Is Owen’s claim about Arsenal’s Ozil and Sterling RIGHT?

When Arsenal fans see that Michael Owen has been talking about Arsenal, we do not exactly hold our breaths waiting for a stream of praise. This is the so-called football expert who predicts that the Gunners will drop out of the top four at the start of every season after all but he did play for two of our main rivals in Liverpool and Man United so maybe we should not be too surprised.

His latest take on us was his claim, made before we comfortably beat his beloved Merseysiders on Saturday, that Raheem Sterling was a better player than our German World Cup winner Mesut Ozil. Even after Ozil scored and starred against Liverpool and after he was torn to pieces by outspoken Arsenal fan Piers Morgan for his views (a rare occasion when I warmed to Piers), Owen has stuck by his claim.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the former striker has gone even further by suggesting that the gap between Sterling and Ozil is so wide that we should not even have to discuss which is better.

He said, “It seems my claim that Sterling is a better player than Ozil made some headlines today. Is there a debate? Not even close.”

I’m sorry Michael but there certainly is a debate to be had on this. But maybe us Arsenal fans think too much of Ozil as he is our player. The German has had plenty of critics since coming to the Premier League so maybe there is something in Owen’s argument, although it is hard to pick at because he gives no explanation for his views.

Is it because Sterling has scored more goals? You would expect him to as he has been playing up front and that has never been Ozil’s strong point. But although Sterling has played twice as many BPL games, his tally of six is only two more than Ozil’s. And this ignores what Ozil does for the team, linking up play, making space, spotting and completing passes that no one else would and generally lifting the whole team up a level or two.

Paul Scholes admitted his mistake after Ozil was instrumental in tearing United to shreds at Old Trafford so is Owen just stubborn or does he just not see it. To be honest I think he has a blind spot with our record signing and his words about Sterling before Saturday’s game highlight this.

Owen said, “He’s better than Ozil, I think he’s probably better than [Danny] Welbeck.”

So definitely better than Ozil then but only probably better than Welbeck? Do I detect a fully paid up member of the striker’s union here, someone whose football knowledge does not match his previous talent, or just a gobby muppet? Or is he right after all?

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  1. lol why even ask this? Of course Sterling is better than ozil, only a fool would think otherwise. A 20 year old playing for the holy liverpool with 14 CAPS under his belt vs. a poor world cup winner who plays for lonely and suckish Arsenal with terrible passes and no motivation? Sterling by a mile!!!! (sarcasm)

    Case and point: Michael owen is grade A Dip$hit

    1. I guess he is having a jab at the German talent. He still feels bitter about Germany beating England in the world cup single-handedly by Ozil.. He is a world cup winner and sterling is not even a winner..

        1. Im starting to seriously think, how these pundits are actually “PUNDITS”. especially Mr.OWEN and Mr.Carra… Every match is about a comparison with a Liverpool player and every match Liverpool to win by a mile and every player playing now is already a legend and a winner!!
          I pity Them!!!!

          1. who cares? as long as we make em eat their words haha.- not even a top 4 side is liverfool.

    2. When you see Robbie Savage look bewildered and shocked at a fellow pundit’s comments you just know you have hit rock bottom and that your days as a boring, vile, cretinous pundit must be numbered. BT Sport will have to get the lawyers to look at his contract – there must be a 10p buy-out clause for “professional ineptitude”. Embarrassing is the only word for it. The idea of comparing Sterling to Ozil is not the crime – notwithstanding the basic fact that they are different types of players in different positions with different roles – it is the follow-up arrogant dismissiveness. “Is there a debate? Not even close”. What a complete cock. Smacks of the man trying to brazen it out by following one gigantic lie with an even bigger whopper.

      1. Do you think it’s an English thing? And I mean no disrespect to any English people but it seems ozils loudest and biggest critics are English (& British). If you notice how other European players and coaches talk about ozil it’s in the highest regard. Players ALWAYS ask ozil for his jersey for a reason. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s cause he doesn’t run around like a complete twat the English don’t rate him

        1. I have always thought so but there are elements of the German media/press who have always been on his case. I imagine there are all sorts of side issues going on here because bottom line is there is huge disproportionality between his ability, achievements and his fairly humble demeanour and the abuse and flak he gets.

          1. I know the discrepancy between the two is HUGE I just don’t understand why people have this agenda against him especially since he just wants to keep his head down and play footy.

  2. You shouldnt even be asking this question the whole thing is a complete farce.

    You cannot/shouldnt compare the two players directly just like we try not to compare Sanchez with Ozil. Sanchez is the one who sterling should have been compared with and the liv boy does not even come close. Ozil for many genuine experts was best at what he does and not all that long ago either… the same cannot be said of Sterling, considering the Germans medal cabinet and the International team which he is stalwart of.. Owen embarrassingly sounds a complete twat.

