Is Rosicky right to question Arsenal NOT using him?

Tomas Rosicky must have been pretty pleased with himself at the end of last season. Despite having turned 33, the Czech midfielder had earned himself a two year contract extension after a very good season which saw him feature in 39 games for the Gunners in all competitions, the most since he joined the club back in 2006.

He had also played in the FA cup final which gave him his first taste of a trophy with Arsenal and although he only scored three goals during the season, one of them against Sunderland was described by Arsene Wenger as one of the best we had scored and the other two were in victories over the old enemy from down the road.

So it is little wonder that he is a bit put out at his lack of games this season. Officially Rosicky has two appearances so far, but in Istanbul he replaced Cazorla in injury time to run the clock down after Ramsey’s red. His only other game time so far was the last 20 minutes of the Community Shield, when Arsenal were already 3-0 up against Man City.

Rosicky has spoken about this, as reported by Sky Sports, and despite saying that he is patient and still confident that Wenger will start to use him more as the fixtures start to come thick and fast, he is clearly a bit disappointed that he has not had a chance so far to build on last season.

The midfielder said, “It’s too early for that[panic]. The season is yet to get going, the Champions League will begin and it will be a roller-coaster of fixtures.

“We will see what the situation looks like in the coming weeks and months, how it develops. I’m naturally disappointed not to have been given a chance but not panicking yet.

“All I can do now is to train properly and show that I’m prepared. And when the chance comes, to take it.

“The lack of match practice has been absolutely terrible and, naturally, it makes me very sorry that I haven’t been given a chance yet.

“It is difficult mainly because you know that the potential of the team is elsewhere and we haven’t done well so far. I think I could have helped but, unfortunately, I can’t put myself on the pitch.”

I must say I agree with Rosicky on this, because Arsenal have struggled to create goals and break teams down and this is one of the major parts of his game. So is he right to suggest that Wenger has made a mistake by not using him so far? And do you think that Rosicky will have a big say on our season this time?

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    1. Rosicky should be used as the season starts rolling, it’s to early for him to start nagging. I see him as a crucial part of the squad come December/January.

        1. I am not against rosicky getting playing time, just think we have better players in need of more playing time at the moment. Our midfield is packed with talent. But rosicky will be used as a substitute hopefully in the coming fixtures.

          1. First of all I think you are underestimating Rosicky’s ability, I think he is one of our finest players. Secondly, we cannot afford to let our “better players” play if they are not producing the goods. If we had been playing well , but just happened to draw with Leicester because it didn’t click on the day, well so be it. We have not, however, been clicking as a team,and there is something amiss. Formation seems wrong, but there doesn’t seem to be the spirit either. Three players have now shot across the bow about their unhappiness, Rosicky, Podolski and Campbell. That, along with Ozil’s No.10 statement is worrying me.

  1. Rosicky will feature in games,same as he did last year.I’d like to see him play more often to be honest,but he’s more valuable as a substitute,when the opposing team gets tired and he increases the tempo,rather than having him start and substitute him at around 65-70 mins,because of the fatigue.Again though,he’s still very valuable and crucial for us,if we want to do well in every competition we are in.

    I’d love to see him wearing the captain armband rather than Arteta to be honest.

  2. Perfect 60th min sub completley changes the way we play no idea why hes being frozen out he looked great in preseason.

  3. I think he should be given more game time. Cos he is 1 of our best creative midfielders. His time will come.

  4. He is a bit old now BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN HE SHOULD BE SOLD!
    I’m sure he will be used eventually as soon as Champions League group fixtures start. He is a fantastic super sub, especially for the last 25 minutes of a game. We all admire the way he runs and pass the ball. He is more direct and more hungry to go forward. Don’t forget that he’s experienced.

  5. I believe Ozil said in a round about way that Rosicky was World class. Wenger, who seems determined not to play several of his players believes Ozil should play on the left wing. One of them is right the other has gone a little mad.

      1. I agree, although I might put Kos and him as equals. Rosicky is 33 and has huge experience, good and bad. However, he still plays like he’s 23 yeas old. I think that’s almost unique in footballer. He is a genuine game turner through experience, skill and output. We are mad not to use that to our advantage.

  6. He’s a big game player. May not get bags of goals or assists but he creates a lot of chances with his style of play. Picks the ball up and drives up the field. Adds that energy and forces players around him to attack. I expect him to play often. Its only 3 games in so we shouldnt worry.

  7. Only injuries have hampered with Rosicky’s performances but to me he is quality and world class. Wenger just needs to do his job and start or sub The little Mozart in when the time is right which seem to be never for the ”Professor”.

