Is Ox or Arsenal boss right on England under 21s?

It looks like the Arsenal and England international star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could be heading on a collision course with his club manager Arsene Wenger over the subject of the under 21 Euro championships next summer. And it is not the first time that the inclusion of the young Arsenal players for the England under 21 side has been an issue.

The last time was when the current Nottingham Forest manager Stuart Pearce was in charge for England at the last Euro tournament and he complained about not having his best players available, because the likes of Jack Wilshere had already played for the senior side. And the powers that be seem to have taken this on board even though they did not back him at the time.

Wenger’s opinion on the issue is clear and he has stated it again this week. The Frenchman claims that it is a backward step that could be harmful to the young players’ careers, but as reported by ESPN, at least one of the young Gunners involved, the Ox, clearly disagrees and has declared that he would be happy to play in the tournament next summer.

Chamberlain said, “You’d never turn your nose up at something like that. But there’s a lot that goes into that because the national team have two games around the same time as the tournament so it’s up to Roy Hodgson to decide what he wants.

“When that time comes around I’ll have to think about it,” Oxlade-Chamberlain said. “Gareth [Southgate] might not even want me. It’s a discussion that will be had closer to the time with the England manager, someone at Arsenal and Gareth Southgate.”

I can see why the Ox wants to play, especially as his World Cup was ruined by injury this summer. I can also see why Wenger would rather that he, Calum Chambers and Jack Wilshere did not go and just had a good rest next summer, but surely the extra international experience would do them all good. And they might even win it, which would certainly be good for them.

What do you make of this Gooners?

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  1. I think you have to side with the boss on this one. What a lot of people don’t realise is that as a professional footballer at the highest level in the premier league, you usually only get a scheduled rest (one not injury induced) once every two years. That is there is only one summer every two years where you aren’t committed to a major tournament of some sorts. If you as a player end up taking part in these u21 tournaments, that means you could very easily end up going 4 seasons without a single scheduled break. That is ludicrous, especially in a league that has no winter break, and your body is almost certain to break down. That’s why in the long run, I don’t see how it really benefits the national team to have first team players attending those competitions. It’s also why I’m trying not to be overly critical of Ozil. Do people even realise that the lad hasnt had a single preseason since joining the club? You can’t over estimate the impact preseason has on a player, both in terms of conditioning and just mental recuperation.

  2. Talking about the OX. What does he have to do to get more playing time for Arsenal. Come on Wenger don’t make him go backwards.

        1. Isn’t that how just about every young player gets into the first team anywhere? Take advantage of your opportunities. Hes doing that now, so it makes it harder to drop him.

  3. Welbeck
    Poldi – Cazorla – Sanchez

    This would be the perfect lineup in my eyes
    What do you guys think

    If poldi does not perform we can bring on the OX

  4. U21’s are a bunch of bums. They are Aston Villa’s future team when get come up on Bosmans.

    Let’s be real. There are players right now that play Arsenal and LFC in CL plus EPL. They don’t need to be going to the future loser convention next summer to validate themselves of big competition experience.

  5. OT: Against big teams. WANYAMA in January. Stops the slide. AFC thrashes Chelshit at home! Makes loud mouth Mou sullen and quiet.

  6. Agreed! The ox needs more playing time under his belt for arsenal! Please wenger dont let him end up like joel campbell! Coyg!

  7. The OX should play on the right and Campbell should play on the left with Sanchez through the middle against Hull.

  8. Anyone else think that after the AGM meeting.. That it only reinforces the belief that the board and manager are totally clueless and out of touch with the general public..?!?!?!

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