is directly below my post…which, inciฤently makes
      no mention of “making these rumours up”

      That’s why I very rarely comment on these type of articles and, like you, ignore them completely once I’ve taken the time to read them.

      1. It was for Jon who made a false statement. No idea what point you are trying to make to be honest Ken. You mutter something about Ozil, that is me turned off.

        1. Thanks for finding original…and your point about me and Ozil is exactly what I’m saying Martin, if one doesn’t like the comments, don’t respond…read them of course if the title intrigues one…it has been known on here that people change their views.

          I was giving you examplex of articles that were not based on rumours, as it now turns out, you were asking Jon Fox…hope you see the point now.

  14. All hail Pope Jon fox the 12! In regard to what u said @kem1945, maybe a peaceful protest against kronke,his convoy a placard demonstrating Our dislike of his handling of our dear AFC? Just a suggestion

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