Is Roma right or should Arsenal’s Wilshere stick to EPL?

Not long ago it appeared that the Arsenal and England international midfield star would be going on loan to Premier League club AFC Bournemouth, after another EPL club Crystal Palace were previously thought to be winning the race for him.

It is certainly good to know, and good for Jack’s own confidence levels, that he is in great demand and usually I would say that in order to get the best out of this loan spell it would be better for him to stay in England, but Wilshere’s case is an odd one and I feel that going abroad might actually suit him better.

According to Sky Sports the Italian Serie A club Roma have now entered the fray and I think this might be the right move for a couple of reasons.

First of all the main reason he is leaving is to gain fitness and form but the reason he has not been playing for Arsenal is all the injury problems. With the English Premier League being widely recognised as the most competitive and toughest around, perhaps Wilshere would have less chance of another damaging injury if he was to play elsewhere.

The other reason is that the Roma squad includes former team mates Thomas Vermaelen and Wojciech Szczesny and the keeper is a very good friend of Jack’s, making it much more likely that he would settle quickly. Do you think he should opt for this move to Roma or stay in the Premier League?



  1. Roma would be ideal but it seems as if Jack wants to remain as close to home, as possible.

    Wow!.. it’s The Jack Wheelchair Show today! ?

    1. Hahaha ? Miss What, exactly? ? Him being injured?
      He hasn’t put a full season in since he burst on to the scene, back In 2010.

  2. A roma move would be the best option for him in my opinion.. less physical league so he’ll adjust quicker while regaining his fitness, and also he’ll not be under the microscope of the British media n fans so he’ll be allowed to focus on his football.

  3. More Jokes!
    Gnabry sold for a reported 5 million Euro’s!
    Surely there must be a 50% sell on clause added to that? ?

    1. 5 mill???? even on the last year of his contract we could’ve milked more out of that surely. thats 3mill more than Holding cost.

  4. Roma is a good choice for Wilshere but it is unlikely that he goes out of England, or for that matter, London. Serie A is slower but tackles fly in. A tackle worthy of a yellow in PL is a fair challenge in Serie A. But, he will also get a chance to play more games, as Roma are in Europa League. That will really stretch Wlshere’s fitness (if he has any)

  5. From an Arsenal point of view, no doubt that he should stay in the PL. If he is lucky he will get a starting role and stay fit all season. If all the hype around him is correct he can make a difference to most teams. This could re-launch his career. If he gets injured again, he’s finished with respect to becoming a major force in the PL (like I thought he would be by now when he first came on the scene).

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