How much is Nketiah actually worth to Arsenal?

Is Nketiah worth 100k per week? by LeGuuner

Let’s try to answer that question the best we can.

First of all, what’s the worst case scenario for Arsenal if Nketiah signs such a contract?

He fails, doesn’t score any goals next season and spends the rest of his contract on loan with Arsenal paying half his wages. Cost for the club? Somewhere between £10 and £15 millions.

Now let’s look at his stats this season. 

In the premier league he played 825 min and scored 5 goals, that’s 0.55 goals per 90 min.

Believe it or not, he’s ranking 9th in goals per 90 min in the EPL this season.

It’s a small sample for sure and we don’t know if he can maintain such standards through out an entire season.

In domestic cups he’s scored 5 goals in 307min this season (1.46 goals per 90 min)

His best achievement so far is being England U21 all time record goal scorer.

The moment he was given a Premier league opportunity in the starting 11 this season he didn’t look back. He stood up, took his responsibilities under money, time, enormous pressure, and banged 5 goals in 7 games.

He’s young, he’s talented, he’s hungry for goals, he’s confident and he’s cocky. 

On the top of that he’s a local lad, knows the club inside out and Arteta trusts him.

Do we need another striker in the squad?

Of course we do. But whoever it is we manage to buy in the summer, I put my money on Nketiah to come out on top.

Do you see any English striker playing number 9 position under the age of 25 better than Nketiah?

How much is a young English goal scorer worth on the transfer market?

Look at how much we paid for White, or how much Maguire cost Man Utd.

As a conclusion, is Nketiah worth a 5 million signing bonus and 100k per week? I don’t think so, and that’s probably why he hasn’t signed this contract. 

He can ask for more money from the club, he’s well worth it.


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  1. He is not that talented. He can’t dribble, can’t create a space for himself to shoot in tight situations, which makes him extremely inefficient against top defenders, his technical ability is mediocre. As a third choice striker on a 40k wage I would kipp him, but nothing more. Considering giving him so much money is insane and shows how our standarts have fallen.

    1. As I have said Nketia is ideed a value player.
      He cost nothing cf Pepe 72m Auba 60m Laca 50m he is an absolute steal.
      He is quota an often overlooked fact.
      He actually scored more PL goals than the afor mentioned 182m strike force two of whom have already left for free.
      He does score goals in Cup football.
      He is still young.
      By just having him in the squad he reduces the asking price of a Nunez/DCL by 20million.
      His 100k p/w is miniml cf to Laca 180k p/w Willian 250k p/w Partey 250k p/ and Auba 350k p/w. He gets less than Kolasinac was paid.
      He is easily maneagable so suits Areta’s my way or the highway style.
      So a very simple canny move by the club.

    2. Remember he’s still very young and still learning, with less games he had to play, yet they’re flashes of true potential in him. He is active when called upon.

    3. The actual wage is less than 24k per week.
      Translate 20m he’s worth over 5 yrs per, this gives about 76k per week. Deduct this from the 100k you’ll see we got him very cheap. The club needs to educate d fans about these financials

  2. Small sample size as you say – that’s the big issue. And no one’s going to offer him more. Blinkers on

    1. Joe willock scored 6 in 6 games last season, but just two all season in this. Giving out big contracts based on short runs like 5 in 7 is idiotic. 100k pw should be a reward for some significant track record.
      In truth, we don’t really know how well Eddie will do over the course of a season, we don’t know if he just had a purple patch or if he’s just on the cusp of being a top striker, but these kinds of contract gambles don’t often pay off, and we always seem to land ourselves with overpaid, underperformers that we can’t sell.

      1. True it’s always a gamble to offer a youngster a big contract.
        We don’t know for sure if Nketiah will perform next season but I feel it’s a no brainer and the club should take that risk.

