Is Ozil causing Arsenal to lose precious points?

Arsene Wenger: What does he do with Mesut Ozil’s insipid displays? by SE

Match Review
Arsenal played out an entertaining 2-2 draw against Manchester City at home in the Premier League last Saturday, as both sides went hammer and tongs at each other, to show for a just a point apiece in the end. Players from both sides gave it their all, literally, and were up for the battle from the first whistle to the last. They kept running about and, in what was an unusually feisty encounter between two beautiful Footballing sides, weren’t hesitant to get physical, either. Arsenal, other than Mesut Ozil, were terrific and, had it not been for some flimsy defending in the last 10 minutes, could have pulled off a remarkable result. However, with Ozil struggling to live up to the pedigree he came into the Emirates with, how does Wenger persist with German playmaker?

Talking Points
Systems, Ozil’s role, and his position in the system mean so very little. It’s whether he can play his normal game, and harness the work rate the likes of Sanchez, Ramsey and Welbeck make up for the lack of his. Ozil, so very unlike of him, is clueless with his passing, positional sense and, finally, his unwillingness to try that extra bit. Ozil’s pass accuracy against Manchester City was a meager 81%, in addition to the couple of chances he created in the whole game.

Now, if you’re Wenger, as much as you would love the work rate and creativity your players render, Ozil’s ‘disinterest’ should not put off the other 10 men on the pitch. The problem with the German is not so much about the intricacies of Football, or his role as a playmaker; it’s largely about contributing to the team’s cause, which, going by his display against Manchester City, doesn’t suggest to me that he is ever going to rectify.

Coming to the much maligned system, which, at the moment, is forcing Ozil to play on the wings, I don’t think the former Los Blancos man is expected to stretch the pitch by holding the byline and swing crosses into the 18-yard box. Like all playmakers, he is given a free role and, in that sense, it’s about making his own ‘space’, which can happen only if you’re willing to stick it out for your team.

The Way Forward
Ozil’s form will surely concern Wenger and, in the long term, could cost him some results, too. We all have seen the effect a red card and the consequent loss in personnel can have on a team; in Ozil’s case, it’s more or less the same scenario as handicapping the team despite staying on the pitch.

Since much is made of the formation Wenger is deploying, following the capturing of Sanchez, here’s a system he could possibly use, to get the best out of Ozil: Play 4-4-1-1, with Ramsey and Wilshere as the two midfielders. Ramsey’s box-to-box capabilities will complement Wilshere’s offensive flamboyance, whereby one can motor forward, and the other can sit deep and render defensive balance. Sanchez plays as the left or right winger, with Chamberlain, Podolski or, when Walcott returns, playing on the flank opposite to the Chilean’s. Ozil plays behind Welbeck or any other Arsenal No.9.

I assure you that, though Ozil can get back to playing in his favored position – behind the striker – his ‘disinterest’, irrespective of where he plays, will not bode well for himself or Arsenal.

Final Thought
Ozil’s form is critical to Arsenal and Wenger. Despite his ‘no show against Manchester City, Arsenal faring so brightly can be a positive; but, his body language, and the subsequent effect it could have on the mindset of other players is one that needs to be looked into.

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  1. Wenger doesn’t want Ozil in the middle. Wenger likes to experiment by placing players in the positions that are not suited to them.

    1. It’s weird how he’s starting ahead of Ox, Cazorla, Podolski and Campbell (although more RW). Either he does well in training, or he has some clause inserted into his contract guaranteeing him a minimum number of games. Not too take away from him, he is an awesome player. Maybe Wenger sees him as more a Pires like player. Also Wenger probably wants to keep incorporating Wilshere, who arguably had his position taken away from him with the purchase of Özil.

      1. Ozil did not play on the left against City. What game have you seen? Left was Sanchez while Ramsey and Flamini were covering the lines. Ozil was deployed to the right although he drifted all the time to the center. I don’t think Ozil will have a predestined position at Arsenal. I think in fact that all players should be able to cover at least one more position/zone during the game. Especially with zonal marking. Zonal marking is not a bad idea if you have players who are quick on the ball or to the next opponent in the box. Ozil had no defensive task at Real and now he see for himself that EPL is a totally different animal. I think he’s shocked by what he sees on tv in the tackles department in EPL. Will he adjust? Hopefully he will otherwise I don’t see why Wenger is playing him. But then again, Wenger is always doing this when media is bashing one of our under performers. He did it with Ramsey, he did it with Giroud (not that he had a choice here) he did it with Jack now is Mesut’s turn. Get used with it because otherwise it will become very frustrating.

