Is Redknapp right to label that Arsenal team as the worst ever?

Jamie Redknapp has labelled the weekend’s losing side as the worst Arsenal team he has seen. The Gunners succumbed to a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Bournemouth on Super Sunday this weekend, having led through a Hector Bellerin opening goal.

The Cherries win was their first over us since the Premier League was created, and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp has labelled our team as the worst he has seen.

“You can say it’s the youngest, but I’d probably say it’s the worst Arsenal team I have seen,” he said.

“If you look at the blue-chip players of the years gone by, the Henrys, the Bergkamps, there are no players that are going to get in the Hall of Fame in this side.

“It was very disappointing today.

“They didn’t do enough for me, all around the pitch.

“It was the same failings, a lack of desire to get back into the game.

“You could see at 1-1 it was inevitable, there were no characters out there, nobody pulling people into position.

“A hugely disappointing result and performance from Arsenal.”

Our team was missing key stars Alexis Sanchez, who is believed to be on standby as he awaits a move this week, while Mesut Ozil is sidelined with a knee injury.

The duo are linked with the exit door at present, with both of their contracts ending this summer currently, and it is worrying times if the team is failing without the pair in the side.

The Chilean is believed to be close to joining the Manchester United, while both Manchester City and Liverpool have also been credited with an interest,

Was our performance really as bad as Redknapp claims? Do we have serious worries should both exit the club this month? How many signings do we need to replace the two stars?

Pat J

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  1. Tas says:

    Against Bourmouth YES his right

    1. Tas says:

      I don’t care what anyone says Bourmouth played shi7 and they still won

      1. Sue says:

        Plus Ibe had never scored for Bournemouth before!!! Says it all…..

        1. Abel says:

          Ibe has scored for Bournemouth previously.

    2. Tas says:

      I don’t care what anyone says Bourmouth played bad and they still won

      Is that beter admin ??

    3. Ronan McNamara says:

      Someone should tell Redknapp Arsenal beat Spurs two nil!!!!

    4. Ronan McNamara says:

      Very disrespectful to Bournemouth. Arsenal have no god given right to win every match.

      1. Ronan McNamara says:

        Redknapp is a creep……he detests Arsenal football club. His statement reflects what a true simpleton he has become. How does he explain Arsenals home form?

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    If Jamie RedNeck said all that? ??Then it must be the gospel of all gospels ???

    1. Tas says:

      Hi FG long time no see how are you?

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Hello Bro, I hope that you’re well? ?
        I guess that’s a stupid question really, what with Arsenal playing the same old ?? but in a different way! ?
        For the first time in my life, I actually lost interest in following the club. I just about check on the results. By the looks of things, The only thing I missed was banter on this forum ?

        Hello Admin ?

    2. Roehahn says:

      Hey Fatboy..Its been a while..

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Hey Bro ?? I got hooked on Lord Mobile ?? do not download it, it’s very addictive and expensive ?

    3. iGooner says:

      It is not the gospel of all gospels, but rather his opinon which he is entitled to, and I happen to agree with him on this.

    4. Abel says:

      Fat boy, where have you been?

  3. Rkw says:

    Don’t need these overpaid pundits to see and state the obvious … Next 4 months will be profound for the club … Reminded of woody Allen’s quote … Only slightly doctored:
    “More than any other time in history, Arsenal football club faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the management to choose correctly.”
    I think we know that praying ain’t the solution

    1. Tas says:

      Rkw dose the “R” in front of Rkw stand for Reverent ? ???

  4. winner says:

    I have seen many bad arsenal sides, but honestly the one that lost to bournemouth is one of the weakest. At least four of the starters are premier league material…chambers, holding, iwobi and niles are not ready for the premier league although they have potential. To start them all and leave Kolasinac, ramsey and walcot on the bench was mindboggling. Add to that there was Walbeck who has not been in the best of form. Taken individually the players are not that bad, but starting them all in a premier league game away from home is to ask for trouble. A distracted Alexis would surely have performed much better than most if not all the players that were fielded. However, for me the weakest Arsenal side is the one that lost 3-0 to Manchester City on the day after Gallas was stripped of the captain’s armband.
    Arsenal: Almunia, Hoyte (Ramsey 60), Djourou, Silvestre, Clichy, Nasri, Denilson, Song Billong, Diaby (Vela 69), Van Persie, Bendtner.
    Subs Not Used: Fabianski, Wilshere, Gibbs, Lansbury, Simpson.
    And the Hoyte was not Justin but his 17 year old brother Gavin who was roasted by Robino. When I remember that Wenger took to this team to the Champions League, I am reminded of what a genius he used to be. He used to overachieve with mediocre players, but this group of mediocre players will not get him there. The times have changed.