  3. Scoring 5 goals towards season ending is still not enough to justify a bomber deal he could be put in a shift for a particular motive or impression. I think a clause should be inserted in the deal that allows his contract to be terminated if he doesn’t perform to certain standards. For me there is still a need for a proven experienced CF.

    1. I don’t feel the deal on offer is expensive to the club.

      Lacazette was expensive.
      His 5 year deal cost the club 100 millions! (50 transfer fee + 10 per year)

      25 million for Nketiah on a 5 year contract sounds reasonable to me

      1. So because we’ve made mistakes with contracts in the past, this one is ok? Laca had an extensive record before we signed him, and it didn’t work out quite so well as we’d hoped, but at least there was some reasoning behind the signing.
        Nketiah had done comparatively very little to earn this contract offer, and it reeks of desperation on our part. We know we’re going to struggle to get high quality forwards this summer, so if we’re going to have to take some risks, better the devil you know?

        1. I’m just saying the financial risk on Laca’s contract with as four times higher (100mil) than on Nketiah’s (25mil).
          Any striker Arsenal may buy will require a 100mil package and there’s no guarantee the guy would score more goals than Nketiah.
          The financial risk on Nketiah is low

  4. I agree to a point but I disagree he should reject and demand more, not with this contract not yet, he can pocket 10mil then demand a bigger contract if he deserves it but to get that sort of money you need to show consistency over long term.

    1. I agree he should sign that deal.
      But if another PL offers him a £15 mil signing bonus and we have to up of Ofer slightly just do it and get the deal over the line. I’ll be gutted if Nketiah leaves for free and goes on becoming a great striker

  5. first and foremost, I would have never offered our purple patch kid such a bounty, but If I had, I would give him no more than 5 seconds to decide, as he should have been happier than a pig in sh** if the wage being reported was accurate…no other team was going to offer someone with that CV those wages, so if he even balked for more than 5 seconds, I would have cutoff communications and moved on to bigger and better things

    1. just to clarify the situation, I refer to Eddie as the purple patch kid not because I think he’s a hack or that he doesn’t have anything on offer, but because I don’t think he’s a first choice option on any team with higher expectations in the PL and, more importantly, I don’t think what he’s accomplished thus far is worthy of such a lofty wage package

      personally, I think we completely shit the bed when it comes to this particular position, as we paid Auba to score a bucket-load of goals for Barca, let nevergoals Laca leave on a free even though he should have been sold some time back and potentially overpaid Eddie because we completely mismanaged his contractual situation…btw this same group of organizational lightweights likewise butchered the Balo situation too…what an administrative dumpster fire

      1. Nketiah was first option for Arsenal at the end of season and did pretty well.
        Ok Laca is not the best competition ever.

        There’s no transfer fee attached to him, he can be a free agent in less than a month and probably has offers from several clubs on the table.

        That means we’ll have to pay higher wages to keep him at the club

  6. £100k per week for Nketiah just can’t be true? Putting that into perspective, Mason Mount is currently on around £75k pw!! MA must see something in him that others don’t.

    1. I don’t know when Mount signed his deal but surely his next contract’s going to be way higher than 100k/week…

    2. What do we have to pay to recruit a similar player? £25 million and £60k a week? If you consider alternative cost it make sense to sign Nketiah. Signing him gives us the possibility to sell him later…

  7. Well done to Arteta for wanting to keep him. He is a natural born goalscorer. His exploits for the Arsenal and England U21’s tells me that as well as the kind of scrappy goals he scores. This tells me he’s great at getting into goalscoring positions and poaching but he can play ball too. He’s like a young hybrid of Auba and Laca. I look forward to seeing more goals and more of him. I wish Arteta hadn’t ignored his preseason form and started him earlier. He would probably have been our highest goalscorer. From the eye test he’s got talent and I’m hoping he stays.

    1. I also believe he’s clear of Martinelli at everything else. He’s just a striker so the stakes are higher for him and rightly so.

