Is Rodgers actually PUSHING Sterling towards Arsenal transfer?

This will rumble on at least until the summer transfer window opens and will undoubtedly be the subject of an avalanche of Arsenal transfer rumours, despite the fact that the Liverpool manager has declared outright that they will not sell their talented England international Raheem Sterling to any club this summer.

Rodgers used his press conference to discuss the matter and suggest that the 20-year old had made a youngster´s mistake in giving a BBC interview this week to put his point across, as an ESPN report reveals.

He said, “There was no permission from the club. It was something that surprised us all, to be honest. But he’s a young player who’s still learning and developing, on and off the field, and sometimes you’ll make mistakes as a youngster.”

It seems to me that it was Rodgers and the club that brought up the fact the player had not agreed the deal they offered and that has caused the Liverpool fans to accuse him of being greedy. So Sterling did an interview to say that his ambition was trophy success not money. And as reported by Sky Sports, his manager specifically mentioned the Gunners and claimed that Sterling´s trophy ambition would be better served where he is.

Rodgers said, “Raheem has two and a half years left on his deal and he’s not going anywhere in the summer. He’s quite relaxed, as I am, and he just wants to focus on the rest of the season.

“Concentration, like I said a few weeks back, should be on his football and continuing his development. He’s made great strides over the last couple of years and his only concentration should be the remaining games.

“The last time we sat down we discussed that that was the intentions of the player, his representatives and the club. Obviously Raheem has come out and made his feelings clear on that and hopefully his focus will be on the football now.

“If his ambition is to win trophies, that’s perfectly aligned with what we are trying to do here. Arsenal is a fantastic club but this is Liverpool and it’s an honour to him to play here for these great supporters and he understands that.

“The player he is today is because of the environment we’ve created here. He’s not going anywhere in the summer and we’ll focus on trying to make him the best player we can.

This strikes me as the same sort of high handed and arrogant tone that we heard during the Luis Suarez saga, but it could well make Sterling even more convinced that Liverpool is not the best club for him. Let´s not forget, either, that Liverpool signed him after he had spent seven years in the QPR youth system and had already played for England, so they didn´t exactly make him and accusing him of not being loyal and chasing the big time is a bit much.

Wenger did not want to talk about Sterling in his own press conference but should Arsenal make a concerted effort to sign him?

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  1. If Rodgers says he isn’t going anywhere this summer, that’s good enough for me

    No way Liverpool will sell him to us, a rival anyway
    Also, don’t want him.

    1. ‘Don’t want him’ – brilliant young players not your cup of tea? He’d be a terrific signing.

        1. I’m happy with Walcott
          If no Walcott then Reus is better and other players that are better

          It’s a mute point anyway.
          Liverpool will never sell best players to rivals

          1. 26 year old coming back from ACL surgery vs 20 year old probably best english prospect alongside Ox. I’m a Walcott fan but if you had the choice it’s a no-brainer, it’s by no means a high priority but if we can get Sterling instead of Theo it’s great business.

            Also, it’s MOOT point. Although it most certainly isn’t in this case as Liverpool don’t have the financial authority or stance to dictate much more than the fee they would accept. They certainly aren’t going to flog him abroad if the player won’t go there, you’re talking about a 20 year old english lad with a young daughter. Name all the talented brits currently playing outside the Prem.

      1. Raheem sterling is an younger version of theo in case of contract negotiations and why another attacking minded midfielder in our squad,even if theo departs i think we have enough quality in our own backyard to replace.

    2. I’m not really fussed about getting him either, but if it does happen, I’ll be satisfied in a sense, showing we’re a big enough club to take players off of Liverpool. Sterling has a lot to prove,and I wouldn’t be happy paying stupid wages to a 20 year old.

  2. Why do players just not sign longterm contracts. It seems most can negotiate whenever they desire.

  3. The way both managers spoke about this topic has really given me the sense that a deal could very much be possible. Forget the Theo or Raheem swap fantasy, and just look at Raheems situation at Liverpool:
    – unauthorized interview where he suggest several times he’s not content to stay and sign
    – Wenger acts like a saint toward Liverpool, calls Raheem a “top player” (learning from the Suarez debacle)
    – Rodgers openly acknowledges Arsenal instead of the usual “any club who might be interested” line.

