Is Mikel Arteta worth as much as Pep Guardiola in wages?

Mikel Arteta has been the main challenger to Pep Guardiola in the Premier League over the last two seasons.

The Arsenal manager has transformed the team from the brink of falling out of the top six into one of the top two sides in the league within four years.

Arteta’s team keeps improving, and his reputation as one of the best managers in England is also growing.

His current deal expires in 2025, and there is no indication that he wants to leave the Emirates anytime soon.

Arsenal has remained one of the top clubs in the country over the last two seasons, and they are now looking to offer him a new contract.

Talks are ongoing, and a report in the Daily Mail says he is in line to earn close to the £20m-a-year salary that Guardiola makes at the Etihad.

The former midfielder has already proven that he is one of the best managers in the world, and he is expected to win some trophies soon.

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Arteta has been one of the best managers in England so far, and we hope he signs a new contract soon.

However, there is no suggestion that he wants out, so we need to be more relaxed about his future.


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  1. No, not yet, purely in terms of Managerial career and achievements. In fact, Arteta is basically a rookie in that regard.

    But for Arsenal club, he is certainly worth more right now. Everyone is too quick to point out that Arteta being backed by the Arsenal authority is the reason for the improvements that we are seeing but suggesting that every manager backed in the same way will be a success is a massive generalization. And those very people don’t understand that if the Arsenal management supports Arteta and back him at every stage, they must be seeing something in him and if they think they could bring a better manager than Mikel, like some geniuses seem to be onboard with, they will know better, and when the time comes, they will do it. But it’s certainly not now.

    So, Arteta and Pep aren’t comparable at all in terms of career achievements now but given Mikel’s age and the managerial skills that he is showing at this age, he will achieve great things no doubt. And someday, there will be discussions on who is better, Mikel or Pep.

    1. Daulat,
      That’s the second time in as many days that I have agreed wholeheartedly with your posts.

  2. Deserving of a raise, I would certainly say so. However, perhaps incentives added into his contract like with the players.

    It is not my money, but the rumored near 20 million seems a lot for a manager who is 5 years in with only 1 FA Cup in his cabinet achieved with players he deemed unsuitable to his project.

    Ownership must truly believe in Arteta to present the wage packet, so who am I to argue? Time and trophies will tell in the end.

  3. In no way is Arteta anywhere near Pep in any sense of the word. You guys are really reaching with this one. Just sayin…🤔

      1. Has anyone said he is Reggie?
        Pep is like CA – at the top – and Arteta is aiming for it. Im pleased that he is

        1. The title of the article says, is Arteta worth as much as Pep. Well like NY says. Not in any sense of the word. And not worth as much as Pep. We are answering the article. Which can I say, is a little bit rediculous. But its click bait and we got hooked.

    1. NYG
      Which guys are you referring to? Nobody has said that Arteta is Pep’s equal
      Just sayin…😊

      1. It’s simply the title. No-one has said Arteta has reached Pep’s level. The article itself does not make this argument. The size of the deal is uncertain and the journalists seem to be speculating.

  4. Yes one fa cup in 5 years ,may as well give him a bumper new contract to rival peps .
    Whatever next 😂

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