Is Paul Merson right to be so negative about Arsenal title chances?

Following Arsenal’s unexpected loss to Aston Villa over the weekend, finding a positive-minded Gooner is a challenging task.

While the team remains in contention for the title and holds a favourable position, not too distant from the top of the table, the defeat at home dealt a severe blow to our hopes of ending the Premier League title drought.

Fans had anticipated a victory in that fixture, but the outcome was different, leading to an outpouring of negative comments in the aftermath.

With six matches remaining in the season, the top spot still can change hands again before the campaign concludes, offering us a chance to clinch the title.

However, former Gunner Paul Merson has adopted a decidedly negative outlook and now questions our ability to secure the title.

He said on Sky Sports:

 “You don’t get these chances, you’ll sit there at home tonight and go it is gone.

“For me it is gone. You’ve worked that hard for 32 games to go that extra yard, just one yard, to stop that cross and it is lazy.”

When asked if the title was gone for the Gunners Merson said “100 per cent”.

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It is easy to be negative about our title chances after watching the team struggle in that game.

However, there are more matches left and we need to be more relaxed and keep supporting the team.

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  1. I absolutely agree.
    It’s over once again and tomorrow the season will be finished for good.
    Arsenal just proved they have neither the will to fight or the spine to reach for what they want.
    I suspect Arsenal will fall back in a year or to like Spurs did and someone like Villa or Newcastle will challenge City.
    You don’t want to call them chokers but it is difficult not to.

  2. Serious minded human watchers are well awar ethat Merse is well known a sanemotional man pronde to saying anthing that comdeinto his head wirthout carefully firet thinkg it through. IF hde had thought it through we would se we stil arelony two points vehind City, th difernewc debetwen a win and a draw. If he seriously thinks(in fact IF he ever rreally THINKS at all) that City has NO chance to even drop two points, esp if they go all the way in the CL, as I PREDICT THEY WILL,then he is NOT really thinking at all, IMO.
    Either way, MERSE though very likeable personally, is hardly Brain of Britain material.
    IS HE!!
    I far prefer to make up my OWN mind, as I DO think and think properly.

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