    2. I also love his scrappy goals. That shows how hungry he is.
      We’ve all been craving for a real goal scorer.
      There you go, we’ve got him in our squad already

  8. Had we qualified for the champions league I feel we would have let him go. In all fairness he’s a top player for the europa league and as a back up cf. The real issue now is Jesus. Yes he would be a good signing but we are in desperate need off a good old fashioned number 9 and neither him or Eddie fit the bill. We should go all out for Nunez or Oisheim.

  9. More idiocy from Arsenal management … will be unsellable in a year if extended on anything above whatever absurd amount he’s paid already for his mediocre skills … another albatross dragging us back to 6th place or below

  10. I like Nketiah but at this point, he is 50-60 K tops.
    If Arsenal is offering 100K….sign that thing….
    He is not getting that any place else and it guarantees playing time.

    1. Any PL has the financial power to offer Nketiah a package worth more than £30million over 5 year (5mil signing bonus + 5mil per year)
      They may not offer 100k per week but can offer 15mil signing bonus…

    1. You’re a fool for offering such statements. Top strikers that worth a lot now started from somewhere. Who was Darwin Nunez 2020, who was Osimhen 2020. Nketiah is gonna have a successful season if he sign a contract

  11. I think Eddie’s value will depend upon how well he plays next season.
    The same can be said for ESR’s value

    If they get regular game time, with some extensive first team runs, that should allow them to get back in the groove., I think they will then both increase their worth to the club, and to any suitors.

    Sadly, I do not see any future for ESR, other late substitute appearances. If we get Jesus, I see the same future for Eddie.

    They may both get starts in cup games, but I do not see much action unless there are some significant injuries again.
    I fear the same situation will occur if Reese Nelson comes back.

    1. I would certainly hope that what you are suggesting does not happen. It would imply that neither of them had made any improvement.

  12. Goddie Nketiah I have long blogged here is worth more than Arsenal sees him. I have repeatedly staked my neck at the expense of some nasty remarks as I maintained Arsenal needs to give him the opportunity to deepen his confidence and show what he really could bring to the table. He is worth more than the current market puts on him. Once the team and Manager make him the striker to provide/service balls we should see him as a great striker with many goals. I support Arteta in placing his confidence in him against the backdrop of pessimism from the Fan base

  13. Nketiah is just a normal player and will not want Arsenal to offer him any contract whatsoever or offer so much PW in his contract…Arsenal need better players to compete with the big clubs ….. most fans will come back here to slate him later ….Nketiah is just a overrated player….will most fans want Arsenal to buy him (Nketiah) if he plays for Aston Villa or Southampton…

    1. He’s just got a month left on his current contract….
      The club’s not in the best place to negotiate.
      I just hope Arsenal manage to get him to extend contract as it’d be a shame to see Nketiah play for another club next season

  14. If you look at when Kane came through at Spurs he signed five contracts in four years. As he developed and his value went up the club just increased his wages. Obviously it all happened pretty quickly but the principle applies to every player. There would be nothing to stop Arsenal giving Nketiah a contract now and if he hit the ground running a better one half way through the season. Assuming of course the player was happy with that.

    1. That would make more sense – I think we’re just terrified of losing him because we don’t know who else we could sign, so we have to go with a stupid high offer

    2. Fully agree Jod.
      Nketiah’s agent is in a strong negotiating position though with the player about to become a free agent…

  15. Arsenal…the easiest club on the planet to get rewarded for doing so little.

  16. So we want better backups than Tavares at LB (judged after 1 year & limited games), Elneny and Xhaka not good enough either.

    Pepe can’t buy himself game time, and produced more than Nketiah, yet not good enough.

    Yet some are satisfied with Nketiah as backup?

    Jeez, talk about having blinders on. Years of subpar performances, a poacher and little else, and 5 goals in 7 games now make him a good signing?

    Won’t reach 4th relying on players like Nketiah’s level, be ambitious and aim higher FFS.

