Is Reine-Adelaide set to be promoted to the Arsenal first team?

Has Jeff Reine-Adelaide been promoted?

Arsenal today welcomed first team players back to London Colony for the first day of pre-season training.
With preparations for the upcoming season already underway, it gives us the chance to analyse any changes that may be likely to occur for the upcoming campaign, with one notable possibilities being promotions.

A few young Gunners were present at training with the first team today, including the likes of Chuba Akpom, Yaya Sanogo and Jeff Reine-Adelaide. It raises the question for debate on whether we will see these three players in particular play a bigger role at Arsenal next season, instead of going out on loan or playing for the youth sides.

With Reine-Adelaide it raises interest because there is a lot of potential surrounding this wonderkid that Arsenal managed to get their hands on last summer. The 18 year old made an instant impact and impressed many when he signed for the Gunners last year, featuring in the pre-season Emirates cup competition.

Reine-Adelaide was today spotted in training with the first team and it could mean that the youngster may be in line for a promotion to the first team from the youth ranks. However there are a few other reasons why he could have be present in training today.

Firstly a lot of youth players do travel with the first team for Pre-Season. It allows them to test themselves and their ability to be integrated amongst the more regular first team players. Bearing in mind Wenger and co is preparing for Pre-Season at this stage, it’s possible Reine-Adelaide is simply in contention of a pre-season slot.

It should also be considered that a lot of first team players were authorised to be absent from the first days of training due to their international commitments over the summer. Reine-Adelaide and co could therefore have been simply making up the numbers for matter of taking part in training exercises rather than be in line for promotion.

Personally from what I’ve seen and heard, Jeff does have the potential to become an Arsenal star in the future and may be ready to have a little pop at first team duties already in this season. However if he is promoted, I’d still expect him to spend a period of time out on loan, to get regular playing time as well as competitive experience. It will help maximise his potential and will help his ability grow at such an important age. Instead of that, Wenger could be planning to integrate Jeff like he did with Alex Iwobi last season, so maybe we haven’t heard the last of this development just yet.



  1. I thought that he would be one of the first of the youth players to get a real crack at first team footbal. He seems to have most of the tools

    1. Idk, I think Iwobi is the real deal out of all our youth players. People are raving about Pogba but I’m sure in the next few years they will be saying the same things about Iwobi.

  2. Any news on Bielik’s progress
    I have been waiting for him to help us defensively as Coquelin has been are only Defensive Midfielder
    Maybe a couple more years as he is only 18

    Well, no Ramsey in the Final
    But well done to Wales for making it this far
    English players should hang their heads in shame

    At least we will have at least one repesentative in the Final
    My Guess is Ozil

    1. Wales performed extremely well during the tournament and no one expected them to get this far so that’s nothing to laugh about!

    2. nothing to laugh at…they showed tremendous heart an did themselves proud…leicester city of the euros

      england did an arsenal…round of 16

      save your laughter thuglife

    3. if you’re English then this has got to be some cruel joke. England is the definition of overrated. Name the last successful tournament England had?

      1. England is able to play – they were very good in qualification. But during tournaments the entire team chokes and it starts with the manager every time.

        Roy saw how terrible Sterling was in the first game. He saw how worn out and impotent the attack was using Kane. So what did he do?? More of the same of course. Roy put his faith in Wilshere who had not had any playing time. And the players all took their lead from their incompetent leaders and naturally they played terrible also.

        It was a classic lesson on how to take good players and create an impotent team. England’s story should be mandatory studying for all prospective managers – what to avoid at all costs.

  3. guys one mexican octopus(adilem) predicted ronaldo would win his first international tournament with wales.
    Though he also predicted we would be premier league champions this prophecy seems to have truth

    1. A MEXICAN OCTOPUS?? hahahahah

      what about the prediction from the Palestinian porcupine?

      we cant ignore the Maltese monkey!!!

    2. My dog has predicted every WC,Euro,Copa America winner since 2008. And he did NOT predict Portugal for 2016. Sorry to the octopus. Maybe next time.

  4. Rein-Adelade will likely get some first team appearances as opportunity presents. And if he performs like Bellerin and Iwobi it will be magic.

    Wales simply did not have the depth to last the tournament. They could not afford to lose any players.

  5. Giroud.
    Wellbeck. (injured)
    Walcott. Wing/Striker
    Campbell Wing/striker.
    Sanogo. Striker/wing
    Asano. Wing/striker.
    Akpom. striker
    Chamberlain. Winger/striker
    Iwobi. Winger/striker
    Sanchez. Winger/striker
    Ramsey wing/striker/midfield
    Adelaide Winger/striker.
    Wellington Winger/striker
    Add RVP Podolski Ryo Girvinho Chamakh Park Bendtner
    in our recent past and we see this preference
    for wing/striker rather than out and out strikers.
    That pretty much sums Arsenal striker approach for years.
    One hold up striker Giroud and 19 wing/strikers.
    But this approach has assured top 4.
    Wonder if Vlad will be a wing/striker too?

  6. Just look back at how any players wenger uses each season. For example last season we used 30 and 6 of those made 3 appearances or less and most of those in the cap 1 cup and u21.

    Now look at how many players in our current squad, I would say wenger is looking at shifting 6-10 players if he is to sign 1 or 2 more.

    Horrible to hear but he rarely uses a proper squad of more than 23-25 players and currently has around 30!!

    1. I believe that Jeff Reines Adelade has been promoted to the first team and that he has been given the no 20 shirt as reported on Jeorge Birds page

  7. I think a lot of the young players will get some playing time on Arsenal’s America tour since they will be leaving in about 2 weeks and many of the first team players who were in the Euros and Copa America will not be back yet. No Alexis, Ozil ,Kos, Giroud, Bellerin, Ramsey, Xhaka, Campbell. Also haven’t seen Carzola at training yet, so don’t know what his status is. Also haven’t seen Jenkinson in any of the training pictures. So youngsters will have some opportunities to showcase themselves against some decent competition in the US

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