Is Ozil set for extended run on the Arsenal sidelines because of ‘trust’?

Martin Keown has claimed that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger cannot trust Mesut Ozil any longer.

The German international has been a key player for our side since joining from Real Madrid in 2013, but over the past year, a number of questions have been raised against him.

Ozil has allowed his contract to run inside its final 12 months, and looks more than likely to forge a move away at the end of said deal, and Keown claims the player is has lost his place in Wenger’s immediate plans.

Keown said; “Ozil is the one I wouldn’t trust as much mentally, and I believe he’s not playing tonight because the gaffer really can’t trust him any more.

“I think it’s a huge story that Ozil doesn’t play tonight.

“If you look at their pre-seasons, Ozil wasn’t in the German squad in the summer, he came back on the very first day of pre-season, and didn’t then start the season, there was a bit of suspicion around him.

“Last year he went missing for a couple of months and I think that’s his tactic in terms of getting away from the football club.

“I don’t know, but I have a feeling that he’s going to take his reliability away from selection.”

Wenger has claimed that Ozil is still recovering from injury which is why he is yet to start a match since becoming available once again, and the fact that he was also rested against BATE Borisov tells me he is actually in line to start against Brighton come Sunday.

Can Wenger trust Ozil in his first XI? Would the German become frustrated with a lack of action? Is he a shoo-in to start on Sunday?

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  1. Keown is right, Arsenal should not trust Ozil’s commitment again, until Ozil improves his performance in the field. Based on Wilshere’s and Ramsey’s performances in Ozil’s position, I don’t see Arsenal lose anything if Ozil leaves, except the money.

    Arsenal should try their best to sell Ozil in January, if he does not sign in October. They could use the money to get younger, more skillful and more motivated player in the next transfer window.

    1. What money do you think they would get for a player with 3 months left on his contract? 5 million? 10 million I the buyer is a fool?

      Come Jan 1st Ozil will be able to speak to any club he wants. Ozil can pick his club and that club would be foolish to pay big money. Arsenal has no bargaining power left after they decided not to sell their out of contract players.

      1. As always it would depend on supply and demand. If many managers wanted him and wanted to get in before the others then maybe even (hopefully) a bidding war.

        1. Little chance of that because he will get to pick where he goes so no bidding war unless many teams that he wants to play for show up.

  2. play him in all the dead games.
    carabao europa league

    do not give him privilege of the premier league

    wenger gave him so much breathing space…off sick for big games…after seen going out partying nights before…
    ramsey an others came out saying he gets special treatment
    feel for arsene ..soft spot for unique talent..but he was wrong giving the git so much leeway

    mesut is ungrateful, still doesnt work hard, and his attitude is same douche from madrid

  3. why oh why didnt we collect 100M+ for him and sanchez?! anyway jack wilshire needs our prayers, what a talent but so unlucky with injuries.

  4. So much talent yet we don’t get the best out of him and don’t understand whats going on with the contract. I can only guess Oil is holding out for more and will now most likely leave on a free next summer. But the truth is he’s not worth the money talked about in the press! No way! AW can’t get the best out of him and he’s not suited to PL! Arsenal messed up big time and didn’t have guts to sell Sanchez as afraid of fan reaction – just said goodbye to 60 mil and thats really a shame…..

    1. Let’s hope for a bit of a bidding war in January for both Ozil and Sanchez. Need them to be wanted by many other teams: Man U, Man City, PSG, Inter etc.

  5. “The greatest player in the world in his position.”

    That was Ozil when he arrived, but years of Wenger failures have damaged trust with all the best players. Sanchez as well. They all want to leave.

    The best players are being sidelined in order to save face for Wenger. Because Wenger gets you to 4th and makes million for Kroenke.

    Same ol same ol.

    What kind of fans support such losers.

  6. OT: Did Man U get a big boost in their title challenge now that it seems Aguero might be out for months with broken ribs after a car accident? Pity was looking forward to the big three going at it with healthy squads, don’t really want Mourinho to win the PL.

    1. Yes, I also don’t like if a very pragmatic team like Mourinho’s Manchester United win any competition. In my opinion, they have ruined football with their physical styles, set-pieces and penalty goals.

      They encourage other rich teams to use the same method. To dominate the Premier League, they just need to buy tall, strong and fast players like Pogba, Matic, Lukaku, Martial, Rashford, Fellaini and Bailly.

      I appreciate the way Manchester City and Barcelona play more. They still try to give their fans entertaining football shows, full of high level skills, not just focused on the scorelines.

      1. Yeah, Mkhit said something recently. Utd were a few goals up before the players started to try tricks and flicks, Mourinho gave out to them saying there will be no playstation football allowed. He said I want you to stay focused and accurate. He doesn’t give a shit about people paying money to be entertained, winning must be the only worthy entertainment in his eyes.

  7. Anyone that does not want to play for Arsenal should not be in the squad- at all. Yes that means Ozil and Alexi. Would rather we play Jack and Iwobi or Nelson etc.

  8. We need to plan for the future, a future without Ozil.

    He’s undoubtedly an excellent footballer, with great vision and technique. He also gets a lot of stick, some of which is totally unjustified. The “lazy” Ozil stories that went around were easily disproven when looking at the ground he covers during a match, it was far more than Alexis ever did, yet at the same time Alexis was being heralded for his commitment to the team.

    I think he falls foul of the fast paced, physical nature of English football, too often sides put a physical, aggressive player on Ozil for 90 minutes and he’s quite often nullified.

    Players like Wilshere and Ramsey (who aren’t as talented as Ozil) can play in the same position and will prove their worth. Ramsey is more of a goal threat than either Wilshere or Ozil, but Wilshere has excellent dribbling skills and close control, he’s also partial to the odd great goal. Ozil is a creator, his stats show he’s been better at creating chances than anyone else in the Premier League in the time he’s been at the club. But he offers little in terms of goals and to be fair, I expect a lot of the chances he creates would be be described as half chances, rather than clear cut.

    Also, not forgetting Iwobi, Jeff and Cazorla (if he ever gets back to fitness?) can all play in that number 10 position.

    It’s sad to see any player of that quality leave (especially for nothing), but given that there’s always been doubts about Ozil from all quarters, it seems to confirm he’s not been the complete success we all hoped he’d be when we signed him in 2013.

  9. Some people are unbelievable. You do realize, guys, that we played BATE yesterday, right? What business does Ozil have playing in that game? It’s a perfect opportunity for youngsters to show what they’ve got, and a chance to rest key players ahead of our game against BHA on Sunday. Ramsey, Jack, Iwobi – it’s like comparing Yugo with a Ferrari. Ozil sees things before they even happen. He’s probably our most creative player since Bergkamp. What exactly have the others ones done lately for us? Inconsistent, injury prone, and yet to prove his potential VS “the best number 10 in the world” (not even my words). So get a grip of yourselves. When Ramsey, Jackie Boy and the rest can perform consistently at a high level, then we’ll talk. Until then Ozil is our best option to have up front along with Sanchez, and Lacazette.

  10. Ozil’s time is gone. Best player in his position? In your dreams. Ozil is just a name, a reject from Madrid. 100million for Ozil and Sanchez? Which team wanted Ozil for 40million? I don’t understand where supporters get the information from? No team made a bid for Ozil, only team from Turkey showed interest, it no formal bid was made. Why supporters are crying for Ozil? Really I don’t understand. If they were talking about Sanchez

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