          1. I agree but if you check the heat map the right side is a bit more colored. I don’t want start a polemic here so I give in, he played both sides. Also, watch the game again. During the game I was pi$$ed he lost an easy ball only to see at the replay that it was Ramsey. That’s because (like many other) I took for granted the prematch graphic giving Ozil on the left side.

    2. Wenger is playing Ozil just like everyone is playing him be it Low or Mourinho. Care to hear from Mourinho? See what he says and see if you spot a pattern here. Is not Wenger, is everyone. Lower class English supporters are convinced that you have to run like a headless chicken on the field (like Rooney) in order to show you care. Whoever is bashing Ozil do not deserves him. This is what Mourinho had to say :

      “If you were expecting Ozil to be super aggressive and to be running miles and miles from side to side and to show great enthusiasm and aggressiveness, this is not Mesut. If you are waiting for somebody where every time he touches the ball, the ball smiles, every time he makes a pass, the ball goes with the right direction, the right speed, the right intensity, this is Ozil.”

      1. opposition dont care. Ozil has gone invisible in almost every big game for us. And his performances drop in every big game as well, even his “perfect” passing which has been far from perfect, especially recently. If this were Wilshere playing like this people would be yelling at him to step up or be dropped. But since its Ozil everyone is just saying his laziness is acceptable.

        1. Acceptable? Who said that? Ramsey got the stick two seasons ago. I stood by him because the man has a big heart. I stood by Wilshere. I stood by Giroud and basically by every player in our squad. Ramsey does not have a very good start of the season but he gets away with it because of the last season performance. Wilshere had a less than stellar start but since Saturday he’s the man of the moment. How quickly things change.
          So no, it is not acceptable but also it shouldn’t be acceptable the stick he gets from his own supporters. Speaking of passing. There was no game this season where Ramsey didn’t had two atrocious passes which put the opponents on the break. But all I do in my chair is to yell at the tv : focus Rambo! And hope we get away with it. Which we did. If they could score from such a break then Ramsey head would be on a pole on every site.

          1. Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey, basically all of our midfielders have been horrible at some point in the season and were only 5-6 games played. I think thats one of the most alarming things that also hasnt been given too much attention. The only player that has been consistently good is Chambers and Alexis. And Ramsey gets let off because even when he plays badly he still ends up making the difference. He does need to find form, but hes not exactly costing us points, quite the opposite. And he’s not the only person who has been having criminal passes. As I said, all our midfielders have been horrible so far at some point, but you cant change the whole team. Ozil gets picked on because of his horrible body language. And its a simple thing to improve.

            1. How? This is exactly how he played the whole career and honestly I have difficulties believeing his body language counted when we bought him. Sure, he does need to find form and most probably he will do that rather soon.
              Ramsey could have made the difference Saturday by burying that magnificent pass from Jack. What a goal should that be! Pity.

              1. So you ridicule Ramsey for missing one chance, yet protect Ozil for doing crap the whole 90 minutes? You people get mad at Ramsey for taking shots on goal that dont go in the net, but when they do you’ll be the same people cheering for him. How is a goal supposed to be scored if nobody makes a shooting attempt? Apart from Alexis hes the only player in the squad not afraid to take a shot. Watch other teams play and they have players who do the exact same thing but instead its praised more than discouraged. Wenger digs into our players trying to get them to score the perfect goal, but really all you need to do it put it in the back of the net. The amount of chances we have that we over complicate are ridiculous. For Alexis’ goal, I doubt any other player wouldve taken the volley besides him. Everyone else wouldve brought the ball down and looked for a useless tiki-taka pass. sorry if i went a bit off topic

                1. I don’t. I just responded to your phrase : Ramsey made the difference. You should watch the game again and this time follow only Ozil. He was not crap. Other than that I don’t like when you put words in my mouth. I (and not you) was the one getting the stick on this very site when Ramsey was dragged in the market and stoned to death. I don’t remember many people here standing up for him. I see the same happening now with Ozil and it hurts to see we haven’t learned much from the past seasons.

                2. its just funny you hammer Ramsey for missing one chance, yet you convince yourself Ozil wasnt bad against City. Little creativity, scared to shoot, horrible passes, got ball taken away from him easily. Its mind boggling you are trying to say Ozil was good this weekend. I’ll openly admit Ramsey was far from his best this weekend too, but at the end of the day you need a player that makes the difference, that gets you over the line. Wilshere, Alexis, Ramsey did their job and got us two goals and put in some good shifts. Out of the midfielders who started on Saturday Ozil was the one most anonymous (though Flamini had a shocker as well). Don’t know why some of you think I close my eyes whenever Ozil comes on the screen. I’m seeing what every player does and fact is Ozil did very little on Saturday.