    If Liverpool don’t make the CL I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Sterling sold for 25-35mil, the lad is clearly not sold on the long term stay there or he’d sign right now. If he does decide to leave I think Arsenal has the greatest leverage to broker a deal in Theo going the other way. It’s an icing on the cake type transfer as we have Theo anyway should nothing come of it, clearly our priorities should be elsewhere first. But if we land a Schneiderlin type then score a Sterling/Theo swap we’ve done some terrific business.

    1. We have gnabry coming up soon. We don’t need sterling. For me theo shall be sold as long as the price is 16m+ Unless we need him as home grown player to make up the number.

      1. We don;t need Sterling because we have Gnabry. I’m stunned at how many fans have come out with that absolute gem.

  4. Call me crazy, but I actually prefer Oxlade-Chamberlain to Sterling, I think he has more potential. Sterling isn’t as good at beating players as Ox. Sterling gets the ball and driver forward into open space at speed rather than taking players on. Ox can do that too, he isn’t as quick as Sterling, but he’s still very quick, and more powerful.

    Sterling is far better in the goalscoring and assists department, but I think Ox has it in his game to score goals and make them, we just have to see more of it.

    Sterling is the better player right now, but I think Oxlade-Chamberlain can be better, and hopefully will be. But for sure he has to get over his injuries..

    1. Chambo is a central player according to Wenger, also I don’t see the relevance…..we have Theo and Ox, so why can’t we have Raheem and Ox instead?

      1. I hate that wenger is saying ox is a central player.he is so good as a winger and can only get better. You don’t have to be in the center to have a big influence on the game. In modern football most wide players are the creative players nowadays, look at reus, hazard, robben, etc.

  5. I don’t like liverpool but when you give a kid a chance in the premier league at 18 years its a big risk. In a high pressure job and challenging for top 4 and trophies and the kids repay your faith in the way sterling has done I think its just wrong.
    We have had players like wilsher who had a great season and barca bayern chelsea were all intersted but there is no interviews or flirting.

    Young players need to understand how lucky they are to even play football not to talk of playing for Arsenal or liverpool or United. I won’t want a Player like that in our team.

    After 1 season at Arsenal what next for Sterling? he want to move to real madrid. Nah Nah Nah. I am happy with Ox sanchez Welbeck Theo and WEllington Silva

      1. haha ‘must be sold’
        obviously haven’t been following him…

        Coquelin was a much bigger ‘nobody’ until he stepped foot on the pitch for us this season. He was sitting on the bench in the lower league

  6. Stirling should see out his
    contract till 2017.
    Why bring him to Arsenal we
    already have Wallcot Chamberlain and Gnabry
    Makes no sense. Contract games 🙁

  7. I say get him what ever the cost.
    He is the greatest player to come out of England in ages and for the foreseeable future.

    Swap Alexis, what ever the cost cause you can’t put a price on World Class.

  8. RVP left and theo scored his first 20+ goal season.
    Ramsey, was literally the target of fan abuse i’ve never ever seen before from any club. but put us on his back and carried us last season.
    Giroud – constantly deemed mediocre, but since his return our attack looks formidable, either on the counter or when we’re trying to break down an organized defence.
    Coquelin – i’m not pretending i thought any differently. but if he was sold the beginning of this season who would’ve batted an eyelid? nuff said.

    By the looks of things we’re going to have a lot of room in the squad next season. With potential exits from Flamini, Podolski, Diaby and Rosicky ( 🙁 for the last one)
    I’m not suggesting for one minute that we shouldn’t strengthen at all this summer and there’s definitely positions that need at the very least cover. (A DM who can also play B2B and an upgrade on per would be first on my list)
    But in attack we have Gnabry, Ox, Campbell, Silva and Akpom. Five youngsters who haven’t really had a go in the first-team for an extended period bar the Ox. With Welbeck and Walcott also on the fringes I really don’t think a Sterling-esque player would be the answer, especially considering we have a plethora of youngsters, who, given an extended run may prove to be of a similar quality.

