Is Mourinho right to talk about Arsenal title momentum?

I have a sneaking feeling that Jose Mourinho is not really all that worried about Arsenal catching his Chelsea team and challenging for the Premier League title this season. But as ESPN have reported, the Portuguese manager did say yesterday that the Gunners were still in the title race.

Mourinho said, “Of course Arsenal are in it. They are seven points behind Chelsea, but have one less match to play than Chelsea.

“Both City and Arsenal are in the title race. It depends on the momentum for Arsenal – the 3-1 defeat against Monaco or the 3-0 win against West Ham?

“So the danger is always there. But I keep saying, we are there. If someone had told me in August that, at the end of March, we’d be six points in front with a match in hand, I’d have signed for that immediately.

“There are two perspectives. One perspective is a draw at home to Southampton is not a good result. For me, that perspective is very acceptable.

“The second perspective is we had a lead of five points from second, and now it’s six points with one less match to play.

“I keep thinking whether our opposition is better than them [over the run-in], but I think so. Both teams are in the race.”

His words came after Chelsea were held to a draw against Southampton at Stamford Bridge, meaning that Arsenal closed the gap to the top by another two points over the weekend. They were also held to a draw by Burnley in their last home league game and when you consider that they were knocked out of the Champions League at home with the 2-2 against PSG, you can understand why Mourinho might be worried about his own team’s momentum.

Three draws in their last six league games could have put their title challenge at serious risk but Man City have failed to take advantage, but we have won our last five games in a row and if we continue to win then it could start to get a bit tasty, especially as they have to come to the Emirates at the end of April, one game after hosting Man United.

We still need a miraculous fall by Chelsea but if they do fail to win away at Hull next weekend and we beat Newcastle, the international break will not be a nice two weeks for Jose. But I believe his words on Arsenal are meant more as a kick up the bum to his players than a real belief that Arsenal might catch them. Is there really a chance for us?

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  1. I hate Mourinho and don’t care what he says

    One game at a time.
    Lets continue winning
    Tomorrow Monaco
    Then Newcastle away and 6 PL winning streak.

    Continue winning and if it’s our destiny it will happen

    1. Agree with all you say, especially the Mourinho part. One game at a time and would love to see us line-up as follows tomorrow : Ospina, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koschielny, Monreal, Ramsey, Coquelin,Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud. Subs: Welbeck, Rosicky, Walcott if we need goals and Flamini, Chambers, Gibbs to defend a much hoped for 3-0 or 4-0 lead.

    2. Dude, destiny does not come to you, you work it out!!! We should focus on winning just about every game. I’m sure something terrible will happen to Maureen’s team, but I just hope we seize every opportunity.

  2. I believe he’s being honest, especially if we can get a win at the bridge. That’d put us 3 points closer with or forms being almost exact opposites.

    1. Actually we play Chelsea at home.

      Chelsea could lose points against United and Liverpool and maybe away against QPR but they still need to lose against someone else too. Anything is possible but right now we need to concentrate on our games and not think about others.

    2. Earlier this season, the fool said “I don’t know why Arsenal aren’t competing with us” yaddi yaddi yah and now according to him, we are in the title race. Make up your mind!

      Anything is possible, we’ve seen it happen. But we don’t continuously need Mourinho’s 2 cents to know that. We just need to focus on our own game.

  3. Tomorrow we are going to need the mother of all comebacks to beat them. Monaco are unbeaten in their last five home matches in the league. And their biggest home loss this season was a 1-2 in the opening day. Also their pitch is directly above their underground car park, sure to cause hindrance in our play. We need to be very professional and not get carried away. But the way our our players and fans are talking it seems just that. But we are still in it. Cannot wait for tomorrow.

    P.S.- Arsenal are the only English team till now with the genuine chance of a treble atleast mathematically.

    Goodnight fcukers 🙂 See you all tomorrow.

  4. Its going to amazing hope it turns out that way so long the lads play with the spirit see you at bar morrow nite all drinks on me really except for hafiz rahman

  5. I don’t think it’ll happen but as long as we give it a go I’ll be happy. Very difficult to get back 3 goals against a team that strong defensively.

  6. Looking forward to watching Reading v Bradford. Interesting to watch our possible opponents play.

    Whoever wins, we can’t take them for granted. Top teams have lost to lower league teams.

    I really don’t care who wins, although revenge against Bradford would be sweet

    1. @fred cowardly
      If we play tomorrow, like Reading is playing tonight, we can win the CL, let alone beat Monaco …

  7. Let’s stop speculating where and when the Blues are likely to lose points. That one is in the control of the Blues to control or loss control. Talking of control, the Gunners are in control to sustain their winning momentum. And I expect them to do the discipline consuming task successfully without dropping any iota of any points in their remaining 9 Barclays Premier League games. To avoid losing our targets focus, I would expect the boss, the Gunners and we the Gooners to resist engaging the Blues boss in any mind game. But rather, the Gunners should intensively intensify their winning prowess to win every game from tomorrow at AS Monaco Stade Louis II. And become this season quadruple Champions.

  8. Mourinho is doing mind games, let’s get a result at monaco and treat each game deservedly serious. At the end of the season, we’ll have a reflection of how we’ve done! For now, ignore Mourinho, he sees nothing good in Wenger apart from having a “dream job”!

  9. May I suggest a new nickname for the Chelsea manager?
    At one time it was thought to be extinct but one has been heard regularly at Stamford Bridge mouthing of at press interviews lately.

  10. Arsenal needs to win out to have a chance at title. 9 for 9… can it be done? Pool n Chelsea at home. Utd away.

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