  2. we don’t draw yesterday because of ozil! we lost because we have a weak defensive midfielder and weak defense.l flamini was largely to blame for the first goal and were was are defenders for the corner . as for this ozil situation its simple we have to cm position its time wenger rotates wilshire ramsey ozil cazorla and rosisiky in those 2 position leave the wings to the likes of alexis ox theo campball podalski gnabry

    1. Dont forget Merti, he is playing also very bad, not just in the City game but all the games from the start of the season, against Besiktash included. Gets overpowered all the time, gets cought out of poz, and let alone beat with speed which is a childs play against him. Without Kos he would be fu#cked.

      1. yes i have talked about this before , mertersacker looks like he has lost a yard of pace guy runs like hes in quicksand

  3. Is Wenger playing Ozil on the left side causing Arsenal to lose precious points?*

    Answer in both cases would be no. I’m strongly convinced that playing Ozil in the middle would rather gain us points. Hopefully he will play Dortmund in his favorite position but all we can do is hope really.

    I feel like he was decent in the City game (not as bad as most people say) even though he played out of position, and he was bullied off by physically stronger opponents (which is case in alot of the PL games). I love Mesut and maybe I’m slightly biased towards him, but I still feel like Wenger should play Wilshere on the left rather than Ozil.

    1. Look, all teams playing against our middle will simply pack the center. Is simple. Pack the center, get the ball, counter. Easy to see against Chelsea last season. Ozil in the middle would be the target of every primitive tackle from the opposition and he would not have any chance for any assists. Leaving him on the wings will tell opposition to dislodge some personnel on that side as well or to send the signal that Ozil is not going to be the playmaker. The guy needs freedom to do his play and he can’t do that against EPL team in the middle of the field. He can drift from wings and create chances during the game. But leaving him in the middle? He’s no Wilshere (BTW, have you guys seen yesterday the contact between Wilshere and Nasri? Or the flick he did when he downed Milner and Kompany? Loved it)
      So, wasn’t Ozil fault we drew on Saturday. Sure, pi$$ed me off when he left Coleman head the ball but he is not a natural defending machine.

      1. Budd, u are on point! He is a distraction to the opposition on the left wing, no matter how off form he is, the opposition cannot exactly leave him alone so he effectively opens up the middle for other players like ramsey and wilshere to play

  4. Ridiculous! I can understand what all the.pundits are doing! They are either lfc Or man u supporters. This is just and only thing i want here is some support for our players and team!!

  5. Bring back the squid for CB cover, eboue for RB cover, and frimpong to be the ‘beast’ DM we need. Then we wont drop points.

  6. Ozil? NO!
    Arsene is the one misusing Ozil.
    Arsene is the one that does not take him out when he is not affecting the game.
    Arsene is the culprit.

  7. If Wenger wants Ozil on the Wings then he should use him on the right for f. sake. His style is all about using his left foot, playing on the left as a left footy is way to difficult.

    You dont know what are you doing Arsene!!!

    Ramsey, Arteta, Wilsher, Cazorla, Arshavin, Gervinhio all have been going through this, where Wenger forcet to play them out of poz, and Fans are to stupid to notice whoes actual faullt it is.

  8. I don’t know why lots of you think Özil doesn’t want to be here. He talks constantly about how great the club and manager are. The reason he looks lazy on the pitch is because he knows himself that he’s not playing well. If you’ve ever played football or any other team sport, you would know that you feel terrible when you’re letting your team down. Some react differently to these feelings. Mesut’s head drops and the game goes out of the window. Özil is a confidence player and when he gains that confidence, his form will pick up.

    I also find it funny that people are going after Özil and are saying nothing about Ramsey. Ramsey has also been abysmal but hasn’t received any criticism. It seems that he’s immune from criticism because he was good last season.

  9. If Ozil starts behind the striker , then we will loose all the midfield battles as midfield fight is very intense more than ever.Ozil’s problem is his form , not position.

    Sad to see work dogs like Rosicky ,Campbell not even on the bench and Ozil plays the entire match.I dont know why Wenger is scared of substitutions.If some crutches were available he would not have replaced Debuchy with Chambers.

  10. If you listen to English media then Ozil will be considered as flop and Lampard will be considered as the best in the world.