    In my opinion there are players who Ozil keeps out of the German line up which are better than Sterling or at least more promise…. well something in common at the very least – they havent proven anything yet.

  3. He’s a pathetic loser, who cares what that stupid scousers says. Hope we smash them again I. The FA cup final. What to see him get ridiculed by everyone in football.

  4. Michael owen seems to have gone into a state of mental madness, after seeing his former club slaughtered at the emirates! Poor fellow the carnage was too much for him mentally!

  5. we’ve really seen both Cazorla and Ozil shine a lot brighter since moving to central positions.

    I do wonder though.. Wenger often refers to using the wings as a learning tool (the sideline essentially halving the space in which you can work in, makes players a lot better at working in confined spaces.)
    I am curious as to whether or not both players stints on the wings had a long-term goal in mind.

  6. Owen has to be one of the worst football commentators I’ve ever heard.
    How he can call himself a football pundit is beyond me.
    The fool has little man syndrome.

    1. The PR/marketing bods at BT Sport must be amateurs – he must be ruining TV viewer’s match days for nearly everyone bar the old-school scousers. He brings nothing, absolutely nothing, to the table. Wish he would f&*k off and play with his gee-gees and leave us alone.

      1. @jonestown1
        He’s just playing to the “twitter-verse” Causing a stir for people to come out and comment on it. Thus keeping himself relevant, for the moment.

        1. Spot on but when he said what he said there was a lot of vile. It was so personal. It was as if he didn’t want to recognise ozil as a human being. “You know, him” disdain gesture with the eyes.

          Maybe to do with the WC and ozil ripping England back when he was sterling’s age or P. Morgan and their twitter spats. Morgan is a pseudo-arsenal fan he is a shock jock journo first but he is on the mark with Owen.

          Maybe Owen doesn’t like Turks. Who knows.

          Maybe ozil done something to Owen personally.

        2. Yes no doubt, but I am a bit of a freak and have never used Twitter so not best placed to comment. Seems the ideal weapon of choice for those who have an opinion but are not compelled to articulate further – 140 characters and all that.

  7. How come this blog is turning into

    Every rumor is discussed. It’d be refreshing to have news or in game assessment that has some merit or backing. Need to cut the deadweight like Wegner has.

  8. Guys I ignore his comments, he is Liverpool fan and not a football Pundit.
    Ozil is pure class and is getting better and better since January. You can see next year, both Walcott and OX will be ahead of him in the England team.

    1. Absolutely agree… also i loved hearing Wrighty speak of Ozil just before the supposedly big showdown (only one big team hence the win). Wrighty was saying how we have to recognise what type of player Ozil is and not what we want him to be… appreciate how clever he is… his movement…. his first touch… a special player who should be acknowledged .

      1. Jamie Redknapp said pretty much the same this week – seems like the penny has only just dropped for them.

      1. Oh sh*t, I also accidently thumbed him up….Admin; Is there any way to change so I can thumb him DOWN!

  9. “arsenal SUCKS”
    “Ozil SUCKS”
    “Arsenal will not make top 4”

    will i get a job at BT sports and daily mail now?

  10. Kos injured and Ox injury extended by 2 weeks…disappointing, we almost hit that 0 injuries mark.

    Arteta, Diaby, and Wilshere getting more game time though so that’s good!

    1. p.s I ignored the article because Owen is an imbecile and that statement is not worth an answer never mind a debate.

  11. Owen and Scholes are proof (if needed) that well regarded ex players don’t necessarily make the best pundits.

    How they still get airtime is beyond me, though I guess it is wringing the last out of their previous fame for financial gain and some twisted type of popularity..

  12. I am surprised Bob. U have taken time out to put across your thoughts on what Owen thinks.
    I haven’t read your article or any of the comments. Anything involving that guys is complete waste of time.
    After all anything that Owen comment is always biased, baseless and complete Sh!t. What an immature person he is.
    No wonder his game as footballer never improved with age because he never matured with age. Still Childish.

  13. Owen is a terrible pundit, horribly biased and terrible to listen to. His bias is on the same level as Ian Wright’s towards Arsenal and there is good reason why Wrighty does not do commentary – because he is too biased. He knows it, but he will also appreciate good football when it occurs and not belittle other players. Owen is completely near sighted in favour of his ex-teams and will spill out his bias as fact. He also rarely notices anything in the game regarding off the ball incidents (offsides etc.), good defensive play or tactical shifts. He makes for a boring and biased listen – if BT want to keep him, at least keep him off the Man Utd and Liverpool games.

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