    1. I agree Durand, but we can’t get all we need in one window. Signing Nketiah must be done based on alternative cost, or to give us a better contractual situation with the possibility to sell him later.

      I expect us to sign a more proven striker as well. I believe Nketiah will get better, but I’m not sure about Pépé. I don’t doubt his potential but I’m not sure he’s suitable for the PL.

      1. I’d rather see a player like Gakpo, who has the versatility to play anywhere across the front, and if he isn’t scoring he at least is creative and can offer assists. A better option IMO, and can fill multiple roles.

        Another example would be a cheaper Plan B veteran; someone good in the air, holdup play, and offers something different.

        Jesus is not a bad 1st choice, but there would be no plan B with Nketiah, just a lesser skill set than Jesus.

        It just seems like an obsession to me, reminds me of Willan and Arteta’s refusal to bench him, Xhaka and refusal to bench and contract extension, retaining Ceballos after he clearly wasn’t a good fit at Arsenal.

        IMHO Edie hasn’t shown enough to deserve that massive contract, and won’t help the club get to the next level.

        1. So what do we have to pay for a similar player, transfer fee, and wages? It’s nothing but cost/benefit.

  17. Nketiah’s value can be considered in many ways. Can we expect to get a better striker for the same amount of money? Which kind of experience do the alternative striker have?

    In today’s market I don’t believe we will get a better striker with similar potential for the same amount of money. To buy a proven striker today is probably 55 million + and most likely do we have to pay him at least £150.000k a week, if not more.

    If Nketiah was the only striker we were signing I would have say no, but we are most likely to sign a more proven striker as well. Nketiah will probably get a “small” sign on fee paid in instalment during his contract length.

    I doubt we could have done a better business elsewhere. Now we will get in a better contractual situation and could sell him in the future.

    1. Who is going to buy his expensive contract? This is not any different than other dross players the club was unable to offload because of the high wages? He hasn’t been good for 5 yrs except for the last few games. He is just a scrappy goal scorer, nothing more nothing less. It’s better to buy a proven goal scorer even if it means paying over the odds

      1. We are going to buy a proven goal scorer as well. How much do we have to pay for a player similar Nketiah nowadays? £25 million and £60k a week? If that’s the case is good business to keep him and to develop him further. How many PL strikers are making less than 80k a week? It’s cost / benefit.

  18. I dont think he’s ready to be our number one striker, and I wouldn’t trust him to be our backup either, in my book, he’s one for the future..

    He did play some good games, but I felt he lacked technique, and some og his goals where kind of lucky, the best option would be to have him loaned out, unless we can’t get two new strikers, he needs consistent gametime to evolve, and the striker position isn’t a position we can take any gambles on, if we want to hope reaching CL next season.

  19. What worries when it comes to Nketiah staying is what made him change his mind?he said that game time was the issue at Arsenal.i’m guessing that he must have been given assurances about it no?more importantly what impact would it have on our transfer and the calibre of CF we are going after?
    According to several sites he is valued between 8-14M.

  20. He is good, but can get better. I think he has signed the contract and will be unveiled as our new no.9 now that the club have announced Lacs is leaving. The 14 shirt will be given to our shiny new signing who I think has also agreed to join and asked for that number, hence Martinelli got the #11. If not I wouldn’t be surprised to Saliba take the #14 once worn by his fellow countryman

    1. Our new no. 9, are you sure? Personally, I see him as a good middling striker, but not top class.

  21. Reading all the comments here I came to a conclusion that most Arsenal fans are pathetically insatiable. I remember many clamouring for Nketiah to stay put and Arsenal should ensure he sign a new contract and now it seems that has been achieved and everyone here is moaning about him receiving 100k pw. What else can be done to satisfy you lots?

    1. Some wanted him to stay, and I suspect most of them are the ones who don’t care how much we’re paying him.
      Some either wanted him to go or didn’t care too much if he stayed or not, and those are the ones complaining now.
      It’s virtually impossible to satisfy everyone while we’re not one of the top sides.