    Its not Ozil’s fault that he is played out of position. Ozil should be played through the middle. He is paying for Jack/Rambo combo project by Arsene. There is no use in playing him in the left and blame him. He should be our number 10. Its better to play Podolski or Joel in the left instead of Ozil. Arsene just wants to make the English Media Happy by playing both Jack and Ramsey.

    Please don’t forget we won our trophy during the first season of Ozil.

    Fans easily turn against a player like Ozil. Ozil is not an warrior, he is a magician or artist. He plays his football music with soft touches rather than vibrant tackles and tracking back.

  11. I don’t buy the Ozil being played out position nonsense. Teams WILL load the middle to stop Arsenal playing. It makes sense to have Ozil wide to avoid physical contact, allow more time on the ball and more freedom. He is perfectly capable of greatness in a wide position and he is actually free to do whatever he wants.

    It worked with his first club as well as Germany where in the world cup he created the most chances despite not playing in the middle. His form is on him not on Wenger.

    1. @RVP
      Thank you…
      Some muppets just look for any reason to lay blame on AW instead of seeing it for what it really is…

  12. It’s a mixture of things, fullbacks too far forward, zonal marking, not being physical enough and tracking back we loss too many goals on the counter and it’s not been sorted for years. Ozil needs to toughen up for me really want him back to his best looks as if the prem is to hard he’s always looking over his shoulder waiting to get hit needs to get angry and get involved nothing better than a 50/50 challenge. Love that sh#t lol.

    1. What’s wrong with zonal marking? Why is this a cause for any result? City is doing zonal marking, Madrid is doing zonal marking, Barcelona is doing the same, Bayert etc etc the list goes on. The only downside to zonal marking is when your players lack concentration.
      Go to and watch Mertz interview.He is speaking about zonal marking.

      1. I know what your saying mate but you can’t put us in the same list of teams you mentioned we seem to loss stupid goals that could cost us points. Mert and Kos are the only 2 I think can handle zonal marking if any player gets a run on Ramsey, Gibbs, Jack Ozil, Arteta, flamini they seem to win the header. But In my opinion if they were man marking they’ve got a chance of stopping that advantage.

        Looking forward to Dortmund next get this season up and running !!!!

  13. Pellegrini feels Arsenal shouldn’t be in pot 1 of the CL.
    I feel clubs like city who have broken the FFP rule shouldn’t even be in the CL

    not history nothing & yet they speak crap

  14. ozil had a bad game but who was at fault for our 2 goals our defense especially flamini he isn’t simply good enough while city had fernandinho who made several interceptions we need to change the zonal marking system & switch 2 man 2 man marking + need a wc cdm wenger himself admietted in an interview that he wanted a player similar 2 viera

  15. cant put the blame all on one player. Even though I think ozil has been horrible lately, Flamini was bad against City too, Mertesacker’s performances have been dropping, and Ramsey can do better too (though he still ends up pulling through with the goods). Ozil in the middle isnt going to be any better than Ozil on the wings. He roams to the middle constantly throughout the match anyways, just like when he’s deployed as a No.10 he constantly drifts to the wings so the out of position excuse is old and beaten down. He has to change his game, work harder so it can fit the Premier League instead of looking disinterested every match. And ppl want Ramsey dropped so Ozil can be in the middle? A Flamini/Wilshere/Ozil midfield trio will get battered any day of the week.

    1. Lol..reading all the comments gives me the sense that people are suggesting that the team adapt to Ozil’s weaknesses. So this is what we spent 42 million for? On a player who we want to hide/protect on the wings? Why can’t people just accept the fact that Ozil has to stand up and start being counted. if ur the main man, you cannot hide. Same goes for Arsene. Stop fuc***g around. Play proper wingers in Campbell- the boy has hardly kicked a ball, when he can provide us with all that Ozil cannot do on the wings!

      The solution with Ozil is simple. Go to the gym to build some strength and find his form> Till then he plays “in the center” against tier 2 teams ! period

  16. No. Some defensive lapses have caused us to drop points. Özil was largely unlucky to not catch someone running with him on the breaks. Be doesn’t have that killer instinct to finish. I wish he would just try it sometimes. To me it is better to miss completely rather than hold up waiting for a run and end up turning the ball over. His passing from the midfield was alarming though. He will be fine. You’re all mostly overreacting. The whole team looks a bit out of sorts. Hopefully we start clicking here soon.

