Is Ozil really going to sign an extension at Arsenal? The ‘vibes’ say yes!

Now that Alexis Sanchez has finally buggered off from disrupting the Arsenal team, the media are now free to go all out and ask Arsene Wenger about the contract negotiations going on with Mesut Ozil. There have been lots of positive reports about the talks, but at the end of the day there is still no signature on a bit of paper to guarantee he will be an Arsenal player next season.

First of all Le Prof was asked if Henrik Mhkitaryan was a replacement for Ozil, or would he play them together or not. He replied: “Yes, our intention is [to do it]. As I have said before, we signed Mkhitaryan on a long-term contract and our intention is to keep Ozil at the club and hopefully we will manage to do that very soon.”

Very soon? So are they close to an agreement with Ozil? “Not close enough to be optimistic and not far enough to be pessimistic.

“The vibes I get from his commitment, his focus and his desire for achievement with the team is that he behaves like someone who is completely focused and committed and ready to commit but after that contract negotiations are what they are. We are not close enough to tell you ‘Yes, he will do it.’ I don’t know.”

A usual non-committal statement from Wenger! I don’t want to know what the ‘vibes’ are telling him, I want to know what his ‘words’ are saying. You know.. surely they must have had a few chats about it by now? Or do they just sit across the table and send ‘vibes’!!

Darren N


  1. Sue says:

    Why do we make such hard work of everything?!

    1. Xxnofx says:

      I agree sue
      We have the chance of signing 1 of the best forwards in the last 5 years and we are arguing over a couple of million .
      I will be so pissed if we don’t sign him .It looks as though we probably won’t aswell ,seeing he’s just benn named in there weekend squAd
      I just don’t get our way of thinking I really don’t
      This 1 chance to grab a star signing and all we hear in we gets press conference is the same old bullshit

      1. Sue says:

        I’ll be amazed if we do get him….. just preparing myself for the disappointment of not getting him & getting Jonny Evans instead!!

  2. Innit says:

    I hope so.
    Ozil has been excellent recently and showed how good he is a couple of years ago with 19 assists. He was also good when he had Cazorla behind him. That’s one of the reasons i wanted us to get Seri or Goretzka this summer. We need to strengthen our central midfield without a creative player like Cazorla or a defensive midfielder who can get the ball back and get the ball up to Ozil.
    Ozil would be even better with Mkhitaryan but needs top quality behind him and in front of him ie Aubemeyang

    Hopefully Ozil will sign. If not then a #10/CAM will be another position on the list of signings we need (in addition to cm and cb) innit.

    1. Thenry says:

      Seri is rubbish and grotzke was always going to Bayern all Germans want to play for Bayern
      Have you git anymore recommendations by the way did you scout them yourself ?

  3. Muff diver says:

    The vibes say yes?

    Who’s your source – r Kelly?

    1. Sue says:

      Haha bumping & grinding

  4. Henry says:

    Now I may not have a degree in economics like our master Mr Wenger but surely our untouchable leader must realise we potentially have a player (ozil) who has 6months to run on his contract which by the looks of it isn’t going anywhere this January.. obviously doesn’t wanna make a big song and dance about leaving like his old pal Sanchez but at the same time can leave for free come the 1st of July.. I know ozil may not b every arsenal fans ideal player due to his lack of consistency.. lack of passion.. bottling it in big games blah blah blah
    But I do believe he is the player we need to build around.. he is what makes us tick and to be honest he is pretty much our only player who passes forwards.. I believe any die hard arsenal fan could not argue that over the past few months if not years we have become very sidewards and backwards passing..

    I strongly believe Wilshire and ozil are gonna stay and hopefully sign new long term deals.. with all the dithering we are doing a lot lately whether it is signing aubamayeng (which annoys the he’ll out of me- Dortmund want between 55 to 65mil for him depending on what source u believe.. well if that’s the case why haven’t we just offered the price.. penny pinching as per usual and then dithering around looking for cheaper alternative!! As always!!)

