Is Ozil stat record good or bad news for Arsenal?

The Arsenal and Germany international star’s Premier League assist tally is still stuck on 18 for the season, meaning that he has just three games left to get the three more he needs to break the EPL record of 20 currently held by our very own Thierry Henry.

Considering that the German play maker has only managed to provide two assists since the turn of the year, you would have to say that it is unlikely he will be breaking Henry’s record this season. But Ozil did set one Premier League record during the Arsenal draw at Sunderland yesterday, despite the fact that we failed to find the back of the net.

Our number 11 actually created five chances against the Black Cats and as reported by The Mirror that takes him onto an amazing 137 for the season so far, beating the previous record of 134 set by Chelsea star Frank Lampard in the 2008-09 season. This is, of course good news for Ozil and Arsenal and confirms the fact that he has been in great form this season, and it bodes well for our future success as long as we keep him at the club.

But it also highlights a big problem for Arsenal, namely the failure to convert chances. Another report in The Mirror reveals the awful fact that only two strikers in the whole of the Premier League have endured longer goal droughts than Olivier Giroud is currently on and to be fair to Swansea’s Gomis and Newcastle’s Siem De Jong, they do not have the likes of Ozil providing for them.

So do you take this news of Ozil breaking the EPL record as good news or bad?

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  1. who the hell cares about stats now , our season is over , in every sense of the word . it is tragic that we are depending on stats to win us something . stats never won nothing .

    1. Yeah! And the next thing I know is we are celebrating the record for the maximum number of outsides won. Just pathetic how we have demeaned ourselves to clutching at these strings. No wonder fans from all around the world have their best of laughs at us.

  2. This is a very said team still can’t believe you guys are on this site talking about Wenger and Ozil who I believe is Arsenal 2 worst employees. If we continue with our current transfer policies we won’t even play Europa league season after next but hell we might play Europa league next season. You should all hope man city don’t beat us and I am sure they will if we loose another game and United wins all there games you all should do the math. this is a very pathetic team with a very pathetic coach and yes another sad season which further emphasize my point that arsenal regresses every season even spuds are far far far far far far ahead of you guys

    1. How can you say Ozil is the worst ? Do you even watch football ?? Mist chances created and most assists, what else do you want him to do ? Fly to the moon ?!

  3. Mesut ozil’s stats is indeed awesome! I Just wish we had more ozil’s and alexis ‘s on the team!

  4. Ozil what a waste being surrounded by likes of Giroud/Welbeck/Theo…its like Mercedes f1 team putting cheapest oil and petrol in their engine and still expecting a winning performance out of the car every grand prix!

  5. Compare ourselves to others.
    Top players
    Messi neymar suarez busquets alvez

    Real madrid
    Top players
    Ronaldo benzema bale marcelo

    atletico madrid
    top players
    Griezzman koke godin

    Top players
    lewandowski muller robben ribery alaba lahm neuer

    Man city
    Top players
    Aguero de bruyne silva fernandinho otamendi hart

    Top players
    Costa hazard fabregas

    Top players
    Kane alli dier alderwield rose

    top players
    vardy mahrez kante fuchs huth.

    Top players.
    Cech bellerin koscienly monreal coquelin cazorla ozil sanchez

  6. Ozil is far too inconsistent to be actually termed as world class and be compared to the greats. Often goes missing in crucial times.

  7. Ozil has been wasted by Arsenal because of championship players like cheater Giroud and greedy Theo. What amazes me is we over pay deadwoods like Theo 140k, Giroud 125k, Arteta 80k, Rosicky 90k and Flamini 60k. We could have signed 2 world class players like Suarez and Pogba if our manager and board had balls and ambition.

  8. It’s a pity Ozil’s assists of 137 for Arsenal so far this season have gone to waste save the 18 which have been converted.

    This unusual very high falling conversion ratio of Ozil’s assists makes one to ask, if at all Arsenal playing formation style is at conformity with Ozil’s assists making? Or Arsenal don’t altogether have the competent strikers who can be converting a very good percentage of Ozil’s tireless assists making into goals for Arsenal, say 40 converted out of the 137 ones he has already created.

