Is Ozil STILL waiting for Arsene Wenger?

Over the course of the last few days, Arsenal star Mesut Ozil has received considerably more media attention in regards to his contract situation. Whilst Wenger and Alexis have received plenty of attention all season about their respective futures, Ozil has managed to hide in the sidelines in regards as to where he’ll be next September.

This week however, the German international felt the need to speak out to the media about his future, with certain rumours flying around about the fact that his future is largely dependent on Arsene Wenger. It was understood that if Wenger was to leave, then Ozil would also seriously consider leaving the club. This is because Wenger was such a large reason as to why the German joined the club in the first place back in 2013. Ozil however denied this as the reason for the stalling in talks, instead citing desires for the season to conclude first, during a recent interview.

In a Sky Sports interview, former German international Michael Ballack, spoke out on Ozil’s future and he seemed to disagree with his fellow national, in regards to the detrimental relationship between Ozil and Wenger. Ballack said:

“A player like him, who has played for Real Madrid and now Arsenal and who knows the Premier League and La Liga, he has his own feeling and experience. And there are not many clubs where he can go now and who can afford him. I think he needs to feel comfortable with the decision that he makes. But it also depends on what Arsene Wenger does and they have a good relationship and maybe that is why he is waiting a bit.”

Personally, I think for a player to leave the club, simply because the manager has ended his association with the team, seems a tad farfetched in my opinion. Wenger surely can’t be so detrimental on Mesut Ozil’s career, to the extent that the German would feel he had no future at Arsenal without Wenger.

The reasons as for why Ballack may feel that Wenger is part of the reason behind Ozil’s uncertainty, remains unconfirmed. However whilst we all consider that Mesut Ozil’s own decision may depend on if Arsene Wenger leaves, perhaps we have failed to consider whether Ozil will even stay if Arsene Wenger stays. Ozil has been made to feel like the club’s scapegoat this season and I have no doubt that some of the criticism has made him crumble this season. The fans have put him under pressure this season and he doesn’t seem to be able to get out of the rut that he currently finds himself in. Therefore even if Wenger decides to stay, Ozil could still consider his future to lie elsewhere and so either way, we may be without the attacking midfielder next season.

Out of the trio, I think Ozil is the most likely to commit to a new deal, with wage demands not seeming to be a big factor at all in his negotiations. Ozil just seems to want security and ambition at the club and if he can be satisfied in this, either by Wenger or another top class manager, then I think we’ll have no real issue getting the player to sign on the dotted line in the summer.



  1. khangunners says:

    Let him go with wenger. If he really has made such a stance he has no right to play for us then. When you play for a manager and things go bumby you crumble then he protects you but when you play for the team you will fight ur all and when you lose you will be sooo gutted and it will show from ur appearance.

  2. Break-on-through says:

    Mourinho being linked with Ozil lately, if there is truth to it I believe it’s Mourinho playing mind games. Arsene has to be thinking whether the lad is at all strong enough for prem football so this could be Mour trying to edge him into signing him. Mourinho goes with three central midfielders and none of them have been as soft as Ozil. That or else it’s Ozils entourage trying to come up with a big side that might want him.

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