Is separation between Arsenal board and fans bigger than ever?

Once again this week it was that always happy and joyous occasion when Arsenal hold the AGM and a select few Gooners who are also shareholders in the club get to hear from the likes of Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis about how the club is doing.

Surprisingly enough it did not go off without some of the less major shareholders voicing their dissatisfaction. In fact, there jeers for the Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick as well as for Gazidis at one point, while our owner or major shareholder Stan Kroenke lived up to his silent Stan nickname by not even bothering to speak.

The manager spoke well as usual and got a round of applause but the rest of the meeting was a bit of a farce and ended up with the aloof and arrogant chairman refusing to take questions after his re-election and that of Kroenke’s son Josh had to go to a vote when a show of hands made it clear that most in the room felt their time was up.

John Cross who is the chief football writer for the Mirror was there and he later told Sky Sports that it had all been pretty embarrassing for the club and that the separation between the top brass and the fans seems more4 stark than ever.

You would think that after all the mess over Wenger’s new contract, the team failing to make the Champions League and then making a transfer profit instead of spending like we were promised they would have expected to be given a tough time.

Not these guys, who just expect to turn up and read out a few platitudes while ignoring what the other people there are asking? Is this a new low in the relationship between the generqals and the foot soldiers at Arsenal FC?



  1. They all seem to be happy with the business side of the club, but what about the footballing side of the club which let’s be honest is a little bit underwhelming?
    Someone needs to stand up and be accountable in order for changes and progression to be made.

    1. Well

      Fans should start raising 3billion and buy the club from Kroneke Sports and Entertainment

      or just support and not complain every time the team win or lose

      1. Fans should just stop attending the AGMs..they literally hold less than 3% controlling interest in the club. It is only Kroenke’s boos or lack of boos that matters. If you are unhappy stop paying for tickets and club merchandise…that alone will cut down revenue by 60-70% and Kroenke and the board will then listen to your boos but for now…you may as well be screaming in the dessert!

        1. no one will sacrifice their season ticket as plenty waiting to snap them up… and most woukd be from overseas people who dont care about the club !

          the solution can only be to have your ticket and dont buy aby merchandise and also boycott the matches for first 20 mins… arsenal are always slow starters so wont miss anything !! Then during the match a concerted “Kroenke out” .. players under performed last year because of anti wenger..
          . if they do same now and Arsenal lose and dont get money then Kroenke will sell.. only way to get club back for supporters… tough love !

          Wenger had so much pressure on him last two seasons and yet still finished 2nd and won FA Cup… we can see now it is the Board and Kroenke who are all about money for themselves.. Gazidis is a snake-oil salesman who can’t be trusted with tranafer dealings and in fact costs the club money by his dithering

          for sure Kroenke is a coward as evidenced by refusing to speak at AGM…. so he will hate being the target.. he will sell to Usmanov once he feels the club dont support him !

          1. Gazidis is merely an agent of the shareholders tasked with managing the club. His loyalty and priorities lie first with Kroenke and then the fans last. If Gazidis continuously fails to make any profits, the value of the shares will go down and for sure Kroenke will end him. Which is why this Ozil and Sanchez saga is very puzzling. Gazidis insists the plan was to keep hold of them for the last year…but if they walk for free Gazidis will be under a lot of fire from Kroenke…which means not only will we lose those 2 for free, we will also sell someone in the summer or not buy anyone if Gazidis is to balance Kroenke’s books and give him a profit. Maybe Kroenke is not all about money as he said…we will know for certain come the summer if we will spend money even after losing Sanchez and Ozil. If we sell them before the summer then we shall know Kroenke is just after the money.

    1. if you feel this are free to support any club…

      City will definitely welcome you….and you can enjoy unlimited spending

      1. Yes, Arsenal fans are not allowed to complain. If they complain they should just go and support another club because Arsenal is perfect

      2. @John Ibrahim
        Actually I fully understand his frustration. The fans account for nearly 67% the revenue of the club yet hold a controlling interest of less than 3% in the club. There is clearly an imbalance in the governance of the system! I would prefer the epl to operate like bundesliga where all clubs are fan-owned with fans holding 51% of membership and no single person having more than 49% controlling interest. What does that mean? It means were this bundesliga and this Arsenal, the fans in that AGM could have sent the whole board packing, sent Wenger packing and above all 51% of everyone would be happy compared to a 49% unhappy Kroenke.

  2. The club only hold the AGM because they have to. If Usimov ever sold up then there would be no forum to voice dissatisfaction. Then the Board would care even less about supporters.
    The only way of getting things changed is for supporters to sacrifice and not give the club funds. As we can see from earlier comments too many fans are not going to do this so the club will continue on the downward spiral with Kroenke filling his pockets.

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