    1. there is also Mr. Crowley. undoubted talent with technique that’s sure to be giving Wenger wet dreams…
      Wenger has claimed to use the wings as a development tool. Having the side-line next to you forces you to be able to work in confined spaces. Most notably he used this with Wilshere and Ramsey and has also hinted that Ox may have a future in midfield. And maybe not so much… But ozil and cazorla have spent time out there while adjusting to the league.
      My point being that if Wenger is to give him a shot next season, given his size and his preference for using the wings, crowley won’t be deployed centrally for a while.

    2. You can’t seriously be touting Gnabry, Campbell, Silva, and Akpom as reason NOT to bring in Sterling if available?

      Theo didn’t play the whole season and I don’t see people worrying about our attack, so why is the thought of selling him and replacing him with Sterling so hard to swallow?

      1. for the 40-50million it would take minimum for him to be sold to a rival, and the fact that it would inhibit the likelihood of us strengthening elsewhere.. yeah I am. I also cited Ox and Theo as well don’t leave them out!
        Would much rather see a quality CB and a quality midfielder brought in.
        Our problem this season hasn’t been scoring, it’s conceding. We’ve conceded 6 more goals than Chelsea but only scored 3 less.

        1. the impact of adding a physical, defensive player has shown massive results. If Kos, Gabriel or Coq gets injured, that leaves us with per and arteta (if fit) as cover.
          If ox and theo are injured would much rather see Gnabry, Silva or Campbell stepping in.

        2. Didn’t at any point advocate Sterling as a priority, I said a DM should be the first port of call actually. There’s also no chance we buy a CB unless we sell one, we have Kos and Gab backed up by Per and Chambers.

          You’re on another planet if you think Liverpool would get 40-50mil for Raheem Sterling. Our attack has been fine this year as you point out, so if you throw Theo (not contributed all year) their way we wouldn’t part with more than 10-15mil. If that’s an attainable transfer we should snap him up no questions asked.

          Idk how many signings you think we’re destined to make this summer but 2 good ones and you’re looking at a squad good enough to compete for the league.

          Schneiderlin 25mil
          Sterling/Theo + 15mil

          That’s 40mil spent and when you take into account the sales of Poldi/Jenks/Campbell it’s more like 20mil.

            1. I don’t think we need a winger honestly, I only think this Sterling idea is being discussed because we have a player they would take and we would take theirs with both being ‘unhappy’.

              Of course Reus is better, but you’d pay more. I’d have Bale over everyone if we were gonna pay such a fee. The credence comes in the Sterling case only because we could do a deal where we get a player like Sterling for 10-15mil via an exchange. Which is a fraction of the cost of a Reus deal.

    3. I agree with your points completely. Very well put across.

      I don’t think Rosicky will be allowed to leave. He is under contract till 2016, his complete contract will be utilized. Reason….. Wenger does not like too may changes in playing staff. Max 3 or 4 changes in a season unless forced upon. Last season we saw the benefit of that.

      I would prefer to have fit Theo (remembering his capability & contribution 2 seasons back) but only if he signs new contract. If he can take on defense like that and score goals who needs to worry for his lack of defensive capabilities.
      In case he doe not sign by summer, I would rather go for Pedro who is a finished article, has loads of experience of WINNING and used to Barca’s pressing philosophy.

      Addition of Pedro & Cech (and a beast of a DM) can do world of good to a team in terms of experience and calmness in dressing room. Quality players and good for a team like Arsenal which is so close to being successfully challenging for PL title in a year or two.

      Sterling is good but still needs some time to reach his potential. At this stage, Arsenal cant afford to wait for his development.

  9. We dont want sterling he is too greedy, when he rarely tries to pass he messes it up.
    Arsenal are a team and he doesn’t know what that means.
    just another over rated English player.

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