Is Sead Kolasinac staying at Arsenal after all?

Is Sead Kolasinac still a part of this team!

Could rumours that Kolasinac is leaving us be quashed after Arteta used him again against Liverpool on Thursday? It was reported that he was in talks with Bayer Leverkusen earlier this week, but nothing seems to have been heard since.

Sead Kolasinac seems to have fallen down the pecking order at the club and seems to be number two just behind Kieran Tierney. Only if Tierney is injured then do we see Sead get the call up as number one in that back line on the left.

As I have said before if he isn’t number one automatically, he surely gets his place as number two on the left when that chance becomes available. He does better on the wings then he does at left back at times, but there are worse players than him in our ranks and I for sure will be happy to see him stay if it pans out that way because even as a back up he is not a bad player to have.

Yes, he has been inconsistent and up and down in performances but who hasn’t? But when called upon he shows he can be part of the team. He gets on well with the boys and he is very much part of the Arsenal family.

He hasn’t been as prolific as when he first joined where he also used to score an odd goal or two, but niggling injuries, and the small matter of the incident where he chased off moped thieves during the incident protecting Mesut Ozil, it is no wander he hasn’t yet found the form that he came to Arsenal with. Whether it is a mental thing or not nobody knows but he has not been the same since that incident and nobody can blame him! But we know the ability he has, and I am sure we will see it soon if he stays!

He is very much an Arsenal player for now and I hope that he continues to be for a very long time! Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. Lenohappy, this is why most Twitter folks call Fabrizio Tap in merchant.
    He was the one who reported on Wednesday that Kolasinac would be gone in 48 hrs. Those were his words.
    The one he tried to call himself, Kolasinac is still with us.
    Fabrizio most of the times only reports transfers when they’re nearly done and completed.
    His knowledge regarding Arsenal’s transfer dealings ain’t top notch.
    I don’t know how Arsenal do it.
    Only Ornstein is the reliable one I know.
    Tomorrow morning Ornstein would update us Arsenal fans

  2. I doubt we will see any more ins or outs. I feel we’re done and moving forward with what we have. Maybe another deflating underwhelming transfer window that leaves us fans feeling deflated?

    We need to fix our midfield weakness but with hours left it seems we maybe destined for another rocky season!

  3. We will see over the next 48hrs if we will do anymore business, I highly doubt we will do much more, maybe a few loan outs.

    I’m not pissed or anything if we don’t sign anymore players. I totally understand the predicament the club is in which is the same as the majority of clubs world wide.

    Some fans expect miracles and can’t actually grasp the reality of what’s been going on the past 6 months or so.

    Past regimes at the club are really hurting our future with silly contracts offered to really average players. It’s going to take time to rectify these errors in poor recruitment.

    If we do manage to make the right signings in the next few days then great but i think it is highly doubtful, that isnt a pessimistic view, just a real one.

    With the Jorginho links, i highly doubt it to be true, according to he’s valued at £46m, if we wouldnt up our offer for Aouar to the £45m that Lyon wanted, do you think we would offer £50+ for Jorginho? because that is what Chelsea would demand if they did indeed want to sell.
    Comparing him to Xaka is absurd, yes the play the same role but what they both offer on the pitch is different, Jorginho is able to dictate play and keep possession and helps with transition between attack and defence, Xaka doesn’t do this, even against smaller weaker teams.

  4. We have to see at least one more leaving and it looks likely to be kolasinac, apparently not in the squad today according to bild.

  5. kolasinac has 1 year left in his contract…

    he can leave for free at the end of the season….

    he maybe number 2 but at least he is an experience backup if hes willing to stay

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