    But if I was Wenger I would b saying to jack 100k a week plus bonuses give him the number 4 shirt and make him captain..

    Then mesut I’ll give u 280-300k a week plus bonuses give him his favoured number 10 shirt sign aubamayeng and that would surely do it?

    Then I do hear we are after Jonny Evans..

    We will probably end up signing Evans on deadline day.. missing out on aubamayeng for wot ever b.s excuse they come out with and end up losing ozil for free

    Just a thought.. lol


    1. Sue says:

      That would just about sum us up right now & devastate me!!!

    2. Thenry says:

      You do realise that it’s not wengers decision how much players get paid contrary
      to everyone’s opinion it’s gazidis and the board who decide on players wages Wenger may have an input but nothing more
      So stop blaming Wenger for everything that goes on at Arsenal
      Start blaming gazidis and kronke
      The Arsenal fans battererd Wenger when those two are the real culprits
      Arsene knows

      1. Phil says:

        Another AKB totally blinkered by Wenger.The very vast majority pray for the day he is gone.What will you and all your delusional pack do then?You look to blame everyone and anyone bar your Chosen One.You will need to get yourself a new life when he has gone.Might I suggest you get yourselves a new club to support as well.

        1. Sven Knows Best says:

          Maybe if you so hysterically dislike the most important man in the sense of how the team actually plays, you better go and support plastic clubs.

          Or do you support Arsenal because of red and white color, in case you’re a simpleton. Or is it some former player, who has no effect on the club now?

          Agreed with Thenry. Wenger surely made a lot of mistakes, but so do all managers.

  5. barryglik says:

    In 2013 after a 4th place finish the
    previous season Arsenal fans
    were screaming for a world class
    striker to replace the not so dearly
    departed RVP the previous season.
    In 2013 the Arsenal 7 pronged strike force consisted of
    Bendtner Podolski Giroud Park Girvinho Ashavin + Walcott.
    So Higuain Aubameyang Lewandowski Benzema
    Dybala were all wanted by the fans.
    But by the end of August Arsenal had only signed Mathew Flamini on a free.
    The fans were ropeable especially after the opening day home defeat by Aston Villa.
    Arsenal responded by buying Mesut Ozil in the last hours
    of the transfer window on Sept 2nd 2013 for a then club record of 42m.
    Fans were stunned and disappointed. However the club assured
    disgruntled fans that Ozil would attract the worlds best strikers
    and many big trophies were on the way to the Emirates.
    5 seasons later the strike force consists of a misfiring 50m Lacazette
    32 yr old Giroud, Wellbeck and on loan Perez.
    As far as titles are concerned we were out of the title race
    by early October and we languish in the mickey mouse Europa League.
    Ozil is a fab player no doubt.
    42mil 5 years ago was a lot of money.
    33mill in salary so far. Total 75 mill cost.
    Was it all worth it? For Ozil for Arsenal for the fans?
    But we are in the Mickey mouse League Cup final I hear you say.
    I hear you but…what happened to attracting all the worlds best strikers
    and the avalanche of major trophies?

    1. AWout says:

      Have faith brother, the avalanche of players & trophies incl CL is coming…you just keep renewing your season ticket buy the merchandise and wear Wenger the God t- shirt like I have been doing for last God knows how many years.

    2. Thenry says:

      Why don’t you lend Arsenal the money so they can compete with city and utd
      City have soent over a Billion and utd have always had money
      Some Arsenal fans are stupid beyond belief
      They just drop a name the. Say why didn’t Arsenal sign him as if it’s that fuking simple
      And we have not done too bad re trophies maybe not ol but it’s consistent so pared that lot down the road and pool
      If you don’t like why don’t you fuk off and support another club you won’t be missed

      1. Phil says:

        Pal you are an idiot

  6. Reg Sammarco says:

    The board and manager over the last few years have managed to achieve the same as the banking industry. They have diligently undermined whatever position of trust and respect they once held and now nobody believes a word they say.
    Quite an achievement I’d say!