  17. Mesut not the problem. Arsene’s player personnel and team selection are the problem.

    Our 4-2-3-1 was not far off last year, we just needed to pick up the proper players to complete it. Instead, Arsene failed to do that, and instead attempting to change the shape in order to accommodate the only player that’s benefiting from it, Jack. Ramsey was clearly better coming from deep and arriving late in the box, and occupying the spaces that Ozil vacated as he drifted about the field. Since we’ve gone to this 4-1-4-1, Aaron hasn’t remotely been as good as he was last term. As a result, we will continue dropping points.

    Arteta and Flamini cannot sit in the hole by themselves in big games and adequately protect the back 4. If we had a powerful CDM that could properly cover, then he would’ve gotten to the wing for Monreal, slowed down the counter, and LK6 coulda stayed home to cut out that pass. Instead, LK6 shifted out, Flamini was too slow in recovery, Aguero did was Aguero does.

    Arsene needed to spend at that position and he refused. As a result, we will continue dropping points.

    Mesut needs to be in the 10 role, plain and simple, free to roam and pick up the ball when and how he sees fit. Just cause he drifts out to the wing to pick up the ball does not make him a winger. If Arsene keeps starting him wide his form will continue to plummet, and we will continue to drop points.

    Mesut and Santi need to rotate. Jack and Aaron need to rotate. We need a new CDM.

    I hate Mourtinho’s guts, but he saw his formation that worked, noticved he was missing a couple players, purchased those players, and the machine is now running. He didn’t completely change the overall shape, and look at their results.

    1. 4141 formation does not suit the players we have agree. CDM is our weakest position, so how can we really expect a 4141 formation to work? You do get the feeling this is all so Wilshere can get a regular spot. At least he’s playing well, but would switch back any day to the old formation, which was perfect and almost won us the title if it werent for bad managing and poor Jan. signings.

      1. It’s like on the one hand, you have to respect Arsene for sticking by his players and wanting to protect them, but on the other hand, he sacrifices the overall performance of the team as a result.
        Imagine how strong we’d be with a powerful CDM, Jack or Ramsey behind an in-form confident Mesut, an improved partner next to LK6, and Theo back?
        We’re not far away, yet, when it comes down to it, we’re not close enough to really achieve what we should.
        It ruins my entire weekend sometimes.

        1. Arsene is purposely ignoring our weaknesses, thats the only explanation. There’s even speculation he didnt want Welbeck and people had to beg him to do it. Cannot imagine going through a chunk of the season with Sanogo O_O.

          1. We’d be in huge trouble.
            I would just love to know what he/board are thinking. Please help me understand the philosophy. What are you seeing that I don’t see?

            Arsene made the comment that Spain won WC 2010 with a contingent of players from one team, Barca; and Germany won with players from Bayern. Does he honestly think he can construct an English core on Arsenal strong enough to do the same for England? Is that why he’s trying to play Jack back into form?

            Maybe he knows that Jack wants to be thought of like Beckham, and Beckham left and went to Madrid. Is he trying to get Jack back into form so he can sell him to Spain and cash in? Arsene does love the money.

            These theories may be way off, I’m just trying to understand what he sees that I don’t.

  18. so , who amongst you still claim that ozil is the best number ten in the world then !.you were all very mouthy when this player , who is clearly past his best , arrived at our club for an outrageous fee. i was among some who questioned the transfer but we were ridiculed and called all sort of names .where are you guys gone now eh ?. come out now and defent saint ozil. you all claimed that once he got paces players ahead of him that things would change and we would score for fun and that ozil would rule the world . oops ! , what has gone wrong guys , would love to hear you know alls who declared that this spent that is ozil is the best ten in the world what has happened to your god .what a load of rubbish .

    1. What a load of bollox you just wrote.

      When he played in the middle with Walcott in the team he looked good. He would be good again if Wenger would just play him where he is suited. He is going to lose confidence.
      Maybe he isn’t suited to our team if that’s how Wenger wants to play him. Mourninho had the same problem with mata. He was Chelsea’s best player until Mourninho came back and decided he didn’t fit his system. So he sold him.

      1. its not completely wrong. A No.10 was not our weakest position at all at the time Ozil was bought. It was, like usual, a striker and CDM, which were completely ignored.

    2. No he is not past his best! he is out of form and needs to adjust his game to the physicality of this league. Don’t forget by Jan 2014, he had made 11 assists. It is just that opponents have started targeting arsenal by being unusually physical…did u guys see the tackles that david silva made on arsenal players? I mean 90% of those tackles were pre- meditated 🙂

  19. Ozil, has one of the best records in recent years playing as the number 10 for Real. We bought him on the basis of all those lovely assists, and now we have taken him out of that role, and are expecting him to perform as something different. He is a specialised piece if equipment.
    You don’t buy a sports car, and expect it to do the work of a tractor.

