Is Seaman RIGHT about Arsenal’s FA cup keeper saga?

If anyone has the right to say what they think about Arsenal and the goalkeeper situation, it is surely the former England international David Seaman, who played nearly 500 games for the Gunners and won three league titles, four FA cups, a League cup and the UEFA cup winners cup.

So after Arsene Wenger continued to select the Poland international Wojciech Szcvzesny in goal for the FA cup games, Seaman has been talking to Sky Sports about him and our new keeper, the Colombian international David Ospina. Many Arsenal fans are wondering whether the boss will stick with Szczesny for the Wembley final against Aston Villa and whether the Pole might even get some game time in the last few Premier League games.

Our former star certainly seems to think that it would be good for Szczesny to play more if he is to start in the final, but he also remembers that Wenger played Richard Wright in every round of the cup but brought Seaman back for the 2002 final. And according to the overwhelming stats as well as Seaman’s own opinions, Ospina is clearly the number one at the club right now.

He said, ““The only time I’ve been in that situation was when Richard Wright played every round of the FA Cup in 2002 and then Arsene Wenger picked me for the final.

“It does put pressure on you. Szczesny can play reserve-team football but it’s just not the same with the crowd atmosphere and the rest. At least he’s played a lot of football so he should be able to handle that. He’s played in big games before.

““I’ve been impressed by Ospina. He’s in his first season and it’s not easy coming to England but he’s done well when the pressure has been on. He’s shown why Arsenal bought him and seems to have great confidence.

“He’s not the biggest of keepers but he’s got that knack of making the goals look small. I like the way he comes for crosses and either punches or catches the ball. Not all keepers do that but he seems to enjoy it. It’s so important that the defence has confidence in you. Whether it’s coming for crosses or sweeping up, the bottom line is that it helps if the defenders know exactly what you’re going to do.

“It leaves him (Shezzer) as Arsenal’s No 2 goalkeeper. Whether he’s happy with that situation, I don’t know. Only he could tell you. But from Arsenal’s point of view, they’ve got two good goalkeepers now and that’s important.

“What will be frustrating for Szczesny will be that he’s now out of the team. But Ospina is the slightly more experienced keeper having been to a World Cup with Colombia. From Arsenal’s point of view, it’s a good problem for the club to have.”

This is the problem for Wenger I think. He is probably happy to have a keeper with the talent of Szczesny as second choice but also knows that the 25-year old will not be happy with that role for long, especially if he is dropped for this final after missing out on it last season with Fabianski as the cup keeper.

The question is, should we risk the trophy to keep Szczesny from wanting to leave in the summer?

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  1. Somehow, “Shezzer” (duh!!!) should be selected in the FA cup final, just being considerate here.

    1. Oh, come on!!! That guy gives me a cardiac fist bump everytime he plays, I’m damn tired of him. But all I’m saying is, maybe we shud just do with him what was done with Fabiansky: let him keep in the final.

      However, I hate this saying, but: Arsene knows best.

      1. Remind me, what was the goalkeeping award Chezzer won last season?

  2. The number 2 has to stay
    and fight for his position.
    But he needs games to do that.
    This is one such game.
    It is a tradition for the number 2
    to play the FA cup games.
    If Szcz is dropped the message is clear
    we don’t want you even to fight for your
    position so look for another club.
    After 5 years and 180 first team appearances
    at the club that would be harsh indeed.
    May be Szcz or Ospina will get injured and
    the problem will go away.

    1. I totally agree with you on being harsh. But isn’t this what we as a club need to do? Being lenient when we should actually be strong? Part of me wants him in between the sticks in the final but part of me says that with Ospina in the goal we will not concede.
      That is a tough call. I am glad it is Wenger the one to decide.

      1. Harsh and strong are two separate things. It is one thing to give a player a chance and him not take it, it’s another entirely to demote a player to never having a chance.

        Szczes has been with us a while and put a lot into the team. You can tell he is a player who totally plays off his own confidence but suffers from both becoming too confident and from lacking confidence. Right now it is the latter but before he was dropped, clearly the former. Wenger needs to stick by him in the final or he will just lose all confidence and drop out the team.

        Note: we should be loyal to our players but only as long as they can still do their job. If the player is severely underperforming then fair play, they have to be let go in a dignified manner. BUT they should have adequate time to prove themselves – Szczes may have had some mares but remember he got dropped prior to our upturn in defensive capabilities. Excluding the minor hash he made of the goal against Reading he was not awful. People are too quick to sell him out I think.

  3. wilshere plays the deeper lying role for england and against shaqiri in englands first qualifier he handled him weel if arsene can instill more discipline to stop him losing the ball and go forward at the right times i beleive he has the potential to compete with ramsey for the b2b role
    In summer we need another dm preferably schneiderlin (although chelsea are now interested and willing to give john obi mikel) and a forward that plays completely opposite to giroud (lacazette)
    Our current squad without injuries is up there with the best and i believe a 2nd FA cup and a victory over chelsea will make us a favourite to win the league next year

  4. I have no confidence when Szczesny plays. Everyone knows he always has a mistake in him. I hate it when he has the ball and tries to do a skill move to evade an onrushing attacker! Heart in mouth situations. Purposefully and unecessarily gives us all heart attacks. Then costs us matches in the CL by getting red cards. Im sorry but he has not improved since he’s been here. Its a shame, he has a lot of potential. Time to sell. Buy Cech.

      1. Hafiz, the Chelsea fan, has a point.

        Don’t want him. Prefer ospina. Szczesny is young. He needs to learn how players play outfield. He tends to read the flow of the game wrong and gets into the worst of positions.

  5. lets get Illoris and let Sheez decide if he wants to fight or leave, play regularly and improve

    a gk can only improve on the bench and not playing regularly….

    1. “””a gk can only improve on the bench and not playing regularly….”””


  6. No! david ospina between the sticks for me! Szczesny still needs to sort his head out, thats my opinion on the matter until then ospina is my #1! League or fa cup! Coyg!

    1. FA Cup final is before the transfer window opens. Anyway, Spurs would not sell their best players to us.

  7. I heard you whiners WEEPING for Chezzer when Wenger chose Fabi to play in the FA Cup final last year. What happened?

    1. he made the wrong decision….Fab left at the end ….he should have play sheez and let him gain some experience playing at Wembly and the Cup final experience

  8. Szezcesny looked great at Brentford and for a while carried that form to Arsenal then he became too sure of himself and started to play to the crowd. Now he pays the price.

  9. The last 3 FA cup games I noticed at least one goalkeeping error in each game. Ospina is safer pair of hands.

    Look if you want to be polite and fair choose Szczesny.

    If you want the best goalkeeper with lower % of errors then need to be unfair to Szczesny and choose Ospina

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