  7. Ronny says:

    Just get it done same with the auba deal!!
    It’s like pulling teeth sometimes, decisive is what we want!
    Auba is in the bvb team tonight not a great sign.
    Why do we always do our best to upset the selling teams. Bvb the new Liverpool ala suarez

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I think EVERY team hates negotiating with Wenger/Arsenal. They know Wenger/Arsenal is extremely indecisive, ALWAYS under values players, ignores the market trends, and drags every deal out for as long as possible. For the selling club, it’s like getting blood from a stone!

      I am strangely optimistic for once in regards to Aubameyang. We know our team are over in Germany, so it’s not a crazy rumour, and even Wenger has said a few things about the deal, which he normally doesn’t. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if they messed it up!

      1. neil says:

        So Gazidis is in Germany doing the negotiations and Arsene is focussed on the team and matches including winning against Cheslki yet he is still to blame for dithering?

        Gazidis is CEO and cant get the deal done… this is the first visual we have had of deals with photoa of him on Germany.. have you considered that it is him dithering ?

        1. Sven Knows Best says:

          Forget it.
          They want to hate Wenger, and they want to get effetely hysterical about it.
          It’s like psychoanalysis for the underclasses. (Also, shouting at players during corner kicks).

  8. Ronny says:

    Or ozil could just be buoyed by the fact that his pre agreed plan with sanchez to both move to MU is 50% done. Who knows but they love playing together and want the big bucks so nothing would suprise me.
    To put things in perspective though I read today that Eriksen who I also rate as a creator is on close to 75k a week. Crazy paltry salary for a good player in this day and age.
    It’s clear spurs players enjoy being there and aren’t full of mercenaries.

  9. Ronny says:

    Also never mind auba me yang what about a winger or two? We’ve lost 3 in ox, walcott and now sanchez.

    1. neil says:

      uh hello….Mkhitaryan ??? where have you been the last fortnight !

  10. Thenry says:

    Wenger is not negotiating any transfers anymore he just points to the player
    It’s fhamy and gazidis who are negotiating and they are the ones dragging these deals out
    So enough if the fuking Wenger bashing I bet you all blame Wenger got your shitty lives
    Go and support another club you bunch of ungrateful ingrates
    We have the worst fans in football

    1. Kroenke Out says:

      There is no space there, his head is up his ARSENE

  11. Jack reacher says:

    I actually agree ama yang haha ok watever he’s name is not worth 65£ million he’s nearly 30 I get that side things and unproven in league ya he tears up German league but that league is fadeing every good player gets bought by Europe or Munich I think we keep Giroud and go buy mahrez or zaha either 2 do but I’m getting feeling miki is in for Sanchez and we mite get Evans but that’s it I think it’s all arsenal fc making fans happy I no we went for ambangyang but did we really pr stunt again just feels that way 55£ tops for me he’s worth like nobody wants him u Gota worry with that bad apple maybe but mahrez or zaha for me keep mr Giroud and get Evans I’m like him good solid experience which we need with kos and mustafi who can be bit mad at times ?

  12. Jeremy says:

    We are fast turning into a live-joke in Aubameyang chase. Those who negotiate the deal with have to be responsible, like any other deals in business world.

    But Dortmund side are not blame free too. They shouldn’t even bother to negotiate if the price they wanted is not matching the bid. It’s a waste of time.

  13. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    If Arsenal sign Aubameyang and play a front three of Miky, Laca and Aub I could see Ozil signing due to the prospect of assisting this front three. If the transfer of Aubameyang falls through, I predict that Ozil will see this as a total lack of ambition by the Arsenal board and Ozil will continue to run down his contract, play well enough to keep himself “in the shop window” and leave on a free in the summer.

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