[Image] Is Piers Morgan sick? He is acting strangely towards Arsenal…

Has Piers Morgan seen Jesus? by Darren N

I can’t help but think that there is something wrong with the annoying TV Pundit Piers Morgan, who is a well-known Arsenal fan but it is totally unheard of him to write or say anything positive about the club.

He campaigned vociferously for #WengerOut and has been anti- every manager since, including Arteta who he was “furious” with for letting Aubameyang leave, and not so long ago, he complained about Arteta getting a contract extension…

But something strange has happened today. It could be that Piers is ill, or perhaps is on some strong medication, because it seems like he has suddenly done a complete U-Turn!

This is today’s tweet…..

So what is going on with Piers? Do you think he is ill? Or someone took his phone and he got fraped?

Or maybe he really has seen Jesus and come in from the Dark Side???



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  1. Why should any TRUE Gooner on JA CARE AT ALL what this self publicist tweets or even thinks?

    I don’t, as Morgan is to me a nonentity.

    Next subject PLEASE !

  2. His main income is from show business. So he has to make controversies for attention, as the celebrities did

    He basically didn’t care much about the effects of his comments on his so-called “favorite” club, as a public figure

    He’d likely have thought that any comment about football is harmless and he could apologize or change his opinions in the future, as he just did

  3. IT’S CALLED OPINION and i find it incredulous that another so called Arsenal fan can call out another Arsenal fan in a specific article for having an OPINION. He like all says what he sees and Surely thats his perogative. Now if you dont like Piers, thats different but dont putting article up about someone’s opinion is sad.

    1. Reggie, If it their OPINION that your, or Morgans, opinion is sad, then who are you to prevent them airing THEIR free opinion about your opinion?
      Have you even thought about THAT, I wonder!

  4. Absolutely. It’s been a while i took note of Piers Morgan’s negativity towards the club, more especially at M. Arteta after the departure of Aubamayang. Taking the platform he has to make frequent digs at Arteta. If that’s him now trusting the process then all i can say is welcome home prodigal son.

  5. The only human that can’t change their opinions are the dead, so Morgan has a right to change his opinion if he has seen something change. No need to call him names

    1. Correct Whale, how sad is this site becoming and what sort of people frequent it, just to slag someone off for a differing opinion.

        1. Oh right, did you, i wonder why. And i wonder why some posts that call people out, keep disappearing.

              1. I see you have removed some further down, now who was the culprit who had to start a fight for no reason at all, instead of actually having an opinion. I like debate with different minded people but one thing i am not is a hypocrite admin. I may decide tomorrow to show my undying love for Arteta, now why would that be a problem to some. If you are negative you get slagged for being negative, when you are positive, you get slagged for being positive. I just dont like hypocrites admin, im sorry.

                1. The fact is I deleted that thread because the rules saying don’t get personal about other posters. You were named specifically as happens a lot. So those will be deleted always.

                2. Reggie, Have you never noticed, as I have done and others do too, that HYPOCRISY is a perfectly normal and natural part of our races shared human condition?

                  Though not actually desirable, it is present, to a greater or lesser extent, in every single person I have ever known well enough to judge and that applies in all life, not just to football fans.
                  I have many times admitted on JA to being a hypocrite; though very few others ever do.

                  Perhaps you have never noticed, though that would be surprising for one who is on here , as I am too, virtually every day.

      1. unfortunately true Reggie.

        Although there has been some improvements lately, I think since the article a few weeks back.

        1. Apex, generally there are great posters on here, who come on for the crack. Sometimes its like the school playground with some. People claiming they are the greater supporters, people telling you things about yourself, that they haven’t a clue about and forget about opinion. Get a life🙄

  6. Z list celebrity (?) who is Tottenham in disguise who no real Arsenal fan cares about has opinion not worth listening to.

  7. I am not a big fan of piers and I don’t agree with most of the thing he does.
    I am not the one to dictate how to support the team for him.
    But what most people fail to realize was he doesn’t stand Mediocrity.
    He did more than this while he wanted Wenger out.
    So it’s not about people personality, it’s about wanting to see Arsenal at the top for him.
    There’s nothing bad to acknowledge it if he sees improvement. And the moment things doesn’t go well, he’s right to come back to criticize as well, just like you are right not to.

    1. Correct and was a shareholder, im sure he only want the best and not mediocrity, which some have accepted far too easily.

  8. No not at all, he’s got every right to change his mind, just like a lot of fans on here have recently.

      1. My stance Jon Fox has always been based on results and i find it Galling a hypocrite like you, thinks it is fine for you to have an opinion on Xhaka and isnt waivering in his steadfast opinion that he is a statue and every other name you have called him, regardless of how he does and then try and tell me that you are not fickle and are fair minded. WOW what a hypocrite you are. Please i have asked you before, dont read my posts and just dont answer, i have no respect for you as a person.