  20. The main problem is that Arsenal have been clueless off the ball for the last 18 months. The lack of aggressively defensively is so obvious I don’t understand why the coach has not been doing anything. Killing the likes of ozil by playing them out of their favorite position is minor issue next to it, really. Even Leicester had a go at us! Zero commanding performance… I find it shocking. Thx god Yaya was out, we would have been crushed!

    1. we were one of the best teams defensively until our usual Jan-March collapse. Then we got inspired for that 4th place trophy and got better. Now we are dropping off again. 4141 formation is naturally more offensive and causing much of our problems. We dont have a good enough CDM to play this formation, and its too easy to counter against. It just wont work in the premier league in general. Even average teams like Leicester will be able to exploit our setup.

      1. Its not a mystery. They play a game which unconfortable for many teams. Play long balls and defend tight. Begovic is also reason they are so succesfull. He is by far one of the best goalies in the leuage, and also better then Seza.

    1. Yes and then Leicester beat Stoke.

      Leicester > Stoke > Man City > Liverpool

      You have to chuckle every year when people still get “shocked” with PL results – one tough league.

  21. The teams above us/the teams that we worry about all have one thing in common – they score goals. Goals win games. City and Liverpool scored a ridiculous amount last year, and Chelsea weren’t far behind. Mourinho identified that he’s team needed more goal, brought in Cesc to pick the lock, Diego Costa (whom I hate with a passion) to put the ball away, and Remy and Drogs for cover. Now Chelsea score for fun. Everton were dangerous because they went forward in a hurry. United are still rubbish in the back, but there’s not a person on here that doesn’t fear Falcao and Di Maria running at us on the counter. Bless the BFG’s heart, but he looks like he’s running in a swimming pool right now. That’s trouble.

    Those that say a midfield of Mesut, Ramsey, Arteta would get overrun, you’re not wrong. This is why Arsene so desperately needed to purchase a strong, fast CDM that would stay home and give Mesut the freedom to roam and find spaces/areas, to open up opposing defenses. The two go hand in hand.

    If Arsene wants to boss the ball and play like Barca at their peak, then he needed to purchase someone that would do what Yaya did for them, or what Busquets currently does for them. Those two players allow(ed) iniesta, xavi.

    And don’t tell me that the prem is different from la liga, so I’m wrong. Barca played United off the pitch multiple times, and that’s when united were the standard in the EPL.

  22. Who is that idiot that said ozil is past his best when we bought him?i hope you are made to eat your moron are always eager to compare our players with others just like an idiot said we should have bought jovetic cos he scored two goals in a match but now no one is saying we should have bought him.liverpool won a match then its we should have bought baloteli.they lost to villa then every1 kept mute. Wait till he scored then they rush here saying we should have bought him.when critizising,do it without hatred.i believe if these set of fans are madrid(3pts from 3matches) fans then they would say ancelloti out. LAST BULLET: Get a live

  23. to tope and to baldy , guys , you have gone all personal onme , it is typical behaviour of wenger fans on here , they see their way or now way . typical spoilt brats i have to say . now i am gonna lower myself to your dizzy heights and ask you to go and play with yourselves , as this is the one true thing you only seem to know anything about . i am entitled to my opinion as you are , but i dont go around insulting people whose opinions i dont like . that is kids stuff so i will say to you you now little boys , you are a pair of w**kers , so team up and give yourselves some mutual sitisfaction , hahahahahahahahaha , tossers .

  24. Ozil is playing out of position for the team, as a result Wilshere is returning to his peak: do we blame Ozil for this? I dont think so, instead only Wenger can bear the blame, we all know him for his adamant nature, he has to prove a point. he was so patient with Ramsey to a point that Ramsey atlast blossomed BUT HOW MANY POINTS DID THE TEAM DROP AS A RESULT. When Ramsey and Walcott got injured, Wenger refused to sign a replacement, again to prove a point, we lost the league because he refused to sign a striker in january. Now Ozil’s form has dropped BUT WENGER WILL PLAY HIM FOR ALL MATCHES UNTIL HE PICKS REGARDLESS OF THE COST, again to protect him from loss of confidence.

    We know Carzola and campbell can do better on the left flank BUT Wenger will field Ozil ther instead, SO DO WE BLAME MR WITNESS? I say NO.

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