Is Philippe Coutinho the perfect signing for Arsenal right now?

Arsenal has been linked with a summer move for Philippe Coutinho and the Brazilian looks to be an exciting signing on paper.

Mikel Arteta would probably help him revive his career after stints in Spain and Germany has failed to help him recapture the form he showed for Liverpool in the Premier League.

Understandably, some Arsenal fans are excited at the prospect of watching the “Little Magician”, however, I am not as excited.

Arsenal is going through a transition at the moment, the club itself needs a revival and I don’t think that it makes much sense that we want to experiment on a player that has struggled lately.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Coutinho and I think he is an amazing talent who could become revived by playing under Arteta.

However, what if he turns out to become just another Henrikh Mkhitaryan? At the moment, Coutinho is just a high-risk signing and we don’t need players who can’t guarantee a performance for us.

Coutinho could become a top player again, but the Brazilian would need to be given time to find his form. But Arsenal can’t afford that at the moment.

I believe we should be targeting players that would come in and make a difference right away, not players that we would have to nurture because we expect them to become stars again. That rarely works out.

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  1. Thomaskelly says:

    No thanks

  2. S.J says:

    As long as I am concern Coutinho is far better that Ozil. So I will have him in our team

    1. Sam says:

      Coutinho is a good football for sure 👍

    2. zack88 says:

      he wont come cheaply though.

  3. Robert Acedius says:

    The Perfect Signing: Thomas Partey. Dammit!

  4. Glorious says:

    Can we afford him, l guess the answer is …..

  5. jon fox says:

    How many more times is this constant question going to be asked on here? We have ALREADY, Ime, had several Coutinho articles all asking the same question. My firm conviction is that this has zero chance as I have said several times. I say it once again- ZERO CHANCE- in the vain hope that it will not reappear even more times.

    1. Geoff says:

      I agree with you entirely,Jon. I am sick of seeing this continually cropping up. Agent getting desperate? I hope your conviction is correct. We do not need an Ozil mark2

  6. Roachie says:

    I would love to see him at Arsenal, I watched him closely for a couple of years at Liverpool and felt if he scored more goals he’d be up there with the best. Unfortunately it would be all about money and I just can’t see us being able to afford him

    1. Sue says:

      Not sure how true this is, but I saw he’s on 250k a week – that’s us out of the running right away!! The only way I can see him in an Arsenal shirt, is if Barca desperately want rid and give him away for next to nothing and he takes a pay cut 😄

  7. Jay says:

    On current form he’s no better than our current midfield player. Don’t think he’s the midfield player we need now. Also drifts in and out of games. Not so consistent year on year. It’s a no for, except he’s coming for cheap. 30m max

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    No! We need fighters from now on. Not another weak playmaker type.

  9. RSH says:

    Overpaid, not good enough for Barca, or Bayern, had one great season at LFC, and was inconsistent outside of that. No thanks.

  10. Shakir says:

    He had a good career in the premier league but struggled with the world class players in barca.It proves that la liga and many other leagues are not what we think it is.
    Premier league has more intensity and is very entertaining but for me i think it lacks the brilliant tactical side,not all teams though…

    And coutinho wont be a bad signing if it happens because he has already proved himself in the PL but barca are asking more than 100 million i think …

  11. Uche Edochie says:

    I think Coutinho could be a brilliant signing for us. We saw him in Liverpool and he was pure quality. He lost confidence in Barcelona and hasn’t quite found it in Bayern. Considering how Arteta improved every single player we have ever since his appointment, I believe he can restore the football genius that is Coutinho. Based on this logic, I support his purchase if the rumours are true. I am not that worried about his price tag. This corona virus has brought everyone down on their knees and purchasing power has dropped. So has player value. So I believe we can get him for under 50mil.

  12. Mogunna says:

    The perfect signing will be Koulibaly!!! Fill that hole we have bgger than an ass for ages!

    Swap Laca for Partey and we are done with that central defensive area pb killing us for years!

    Sometime I wonder what In your mind to write such an article, idid not even read, title was enough!

    Maybe question you meant to ask is : what would be perfect signing?

    Doubt any of us would even think about Couthino ; we all can see our same pb for years now, a top CB and beast in DM position !

  13. Mogunna says:

    Maybe you have money to sign him , create a new club in London, Dream FC

  14. Dianjuh says:

    I know its an opinion yes but even then, I have really struggled to understand this article. Why would we label Coutinho as a ‘has been’ at the age of 27?

    Anyone including those super-performing can be a risk. No one guarantees you anything (maybe except Messi). Pepe was scoring goals and providing assists for fun in Ligue one. For us he is still adapting. Martinelli wasn’t doing much where he was in Brazil and look how good he is performing for us?

    You cant pick someone and put him in a write off box. Especially if that someone still has 5-6 years left of top football.

    How irrelevant this article would be should we: –

    1. Sign him
    2. Ends up becoming one of our very reliable stars – and this he could be because he has shown it before, in this league.

  15. Brian elnini says:

    can arsenal give the money for Mikel arteta to sign the Brazilian forward and he would be a gud signing for aresmsl

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