    If these 40 conversions had been achieved by Arsenal, Arsenal would have been Champions on 100 points at this stage in time of this season with 6 games to spare.

  9. Ozil is good yes..but is he good enough for us????
    My opinion will always remain that Ozil is just so limited as a No.10.

    His passes is the only thing you boast of, and for me that’s never enough for a playmaker tagged “world class”

    He can’t play anywhere and be effective,NEVER,only the no.10 and he can’t even play that to perfection…
    Maybe he should be on the right wing so he can cut in on his left, I dunno..

    Cazorla, for me is the best no.10 in Arsenal,if he plays there for us,we have added goal threat and trickery as defenders can’t predict his legs…
    Ozil has to do more, I don’t care about his chances created stats!

    1. @goonerboy Ozil has only passes, ok. Hope you remember David beckham, he had only sniper like free kicks, perfect crosses and very accurate long passes/ assists. Very one dimensional play, and still he is one of the greatest no.7 in the world. Let Ozil assist, and wait for the flops of strikers to miss them, and blame someone there

      1. General Sood…
        I am not blaming Ozil bro, I just want a little more from him,am sure you understand..

        I wish Cazorla plays in that role and Rosicky and you will see the difference..

        Let’s be careful how we overhype our players..
        Am not sure but I think Mahrez is the no.10 for Leicester.he has 17goals and maybe 11 assists..

        Now, am not saying Ozil should score as much buh then there is a little something missing…

        Note:Mahrez plays lei’s penalties hence his goal tally

        1. That’s not over hyping Ozil, the guy is one gr8 assisted, ask Ronaldo and co. tou are right that he should do more. I think that should apply to everyone and not just Ozil, like Coq should score more goals, yes he is very good at his position but he should score more, same with bellerin and all the defenders. Giroud is a striker but not good at scoring, not good at defending, not a very good as sister, he is plain average.

          All the players should do more, don’t single out one who has done his job very well and people who are supposed to act upon them can’t do their jobs and makes everyone look stupid. If we had gr8 strikers and wingers, I dnt think anyone could blame Ozil in anyway, but we have below average players supporting Ozil

  10. How many people here think Wenger cannot find and cannot sign better striker than Giroud ?

  11. Yes, our strikers are not good enough but you could see there is no understanding between our forward players…

    We need a no.10 that can penetrate on his own once in a while, cause confusion, u know what I mean…

    List of my favourite no.10s:
    James Rodriguez
    Chelsea’s Mata.

    Don’t care what anybody thinks..

  12. Just watch a program on a French sports channel…
    Leicester first 11 cost 30 millions euros.
    As an example, Alexis Sanchez transfer fees were 41,25millions euros.

    They were talking about Ngolo Kante going to Arsenal next season…!!
    A pundit rightly wondered why Kante would regress from Leicester to Arsenal knowing they are a better team??

    Arsene Wenger is 66 yo… I don’t if he intends to manage until his 70’s, but sometimes you have to realise when you are done and dusted…

    Wenger could not win the league even if he had Messi and Ronaldo in the squad.

    1. Net spend by leicester on transfer fees in last five years is £55m. Corresponding figure for arsenal is £105m, manc £314m wast ham £99m. Ok we have spent twice as much as leicester, but it is not the huge difference the media would lead you to believe. The big surprise is tottenham who have made a profit of £55m, the only team in PLTo do so.

  13. LoCkAy…

    Wenger wants to be meet up and break Sir Ferguson’s record…
    I can’t really recall the number of years Sir Alex spent at ManU(maybe 25 or so)…
    So that’s why he is

    Sometimes I wonder, even if Wenger is good, Isn’t he supposed to have retired at this age???
    He even wants to sign another three years..pathetic!!!

  14. wow.. first ever comment and still awaiting moderation.. no swear words or the admin as bad as i’ve read?

    1. Oh yes I’m so bad I have to sleep sometimes. ALL first comments are moderated and I’m glad they are so they weed out idiots like you that don’t even support Arsenal. Bye….

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