    OT: I have finally come to terms with Welbeck’s signing. He has the right qualities to become a class striker and i welcome him with open arms. I don’t want him to turn into a Sturridge, i want him to surpass him and with more games and more confidence i believe he could be a great striker. COYG.

  8. We have a lot of matches to play and he will certainly have a big role to play.

    Just look at the options who can play in 4 attacking role

    How many players we want to sit on bench????

  9. No reason to complain!!!
    I think the 2 red cards we had in Champs; and injury to Koscienly changed the plan and substitutions for those matches. Otherwise, we would have seen both Campbell and Rosicky in those games. That’s my opinion anyway!

  10. Rosicky played in the Emirates Cup game with Ramsey, Campbell and Ox. Once they hit the grove they moved the ball so quickly and intelligently that they blew Benfica apart. I was in seventh heaven, because I thought Arsenal had found their mojo again. Then Wenger came up with the 4 1 4 1

  11. He should be given more game time, last season he was one of the only players to bring pace, fight and a sense of urgency in our side, attributes that are needed now. Above all he battles and works hard, considering his age he is rapid over short distances. He is a valuable squad player and should not be taken for granted, he clearly loves Arsenal and offers different qualities compared to our other attacking midfielders. I think he will be used as a sub against City and I hope he gets a starts soon after that.

  12. A player’s age should not be a factor for benching him, so long as he is still very energetic and prolific. #PlayRosicky #KJshouldapologise

  13. Tomas you’re an arsenal legend, we’ll never forget your goals against the harringey s***bags and I’m glad you’ve finally won a trophy with us. I believe you’ll get enough game time this season and hopefully get a new contract. *Sanogo scored a brace for france*

  14. Unbelievable to think Rosicky is almost 34 and still plays like he’s 25, energy, flair, pace, penetration. He’s still got it but really good to use as a squad player.

  15. He’ll play and he knows it.
    I like a player that is eager to play rather than being content sat on the bench and collecting they pay packet each week.

  16. i think wenger has not been rotating and making changes bc he wants the strongest 11 to gel first. it’s the first time the old man has so many newcomers…

  17. I know we need squad depth but too many cams is not the answer. Ozil, Rosisky, Cazorla and Wilshere love playing cam. Ramsey and Ozil are obviously starters. Wilshere, OX and Rosiscky? If Ramsey and Ozil are playing, that gives Wilshere to posistions he can compete for.

    Same with OX, he can compete for the box to box and on the wings. But what about Rosiscky? He deserves playing time!! Sad but true. He has Ozil, Wilshere and cazorla before him. But Wenger always finds a way by putting a cam on the wings. We have too many cams that is the problem and to be honest I would have no problem in seeing Cazorla leave if that would make Rosiscky play more. That would also give Wilshere and OX more playing time which are our future after all.

  18. The fact is Arsenal have struggled to break down opponent defence and we lack of goal scoring abilty when we face Besiktas (Twice), Crystal Palace, Leicester City.

    Actually, we have an alternative solution from our current squad.

    We have quality player like Rosicky and Campbell, but Mr. Wenger choose not to given even a single chance for them to play.

    Rosicky and Campbell deserved a chance to proved their worth. They absolutely can improve our attacking performance and they can help the team, IF they were given a chance to play.

    I admit, I’m a big fan of Rosicky.

    I’m sure, his quality can help to solve problem in our midfield, he can orchestrate our midfield and tempo very well, inject much creativity, spirit, directness, and accels the speed of the game.

    He create chances & spaces for others. His game is always looking to go forward and drive at defences. He takes risks and makes things happen with his penetrating dribbles, clever movement, and accurate pass so we can break down the opponent defence.

    While Campbell’s quality can help to solve problem in our flank and striking role, our lack of speed, and also our lack of goal scoring abilty.

    Like what Rosicky said,

    ”It is difficult mainly because you know that the potential of the team is elsewhere and we haven’t done well so far.”

    “I think I could have helped but, unfortunately, I can’t put myself on the pitch.” – Rosicky

  19. I wonder how Carzolar n Ozil will be on d bench for him, his time ll come, he ll play, F A cup and injury time. Off topic, Cambell should also take it easy in is eagerness for starting games, his time ll come, coach knows d best.

  20. He has every right to complain. Rosicky is probably our best player at running at the defence with the ball at his feet. The FA cup final changed when he come on and Hull were back tracking every time he got the ball, freeing up space for Sanogo and Ramsey. Rosicky is the best game changer we have.

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