    1. jon fox says:

      Great post and many of us remember that sub par side. On paper the present one probably is a touch better but on the field todays shambles exceeds any other in my 60 years watching for sheer little boy, sorry make that little girl, mentality. No leaders, no fight, no work, no defending, no creativity, no nothing . Even so Jamie Redknapp, EVER is a long time and I suspect the present rubbish might still beat the first Dial Square team, albeit narrowly. I have never seen morale among players and fans so low, sorry, make that non-existent. I do not say this is true BUT judged purely on the EVIDENCE of countless weird and bonkers decisions, if you had come down from Mars to watch how the club has been misrun these last few years, you would obviously think the club is being DELIBERATELY sabotaged, by the manager and owner.

  5. ŞÜKHJÖT says:

    I hate to admit it but I think that is the case…

  6. muffdiver says:

    aubameyang has handed in a transfer request

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Is that you Re-Source? ?

      1. muffdiver says:

        oh snap fatty whats up dude!
        thought that kev resource punk had scared u off

        1. barryglik says:

          50m Lacazette hardly scores.
          Wellbeck hardly plays.
          Giroud hardly plays
          Walcott hardly plays
          Perez on loan
          100m worth of strikers misfiring already.
          Can we justify buying another 45m “top top ” striker?
          But if we sell Walcott 25m Giroud 11m Perez 9m
          we can get Aba and still have Laca and Wellbroke.
          Just do it I say.

    2. Tas says:

      Chelsea fans will be happy

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Apparently, Chelsea are trying to snatch Lego man (Sanchez) since he isn’t too keen on joining Utd. He would rather stay at Arsenal and join City for free, at the end of the season. But as per usual it’s Wenger/club trying to cash in, now that they know he won’t sign a new contract, yet they make out that it’s Sanchez who wants to leave right now. ?
        With All this talk about Malcom, P.E.A and a swap deal here and there, can only mean that Joe Campbell is heading back to Arsenal ?

        1. Ronan McNamara says:

          Oh ya Joe plays for Real!

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    seems like mislintat is the man behind aubameyang chase

    looks like Bordeaux does not want to sell Malcolm

    and pavon does not want to move to Arsenal

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Can you blame them? ?

    2. Ronan McNamara says:

      Borducks can keep Malcoim……..over rated and over priced.

  8. Ronny says:

    it’s difficult to argue too much.
    However the side yesterday are the worst ever but not our sqaud.
    If a fit kos and monreal/kolasinac were available along with the poor sod forgotten man cazorla abd giroud who offers something g different were much better than yesterday’s showing.
    However elneny, xhaka, mainland niles, Walcot and so on are not good enough! I mean flamini and after a used to main sources of our frustration but I’d take a younger fit flamini over xhaka atm
    What a difference the creativity of cazorla, rosicky, and even poldis left foot could make at the moment. Hell even Joel Campbell and Perez could offer high work rate and some individual creativity.
    Yesterday’s side of welbeck and iwobi behind lacazette was awful xhaka does nothing defensively or otherwise and cech rapidly looking older. Deary deary me the wheels are falling off one after another big time.

    1. Ronan McNamara says:

      Flamini ……donkey. Xhaka needs to be sold asap……lets hope he has a good world cup……might get a good price. Ruben Neves from Wolves now…….hidden gem !!!!

  9. COYG_CA says:

    Now doesn’t this just sound like the AFC and Wenger we all know and (NOT) love?

    According to The Sun, Arsene Wenger’s side are reluctant to meet Dortmund’s £60m valuation of Aubameyang and will instead make an offer of £30m plus the services of Giroud, who remains down the pecking order at the Emirates.

    The newspaper also claims that Arsenal will not sign both Aubameyang and Bordeaux winger Malcom, who has been linked with a £45m switch to North London, and will make the former their “priority” this month.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Yes, read between the lines… Joe Campbell is coming back ??‍♂️

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      where did you find those articles?

      the only articles on the Sun is mislintat pushing the deal and giroud plus cash for him

  10. Phil says:

    Let’s get back on script.Redknap is paid to give his opinion.He NEVER has a good word to say about Arsenal.On Sunday’s performance he got it spot on.I travelled back from Bournemouth listening to Gooner on TalkSport who were scathing with their comments on the game and other than Jack and to a certain extent ANM all the other players were ruined.Wenger was the villain and rightly so.You cannot defend a performance like that and it is all too familiar now.Who does Wenger ultimately answer to?The supporters.We see it week in and week out.What in gods name are the Board doing about this?NOTHING as usual as they are frightened of what will happen when he go’s.Well it can’t get any worse than it is now and he cannot be allowed to carry on.Am I alone in hoping for a bad result on Saturday with a toxic atmosphere in the ground?

