Is Ryan Fraser the perfect buy for Arsenal?

So, it’s that time of the year where we are linked with numerous players, something that will only increase as the summer progresses. I thought I would write a daily transfer review, talking about what the rumours are saying and giving my opinions on them. Many media outlets have suggested we are readying a bid for Ryan Fraser, having been encouraged by Man United pulling out of the race. Bournemouth were perhaps hoping to create a bidding war based on the midfielder having only 12 months left on his contract. Judged on his season, the Cherries could have demanded a bigger figure.

With or without Champions League Football we know our budget is going to be limited in terms of turning us into title contenders, so these are the type of deals we must be looking at, taking a gamble on a a talent and hoping mentally they can handle the step up. I like the idea of recruiting some British talent because with Welbeck following Ramsey out of the exit door, we are suddenly lacking home-grown players who understand what a privilege it is to be a gunner.

Our recruitment team got praised 12 months ago for being more decisive so it remains to be seen if they let this turn into a saga. We have a reputation of haggling over every last penny and may not want to pay over the odds for a man they could get for nothing in a year. 30 million can’t get you a lot in 2019 so you wouldn’t blame Eddie Howe for trying to push up the asking price. At that point it could be who blinks first with maybe the Scot having to make it clear he wants the move to happen. The Cherries have often been compared to us style wise so we know we be getting a midfielder who shares our ethos. We need goals from midfield and he would be better in the final third then an Iwobi.

Gooners, what’s your thoughts on Ryan Fraser?

Dan Smith


  1. He would definitely improve us.
    We can find better but can we afford better
    I think he would probably score more assists than Ozil and Mkhitaryan.
    He was one of the Premier Leagues best creators last season
    He has experience playing RB too.
    He would be our first Scottish 1st teamer
    He’s 25

    I don’t think we can afford anyone who costs more than him.

    We definitely need a RW and LW

    My only worry is that he would be a risk. Will he play as well for us?

    1. It’s funny whenever we play Bournemouth Ryan is the one player that always scares me when he’s on the ball charging down the wing he gets into great positions and takes a lot of goals himself. He’s a scary prospect and someone that opposition teams will be wary of and want to contain him.

  2. I’m not really sold out on this Fraser guy.. Looks a very limited player and one directional… Might be an underwhelming signing to be honest.. man has bags of speed.. but that’s about it. as i see, he thrives in having lots of space to run into.. A good bunch of those assists came from lumping crosses into the box after a run. Ok he isn’t a bad player. you can’t be a woeful player if you’re next to Hazard on the assist chart . But what about teams outside the top six who notoriously park the bus and leave no space to run into because they sit deep. In my opinion, we’d better spend properly and get a player who can beat his man one on one,, someone that can break or disorganize defensive lines by going past one or two defenders with sheer dribbling ability, intelligence and guile. Just thoughts.

    1. Arsenal don’t have a surfeit of players capable of crossing the ball from the wings at present. So a player like Ryan Fraser who gets assists from “lumping crosses into the box after a run” may play pretty well at Arsenal servicing Aubameyang and Lacazette!
      He helps with the British quota and appears value for money. Based on his stats at Bournmouth, he could be a real success at Arsenal.

      1. Rotational squad player at best. But for that price, our eyes should be firmly fixed on getting proper starters.
        Not just a stop gap.. “improvement on what we have” signings.. We can’t afford to get another player we will be trying to get rid off in a year or two..

        1. I’d be looking for him to improve our wings next season and further, then him being a proper bit of competition for when we try to add more firepower again. He’s a competitor, we need more of that whether we’re like this right now or whether we make it back up that table. Liv done well by starting off with these PL players that know the league, and see them as the best move, and knowing they need to fight to play regularly at a giant club. Even if we do find that winger, with the wing ability of similar quality to Auba’s & Laca’s CF traits, he is not gonna take bench time sitting down, right now we need to be clever with tactics and squad selection. Xhaka is a good example, when he’s fit he looks fast, lean, and really really on it, but he always plays more games than all the others and it affects his game. Ramsey, Welbeck, and some others, they get injured when it’s like that after so many games, Xhaka doesn’t, instead he sometimes takes his eye off the ball on occasion when he’s looking for a receiver before he receives it himself. We need players like Fraser, all round ability and a willingness to fight for what could be his. I like the Scottish mindset too, and he has that low centre of gravity, we just don’t have any wide players like this and it’s been a long time since we had one, this could be as big as F Ljungberg if it all goes well.

  3. Perfect buy for the board ,not for the team . I know some fans like him and will probably post some stats but for me he’s a busy work horse ,I wanna see some flair and magic ,I would take Zaha over any winger in this league ATM ,also what about Anderson for West Ham ?another player I would be looking at ,proved it already in this league and probably would begotten for 60 mill ,oh yea we have a cheap ass board so that ain’t happening .

  4. Admin what’s with the article above it says password protected,if we need to sign up where do we do this as I can’t see it on my phone

  5. All I know is – he assists & knows where the back of the net is!!
    I don’t know if he’ll set the world alight for us, but he works hard & has a hell of a cross in him, he’s fast & is capable of turning a game on it’s head (ask Liverpool)
    I’d be happy if we got him

    1. He is an improvement on what we have, he doesn’t need to set the world a light but take some of the focus off of Auba and Laca which will give them more space and time.

  6. Please no.There are dozens more talented wingers around including Ziyech of Ajax who would cost no more than Fraser The transfer market is hugely inflated in this Country, hence the reason for buying from other Leagues throughout Europe and in South America.

    1. Grandad, I hope Arsenal go for Zylech as well. Arsenal can get the two for less than the apparent going price of Zaha.

      1. I think we need just one left footed winger. I say Zylech. Except Zylech will be deployed to the CAM role to push Oëzil.

  7. I think he’s worth much more than Oxlade who cost 40m with one season left. I’d take Fraser over him easy. He’s a hard working player that can pass and shoot, we need more like that, I think he’d fit in at the Arsenal and he’d help us try to scrap our way back. He’s the type of player our youngsters need to try and displace in the team, so they know it’s not just about pace dribbling and fancy footwork.

  8. Should give these two top priority;
    Kai Havertz- Ramsey’s replacement(break the bank for this kid)
    Ben Chillwell – Left Back

    Only then Fraser.

  9. Sorry but I see Fraser as the sort who will do fine where he currently is but will not make a higher level, which we badly need. But I think THIS one COULD well happen. Hope it doesn’t!

    1. But jon, Fraser’s achievements during this season have been for Bournmouth competing against the best teams in the EPL; why wouldn’t he prrform as well for Arsenal?

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