        1. You are the worst on this site for calling people out and doing the exact same thing yourself. I wasn’t on this site when Wenger was manager but from what i have read, you posted some real vitriol. Please dont YOU give me a lecture, like you do every day on here. You are not in any position to.

  9. Something positive to tell..if Neville live till their 70 is more better..this English is my third language .my first language to say this like this..dusunic..sokori nopo apasi Neville gisom dot kolohing mulau no doti yau dii..second languages malay .

  10. Piers Morgan: a narcissist, for the most part, with mouth permanently in gear and brain permanently in neutral.

  11. Piers Morgan represents everything that is wrong with supports and the mainstream football media.

    Everything has to be immediately, now. There is no [patience. There is no tolerance of a substandard performance, a bad match, any kind of mistake.

    That’s one of the reasons I love Arsenal. They give things time. Don’t get me wrong, I think a lot was done wrong. Wenger should have ben let to stay until the end of his contract. It was fan and media pressure that got him kicked out. And it hasn’t been until last season, after MA had a decent transfer window, that we got stability back to the club.

    PM is so fickle, that at the first bad result, he will be all over social media with his criticism and know it all comments.

  12. Reggie! It seems you accept people who have different opinions but you don’t accept those who disagree with someone’s opinion! I though both are acceptable when it comes to debate. But for me i don’t have any problem with differences and disagreements

    1. No, i dont like people who get personal, when they dont even know you. Opinion is something totally different. I dont slag people off because they think different to me, i do when they get personal, thats different. Surely i have a right to change my mind when i want and not because someone who thinks they are better than you tells you you should do otherwise and you are fickle and all sorts of names. Its like some kind of silly points scoring exercise. Its healthy and better that people have different opinions. It also makes a site.

    2. That makes little sense to me @RUX
      Reggie is not talking about fans that disagree with an opinion ,he’s talking about fans that disagree with an opinion and get personal ,massive difference there mate .
      We all have our opinions which any sensible normal human being will except it’s the other types that try to ram their own opinions down your throat ,” my way or the high way “kind of approach and seem to want to control what is said or printed .
      I won’t let that happen to me as I have a brain ,something some fans on here seem to be lacking when actually trying to debate all things Arsenal ,without looking like complete control freaks .
      Like I said massive difference .

      1. I was tracking and agreeing with the thought that giving an opinion and getting personal are two different things – But feel that in your last sentence you really don’t help your argument by then getting personal and saying some fans on this site don’t have brains

        1. I get your point TZgunner and probably ruined what I was trying to get across but needs must sometimes when constantly attacked by fans that cannot accept that difference.
          But yes your right me lowering myself to that .

    3. Rux, you have just made a point without telling me im this or that and getting personal. Thats what it should be, i choose to ignore people who call me out for no reason and like Angus, troll me. Out of the blue, i had J fox call me out (regular) for no reason and Angus saying for no reason, i disrespected him last year. Then he admitted after i pointed out to him, it was he who was rude to me.I cant be doing with people like that, im to old for name calling and histrionics.

  13. I really don’t care what this lapdog has to say about anything .. watching the Chelsea spurs game I do care whether we can get past either or both this season .. if Chelsea bring in a couple of players and esp if one is de jong they will be tough to overtake … spurs still have done gaps … but we need to beef up the midfield with a quality b2b for sure .. it’s too weak and won’t deliver goals … still time this window but ticking

  14. IMHO, that man became sick a long time ago, and there is no sign of recovery in sight yet, regarding Arsenal issues.

  15. He’s Probably like most fans have changed there opinion after watching the all or nothing docu series

  16. OT
    Watched the Chelsea ,spuds ,very entertaining at the end reminded me of the Wenger ,Jose touchline handbag fight .
    I predicted spuds for 3rd but after that Game maybe not ,lucky to get that 1 point .
    TBF conte changed it up at half time so props to them ,but if Chelsea get their targets in they could be a a threat .
    Cucurella looks like a fantastic signing even at that price ,you can see why pep wanted him ,after his fantastic season last year .
    They could be a threat but good that they shared the points overall .
    I’m quite optimistic that after 6 games we could have maximum points something I’ve not said for a few years .

    1. Mr DK
      I beleive I am one of the most optimistic people on here but for you too say I can see us with max points after 6 games…well hats off too you 👏
      This is the arsenal and we live on a roller coaster ride from one week to the next but would love 18 points on the board after 6 games
      As for the spuds finishing 3rd
      As I said before
      Not a chance in hell
      3rd is where I see us finishing so for the spuds 4th is the best they will achieve but chelski will have a say on that

      1. He’s quality so underrated
        The only reason I watched is because my old man is a Chelsea fan and his side of the family are from that neck of the woods ,but followed my grandad and uncle who came from over the border so to speak .

  17. Have nothing in common with Piers Morgan’s political outbursts but regarding Arsenal F.C., he has often been justified in criticising the club’s lack of ambition. However like most of us he must have been pleased with what he has recently seen on the field.

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