  22. Is Nketiah the type of player to help us get to the next level? I would argue that he is not.

    Just as many want the likes of Cedric, Pepe, Elneny, and others gone because they aren’t good enough, it’s the same with Edie.

    1. Durand – I don’t think he is going us any better than what we are. He is a scrappy goal scorer that relies heavily on pressing and opponent error. The only this team can improve with as the main striker is if they have world class talent in other areas that can compensate for Nketiah’s shortcomings. I.e Goal scoring wingers and midfielders. The problem with Arsenal and some fans is that they don’t know when to let it go. it’s the fear that the players will do well when they leave.

      1. My concern I Nketiah will become a financial albatross around Arsenal’s neck like Mustafi, Sokratis, Kola, take your pic.

        We overpay wages for average talent, and no one will match the wages and he will become virtually unsellable.

        Arsenal never seem to learn. Top 6 is the new top 4. Shocking that he’s considered as a backup, then again we still have ElNeny, Soares, etc…

        Waiting for something that will never come with Nketiah. 1 trick poacher helping us back to top 4 eh?

    2. I agree with you, but we are not going to buy two proven strikers in this window. Keeping Nketiah for one year can be interesting business. What is an average striker wage in the PL? I red somewhere that an average PL salary is £60k a week.

  23. Full credit to him for stepping up with some goals towards the end of the season, but I still cannot see him as the answer to our lack of goals. With the right service, he can be effective, and Arteta was right to offer him a new contract, if only to protect his value. I still believe, once he’s signed, we should be open to offers for his services.

    1. He’s not the answer, eventually a squad player and we are going to play more games this season.

  24. in my humble opinion….I’d rather we give Folarin Balogun a chance in the first team next season and let Nketiah go….They are of the same build and Balogun is more skillful than Eddie

    1. balogun had not a very good last year. Only 3 goals in 18 appearances in second tier football. It seems for me he has not delivered like his cameos of previous years in UEL suggested. He might become better hopefully, and i agree we should keep him and find a way that he plays but he does not seem ready now

  25. Some fans are just so good at complaining without doing some personal research on the details of the contract!

    A reported £100k weekly pay for a 5 years deal.

    He has £25m sell on clause that might be activated if he plays less than 25games in any of the 5 seasons.

    So if Arsenal are to sell him next season if he fails to make the listed number of games there will be profit for the club rather than letting him go for free.

    Isit that we just like saying bad about our players that we forget the good they have done for us?

    Nkethia had 10goals in all competition this season, 5goals in the caraboa cup games and 5goals in EPL with limited games played, can you compare him to other striking options at Arsenal this past season?

    Or are you telling me that Callum Hudson Odoi who has been earning over £120k but hasn’t score over 10 career goals for Chelsea is better than Nkethia or Chamberlain who earns £120k more than Mane at Liverpool but contributes next to nothing is currently better than Nkethia?

    Nkethia did an interview and said he needed just gametime to show the world his quality and then if the club doesn’t want him he will leave for free, but at the end of the season he got his chances and did great for us. There is a reward for him but so called Arsenal knows best fans on claim it’s a wrong deal for both Nkethia and Arsenal.

    We always don’t value our own but appreciate others for doing same thing we want to do.

  26. 100k is way too much probably for sure but the situation is also linked to his contract… If the overall cost is 35m on 5 years then it is not that expensive. Everyone win in the situation, club and him. Dont forget that Aubas new contract was 55/3 years and Laca 5 years are something like 58m. Not even mentioning that even if he came for “free” (LOL) willian 3 years contract was on the same amount of eddie new one. So yes, we overpay a bit eddie on its pure level right now, but we would find no cheaper on the market… And we wont loose more money on him that on the 3 players mentioned above as eddie is the only one “young” with some resale value. Thats all…

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