    1. Point of correction though: Wenger does not answer to the fans, he answers to the board and only partly as he seems to counter and overrule Gazidis in everything. The board ultimately answers to the owner…unfortunately for us, the owner and his son sit on the damned board so effectively the board answer to no one but itself.

    2. jon fox says:

      Well said . However, wrong and mightily wrong about Wenger answering to us fans. This corruptly run club constantly shits on us lot , all the time, and cares not a jot. In fact, the ba….ds actually get off on it! I am SERIOUSLY considering using a hypnotist to rid me of my totally bonkers love for a totally corrupt club. Who can love being constantly s..t on!

  11. John Ibrahim says:

    there’s no point keeping Sanchez…he will not give in 100%

    a bad injury will wreck all his plans and he may end up with no clubs considering he is turning 30yo

    1. bran911 says:

      So we should help him before he picks up that “bad injury”

  12. John Ibrahim says:

    where’s Resources, remember resources and Kev?

  13. Kroenke Out says:

    Sanchez was the best player we had since Henry left and he can not wait to get out of the club.
    This is a club that has been going backwards for a decade, the cracks were painted over with a few FA cups. Wenger is senile, and if he is not senile then he is a liar. Maybe he is a bit of both. He doesnt give a damn about the club. If he leaves at the end of this year or sees his contract out and stays another year, in both cases he is going to leave a train wreck of a club behind him.
    With almost no good players and minimal promising stars. And a club mired in mediocracy. It will take either a billion Pounds and 2-3 years or a great manager and a decade to get us back to being serious challengers.

  14. Innit says:

    On paper NO
    Cech, bellerin, kolsanic, mustafi, koscielny, Ramsey, Wilshere, Alexis, Walcott, Ozil, Lacazette etc seems like a good squad on paper but in reality i agree Jamie. We look like a mid table team innit

    Wenger doesn’t play Theo with Alexis Ozil and Lacazette
    He starts players like Adelaide on the left wing back position. Sometimes he starts players like iwobi and welbeck over Lacazette and Giroud. Monreal as CB. etc.
    Alexis has been out of it too but we cant put all the blame on him.

    I think if Cazorla and Coquelin had been playing together, this team would have been completely different. Unfortunately Caz has been out for long time. Wenger prefers Xhaka.

    But again it’s Wengers fault for not getting a Top experienced central midfielder in summer. Now Cazorla probably will not play again and Coquelin is gone.

    Wenger has ruined the potential of this team with poor signings and poor lineups/tactics.

    I wish the board was as fed up with Wenger as we are

    1. Lunga says:

      Unfortunately the body will never be fedup with Wenger cause he makes profit for them every year so sad for us the fans!!!

  15. Tat says:

    Just in!
    LC wants Riyad mahrez for 100m
    Meanwhile,No one wants Walcott for more than 20m

  16. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Without a doubt , “Diamond Eye” recommended Aubameyang tp the board and because of that, Wenger doing all he can to stop it happening, and that’s unforgivable. There’s obvious conflict between the two, so now this fraud of a manager is not only under performing, his now trying to do us harm which proves he has no love for the club whatsoever, all he loves is the £9 million a year his getting.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      there’s no evidence on that….the media is saying Wenger is worrying about Cuba’s attitude and Mislintat is giving him a good reference

  17. Lunga says:

    Unfortunately the body will never be fedup with Wenger cause he makes profit for them every year so sad for us the fans!!!

  18. Marty says:

    Who really gives a toss what Redknapp says. We can all pick various Arsenal teams over the years and say they are the worse teams we have seen. I remember some pretty awful Arsenal teams from the mid 60’s and mid 70’s but it’s only someones personal opinion. Don’t forget as well that Redknapp is paid to say things and the more controversial it is the better the newspaper likes it.

    1. jon fox says:

      A biased and plain silly comment. Redknapp , among many other really knowledgeable pundits, tells it like it is. And he is right. If you want to pick a poor pundit(actually a co-commentator, but he still gives opinions) you could name Alan Smith , who sits on the fence so much , he must have splinters up his wotsit! MOST pundits, Neville, Carragher,Redknapp, Souness, most notably ,are admirable and spellout the truth loud, long and consistently.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Sorry Jon, but I agree with Marty, you give these pundits far to much respect and seem to forget that Sky Sports pay them to be controversial. To me the only one I give any credence to is Graham Souness

      2. Marty says:

        The point I was trying to put across was that what he said is open to so much debate that what was the point in saying it. As I said there were worse Arsenal teams that I saw back in the 60’s and 70’s. Also, why was my comment biased, I didn’t say I hated Redknapp just that his comments were just made because he has a column to write and the newspaper wants him to be controversial.

  19. Mr rednapp needs to eat his all his sacking money in peace and shut it …

    1. bran911 says:

      But he has a point, your love for Wenger shouldn’t blind you and not see the bitter truth

      1. Bran911
        It looks like you met me already. Are u sure I am a Wenger lover????

  20. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    Previous teams may have had players of less talent than the current squad, but in 56 years of following Arsenal FC I cannot remember a team less committed to playing for the manager or the badge. The ability of the current Wenger coached teams to defend is shambolic. What does Steve Bould, a great defender for Arsenal himself, do for his money? Redknapp is right!

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      I’m not a big fan of Redknapp Ozzie but the rest of your post about defending, commitment and Steve Bould is 100% right.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        If you listen to Redknapp carefully you’ll see his always looking for confirmation from his fellow pundits, for example, he says things like “Aint I right Gary” or “Aint I right Graham”. To me this goes back to his childhood, in the school playground, because being the son of a famous footballer he’d always be asking for confirmation from his fellow pupils and given the reply “yes, you’re right Jamie”. Spoilt.

  21. Break-on-through says:

    The performance was dismal. No ideas in the team, and after we took the lead no one looked ready to fight for the lead except maybe one or two. Everything about it looked really poor for an Arsenal team. They should be ashamed of themselves letting the club down like that. Why fight at Chelsea for a point or a drawn cup game but not fight for three points in this game. Xhaka again, it doesn’t matter if he’s a DM or not, for any player to not run with his nearest man in that situation is unforgivable.
    It was easily avoided that goal but Xhaka picks no one up and then proceeds to watch it from affray. The first goal, how many of our players got sucked out wide because they don’t trust Niles or Holding, all one had to do was read the line of the pass and intercept or else make them cross high. Or maybe be in position and set up to defend.
    Attacking, I saw no evidence of it so I can’t say or give a reason/rating.

  22. Ivan says:

    1) It has to be said that Redknapp is a kn?b and talks cr?p most of the time.
    2) I have seen worse than this team in the 70s, 80s and 90s.
    3) I haven’t though seen an Arsenal team that is less of a team than this one. The current side has many players that seem too lazy to track back and are scared of the physical side of the game.
    4) To quote Sam Cooke “change is gonna come”

    1. jon fox says:

      Ivan, so then “knob Redknapp ” agrees with you . Surely that also makes you a knob!

      1. Ivan says:

        No Jon he is kn?b for so many reasons although the fact that he p!aged for Liverpool and spuds is enough for me to detest him.
        He us occasionally right though like the proverbial broken clock.

        1. jon fox says:

          IVAN, Leaving aside our personal differences, I suggest to you that you have just proved, in print, your irrational hatred for Redknapp, as you admit, because he “played for Liverpool and Spurs”. Really, how pathetic. Have you any idea what a little person that makes you seem. Mind, I say “seem” NOT “are”! You do your personal standing and viewpoint no favours at all with such a daft and irrelevant comment. Who cares what teams these pundits and long ago retired players played for? They give their honest opinions and at least therefore earn their corn, which is far more than modern Arsenal teams do, as you yourself say! Back to the substance of your original post, the clear fact is that your 2nd and 3rd points are precisely what Redknapp and many other well respected pundits, including ex Arsenal players, like Wright, Dixon and Groves are also saying. Forget the “kn.b ” remark. IT DOES NEITHER OF US ANY CREDIT. But you are clearly being hypocritical and I would have thought a clearly bright man, you, would have known better. Words are important and if they cannot be substantiated they will always be challenged. I too have made that mistake and know from experience, therefore. Finally, I do respect you as a caring and passionate fan and welcome further debate.

          1. jon fox says:

            Ivan Actually on re-reading, it was only your 3rd point that is in debate, not point two, which many would agree with(though not much in the 90’s , I would have thought. Just, perhaps, 1993-94 team.)

          2. Ivan says:

            Jon, I had not been aware we had any personal differences. I had thought that we were in broad agreement.
            However I really, really object to your diatribe. Putting a nice ending on a personal abuse set of comments does not change things. Before I had some respect for you but looking at your whole series of comments today you have lost it. So sorry no respect for you.

  23. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    My point exactly; there are some good individual players, but as a team they appear a poorly coached rabble, totally lacking leadership within and without.

  24. AndersS says:

    I have been a fan since 1970, and whether it was the worst ever team, is of course impossible to compare. But I have to admit, that I have never seen so much chaos in and around the team as just now.
    We are selling our best players for peanuts, because the contract situation has been badly mishandled.
    We have a manager, who for several years has made the same mistakes over and over.
    We have a group of players, who on a regular basis only give 80-90% in matches.
    The whole thing is unheard of, and as such maybe the worst ever.

    1. Ivan says:

      Well put.

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